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German court denies patent troll $2.15 billion of Apple's money

A German court has dismissed a €1.57 billion ($2.15 billion) patent-infringment case against Apple from IPCom GmbH, a patent-holding company. The patents at issue describe technology for giving priority access to certain mobile on a cellular network, for instance, during emergancies that might congest cell traffic.

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Apple not involved in Rockstar's decision to sue Google

It appears that Apple may not have had much to do with Rockstar's decision to sue Google over patents relating to search. Many expressed disappointment in the companies bankrolling Rockstar, which include Apple, Microsoft, and BlackBerry, that they would use their patents in this manner.

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Google fined $17 million over Safari cookie caper

Apple implemented "do not track" on Safari, Google did an end run around it, the U.S. Attorneys General hauled them into court, and now Google is paying $17 - roughly the amount of money they earn in the time it takes them to write the check - to the states. Alexei Oreskovic, writing for Reuters:

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Apple vs. Samsung: Secrets allowed!

Neither Apple nor Samsung will be forced to reveal sensitive information when the two companies head back to court in November for the second round of their patent dispute. Judge Lucy Koh had originally ordered both companies to disclose certain information about sales and profits that Apple and Samsung wanted to keep private. Judge Koh's order was overruled by the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, according to All Things D:

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Apple sued by Chinese animation studio over pirated materials in apps

Apple is being sued by a state-run animation studio in China over apps that contain unlicensed material from the studio. Shanghai Animation Film Studio is seeking total damages of 3.3 million yuan, or $530,000.

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Judge vacates $450 million in damages from Apple vs. Samsung, orders new trial to re-determine amount

Judge Lucy Kho, the federal judge which presided over Apple vs. Samsung, has today vacated a little more than $450,514,650 from the over $1 billion judgement awarded to Apple at the end of that trial. Kho determined that the jury had made an error in calculating the damages owed from fourteen of the devices. Florian Müller of FOSS Patents reports:

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Apple's request for import ban on Samsung Galaxy Nexus rejected

Apple failed in its effort to get an import ban on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. A U.S. appeals court rejected Apple’s request after revisiting an October decision by the same court. Apple had been hoping that the new panel of judges would overturn the earlier ruling.

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Steve Jobs threatened Palm with lawsuit over employee poaching

According to a court filing made public yesterday, Steve Jobs threatened Palm with a patent lawsuit in order to stop them from attempting to hire employees away from Apple. The communications between then-Palm CEO Edward Colligan and Jobs took place in 2007. The emails became public as part of a civil action brought against Apple, Google, Intel by five workers that alleged that these companies illegally conspired to end competition for one another’s employees. The threat from Jobs didn’t phase Colligan.

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Apple vs. Samsung: No injunctions, no jury new trial, no more Euro-FRAND shenanigans

Apple's been denied an injunction against Samsung, Samsung's been denied a new trial against Apple, and Europe is being denied more FRAND-based patent nonsense. Want to know more? Seriously?

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Apple and Motorola may settle part of patent dispute

Apple and Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, are seeking arbitration on part of their patent disputes. The two companies would agree to a binding arbitration in order to reach a licensing agreement over standards-essential patents

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