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Sony launches Playstation companion app for PlayStation 4

Sony has released its companion app for the PlayStation 4, just two days before the release of the console in North America. The app keeps you connected to your PS4, as well as your PlayStation Network games and friends.

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PS4 launch day update will enable second screen, iOS app due for launch November 13

One of the features coming with the launch of Sony's new PS4 console next month is a second screen experience that will enable use of your iPhone or iPad with the console. Today, Sony has released a statement confirming that this, plus other features will require a launch day software update to enable:

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Sony PS4 companion app shown off in new images

As we get ever closer to the launch of the Sony PS4, we're seeing more of the Android and iOS companion application that will be released along side it. After a run through at the recent Tokyo Games Show, some new images posted by the Sony PlayStation Community manager gives us a closer look at it.

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Sony shows off PS4 second screen app, use your phone as a game controller

Over at the Tokyo Games Show, Sony has been showing off its new second screen PS4 companion app. The app, while demonstrated on a Sony Xperia Z1 – not surprisingly – will be coming to iOS as well as Android to offer an integrated experience between your smartphone and your shiny new PS4 when it arrives later this year.

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Apple TV gets a new competitor from Sony with the PS Vita TV

Apple TV gets another competitor in the set-top box space today, as Sony has announced the PS Vita TV at an event in Japan. Where the Apple TV is content focused however, the PS Vita TV stays true to the roots of the name; gaming. Essentially, Sony has released a $100 box that will play PS Vita games, and hook into the Music and Video Unlimited services, along with some other proprietary content. It's set to launch – in Japan at least – on November 14.

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With the PS4 companion app for iOS, buy a new game and have it waiting for you at home

Back in February we first heard about Sony's plans for a companion app for iOS to their new PlayStation 4 console. Part of the functionality will be a mobile store – sort of like the one Steam already offers – where you will be able to purchase new PS4 titles on the go. Now it seems that it goes a little further than that.

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Vector 1: John Siracusa and the Xbox One

Join John Siracusa, Guy English, and Rene Ritchie as they talk all about the just-announced Xbox One, how it compares to the kinda-announced PS4, the perplexing Wii U, and what's left for Google and Apple in the TV space.


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Screen Time 28: Kings of the Keynote

I joined Moisés Chiullan on his 5by5 show, Screen Time last week to talk about how companies communicate with their stakeholders, including investors, developers, and customers/end users. Or in Sony's case with the PS4 event, how they failed to. As Moisés put it:

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Official Sony PlayStation 4 second screen app coming to iPhone and iPad

Sony held a press conference yesterday to announce its upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. One of the additional things that Sony also announced was a new app that would allow an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to be used as a second screen device with the PS4 console.

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