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Jury finds for Apple in iPod class-action suit

Apple has won the lawsuit brought against it by disgruntled iPod owners. The group alleged that the company behaved in an anti-competitive manner by keeping competing devices from using their music ecosystem. The jury found that Apple did not act improperly.

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Apple's lawyers say iPod class-action suit is 'made up'

Though it is set to wrap up this week, the drama in Apple's iPod antitrust case heated up again today as lawyers for each side gave their closing arguments. While lawyers for the plaintiffs argued that Apple had no right to restrict access to competing services and devices, Apple's lawyers simply stated that there was no basis for the case in the first place.

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Judge rules iPod class-action suit must go on

Despite Apple's efforts to toss out a class-action lawsuit over iTunes DRM and locking the iPod, U.S. district judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said that the suit must continue. After Apple's investigation late last week revealed that neither representing plaintiffs in the suit are qualified to make claims as they had purchased their iPods outside of the window stated for the suit, Judge Rogers said she will hold a hearing for selection of new plaintiff representatives.

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Apple denied appeal in employee-filed class-action suit

Apple's appeal to throw out the class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of all current and former Apple Store employees in California and corporate staff has been denied. The suit alleges that the Mac-maker had violated labor codes by denying employees breaks, and lawyers in the suit claim Apple owes these employees unpaid back wages.

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Steve Jobs' deposition lays blame on record labels for DRM strategy

In a recorded deposition played in court Friday during the $350 million class-action suit filed against Apple over locking out competing services to iTunes from consumers' iPods, Steve Jobs echoed the same sentiments that were given as testimony by current executives earlier in the week. Jobs said that Apple had an obligation to patch holes and prevent hacks by updating its software continuously to protect its relationships with the record labels, which provided Apple with their catalog of music to sell on iTunes.

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Outcome of $350 million iTunes class-action suit rests on single plaintiff

Lawyers in the $350 million class-action suit filed against Apple over DRM issues with iTunes withdrew one of their two plaintiffs in the case after it was discovered that the person did not purchase an iPod during the period in question. Lawyers accused Apple of locking the iPod to digital music purchased from iTunes from September 2006 through March 2009 and it appears that one of the plaintiffs did not purchase an Apple music player during that time frame.

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Without plaintiffs, iTunes lawsuit could end in Apple's favor

The $350 million lawsuit brought against Apple over iTunes issues could end in Apple's favor if the federal judge deems the case lacks a legitimate plaintiff. At issue is that Apple's lawyers claim that the plaintiffs in the case may not have purchased iPod models that are the focus of the trial where Apple is accused of stifling competition by not allowing music purchased from an iTunes-rival service to be loaded onto the company's iconic iPod music players.

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Eddy Cue: iTunes DRM made Apple a success where Microsoft had failed

In the iTunes class-action suit filed against Apple, software head Eddy Cue defended his company's use of DRM stating that it was the best strategy to making the iPod a success where rivals, like Microsoft, failed. Cue said that Apple had explored the possibility of opening up its FairPlay DRM for competitors to use from the beginning, but it was obligated to protect against hacks by its deals with the record labels. Lawyers for Apple used Cue's testimony in court to paint a picture of the company as pro-consumer, but one whose success was tied to its relationships with a guarded music industry.

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Lawyers accuse Apple of deleting songs from iPods in class-action suit

In a $350 million lawsuit over locking users into the iTunes and iPod ecosystem, attorneys for the class-action case accused Apple of deleting music downloaded from an iTunes-rival service in a user's library without notifying the users. For its part, Apple defended its move, stating that it was a security measure and that it didn't want to confuse users.

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Emails, testimony from Steve Jobs to be used in class-action iPod lawsuit

A class-action lawsuit brought against Apple over restrictions placed on the iPod will begin tomorrow, with emails and video of the late Steve Jobs taking a center stage. The suit alleges that Apple used their market position in digital music to block competition and strengthen its monopoly by forcing customers to purchase music from the iTunes Store if they used an iPod, a practice which Apple has since discontinued. Emails and videotaped testimony from Jobs will be used in support of the plaintiffs' case, according to the New York Times:

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