US Apple Retail Stores reportedly set to launch personal pickup for iPhone 5 starting tonight at 10pm

US Apple Retail Stores reportedly set to launch personal pickup for iPhone 5 starting tonight at 10pm

If you still haven't managed to secure an iPhone 5 for yourself or someone close to you, the online orders feel like they'll take forever, and the lineups are completely unappealing, good news -- it sounds like US Apple Retail Stores are preparing to start offering personal pickup. 9to5Mac's Dan DeSliva has the story:

We are hearing Apple expects to launch its in-store product reservation system, Personal Pickup, for iPhone 5 tonight at 10 p.m. Eastern. Customers can use the Apple Store app or website between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. nightly to pre-purchase available iPhone 5 inventory for the next day. Because customers are actually purchasing the iPhone, they will have upwards of two weeks to pick up the phone (when it becomes available).

Sounds remarkably civilized. Anyone planning to give it a go?

Source: 9to5Mac

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US Apple Retail Stores reportedly set to launch personal pickup for iPhone 5 starting tonight at 10pm


I want to give this a try, has anyone had any success at the Apple store with transferring an upgrade from one line to another on Verizon? My line is not eligible for an upgrade, but another line on our family account is.

I have done it in the past with the iphone 4 and never had any problems. I purchased the phone on a secondary line and then activated it on the primary....all you have to do is call support and they will help you. I'm gonna try it again with the iphone 5 as soon as I purchase it.

Thanks, I guess I will give it a try. Verizon apparently can't move the upgrade in advance of by buying the phone. They just want to put me on a month long waiting list.

Whatever you do, do not power up the phone until you call and get everything switched. Once you power it up, the sim is locked to the new number, and you'll need a new sim to get the right number. And thanks to the new nano sim, it's not particularly easy to find a store with them :)

You are correct about calling Verizon to activate the phone on the correct line, before powering up the device. However in the unlikely event that the phone is activated on the wrong number, it can be transferred to the correct number, but the phone must be deactivated and remain offline for 24 hours before it can be reactivated on the correct number. (At least with Verizon) Happened to me this weekend. Didn't need a new SIM card.

"I understand that lots of the local Apple Stores and carriers have been misinformed that you were able to reserve your new iPhone 5 here online, then pick it up in your local Apple Store. However, at this time we do not have this option available here for you. No worries though. If you would like, I would be happy to help you place your order here online with me, then if you find an iPhone 5 in your local Apple Store before your new iPhone ships out to you, you can cancel here with us that way you still do not miss out on your new iPhone."- Apple Chat

I know most times Apple Retail are slow to confirm news about apple but I've known this person for about 10 years and I trust she is right. Plus every major electronic blog has also posted similar stories.

I preordered a Verizon iP5 switching from AT&T that will take another 2weeks! Can't be too difficult to find one in store then cancel the preorder easy as that you think?

Man, I'm refreshing like crazy right now lol. I think its 10pm in your current time zone. The local Apple store where I'm at (AZ) told me that it would be 10pm PST - so the EST posted on every blog is not completely true - oh well...refresh, refresh, refresh lol!

In NYC.. tried preorder at 10 local, didnt really go through the right way. confirmed with apple support that it goes live at 10pm pacific

LOTS of people snagged an iPhone 5 up on Friday or the weekend just by walking into authorized resellers and virtually not waited at all. Clearly, the demand isn't that great or the supply is strong. You decide which is clear to you.

Just tried and all Apple stores in my area said "unavailable for pickup." Plus they did not offer me the discount that Verizon is giving me if I go directly to them (currently a Verizon customer and eligible for an upgrade).

My mothers neighbour is working part time and averaging $9000 a month. I'm a single mum and just got my first paycheck for $6546! I still can't believe it. I tried it out cause I got really desperate and now I couldn't be happier. Heres what I do,

I tried at 10pm Eastern, nothing. Again at 10pm local time, nothing. Then Again at 10pm Pacific and at 10:05pm the links became active and I got a phone for pickup Tuesday morning. You have to start an online purchase and when it gets to the page to choose delivery options there is an option to pick up in the store, the link was not active all night until 10:05pm Pacific time last night. You click on the link and it shows which stores near you have phones available to pick up, you select your preferred store. Then you finish the purchase and actually pay for the phone online. I got an email right after stating that my order was being processed and informing me I would get an email when the phone was ready to pick up. I received an email this morning saying my phone was ready for pick up this morning.

There was no stores close last night with 16GB AT&T Black but there was one store close with a 16GB AT&T White so I got white, I was debating back and forth which color to choose so when that was the only choice it made my decision easier. There were also some 32GB AT&T Black close but I did not want to spend that much. Not all inventory showed up at once, when I started looking at 10pm there were no 16GB models showing available but I tried again 5 minutes later and the Black was available at a store 300 miles away and the White was available 6 miles away.

This worked perfectly for me as well....took a couple of nights & a willingness to drive about an hour away, but I was able to get my AT&T one so now I'm taking my Sprint one back!!!