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Haptic Feedback

Poll: iPhone Screen, BlackBerry Storm Screen, or Both?

What's your preferred touchscreen technology?(surveys)

Do you prefer the singular, solid piece of glass that is currently the iPhone screen, the big honking button/piezo electric multi-clicker that powers the BlackBerry Storm and its upcoming second edition, or do you yearn for the ability to customize haptics on your touch screen?

That's the question our sibling site, CrackBerry.com asked yesterday and the one we're repeating today. Since you're reading TiPb, we expect you're already super-elite when it comes to using the iPhone multitouch screen, so no explanation needed here.

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iPhone Patent Watch: Haptics, Biometrics, RFID, and... Karaoke?!

A slew of new Apple patent applications have come to light covering a rather odd range of functionality that may -- or may not -- make it into future iPhone software and hardware models.

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Rumor: Apple to License Haptic Feedback?

Take this with a grain of salt roughly the size of a tanker truck, but Palluxo is claiming that Apple is in talks to license Immersion's haptic feedback technology for the iPhone:

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