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q1 2013

Sprint announces Q1 2013 results: 1.5 million iPhones sold

Sprint has announced their Q1 2013 financial results and in addition to a lot of other, sometimes weirdly acronym'd, numbers, out of 5 million smartphones sold, 1.5 million were iPhones.

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Verizon sold 4 million iPhones in Q1 2013

Verizon just posted their first quarter 2013 financial results, and during the conference call their chief financial officer announced that 4 million iPhones had been sold in the quarter, 2 million of which were iPhone 5. That's a pretty significant number, considering Verizon activated 7.2 million devices the whole quarter, making iPhone accountable for over 55%. CEO Lowell McAdam commented on Verizon's progress this quarter:

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iMore show 334: Elegant aluminium iOS


Rene re-visits skeuomorphism one last time, then talks 500px, Vine, and Apple's problem with porn, Q1 2013 financial results, and iPhone 5s, iPad 5, and iPad mini 2, cheap iPhone and big iPhone rumors. This is the iMore show.

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What’s really going on with Apple and its stock price in 2013?

Here we go again. Another Apple quarter that demonstrates long term strength in its business, and another quarter where Wall Street is waving its hands in the air claiming that the business is broken. Apple shares are down over $50 (10%) as I write this.

Always remember value investor Benjamin Graham’s famous expression: In the short term the market acts like a voting machine. In the long term it acts like a weighing machine. Today, the voting machine dominates. But over the course of many product cycles, those daily votes amount to nothing. That’s why the market is volatile, and why I focus on long term investing.

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What could Apple contribute in 2013? Pulling the strings on the intensely interesting future of Apple TV and iTV

During Apple's Q1 2013 conference call, the Apple Television Rumors That Will Not Die were once again raised with Tim Cook, who smacked them back down hard. However, Cook did announce that they sold 2 million of the current Apple TV, up 60% year-over-year. Cook also dropped all the talking points, including "area of intense interest", "a lot Apple can contribute", and "continue to pull the string".

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iPhone 5 to go LTE on 36 more carriers next week

As part of their Q1 2013 conference call, Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone 5 would gain LTE 4G data service on 36 additional carriers next week. The iPhone 5 currently enjoys LTE on carriers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. Korea, Germany, and Japan, among others. Slower than anticipated global LTE rollouts, however, have kept the numbers relatively low.

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Tim Cook says Apple still doesn't care if they cannibalize their own products

In response to a question asked during Apple's Q1 2013 conference call, Tim Cook once again re-iterated Apple's long-held belief that they'd rather cannibalize their own existing product lines with new product lines than risk a competitor eating into their business. The only twist to the repartee this time was the iPad mini, and what if any affect it might have had on full-sized iPad sales.

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Tim Cook talks larger screen sizes, says Apple picked the right one at 4-inches

During today's Q1 2013 conference call, Apple's CEO Tim Cook was asked about larger screened iPhones. There were two separate questions, one about price and screen size variants and how they might effect Apple's business outside the US, and the the other concerning how competitors use screen size to differentiate from Apple, and whether there are dynamics or long term cases for a bigger screened iPhone.

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