New cases promise to protect your iPhone from hackers...somehow

Vysk QS1 and EP1 cases promise to protect your iPhone from hackers

Say what you will about your phone, but Vysk doesn't think it's secure enough. Their new case, the QS1, announced today for both the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 aims to amp up the physical and digital security of your smartphone. Plus there's a built-in battery for a bit extra juice to get you through your high security day.

The Vysk QS1 is a unique beast in the smartphone cases world. It features a pair of mechanical camera shutters so you can cover up your cameras so they can't pry into the world… and nobody can peer through your camera at you. But more importantly, the case also includes a microphone jamming system and "an internal processor that delivers hardware encryption for secure calling," encrypted private messaging, voicemail, and an image gallery. Plus the extra battery should be enough to tack on an extra 50% to your day.

Additionally, through some sort of unexplained magic, the QS1 also includes a "patented Vysk Privacy Network" that's activated by a switch on the case and nullifies "efforts of malware to take control of your device," rendering your smartphone "immune from the inherent vulnerabilities that render software-only solutions ineffective and unsecure."

How in the hell it does that, we haven't a clue. Nor what impact this has on the user experience.

If you're interested in picking up a Vysk QS1 to enhance the security of your smartphone, you can pre-order one now from, or buy one from their exclusive retail partner Best Buy later this winter. Pricing is set at a whopping $229.99, though you'll have the option of colors (so long as they're black, blue, silver, or gold).

Vysk is also introducing the EP1 case for iPhone 5/5s and the Galaxy S5. It features the same Vsyk Privacy Network as the QS1 and camera shutters, plus a bigger battery, but it drops the dedicated processor and microphone jamming. And it's cheaper and available in six colors, so there's that.

So… who's paranoid enough to be preordering a Vysk today?

Source: Best Buy

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New cases promise to protect your iPhone from hackers...somehow


This sounds like it would be illegal if the truth in advertising laws were still being enforced. It's definitely marketed to paranoid delusional types.

It seems like the company itself is being more deceptive than the boogey-men that the paranoid types fear in the first place however. Some of that marketing speak is pure lies, certainly.

I disagree. Monster Cables are extremely reliable, and for the average consumer, a great buy. Mogami can really step your game up. In your comment, replace "Monster Cables" with "Beats Headphones," because I think that is the comparison you tried to make.