U.S. Cellular getting the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 8

Somewhat delayed compared to other American carriers, but finally word has dropped that U.S. Cellular will begin offering the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c from November 8. The 5th largest carrier has been beaten to the punch by several smaller carriers, but U.S. Cellular subscribers will no doubts be delighted that the wait is almost over.

Until now, U.S. Cellular has failed to carry the iPhone, turning down an opportunity to take it on board in 2011. There's no indication at this time of pricing or plans, but it's likely not going to be too different to the big four. So, U.S. Cellular customers out there, are you excited to finally get the iPhone?

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U.S. Cellular getting the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 8


USC has been plagued by billing issues all summer into fall... subscribers are leaving in droves... iPhones available might not be enough to hold some who've had double auto-pays hit their bank accounts... getting harassed for non-payment and threatened with disconnection after payments cleared bank accounts...

Not to mention the deal with Sprint to sell their St. Louis to Chicago markets.

It is amazing what a 180 degree downturn they have gone through over the last year.

Not to mention them selling off the Chicago market meant my girlfriends job was reassigned and one of my good friends lost her job outright.

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(From what I can gather) The only thing going for US Cell at this point is their rural coverage. Their customer support and coverage in the mountainous areas of northern New England are second to none IMO. The number 5 carrier has been upgrading into modern day billing and their billing has been a disaster during the process, to say the least. I have also read in several articles that people are leaving USCC is droves due to their lack of top tier device options other than Samsung/Android. After announcing that they were selling off some Midwest areas that have not been lucrative to Sprint, they also disclosed that their customer base loss for Q2 was over 127,000. Hopefully their efforts in LTE coverage and the addition of Apple products can help to slow the flow of customer departures.