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Social Media

Best photo effects apps to make your Instagram ... stranger!

Skip the filters and the annoying tweaking and take your Instagram photos to creative new heights!

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Best apps for upping your YouTube and Facebook video game!

Boost your social media stardom and get creative as you shoot your videos!

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The evolution of the social media icon

As the internet mourns the loss of the old Instagram logo, we take a peek at social media icon evolution through the ages.

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Comic: Social Justice Battledroid

Happy Saturday, iMore! Because Rich is awesome, he's letting us run some of his Mac-themed comics from the Diesel Sweeties archive on weekends. Bonus comics, woo! We hope you enjoy.

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Apple rumored to be considering investment in Twitter

Apple is rumored to be considering a rather large investment in the popular social network, Twitter. The investment would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and could push Twitter from an $8.5 billion valuation to $10. Evelyn M. Rusli and Nick Bilton, writing for the The New York Times, report:

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Facebook opens up Like buttons for mobile apps

Facebook today announced that they're allowing devs to add Like buttons to their apps. Users will have to provide permission for apps to use built-in Like buttons, unlike their web counterparts.

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Syrian authorities ban the iPhone

It appears that Syrian authorities are now banning the use of iPhones in their country, seemingly due to activist use of the device to upload violent scenes to web sharing services such as YouTube. While the iPhone as a fast electronic news gathering and viral news tool is well known and well established but this is the first time we've seen only the iPhone banned in a country.

The government has already banned several types of social media use after protests started in January of this past year and over 4,000 have been killed. The authorities believe social media apparently has an impact. One activist has this to say -

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Apple now using Twitter to promote U.S. iBookstore

Apple is now using Twitter to promote the United States version of their iBookstore. Apple already uses Twitter to promote content for App store apps, iTunes music, TV shows, and iTunes movies. Even though the iBookstore account was created quite some time ago, Apple appears to have just started utilizing the account.

The first tweet was actually sent out just today -

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Top 5 summer vacation apps for iPhone

TiPb checks out the best, most must-have apps to take on summer vacation with your iPhone

School's out and it's time for a break from work. Curious which are the absolute best apps and games to take with you on your much deserved summer vacation? Odds are you'll want to share your adventures, brush up on local attractions, and stay connected while you're having fun. Luckily there are tons of apps available in the App Store that makes organizing and sharing your vacation from your iPhone super simple.

Whether you want informational apps for your own use or social apps to share, we've got you covered. Read on for TiPb’s top 10 most recommended, most must-have summer vacation apps to get your started.

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Flipboard turns your social streams into an iPad magazine

Take all your social media streams like Facebook and Twitter, flow them into a daring, dynamic iPad magazine and you have Flipboard. Billed as "everything you care about in one place" it will no doubt delight those who live for what our friends and those we follow are recommending, and annoy those who think the social web is a noisy, confusing crap-shoot. (Those deliberately without a social graph, of course, need not apply).

For me the key will be wether it gets stuck on meme-heavy, oft-repeated (or re-tweeted) content or whether it helps me better discover those little gems discovered by my more adept friends.

But why am I still typing, there's an @lonelysandwhich video after the break!

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