Virgin Mobile dramatically cuts price of new iPhones once again

Virgin Mobile dramatically cuts price of new iPhones once again

Virgin Mobile has once again slashed the price of off-contract iPhones, with an unsubsidized 16GB iPhone 5s available for $384.99. This is down from Virgin's previous low price of $460. The 32GB and 64GB models of the 5s also saw major price drops, going for $454.99 and $524.99, respectively.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 5c has also seen a price cut from Virgin. The 16GB model can be purchased for $314.99, while the 32GB 5c is available for the same price as a 16GB 5s, $384.99.

Are these price cuts enough to get you to switch to Virgin? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Virgin Mobile

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Reader comments

Virgin Mobile dramatically cuts price of new iPhones once again


If Virgin was on a better network I would but I need a better network. I use my phone for work and only Verizon or AT&T have a network big enough to meet my needs. I know that 90% of the time Virgin's network would work but that 10% of the time could cost me more than the lower price saves me. Now those people who don't travel around for work .... this is a great deal.

At this point I'm considering picking up one of these to use has an iPod instead of, well, an iPod. The price difference isn't that big since the 64GB iPod is $400... And with this Virgin iPhone it would only be $150 more for a better SoC, more RAM, and Touch ID.

I bought a white 5c a few weeks back on Virgin Mobile and I can say I am extremely pleased. Don't know why people say it's bad service as I literally always have an LTE connection where I live...and I use wifi half the time anyway. And at $30/month I am saving crazy money over those using the same towers through sprint

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I think I'm going to def buy one. It's my chance to get a 5s at a great price and I've had virgin mobile before. There service is great to me

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