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Apple, Amazon and how they're more alike than apart

Following up on the thesis that Amazon manages profit the way Apple manages supply chain, here's a look at where both companies are more similar than they are different. From Horace Dediu at Asymco:

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Apple, Amazon, and the weaponization of profit

Apple makes more money than any other company save those with oligopoly control of limited fossil fuel resources, yet they're perpetually punished by Wall Street and called doomed by financial-not-really-analysts. Amazon has seldom made a dime on paper and yet they're the darling of Wall Street and can do no wrong with market makers. Yet both are among the most successful companies in recent history. Why the difference? Benedict Evens on Twitter:

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7 out of 10 apps are for iOS, iPhone and iPad devs earn four times more revenue

Flurry Analytics has recently compiled developer research data from January to March, and found that 7 of 10 apps developed are on iOS, and that for ever dollar an iOS developer makes, Android developers make $0.24.

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Apple still claiming biggest share of profits among smartphone manufacturers

After all is said and done, Apple is claiming 75% of the profit share, 40% of the revenue share, and 9% of the unit share of the mobile market.

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Apple passes Microsoft in profit, Verizon iPhone slows Android growth

This year is turning out to be a big one for Apple. They recently passed Microsoft in net income earnings at $5.99 billion compared to $5.23 billion from Microsoft -- mainly due to iOS devices like the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 driving sales and raising profit margins. The iPhone, iPad and iPod touch currently represent roughly 65% of overall sales for Apple, with the Verizon iPhone helping push demand even further as Android growth seems to be at a plateau.

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Verizon: iPhone 3GS Cost us Money, Helped Drive Innovation

While all of the 2010 Verizon iPhone/Tablet rumors are still in the air, Verizon has seen a very real loss of profit this last quarter. Their total profit was $3.16 billion, which was down from $3.4 billion one year ago. According to Denny Strigl, Verizon's president, this loss is partly due to AT&T and iPhone 3GS.


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Reminder: Apple's All About Profit Share NOT Market Share

Quarterly results time, when the internet's fancy turns to chicken-little predictions of how many percentage points this or that company slipped on which or what index of... who cares.

It's not the first time we've mentioned this, and we're certainly not the first people to have mentioned it. Yet, just like clockwork every 3 months analysts spout estimates and every blog and their commenters race to re-publish what in essence are meaningless numbers.

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Apple's iPhone Advantage -- Profit, not Volume (Plus, Friday Dell Fun!)

Yeah, yeah, Michael Dell once said Apple should be shut down and the money returned to shareholders. We all know the can of whupApps Steve Jobs has unleashed on the industry since then. These days, Apple's profits look as good as their products and Dell's... likewise.

So it's with no small amount of trepidation we notice WMExperts noticing the world noticing Dell might just be making an entry into the smartphone market...

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More App Store Stats, Soon To Be a Billion Dollar Marketplace

So you've been running on iPhone 2.0 (hopefully, 2.0.1) for a while now. And you've all enjoyed the plethora of quality apps at the App Store, but did you know how well the App Store was actually doing? Well, according to one of those old reputable printing press companies, pretty darn well.

The App Store holds a current pace of earning a revenue of over a million dollars a day, which roughly translates to $360 million a year. Steve Jobs issued some resounding statements about the App Store saying,

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Apple's Best Quarter Ever

If you hadn't heard, Apple was the lone bright point in a sea of bad financial news yesterday1. Their last quarter was stupendous. revenue grew 35% year over year, total profit grew about the same amount. Apple's profit margin even grew by a couple of ticks. They're earning more revenue than ever and they're making more profit off of that revenue than ever:

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