Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

The Pod Drop, which now includes our very own Ally Kazmucha, have been keeping themselves busy with the iPhone 5 -- namely with their brand new AnoStyle™ service. If you're wondering what that is exactly, look up at the picture above, and then keep reading to find out more, see more pictures, and to find out how you can win a decked out, AnoStyle™ iPhone 5 of your very own!

AnoStyle™ is exclusively available through The Pod Drop, and is a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification service. It not only adds color to your mobile device but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPhone 5, it will greatly minimize the scratching and scuffing issues in addition to providing fantastic new color options.

Since Anostyle™ is a modification to your original iPhone 5 parts, failure rates often associated with third party color kits do not apply. And since the repair experts over at The Pod Drop will be the ones handling the process, you can rest assured your device is in good hands.

AnoStyle™ will be available for everyone well before the holidays, and you'll have the option to either mail in your iPhone 5 or drop it off in person at any Pod Drop location. Turn around time will be about 1 week. (And yes, The Pod Drop has plans to rapidly expand the color palette and extend the AnoStyle™ service to other mobile devices as well!)

The giveaway

The Pod Drop wants to give one lucky iMore reader the chance to be among the very first with an AnoStyle™ iPhone, so they're giving you a chance to win a FREE 16GB colored iPhone 5! To enter, just leave a comment telling them if you're with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and what AnoStyle™ color iPhone 5 you want: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and gold with turquoise, pink, and copper options coming soon. That's it, you'll be entered! We'll announce the winner on November 1st.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open to U.S. residents of the continental United States only. And the prize is just the iPhone, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply.

Upset it's U.S. only? Enter our international iPod touch and iPad nano giveaway! Lots more to win!

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Source: AnoStyle™ via The Pod Drop, images by FourZeroFive Photography

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jasondusko says:

I am with sprint... I would love a blue with white iPhone!

johnowoss says:

sweet, blue one please and thank you. Oh and verizon to.

iRaw says:

Either black on copper or black and orange like in the picture above. This is some amazing stuff. Thanks.

lindnjoe says:

AT&T - orange please! Go Bears!

SoCalGary says:

AT&T Orange looks amazing!

abeworld says:

Wow! These look incredibly pretty! And the website is cool too.

AT&T - Red

devoted101 says:

I am with AT&T and i would love the AnoStyle purple color iPhone 5 please

erbe232 says:

Verizon in purple please!

m4st3r.c0mm4nd3r says:

I'm on At&t and a gold and black iPhone would be really nice.

DrellzB says:

Sprint. Would love a BLUE one.

ykondo says:

Verizon blue!! :) thank you.

dnjgeary says:

AT&T butter yellow on black

Capnjackk says:

Wow I'd go with AT&T & yellow.

irokmaxx says:

at&t -- gold please!!! :D thanks

richardpandy says:

That blue on Verizon would look fantastic.

enen says:

Verizon.... love the blue.

Bold9930trooper says:

Verizon Blue Or Red. Great Giveaway.

420tripper says:

Verizon blue with black face if possible

Connorj2005 says:

AT&T White and Red please!

Nik007 says:

At&t turquoise and black pwease:) looks great, would love to be the envy of my friends

dwall021 says:

verizon and red please!!

jasonpolk says:

Orange and Sprint, thanks.

jtschacher says:

Verizon and Red please? Very cool!

nsquared says:

AT&T - red is so slick! That's my choice.

dloveprod says:

AT&T plum, will this effect resale value?

iJewJitsu says:

I'd want an AT&T phone in Orange!

watsnex says:

i would love to have the red - at&t model to go along with my red apple collection....

paperbackwriter55 says:

Verizon....I'd love an Apple iPhone 5 in blue!


PollyQ11 says:


Verizon and gold

RealNeal says:

ATT. Blue on a white phone, please.

JoneDN says:

Very nice giveaway. I think the gold and black or light yellow and black is the best color combo. Thanks. Also, At&t please.

mariocar7 says:

AT&T - Blue
looks great!... thanks.

ckugo says:

Verizon - Yellow Please!

kelbs says:

Verizon blue all the way! What an amazing product, keep up the good work!

jhulgan says:

Verizon & Turquiose on White 5
For someone I love

steve.truong says:

I'm with AT&T and I would love a chance to win that Red one! :D

xandros9 says:

Doesn't matter
Green :]

jessie.dangio says:

Verizon and purple, please!!

scooter#IM says:

AT&T blue/black. How cool!

Kelcid7 says:

AT&T and blue! I'm sending you guys positive energy, so you know to pick me! :]

DelphiniusHume says:

I'm on AT&T - I would LOVE the black and gold one! It looks amazing!

ALborntoride says:

Verizon and Crimson please!!!

jwm1952 says:

AT&T , blue. Looks great

Eindeutige says:

AT&T - blue, please. Thank you for making this possible for us! :)

therandomone says:

I'm on AT&T. I think the blue one looks nice, but if you could do red on black, that would be sweet.

yzzilyzzid says:

Ooh... a purple Verizon phone would be beyond amazing :)

gmsena says:

AT&T black on red or red and white please. I'm a die hard Atlanta Falcons fan and a die hard fan of your customization. Would love a phone to match and display my passion!

bam_boom says:

Is this reversible or am i going to stick withthe andised colr for ever???!!!!!!,!

FaresF says:

Verizon - If possible, red over white please : )

Thank you!

nedu09 says:

Wow this looks fantastic! I would LOVE a Verizon Red. Please and thank you!!

G.4 says:

Sprint Turquoise- I will wait for it until its ready. My wife's favorite color is turquoise and she has been jealous of my iPhone 5 since I got it. I would love to give her a custom device!!

tjlambert says:

Ha! He said "Ano-style"!

ren says:

AT&T - would like an orange on black ( old school colors) or blue on white

jhigs says:

Verizon blue on white for my wifey. She would love it!

matt9817 says:

AT&T - Gold (on white if possible).
If not, red

johnmfoley says:

My iPhone 5 was just stolen so I hope I win a...

Blue one on Verizon!

zschiffman says:

my god yes that is awesome. verizon PURPLE!

ray.murphyii says:

AT&T / Green coating, Black iPhone

edboogie says:

AT&T - I love the Orange color!! Beautiful

Chefy2go says:


Sprint and yellow

sims88 says:

I'm on At&t and I would like the black/copper anostyle iphone 5

anoak says:

Verizon and yellow please

mackinboi says:

That is too awesome! AT&T and Purple please. I have a white iPhone 5.

ivanpres says:

I'm with AT&T and i want it red.

antheauxny says:

I'll take the white and blue one in the picture for Sprint, please! Just in time for my birthday ;D but even if I don't win, this is still a GREAT giveaway! Whoever wins will be lucky. You guys of iMore are so generous for this opportunity!!

DamnSkippy says:

AT&T, red on black. Really great giveaway!

Fawicted says:


drknight says:

AT&T on Red, please! It would be awesome to win this! :)

pmtsu00 says:

Sprint- Yellow This is a great contest, all the colors look great! I HOPE I WIN! Thx for the opprotunity!

orangewire says:

Sprint: black and orange!!!

chokiyumi says:

I'm with at&t, LTE is god-like in Orlando. I want mine red <3 plz

aerLabs says:

I would love an iPhone 5 AT&T White and Red!

jasonsway says:

Love this site! Verizon in Blue would be great!!

mojdeh2000 says:

i'll be so glad to have a red on white verizon iphone 5!!:X

scottkatz says:

Would love AT&T blue on white

abdnach says:

Sprint and I would choose orange/black combination since that matches my car!

muzzymate says:

Verizon - Blue/White please

dapuffin says:

AT&T blue please
Oh Please!! After having been robbed of my 4s, this would so improve my life.

pyramid38 says:

A Verizon orange would be great!

AD1CTV says:

AT&T - Blue would be fabulous!

lronken says:

Verizon and Red, thanks for the chance again guys!

montgomcsb42 says:

AT&T and purple please !!!!

baseball1927#AC says:

sprint love the red one please

calebmudd says:

Sprint and blue please. Looks amazing!!!

zerog46 says:

Verizon, would love to rock a green one with my white iPhone 5.

EhhPic says:

Ehhpic Giveaway!!!! Verizon- orange!!!

danielcee3 says:

Verizon and in blue. This would be a great birthday present October 24th.

gjv003 says:

Verizon and blue! First time I've heard of anything like this, but it looks awesome!

YahyaRivero says:

AT&T in blue PLEASE!!!!!!

perezaj9#AC says:

Verizon - Blue! Thanks for having so many contests!

ericwilborn says:

Green and of the Verizon variety would fit in well around the house.

luckybeachhouse says:

Red Verizon, like the Ferrari I'll never have...

Natasha0327 says:

AT&T - Blue. Please & Thank you.

Jrags5 says:

Sprint - Red. Please be me!

clarisats says:

AT&T - Black & Gold. Thank you.

roseydi15 says:

AT&T - purple on the black iPhone 5..! :0) thx

loveourpugs says:

Verizon and I would like the green, please.

rudarama says:

Very nice looking iPhones. Would like to win a red one with AT&T. Thanks,

juanc723 says:

At&t. orange or any color you want! im not picky :) good luck everyone!

joenorton24 says:

AT&T - orange! Gotta support my SF Giants with black and orange :)

RobertJP says:

AT&T Red on white, please!

hoonaynay says:

A gold Verizon one (which looks absurdly awesome in that photo btw). Hope I win!

vanthuy1981 says:

I love the blue one. This will make my iPhone 5 look much better.

bsugarman says:

I'd love an orange one and I'm on AT&T

sandman369 says:

Would love a cool blue iPhone! AT&T here!

Drummerboy4877 says:

Verizon - blue. These are awesome

medrano3 says:

AT&T red please. Thanks!

cyberdon83 says:

AT&T, Blue on Black would look awesome!!

ynzer71 says:

Verizon - Orange please

tjovian says:

AT&T - Turquoise for me!

alexbr91 says:

the yellow iPhone 5 on Verizon would be so legit!

SpacePsych says:

AT&T and Blue please! Thank You!

dstncarson says:

Verizon - Blue: Thanks for the chance!

SaraAB87 says:

I am with AT&T and I want a Red iPhone.

TenTwelve says:

Wow, they are all gorgeous. (truly, I'm not one who's afraid of color) but, the blue one is speaking to me. If you choose me I need an AT&T one. I'm still on my 4S so, I'd very much appreciate an upgrade and one that looks this amazing is just icing on the cake. Thank you!

Deucedeux says:

A Verizon AnoStyle purple iPhone would be great

anygivensunday says:

The Verizon yellow one would be pretty cool

Super Contra says:

I would go for the blue one, Verizon

BigYo54 says:

AT&T - copper! Thanks!

scientist88 says:

verizon orange

looks amazing!

excedrin22 says:

This looks great! I like the Red - My cell service is from Verizon. Cheers! says:

I am on AT&T and would love any one of those colors! Beggars cant be choosers, but they all look so great anyway!

user2626 says:

Gold! It looks like a misty autumn morning. (Verizon)

jcskyscraper says:

Annodize me! AT&T - Copper

Jnkamau21 says:

AT&T RED PLEASE!!!!:) this so much better than a skin:)