Virgin Media UK announces pricing for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c

We heard from Virgin Media UK a couple of weeks ago regarding their plans to start selling the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on November 22, and now we've got the pricing to go with it. Sales will be available in-store, online and over the phone and the iPhone 5s will begin at £69 on-contract for all three models.

The iPhone 5c will cost £29 for the 16GB model, and £69 for the 32GB version. The upfront cost of the iPhone 5s is the same for the three different storage sizes, and the additional premiums are absorbed into the monthly tariff cost. Since Virgin Media is an MVNO as well, at this point neither iPhone will be able to get any 4G LTE.

For more details on the pricing for the respective iPhone models hit up the source link below. Any Virgin Media customers out there thinking of pulling the trigger?

Source: Virgin Media

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Reader comments

Virgin Media UK announces pricing for iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c


They do indeed Richard but would you take out a 2 year plan without LTE? (Am guessing at some point they could agree with EE to include it but no guarantees)


LTE is really not worth it in the UK. Coverage is hopeless and overpriced, and 3g is fast enough to do anything you would need to do. Although I agree signing any 2 year contract I silly

Virgin is great value also, £12 for unlimited data and texts.

I beg to differ, I find 4G great, and I don't even live in a 4G area. I live in Paisley so don't officially have it, but seem to get overspill from Glasgow (I know this isn't how it works, but the East side of Paisley which is next to Glasgow has 4G, while the West does not, so that how to seems).

Virgin on the other hand where awful. I understand the appeal of the cheap contracts and everything, but that what it seemed like, cheap. The signal was awful and slow, and that was just for phone calls and texts, never mind the internet!

I suppose it must be different in diffrent areas, though.

The pricing difference for 32GB of £18 per month is terrible. It costs about £80 extra from Apple. Yes you get more minutes and data but the original allowances aren't too bad. For me most networks are pushing the price of the monthly fee far higher than I'm willing to pay.

For me O2 offer the best user choice - customise the upfront cost and get a corresponding reduction or increase in monthly fee.

For reference I'm actually still with 3, half way through by 2 year deal on a 5.

But network 3 will give you 4G for free. At end of November, I think they said. I appreciate not everyone can get 3.

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How many MVNO's have bit the dust, or just get overtaken by their parent carrier? Are they really worth it?

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I think 3 is still just about the best value for money as it sticks to the all you can eat data plans. The One plan allows unlimited tethering too, which will be ace when 4g rolls out. However, they have hiked the prices this year.

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