Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

Win a FREE color modified AnoStyle iPhone 5 from The Pod Drop!

The Pod Drop, which now includes our very own Ally Kazmucha, have been keeping themselves busy with the iPhone 5 -- namely with their brand new AnoStyle™ service. If you're wondering what that is exactly, look up at the picture above, and then keep reading to find out more, see more pictures, and to find out how you can win a decked out, AnoStyle™ iPhone 5 of your very own!

AnoStyle™ is exclusively available through The Pod Drop, and is a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification service. It not only adds color to your mobile device but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPhone 5, it will greatly minimize the scratching and scuffing issues in addition to providing fantastic new color options.

Since Anostyle™ is a modification to your original iPhone 5 parts, failure rates often associated with third party color kits do not apply. And since the repair experts over at The Pod Drop will be the ones handling the process, you can rest assured your device is in good hands.

AnoStyle™ will be available for everyone well before the holidays, and you'll have the option to either mail in your iPhone 5 or drop it off in person at any Pod Drop location. Turn around time will be about 1 week. (And yes, The Pod Drop has plans to rapidly expand the color palette and extend the AnoStyle™ service to other mobile devices as well!)

The giveaway

The Pod Drop wants to give one lucky iMore reader the chance to be among the very first with an AnoStyle™ iPhone, so they're giving you a chance to win a FREE 16GB colored iPhone 5! To enter, just leave a comment telling them if you're with AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and what AnoStyle™ color iPhone 5 you want: red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, and gold with turquoise, pink, and copper options coming soon. That's it, you'll be entered! We'll announce the winner on November 1st.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open to U.S. residents of the continental United States only. And the prize is just the iPhone, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply.

Upset it's U.S. only? Enter our international iPod touch and iPad nano giveaway! Lots more to win!

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Source: AnoStyle™ via The Pod Drop, images by FourZeroFive Photography

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teepeeayy says:

Wow, Ally. These are beautiful. My comment enters me in the contest, but more importantly, good luck with this endeavor. (AT&T. Gold)

Dealer143 says:

Verizon - Red. Awesome styling!

mcfryus02 says:

Sprint Red, but if u pick me color does not matter. Thanks

jfusco says:

AT&T - Orange (for my OSU Cowboys!)

NOLA_Willie says:

Red on Black. AT&T
Awesome, Thanks

tsparks1 says:

Blue and Verizon please.

woodwardt says:

AT&T. A red phone looks way cool.

nsaraceno says:


Amazing service!

UTstevel says:

AT&T - Orange!

Looks amazing!

kickformoney says:

AT&T - Red looks amazing. I want red.

mridge23 says:

Verizon, Blue Please. That Blue is Sweet!

msgetf says:

Verizon-Gold would be fantastic.

oicuron2 says:

Would appreciate a blue for verizon -

morphorod says:

Sprint - Purple (for my Mrs)

dj_flores says:

Verizon - Orange. Looks amazing!!

Joshualee82 says:

I would love to have a orange with AT&T. This would be the most awesome win I have ever had! Thanks in advance!

littleredn says:

I thank you for the oppertunity and hope I win! Hope- to anticipate with pleasure, expectation or confidence! Here's to hoping! AT&T Gold

kitty92 says:

I have AT&T and I would like a purple one!!!!!!

abigail_grace says:

This is an awesome website! Glad to be a part of something so great! Thank you in advance if I win!!! Red at&t

keturahruth says:

Wow, knowing that one could have a one of a kind iPhone 5 is a very grasping and exciting thought! They look so cool :) I would like a blue one and my service is AT&T. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

cstephens18 says:

AT&T blue and white please!


pache11 says:

Sprint -blue iPhone please

ealihassan14 says:

Sprint - Blue! Thank you! :)

alexfisher says:

Verizon - red color please

MayhemMaybe says:

AT&T - Blue preferably on a black one. I think that would look real sweet. Maybe Apple should hire these folks to provide the service right in Apple stores at the time of purchase. Really looks like they make the iPhone 5 'pop' (like those iPods in the bounce commercial).

mustang94 says:

AT&T red please!!!!!!!!!!!

TechMD says:

AT and T, Blue please. Thanks

skhataee says:

Rogers canada purple please!

officefangirl86 says:

I'm on AT&T and if I win, I'd like a blue one, please!

officefangirl86 says:

I'm on AT&T and if I win, I'd like a blue one, please!

sortingitout says:

AT&T gold on black iPhone. Yes sir.

JonaYO says:

would it be a crime to ask for black glass/sliver aluminum XD

Dalendo says:

Verizon, Orange please. :)

jraw23 says:

I am on sprint and would love to have a black and gold iphone 5

caulingrant says:

Verizon | Orange & Black | Thanks for offering this great prize :)

xlegendxero says:

Wow a lot of comments so far. Sprint - Blue

ayo234 says:

I'm on AT&T and I would like an epic blue one please. ;D

jman0829 says:

Verizon: white and blue please

derrythe says:

AT&T and the red one looks awesome.

wocket says:

AT&T - Lime Green and Black please.
Great contest! Thanks.

cslaten says:

I have would Verizon and would like a Blue one

Daspoo says:

HateT&T - red please! Thanks! Make it so, #1 - engage. :)

mellos10 says:

I'm on Sprint and I like the orange/black one. if I had a choice I would choose a red/black pairing.

damonbogetti says:

AT&T, gold and black! Thanks:)

chevyboy22855 says:

I am on Verizon, and I would love RED!!! love your service

thekrayze says:

At&t. Pink, or purple if no pink.

cjwillette says:

I'll take an orange one please! :-)

iBill 100 says:

AT&T Orange definitely orange!

Sampson947 says:

I love the white and red. AT&T

reg0later says:

AT&T - Orange
Please, Please, Please

botvp95 says:

I'm on Verizon and I would love the red one!

doock says:


LiyahQ says:

OOOOuuuu so pretty! I would like AT&T -blue, please?! <3

mistergsf says:

Verizon - Orange all the way!

Woobie76 says:

Sprint.... black phone with red would be awesome

itechyou says:

An orange one for at&t would be an amazing prize to win.

tibbi64 says:

I'd love to win the Verizon blue. Thank You.

brassman1 says:



Kpopforlife says:

iMore let me win!! these are so beast, the purple and blue ones are beautiful!! <33

AT&T - Purple or Blue

CalebMaui says:

ERMAGERD!!! Im gonna have to switch to Verizon! And purples my favorite color ;)

swade86 says:

AT&T Blue and White! :D

Tre says:

AT&T - I love goooooold.

ztexley says:

Verizon, blue...or turquoise

jvernwald says:

Red AT&T would be amazing!

babiexnicci says:

AT&T Purple! Thank you for this awesome chance! :)

Purple4 says:

AT&T blue and white so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark_Blu says:

Blue. Sprint. The SOFTBANK NETWORK. ;-)

jrod5 says:

Verizon Black with red would be supercalifragilisticexpialidotious! Yeah cool beans!

lauram714 says:

thanks for doing this giveway! i would LOVE a blue iPhone for At&t :D

grangerfx says:

AT&T leaves me black and blue so my phone should be too.

ksboster says:

I am with Sprint and I would love the gold & turquoise. The Pod Drop Rocks! Thanks.

Larr32 says:

I roll with AT&T and I love the blue one...

slippieslik says:

Sprint - Blue (with white glass) pretty pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!!!

jamilliiee says:

Beautiful!! i need this! fingers crossed!

musikaaa says:

AT&T - Blue (on white).

Thanks so much!

Matthewwalker says:

AT&T-Blue please and thanks!

Flip4Bytes says:

Verizon - Blue & White looks awesome! :)

TFausett says:

Verizon and orange please!

TheRunner024 says:

AT&T - I would like blue please.

richardlam13 says:

Verizon - white with red please!

mitch_melkonian says:

My service provider is Verizon Wireless and I would love and greatly appreciate the Red/White iPhone 5! Awesome colors by the way! :-)

M_Rod says:

AT&T And I would like the red one. Thanks!

Xxdizzyd3vilxx says:

WHITE & RED AT&T looks amazing! Ill take that.

Drnyallstar19 says:

Just trying to keep my losing streak alive. (I never win anything) ATT- Blue please!!! Lol

d_supreme says:

Sprint: Black & Gold


kamov50 says:

I'm on AT&T and I like the blue color.

maj71303 says:

AT&T - Yellow since it's my wifes favorite color and if i win it is her phone.

ksboster says:

I am with sprint and the blue phone is awesome!

clearrants says:

vzw: blue please! thanks!

Krazkev3 says:

Verizon blue please! Thanks you guys!

obokky says:

Oh, definitely yellow on black with AT&T!

BryceB1987 says:

I am with Sprint and love the blue phone!

Qtip1423 says:

I'll take a black one with a pop of red please.

donreed87 says:

Sprint and would love the Black&Gold one!!

smfa1965 says:

That looks awesome. I'm on AT&T. Hit me with the orange. Thanks!

ektel0n says:

I use AT&T. Get me the White/Red option. Jeff at the IPOD Drop Shelby location Rocks!

fatimusprime says:

I'm on Sprint and I would love a blue one! Thank you!

heygtech says:

At&t and blue would be amazing! Thank you!!!!

newimore says:

AT&T- ORANGE would be delicious!

bu1ld0g920 says:

Verizon White with Blue Color! It's awesome!

Ajmcbsat says:

AT&T: White with Purple coating.

miikeyroks#CB says:

Verizon wireless And blue please!!

Heckler says:

Verizon in Orange!! Thanks

erjennin says:

Verizon - Red, Blue, or Orange would be great!

caracco says:

AT&T - Pink if you have it. If not purple!

nefor says:


andremr12 says:

thanks for the giveaway if i do win can i get the verizon-red & white

Bhealyb says:

Verizon & Orange... Thanks!

emburybrett1 says:

Verizon Red orange or blue!

Bobert_123 says:

I'm getting bb10 but my younger brother can't afford one so the yellow would be perfect for him, thanks imore you guys rock!!

P.S. He's on ATT

ajheath82 says:

Pink for the wifey..ATT please! would be a awesome gift for her:-)

djstarion says:

Orange for Verizon, please! :D

phinfanne says:

Sprint red pretty please!

bold1193 says:

Wow!!! those are beautiful!!! I am on Verizon and would love a copper and blue mix please.

rustymini says:

I want a blue one. I'm on Verizon. It would be awesome. :)

javierE186 says:

Hope I get a blue AT&T model xD

Macboy74 says:

AT&T-Blue please. Thanks

RubyCastro says:

Any color combo Please, Thanks!

jd0t says:

AT&T black/yellow please! These look great!

jsknee says:

An Orange phone would be great! I'm on Sprint. Thanks!!!

ama7410 says:

I am on Sprint- The Red/White iPhone is the combo I like best.

Jazmac says:

Awesome. Thanks for doing this contest. Most awesome if I win.

nychris83 says:

Verizon - blue, please. Process looks awesome.

iphone5bryce says:

AT&T and i want an RED one hope i win this giveaway.

Conor S. says:

I am with AT&T and I would love the blue one! Thanks so much for this giveaway, these look awesome!

Carlos223 says:

Red on black would be awesome.

brandermill says:

Hi, sort of new to this. Would love to have a red on black phone for Verizon.

petska says:

Verizon - Purple, please. Thank you!

FooFighter7 says:

Verizon: Red would be cool

cms365 says:

Verizon Blue Please.


iririr says:

I am with sprint and love the gold.

colt89 says:

Amazing looking phones! Sprint version with orange please. Thanks!

RHnsly88 says:

Verizon, orange please!!!

Joeschmo13 says:

Verizon - orange please :)

jr.r.chavez says:

Can I have the AT&T blue one please? I swear to drop my galaxy note. Love blueeeeee!!!