Want an iPhone 5 exploded across your t-shirt?

Exploded iPhone 5 t-shirts now available in silver and asphalt

If you've been waiting for the iPhone 5 to hit the exploded t-shirt series, your wait is over. Tee Trilogy has now brought their trademark style to Apple's newest device, and the Exploded iPhone 5 t-shirt is available in both asphalt (dark gray) and silver (light gray) for your geeky pleasure.

Shirts are 100 percent cotton American Apparel style 2001 with a soft-hand screenprint.


Note the shipping date above and if the iPhone 5, or any of the their other exploded shirts appeal to you, get your orders in accordingly.

Source: Exploded iPhone 5 t-shirt

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Want an iPhone 5 exploded across your t-shirt?