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finder tabs

OS X Mavericks Preview: Finder Tabs save time, reduce frustration

Have you ever gotten frustrated when you click and drag files between multiple windows on your desktop? Then Finder Tabs are for you. This improvement to the Finder in Mavericks will save you time and reduce frustration. Let's take a look at how Finder Tabs work.

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OS X Mavericks Finder tabs and tags de-clutters and organizes your Mac

Following the early previews of OS X Mavericks delivered by select media outlets, we're starting to see them broken down a little further and the latest covers the tabs and tags feature in Finder. Finder tabs takes cues from the web browser by combining many finder windows into one. Macworld's Jason Snell takes us through it:

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OS X Mavericks to feature new Finder Tabs

Finder will be receiving some nice updates in the next iteration of OS X, Mavericks. One of the biggies will be Finder Tabs. Instead of opening several Finder windows, you'll be able to use Tabs instead.

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