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Ipod Touch 5

Vote now for Epic Fail of the year [2011 TiPb Awards]

TiPb Awards: Epic fail of the year

It seems as though there was an embarrassment of embarrassments to choose from this year. Apple chose not to release new iPod touch or Apple TV (so far) hardware this year. Granted neither has much competition but Apple's mantra has always been to compete with themselves. Likewise the iPhone 4S didn't get a hardware update even as competing devices have seriously upped the handset game.

Privacy also took a swift, hard roshambo in the rights this year as everything from Apple's poorly coded location recording system to Google, Facebook, and Twitter being forced into decade, or double decade privacy oversight, to lack of disclosure surrounding Carrier IQ making headline. On the flip side, the media earned more than their usual share of fail points for once again never missing a chance to linkbait and headline grab at Apple's expense.

Netflix decided to take one the most successful, most loved brands in modern media and jack up the prices without proper PR, then split the company into Qwikster, then not split the company, then... we got lost. Instead of making streaming more solid and reliable -- and available internationally -- they spun in circles. Twitter likewise decided that poor communications, creating unease and distrust among developers, the #dickbar, and now the #dickapp re-design, and generally putting their user base last is something they're now big enough not to have to care about.

And then there were the patent problems -- Apple and Android makers suing each other, Lodsys suing independent developers, and generally everyone taking the tools of innovation and wielding them for consternation.

Vote up top and tell us why you voted they way you did in the comments! These are your awards, so get to it!

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2011 iPod touch review

TiPb Asks: What are you expecting from the Let's Talk iPhone event?

The Let's Talk iPhone event is less than a week away and can I say it's been the weirdest, most bizarre build up to an Apple event ever? First we got no new iOS beta event in spring, then no new iPhone at WWDC in June, then Steve Jobs resigned as CEO, and through it all we've seen everything from a rumored iPhone 4GS with no redesign whatsoever to a rumored iPhone 5 with a bigger screen and metal back.

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Could Apple replace iPod touch with a budget iPhone?

VintageZen has a post up asking what place in Apple's lineup the iPod touch would serve once a budget iPhone hits the market, especially if it's ultra-cheap and Apple can strong-arm the carriers into offering pay-as-you-go plans and iPad-like month-to-month data plans. Also, unicorns.

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More white iPod touch 5 parts surface

Earlier this summer 9to5Mac and iFixYouri found some white iPod touch 5 front panels floating around, and now teardown site iFixDirect has gotten their hands on something similar. Given we saw the iPad 2 get a white version this year, it only makes sense that the iPod touch would follow suit sooner or later.

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TiPb Asks: What do you want in the next generation iPod touch?

We've been talking so much about the iPhone 5 lately that it feels as if the iPod touch 5 is flying a little under the radar. Usually the iPod touch gets to headline Apple's annual fall special event but this year it sounds like the iPhone 5 is going to be stealing that thunder as well. Also, while iPod touch used to have the kids and the "I want iOS but I don't want an iPhone" market all to itself, it now has to share that with iPad, which isn't as portable but can be easier to use in some circumstances.

So how about we give the iPod touch 5 some love and ask what you want to see Apple announce for it this year?

An Apple A5 chipset seems a given, and that should be great for gaming with its 9x performance (and AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5, which is fabulous.)

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Could 5 new iOS devices make up Apple's fall family?

Previous years have seen Apple's annual fall music event showcase iTunes and iPod in decreasingly spectacular fashion, last year's exceptions being the iPod touch 4 with cameras and the all new, all iOS-powered Apple TV. This year could be very different, with the possibility of Apple introducing up to 5 new iOS devices to the family at roughly the same time. It would be unprecedented, but so was no new iPhone back at WWDC 2011 in June.

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Spot the fakery: iPod touch 5 edition

There's fake, there's really fake, then there's fakety fake fake and while no one outside Apple can ever be certain, one look at the almost-certainly-not iPod touch 5 shots above and about all we're left to ask is how many points of fake fakery can you spot?


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