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Amazon merging Kindle documents and Cloud Drive, 10GB combined free storage

Good news this morning for Kindle owners; it seems you're likely to be waking up to some changes in the way your cloud documents storage works that results in a combined 10GB of free Amazon Cloud Drive. We've received a tip that this is pushing out, and that the merger of 5GB of Kindle documents and 5GB of Amazon Cloud Drive is now amounting to a combined 10GB account that covers everything. Pretty neat.

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Amazon offers Kindle e-book buyers antitrust settlement credit - did you get yours? has begun to notify customers who have purchased Kindle e-books from various publishers that they're entitled to a credit, as a result of the legal settlements reached with various e-book publishers in antitrust lawsuits.

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Amazon offering 12 days of Kindle book deals starting now

Amazon has kicked off a new 12 days of book deals valid not only on print books, but also on Kindle eBooks. The promotion is said to cover popular and best selling titles, with different deals being offered every day.

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Could a KindlePhone and FireTube lure you away from Apple? (If they're ever made... or shipped in your country...)

Ever since Amazon launched the Kindle Fire line of tablets, rumors of swirled about them making Kindle phones using the same embedded Android base and store-front centric interface. Now those rumors are back, and they've brought with them new rumors of an Apple TV (or ChromeCast)-style TV dongle to help get stuff off the Kindle platform and onto big screen TVs. Hacker News:

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Amazon announces new Kindle Fire HDX tablets ahead of expected October iPad event

Not to be outdone by Apple dropping newly updated iMacs in a press release this morning, Amazon has just done the same with their Kindle Fire line of tablets. The best front-end to the Amazon storefront you can get, the Kindle Fire is one of the few really good, really mainstream-friendly alternatives to the iPad on the market. You can only buy it in a handful of countries, which is unfortunate but a byproduct of their business model which requires digital content be available to subsidize the upfront cost.

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Kindle for iOS updated with VoiceOver support for the visually impaired

Amazon's Kindle app for iOS has been updated in the App Store with support for VoiceOver for the visually impaired. The added compatibility with the built in iOS feature allows for easier navigation of the library, and makes it better to read and interact with the Kindle books.

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Amazon warns iOS Kindle app users to avoid latest update

If you're an Amazon Kindle for iOS app user, Amazon is warning you to avoid their latest update. Kelly Hodgkins from TUAW writes:

Apparently, a glitch in the update is erasing the user's entire book library from their iOS device.

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Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets its X-Rays on

Amazon has updated their ebook reading app for iPhone and iPad to Kindle version 3.5, and added their fancy new X-Ray feature to it, along with some improvements to manga rendering. Amazon says X-Ray lets you get "to the bones of the book" (yeah... ouch), which in less strained language means it hooks into Wikipedia and Shelfari. That means you can look up the people, places, and phrases, and descriptions from the book right inside the Kindle app. No switching required.

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DC Comics coming soon to iBooks, Kindle, and Nook

DC Comics has just announced a deal to bring their monthly content to Apple's iBooks as well as to the Kindle and Nook online stores. While DC Comics already has offerings in the App Store in the form of graphic novels via their own apps or apps like ComiXology, monthly content hasn't been available in iBooks natively, until now.

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iMore show 322: Apple iPad and Mac event breakdown

Rene Ritchie and special guest Jim Dalrymple of The Loop talk Apple's October event, including the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, iPad 4, and iPad mini. This is the iMore show.

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