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Market Cap

Will Apple soon be worth one trillion dollars?

The value of a company is whatever people are willing to pay for it. And for public companies like Apple, that value equates to an open market stock price times however many shares there are in existence. Street lingo for this is market capitalization, or simply “market cap”.

Apple is the world’s most valuable company. Period. Not just among technology companies, but among all companies in the world. Apple is worth a staggering $624 billion as I write this paragraph. It’s stock price is hovering around $673 and since there are 937 million shares outstanding, multiplying those two numbers together gives us that immense market cap.

To hit a $1 trillion market cap, the stock price needs to climb to $1067, which is 59% higher than today’s price. Of course, one trillion dollars is an arbitrary number. But lots of public companies are worth over $100 billion, and the next zero to be added gets you to a trillion. So it’s psychologically important. Will Apple be the first company to achieve it?

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Apple stock tops $500 for all-time record high

Apple's stock (AAPL) hit an all-time high this morning, passing $500 based on rumors of an iPad 3 announcement in early March and their recent $46 billion in revenue, 37 million iPhone sales quarter.

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Apple closed as the most valuable company in the world

<img src="/sites/" alt="Apple closed as the most valuable company in the world" title=Apple closed as the most valuable company in the world" width="400" height="224" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-43950" />

While yesterday Apple only briefly passed Exxon to become the most valuable company in the world for a few minutes, today they managed to close that way. Whether they close that way tomorrow or not doesn't matter. Whether they continue to rack up these type of accomplishments or go on to yet again eclipse them, whether they continue to lay, an image of the splendor of Silicon Valley in glory undimmed before the introduction of the microprocessor, doesn't matter.

Today, Apple closed as the most valuable company in the world, by market cap.

And iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet.

What on earth is next?

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Apple briefly bigger than Exxon

Apple's market cap briefly rose higher than Exxon today, temporarily making Apple the most valuable company in the world.

Whether or not Apple again rises above Exxon, and whether or not they manage to stay that way for a while, it's still a huge milestone for a once-struggling tech company unsure if it could remain in business, let alone surpass the glories of their past.


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Apple market cap $300 billion, now higher than Mount Doom

I should have bought at Scully...

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Apple's Market Cap Exceeds Google's

Digital Daily brings BOOM!ing word that Apple's market cap has just exceeded Google's, at $159.37 vs. $157.56.

Good on Steve Jobs and Apple. And kudos to Valleywag for saying, way back in 2007 that this would happen because "Apple knows how to design not just gadgets, but the businesses that go around them."

We here at TiPb have been marveling at Apple's unique 360 degree spherical integration for a while now as well.

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