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US appeals court finds in favor of Apple over Motorola patent row, upholding ITC ruling

Apple does not use technology patented by Google's Motorola Mobility business unit in the iPhone, a federal appeals court said on Friday. The decision upholds a ruling made by the International Trade Commission (ITC) last April, according to Reuters.

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ITC once again slapped down on Apple ruling, this time by Federal Appeals Court

Back in 2012 the ITC (America's International Trade Council) dismissed Apple's claims that Motorola infringed on a couple of iPhone multi-touch patents, and the Federal Court of Appeals has not only overturned that decision, but pretty much pantsed the ITC for the error. Here's what the court had to say, along with Philip Elmer-DeWitt's plain language summation, from Fortune:

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How the ITC ignoring Samsung's FRAND-abuse forced a veto in Apple's favor

How did the ITC get the Samsung vs. Apple decision so wrong it forced the Obama administration to side with the lone, Bush-appointed dissenter on the commission and issue their first over-ruling in over a quarter century? Did they really not understand the difference between standards-essential patents, those pledged under FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-descriminatory) and proprietary patents, those not required to be licensed at all? Based on their decision, that's about the only thing that makes sense in any of this. Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune:

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ITC judges says Motorola Android phones not violating 3 Apple patents

The International Trade Commission (ITC)'s Administrative Law Judge has ruled in favor of Motorola Mobility, saying the new Google acquisition and maker of fine, Corellian-styles Android phones doesn't violate 3 of Apple's multitouch patents. Scott Offer, senior vice president and general counsel for Moto, had this to say:

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