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Apple will have to pay $23.6 million thanks to losing a lawsuit over pager technology

Apple has found itself on the losing end of a patent lawsuit and has been ordered to pay $23.6 million to Mobile Telecommunications Technologies, which claimed that Apple infringed on pager technology patents that were first developed in the 1990s by Skytel.

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Potential class action over Apple Pay launched against CVS, Rite Aid

A law firm is now looking into filing a class action suit against retailers that have blocked Apple Pay. If filed, the suit targets both CVS and Rite Aid, neither of which are Apple Pay partners and both had subsequently blocked Apple Pay from working within their respective stores. The law firm of Schubert Jonkheer & Kolbe are now looking into whether or not the actions of CVS, Rite Aid, and other Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) members may be violating antitrust laws.

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Apple shareholders sue Tim Cook, other execs over ebook price fixing

A number of Apple shareholders are suing CEO Tim Cook, along with a number of other executives, over their role in ebook price fixing. The group says that the scandal damaged the company. The group is seeking for Cook and other to pay damages to shareholders.

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Apple facing new class-action lawsuit from hourly employees

Apple is going to have to defend against another class-action suit from hourly workers, as 20,000 employees claim they weren't offered breaks for lunch, obligatory rest-breaks, or never received their last paychecks — all three of which are in violation of the state of California's labor laws.

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Apple settles ebook price-fixing trial outside the courts

Apple has come to an agreement outside the courts to close an antitrust lawsuit, which alleges the company conspired with publishers to inflate ebook pricing for iPhone and iPad owners. The lawsuit was brought forward by 33 US states and by avoiding the upcoming trial on July 14, Apple has avoided a potential payout of $840 million in damages.

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Verdict reached in Apple v. Samsung case, $120 million damages to Apple

The jury has reached a verdict in the mega-trial and circus known as the Apple vs. Samsung trial. If you've not been paying attention, Apple says that Samsung violated more patents with more devices and they should pay $2 billion in damages. Samsung feels differently, and says that Apple violated some of their patents and needs to pay. Google is saying this one is basically between Apple And Samsung, but they might kick in a few dollars to help if Samsung loses.

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Apple Stores labor policies reportedly targeted in class action suit

Apple retail stores are the target of a class action lawsuit that alleges that employees went uncompensated during long mandatory security searches according to Business Insider.

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Apple to change behavior of VPN On Demand for iOS

Apple will be changing how VPN On Demand for iOS works due to a lawsuit by VirnetX. iOS devices running 6.1 or later that have VPN On Demand set to “Always” will now behave as though they were set to “Establish if needed”. The device will only use a VPN On Demand connection when it is necessary. This change will be made with an update at some point this month.

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Former Star Wars audio company THX sues Apple over speakers

THX, the audio company founded by George Lucas to ensure the audio quality of the Star Wars films, has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple for the speakers used on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Independent since 2001, THX holds a 2008 patent for a sound-boosting speaker. Karen Gullo & Joel Rosenblatt of Bloomberg report:

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Tim Cook to give deposition in ebook pricing lawsuit

A federal judge has ordered Tim Cook to give a deposition as part of the US Justice Department’s lawsuit over ebook pricing. The government has been limited to deposing Cook for four hours. Executives from the companies involved in the suit have already testified, with Cook being the sole exception.

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