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Man who sold the lost iPhone 4 prototype answers... anything

Brian Hogan -- the man who found a prototype iPhone 4 at a bar and ultimately sold it to Gizmodo -- participated in an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit. Here's how it begins:

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Not guilty plea from those accused over iPhone 4 prototype lost in bar case

The two men accused of theft of an iPhone 4 prototype last year have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The iPhone 4 in question was left in a bar by Apple employee Robert Gray Powell in Redwood City, California. The two men, Brian Hogan (pictured above) and Robert Sage Wallover will face charges of midemeanors rather than felonies.

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Steve Jobs at D8 video: bloggers buying stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G property and extorting Apple

Steve Jobs comments on the lost/stolen iPhone HD/iPhone 4G prototype that turned up online. Jobs thinks it's an amazing story - theft, buying stolen property, extortion... he thinks there may be sex in there somewhere!

Jobs got a lot of advice saying he should let it slide, shouldn't go after a journalist because they (allegedly!) bought stolen property and tried to extort Apple. Jobs would rather quit. He considers it a matter of their core values.

Video after the break!

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iPhone 4G (iPhone HD) gets previewed - looks like the real deal

Gizmodo got their hands on that lost iPhone G4 (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G/etc) prototype purportedly lost then found in a San Jose bar and reported on extensively yesterday. They've given it a thorough, geektonic once-over and here's the take away:

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AT&T Wins Gizmodo's 12 City 3G Data Test

Look what we have here -- some great news for AT&T as it snags first place in Gizmodo's 12 city 3G data test. (Just like their latest commercial claims.) The 12 cities are as follows: Maui, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, and Tampa.

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Gizmodo: App Store Economy a Road to Oblivion?

iTablet to be Announced in January, Launch in Early Summer, Run iPhone OS?

Apple might be preparing a 10.7" multi-touch iTablet with 720p resolution, running the iPhone OS, for announcement in January and release in May/June 2010. That's just one of the rumors dropped by iLounge this morning, from a source they say was accurate about the most recent iPod nano, iPhone, and Chinese iPhone stories.

Like the iPhone and the iPod touch, iLounge's source claims both a 3G and non-3G version will be available, so users can weigh always-on connectivity vs. another monthly telco bill.

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Gizmodo: More (and Less) on the Apple iTablet

Gizmodo honcho Brian Lam claims to have received a cryptic call with nebulous details on the much-rumored Apple iTablet, shedding light and casting in shadow at the same time. Highlights:

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Gizmodo to AT&T Upgrade "Whiners": You Got Your Subsidy Last Year

AT&T and other carriers subsidize the upfront cost of the iPhone and other smartphones and make up the difference via guaranteed long term contracts/commitments. That's their business model, but it means they can't and won't give repeated subsidies until you've finished the associated contract terms. With many iPhone 3G owners -- still under contract -- eyeing the iPhone 3G S, and the non-subsidized price it brings with it, a fair amount of anger has been plasma-cannoned in AT&T's monstrous direction.

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iPhone After Dark: Gizmodo Goes Wild (NSFW-AC)

We can't use the picture Gizmodo used to headline their post, so we're retreating beneath the wholesome banner of Megan Fox for this one (blink blink). Suffice it to say, mixing and matching from their Gawker Media heritage, Gizmodo asks the adult-content question:

Can the new OS make the iPhone the best sexual toy ever?

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