What new devices will Apple announce tomorrow?

Apple will almost certainly announce their next generation tablet tomorrow, the iPad 3 (now rumored to perhaps be called the iPad HD, but what other devices will Apple announce?

Apple TV 3 seems the next most likely, given how stock of existing Apple TV 2 units has all but disappeared from the shelves. Apple didn't refresh the Apple TV 2 last fall, so it's getting a little long in the tooth, and if the iPad 3 brings iTunes 1080p, certainly a 1080p Apple TV should come along for the ride.

The "And touch." part of Apple's iPad 3 event invitation has gotten hopes up for an iPod touch 5. Like the Apple TV, the iPod touch went through all of 2011 without a major refresh (all it got was a white option). A bump up in specs to match the iPhone 4S and Siri could be in the cards, or an increase in screen size to 4-inches or so could make for an even better mini-tablet without putting too much of a strain on that Retina display.

Speaking of mini tablets, those iPad mini rumors just won't die. (Even after Steve Jobs basically stomped them into paste.) While competing at the low end with the Amazon Kindle Fire just isn't Apple's style, selling tens of millions of additional iPads certainly is. Could they really be considering a 7- to 8-inch iPad? And could they be considering it for tomorrow?

Like Apple TVs, the Time Capsule internet router + hard drive combo Apple sells is also conspicuously absent from Apple Store shelves at the moment. It's nowhere near as sexy as the iOS devices, but with iCloud being the backbone of Apple's plans for the next decade, could there be a big surprise coming in the form of an all-new, all-iCloud enabled Time Capsule?

And then there's the 36- to 50-inch elephant -- or unicorn -- in the room. The long rumored Apple iTV Television. We've heard Apple's working on it in the labs, and Steve Jobs said he nailed the interface before he passed away. Then again, he also said the go-to-market strategy was unclear. Has it finally cleared up enough for Apple to release their television? If so, could it be tomorrow?

Finally, could there be any surprises? A stripped down iOS-powered Apple TV controller? An Apple designed car integration kit? An all-new, all amazing Apple boom box for the iOS generation?

For a full rundown of all the rumors, check out our complete iPad event preview and join us tomorrow at 10am PT, 1pm ET, 6pm GMT for commentary, coverage, analysis and more.

Now you know the drill! Vote up top and give me your full predictions in the comments below!

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  • An apple tv 3 would be nice but I'd be a little pooped cause my 2 just past the return date.
  • I think saying "something you have to see" suggests Apple TV and the "and Touch" is the iPad 3/HD. The way they split the sentences suggest that the thing you "see" and "touch" aren't the same device.
    Just my theory...
  • I think largely gone unnoticed is that iMacs haven't been updated in over a year!
  • iPad hd and apple tv hd If the apple tv goes on sale a week before the iPad hd, I'll finally have an apple tv but no iPad to use with it lol. Luckily the iPhone 4s will work just the same. I think I'm gonna get my mom an apple tv hd too.
  • NO mini iPad. These rumors are as reliable as the iPhone 5 rumors from last year.
    Updated touch and Apple TV would not surprise me.
  • Wouldn't a new slightly larger iPod touch be a mini iPad???
  • That was exactly what I was thinking too. Larger iPod=iPad mini perhaps.
  • I would buy another time capsule if Apple would guarantee it would last more than 1 year and 1 day, so it's not covered in warrantee. Rediculous. Tons die at exactly 1 year and Apple won't make good on it.
    All crap aside, I'm content if they add higher res front and back cameras to the iPad and that's it. It's almost perfect as is. Additional features is just a bonus, and not exactly necessary- but welcomed.
  • They will announce a current iteration of the iPhone with a slide-out qwerty keyboard.
  • I think besides the obvious iPad refresh, that we will see the AppleTv3 with 1080p and an appstore and perhaps a Bluetooth remote/game controller. And we will get an updated time capsule that hopefully includes DVR functions for all your iOS and Mac devices. If they could get it cable card compatible TiVo would die (and windows media center - it is awesome but has never had traction).
  • I think the iPad 3 is a "sure thing" and the ATV3 is "very likely." Based on AT&T's recent data-throttling in the news and Verizon's ambiguous "something" ad, I think they'll [finally] be offering shared data packages as well. ($35 for 2GB, $45 for 5GB)
  • My prediction, 75 minutes of iOS 6 + misc apps + developers and 15 minutes of iPad 3.
  • I hope the new ipad has some really cool features and siri
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