Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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sunny28 says:

i want this iPhone 5. i love it so much <3

gursher singh says:

engineers are the builders of nations

Dhanigaivel says:

I want to win this from India

varunjeet singh says:

i wud love to owe an iphone5 never used and iphone till now. But i am a huge fan of apple products and specially iphone as compare to other brands. Fingers crossed. let's see who wins. Will be too lucky if i win. Thanks for giving such opportunity.

yellowbanana123 says:

I'm begging you imore please I really would like the iPhone 5 :)
Thank you for your time

AJ.Evangelio says:

i want that iphone5.. plss..if you only could give it to me...i have never had a beautiful phone EVERR so plss

ibrahim795 says:

I would love to get an iPhone!!

Charitayy says:

Winning this iphone would mean a lot to me! :)

prince06438 says:

I have this the only way....

sharonyonts says:

I would love to win this. I never win nothing

Nana kofi says:

I would really love to win the phone.please.pretty please

jamaica mccray says:

I would love to win a free iPhone 5 this is a great website this a great opportunity nd I will love to continue visit this site more thank you

Leo_13 says:

Hi I'm from italy!! I hope I win this contest!! Good luck everybody!! =)

becksta2405 says:

Plz let me win this comp cause without it I can never afford the iPhone 5 on my own & I've bad luck all my life so hopefully this will turn my luck around and I start winning comp I enter in so I've got my finger & every part of my body cross for extra luck so plz imore u could be the first to give me some luck thank you. Bec

gsport3402 says:

As mush as I want to be the winner (which is alot)good luck to everyone else and an early congrats to the winner!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!! XD

n48287 says:

well at last a dream come true waited for a long time for the splendid masterpiece
praying to almighty if i can win iphone 5
may steve jobs soul rest in peace
we miss you in ISRAEL

prawin says:

using iphone has been my ever unaccomplished dream!!! i want to make it happen

Emsa5555 says:

I would love to win. Can I please win?

Emsa5555 says:

I would love to win. Can I please win?

Jenieline says:

I want to have Iphone5 :) Please. GodBless and GoodLuck imore :*

dhruvareddy says:

I love this phone for death. I really want to win this phone. Let see what god has to offer me.

zmwaiting says:

My hands can't wait for it.. Thank you I know you will!

AkilahJames2 says:

I wud luv to win i want it sooo badly i want it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3..........please make me win im beggin

Kwamena Arthur says:

It will be wonderful to own one.

Hans Lolljee says:

an iphone is more cool
because of its applications
winning an iphone is the dream of every person
and its so lovely
evryone should agree with this and
i would like to win one
it was my dream since a long time

creative5510 says:

Hi, would be nice for you if you pick me.

smahane says:

Hi, good luck for everyone :)

vickyy126 says:

Not sure what to write here really, but I'd love to win and it would be the best Christmas present EVER! :D Good luck everyone :P

ianxshitx says:

I want one please.awesome please give me free iPhone 5!!!!

Helio Piassaba says:

I would like to win this iphone, because mine was stolen, I worked hard to buy it, because here in Brazil the iphone is very expensive

Wilton Drapeza says:

iPhone 5 is my wish to have this Christmas. If you allow me to win . It is my greatful gratitude to you 'coz my wish was granted. If I'm not the lucky one. I must accept it but Please I really need this kind of phone for my studies. Thanks

Aswanth says:

What a nice phone!!!Even i cant get i congratulate the winner!!!Brilliant technology.........

niteshp111 says:

definataly i'll be the winner of this contest

Vishal Patil says:

well to be honest.. m only came here for da i-phone... bt.. i guess., m pretty impress wid da imore., so ill be regular reader of n ofcrs. ill recommend it to ma friends ^_^,, n way finger crossed ^_^...

hh27ss says:

I really want to win thi iphone pleaseee select me me me me me.


Seems like a nice upgrade. Would love one!
looking forward to win the most AMAZING iPhone YET from the most AMAZING website!!!!
Gimme, gimme! I deserve it!

edunk09 says:

I'm goin to win this... :)

Chrysa Asteria says:

hi! I am from greece and i have just read this text about a free iphone 5. the person who will win this iphone will be very lucky. if only I would be that person!! I really love this iphone. It's just amazing.

syazanalokman says:

Let me win this! Pleaseeeee. Xoxo

Raju Rauniyar says:

Namastey! To imore. I m frm nepal n very few people have iphones. I am extremely looking forward to this freebie n i would luv 2 to get 1. Once again namastey!

lollipop 123 says:

I love the IPhone 5 every since it came out ive been dieing for one but I just cant afford it and I reall hope I win.

Michaela Jo says:

I hope and pray you choose me, I've always had the crappy phones out of my whole family, and I think it's really amazing how you can give someone the opportunity to have one for FREE. If I don't win the iPhone 5 , good luck to the person who does, and congratulations ! Have a blessed day.

noelinezavierXD says:

i have worked hard this year, and i would really appreciate it, if i could win a brand new white iPhone 5, it would be a dream come true. i agree with you 'heisagreaterthani', thanks hEaPs and HeApS imore for this wondurous opportunity. i hope you have a good day! :)


Supreet Oberoi says:

i m very desprate and eager to win iphone 5

yash_varindani says:

i have been waiting alot to get an iphone ! so i will be extremely thankful to the imore people if they chose me . thanks yash

aanstebbs says:

Good initiative and a very good business idea from the developers.

Goldenbuddas says:

I would be so exstatic to win ;* but I'm already knowing the chances are slim to nun :/

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

i would love to win one i never had a phone before this would be a good chance to at least try so here i go !

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

if i lose i will try again i wont be sad because who ever wins they still will be lucky but at least i am trying and being fair for that person but i am still praying i win !

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

thanks for doing this for us u guys r blessing and this is a great chance to win so thank u guys so much u guys r blessing in my heart and soul thank u !

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

you guys r the best website that i wish i was as best as u guys .but i geuss i am not that good but i pray that u guys will get something good because u guys r kind to other and we all r thankful for that .god will bless u for a thankful and kind heARTED MIND and we love well i love u all for that i hope u guys have a nice dayy! thanks! for the kindess hearted love ! bye !

Kaitlyn Hilliard says:

hi my name is kaitlyn hilliard and this is a good chance to win thank u for all the things u done for and i hope god will give u that same respect back and u guys r kind hearted and blessing to me thank u bye ! and my phone number is 918 550 4613 bye !!!!!

mayankparmar2007 says:

its my pleasure, that give a chance to win iphon 5, its really nice thing, thank you thanks lot.

achmerd says:

I hope I win this iPhone....

blissis says:

i cant afford a good mobile i really need this

Hassan Fayyaz says:

i am from pakistan i really need this i phone

Naveen Kumar1 says:

nothing is impossible because impossible itself says i'm possible
if i rest, i rust
same for the mobile

Nautica Starr says:

Thank a lot if u pick me lots of love me

Abraham Aguilar says:

please im in a good mud if i win but if i dont im going to cry

Abraham Aguilar says:

i im in a good mud but im not if i lose but i hop i in you please im from ventura please

shubhang makharia says:

with blessing of god u people are giving iPhone to everyone. please i also want one iPhone 5. As it will be my 1st phone.

Devika sen says:

I really want an iphone please pick me!! my sister keeps showing off about hers from singapore!!!!!

scoobydoo080202 says:

dear reader
I always wanted a Iphone no matter what number it is ,but my famly or even i can buy one !!
I realy like the design and the colour !!!
please ???

samarjitsarkar1 says:

Hello,sir i want to get this because it because it has got a large awesome screen and it also has some brilliant features sir please be greatful to me i am requesting you please give me

Jacob Micallef says:

Can I win it because it will be my birthday present.

Raghav Kalia says:

Im a simple boy n i would love to get a black one

Felipesvk says:

I hope I'll be a winner. From this point new life will start.

faisan says:

i dnt thing i cnt buy this phone in my life i live in pakistan i dnt have dat much income to buy this phone but this is my dream phone lucky person win this phone but i thing i just have to look it this phone in picture wish i have this phone....

Springrabii says:

I want to win an i Phone 5 :)

Cristi Gorcea says:

Hello,i am from Romania-Europe.I love Iphone very much and will be a dream come true if i could win this great phone.Please pick me ! Thank you!

Aina Katangolo says:

We know that time is the most Precious thing of them all, But nothing can Top the iPhone 5...its simply gorgeous! And i would most definately be the most proud parent if i owned one!

Amudhini Anbananthen says:

I would like to win 1 on me to win

dhruba dhar says:

thanks imore for giving off this prize to me....

kambalah says:

Wow I would Love this Phone----Good Luck All

danialarj says:

He he, The winner is here, come on, POST it please!

anthonyreyes768 says:

I would really love this new I Phone 5 .I really really need it!!!

Nina Eileen says:

Thank you so much imore this is the BEST opportunity in my whole life!

fazam11 says:


Koula Georgiou says:

thats a beautiful phone! i would love to win! good luck everybody!!!!

dep97 says:

Winning would be awesome!(:

Hitman818181 says:

Hope luck is on my side and I win the iPhone 5 :)
All the best to other participants as well.

Veera Charm says:

Hey I'm a fan of iPhone.. My wish is to get any one of the iPhone model... I'm waiting...

tuyet says:

Ommgg.. Let me WINN C;

Shiva Sivz says:

I will e very happy if i get this...its oe of my dream phone...the iphone 5

Maddalena La Rosa says:

fiddling with him would be nice hahaha

Raul Martinez1 says:

How many comments are there? 

xtremesniper says:

I am in awe that I wasn't made aware of this contest sooner. Well, you know what they always say... Better comment at the last minute than not at all!

Kirstie2012 says:

please I won't new iphone5 have not won anything ever would be a nice Christmas prezzie please

momonkey1997 says:


meer wahid says:

I do,nt know it works or not.but a greed of i phone 5 i m giving the comments

ahmedgamal says:

Thank you very much

you don't know how I'm feeling now for this news
I hope I win this mobile
please please please
thanks again

ranna57 says:

I would love the chance to win an iphone 5

ankit_1393 says:

an "i" -
phone would be REALLY great for "I" coz "I" would REALLY LOVE TO HAVE IT !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!

vasu bansal says:

using an iphone 3g on ios 4.2.1 on which i can't use much apps.. so i want this phone badly because i want to experience ios 6.. the power in my hand... the biggest thing is that it's brand name... hope i wins... fingers crossed

carissa dio says:


B3ast11 says:

I would love this iphone 5 because i just broke mine by dropping it coz i didnt have a cover so i would love that. Hopefull my draem would come true :) thank you

abriarenee says:

Thanks for this special treat.!

sahibjot01 says:

imore.....can i win?????????? i want it!!!!!!!fingers crossed!

Rohit Takiar says:

Happy thanxgiving to all of you guys
i wanted to win the prize because i would like to give this present to my dad . If i win this

Precy Geoffrey says:

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blesson says:

pretty please. i want to win it

Mohammad Muwafi says:

I'd love to win this little babe

Vritant Bhardwaj says:

iPhone 5, one of the most beautiful phones i have seen in my lifetime.
I really want it!!!!

Anna Kowalik says:

I would be so HAPPIII if i would win i can not go around with this broken shit anymore !

Would mean the world to me to get this wonderful phone!! =)

DesiraeMoniquee says:

How cool would it be if i won, i really want an iphone. They're Great!(:

Kelly Llauca says:

Performance,elegance and technology
High quality product faster and light
Organize your life wih style with
New apps,download your favorite music,store photos and much more
Expand your world,experiment the new iphone...

lilaudjee says:

I really hope I win this contest, my parents won't let me get one unless I pay for it and for the monthly fee for data, calling, and texting, pleaseeee choose me!

Kinga Doman says:

my old one got destroyed so I badly need one

Elma Imperio Peralta says:

Please let me win this new iPhone 5!

Umesh Chauhan says:

plzzzzzzzzzzzz choose me...... i love iphone 5.......... plzzzz choose meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

zaid omar says:

I think this is just a scam unless I really win this iPhone5

yuv1625 says:

I have been dying to get an IPhone for the longest time now.
I would totally love to win :D it's mine :D


I am MANAV MITTAL studying engineering in India...if i win iphone, my happiness will seem no bounds..I have heard people saying that their iphone is like a friend, now i want to try that .Apple announced a new iPhone a few days ago. It’s shiny. It looks yummy! It’s slimmer, sleeker, stronger, faster and taller than iPhone 4S. In sum, it’s a fantastic update of a device that is already very good.It looks perfect that's why i want to have it in my hands at least one time in my life...and with your this competition i finally have a chance... but i believe in god...

Ali Gilani says:

I wish i could win the contest & get a white iphone 5.

rheakapoor says:

I wants to win this really bad (need a new phone).. ;)

Glanson Menezes says:

i wish i could hav a iphone 5........ I dont lyk anroid smartphones and ios phones are expensive. so i want iphone 5!!!!its rocking!!!!

JollyRacher7897 says:

Im I Need Of Thiss Phone PLEASE , PICK ME !!!

Daud Adnan says:

May god bless me with iPhone 5 because I want it. God please.

KMG27 says:

I would love to have an iPhone 5 ..... I seen how awesome the phone is but haven't been able to get .... I hope I win!!!!

celef says:

I hope i can this iphone 5 since i can't afford one....


hello . i want to win an iphone5. because it is my dream phone i want. i look word from you ! :)

Jamie Romero says:

Happy to become a member i would like to win this iphone for my daughter

RhondaNikohle says:

iMore, i'm a single parent, I don't get to spend money on myself EVER lol, i have an OLD android but it freezes and turns off, I want an apple, I saw this site and thought I'd give it a shot, I need a phone that will make it EASIER for me to make my daughter appointments, skype some of my family that's half a world away.. I'm planning on going to college for pediatrics, and a brand new apple iPhone 5 would be the BEST gift! ♥
* Hoping for a miracle :)

Santhosh Kumar says:

Iphone wow if i win this it would me............"I"phone
really i love to win this

Parshwa Timbadia says:

IPHONE 5 (teller,bigger,tinner.faster,smoother) actually the well know samsung galaxy s3 is now becoming unkonw faster.As apple launched the new IPHONE . In the comercial advertise samsung tells s3 is design for human ,but i think that is wrong not only me but the world too. IPHONE 5 is really really design for humans.STEVE JOBS was the one who designed IPHONE 5 .IPHONE 5 is the best not IPHONE 5 but all IPHONE products .Actually I want IPHONE 5 to remember last and final product of STEVE JOBS ,to remember THE GOD OF PHONE(STEVE JOBS )my hero .APPLE I LOVE U . STEVE JOBS YOU ROCK.STEVE JOBS WE MISS YOU AND WILL MISS YOU A LOT IN MY LIFE.

Avijot Singh says:

I would really very thankful if I could get this!!!!!!!!!!!!

avinashlallu says:

Hello iphone 5, this is AVINASH Thanks for the iPhone 5 predictions as far as dates

avinashlallu says:

Hello iphone 5, this is AVINASH Thanks for the iPhone 5 predictions as far as dates

Naman Minz says:

Nothing is better than to have your own iphone5 on one side and rest of world on other side...

aliguyun says:


jegath bjegath says:

I like iphones so so had proved that they are the be
Best by beating the s3.I think I will be a lucky person to win it.

Toni0729 says:

iMore seems like a pretty cool website

Hoping to win that iPhone 5!

youreafool says:

Is this offer still valid?

Mayada_gemini says:

I Do Really Like to win this i phone it's the coolest thing ever

Rishika Narayanan says:

i really want this but cant afford it soo pleaseeeee pick meee

Mikia Mayfield says:

I would sure wish to win a iphone 5 if i do it will be the best thing that ever happened to me so please let me win.

anshul_skit says:

Registered on imore.... Imore, you are the best :)
Waiting eagerly to win Iphone5.... :)

Mohammed Unique says:

Friends I'm a poor guy I would love to get iPhone 5. But it is luck so I will pray to god to get iphone5 love u imore and love u friends. Thanks

khisalahmed says:

a one in thirteen thousand chance of winning :P lol! how's that for stats

amayabolton says:

i pray i get this phone with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayda Brandi says:

i would like to win but if i dont thats ok also but can you be 14 to 16 to enter

pooples says:

Ummmmm hi I'm new and I don't know what to say besides I really hope I get this for my dad! Please pick me!

7echno says:

Hopes and passion from Indonesia to win the iPhone 5, thank you iMore...

parv89 says:

thanks for iphone 5 because i am waiting from 2 months to get this phone

juliakosiackax says:


cjan says:

i would be great to be the winner in this game, i really love the brand apple because it is so useful and i really love steve jobs for making the name of apple and for making the brand number 1 in whole wide world im proud to say that im using A macbook pro laptop that i jus won in the game also. anyway, thank you for giving me a time to read my comment, and i just wanna say Big thumbs Up! for the apple company and for the mind on it Mr. Steve Jobs. Thumbs up! :)

okbashanta says:

People say that iPhone5 changes the future and everything related to human beings so that if i win this chance then i would prove myself as a changed person in the competitive world.Thanks

Shatil Shan says:

Iphone is so expencive for me to buy.If i win a iphone then i will give you a lots....... of thanks....

Vinay Nair says:

i really need a new phone and if i hope that i will get this amazing and dazzling product

roddgang says:

Wassup fam...Im from Kenya,Africa. I have always dreamt and seeing that iphone on papers and online too. I think you can give me this chance to change my life for real ...currently im using a N6300!
Wishing myself the best,thanks.

aisha cassim says:

I really really wish that I win this :/

Rose Taube says:

I am a Mom of 3 boy's and we are always on the go to basketball pracitice and school meetings and weekend building groups etc...This would be absolutely wonderful for me to have this already popular phone every moms wants!

Rose Taube says:

I certainly pray I win!!!!!!! :)

Lizzie123 says:

Hii I really hope i win this because i need a new phone because my last one went through the wash and i currently dont have one! It would also be really great because all of my friends have an iphone and I dont and I would love to be able to say to them one day that I won this iPhone 5 i didnt have to pay a billion dollars for it!

MishoBG says:

I really want to win. :3

Jireh Dorongon says:

I WANT TO WIN IT PLEASE FOR MY BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR ME . Ilove u God bless and and more power to you guy :))))

Nikhil Darda says:

i want it...n anyways thanx 4 it..:)

AyoQueenCbaby says:

I would love to have a iphone 5 because they seem so amazing and i've never had one before so I would take extra special care of it.

faysii says:

i just love apple and iphons as well. i love to have the iphone5.....

alwalidee says:

I feel of having such phone soon.

souha mechichi says:

hi i'm from Tunisia , i wanna win the iphone5 , it's awesome <3

Ravi Srinivasan says:

Hi Am Ravi from India I have been using 3g and 3gs for the past three and half years.The phone is really amazing and found to be flawless.I have never took took the phone to any service centre and i think this shows the quality of apple product. I am
very proud to have an apple product and in fact i have taken oath that i will not use any mobile except iphone. So i would like to get this iphone 5

Nitin Sagar says:


Justin Perez says:

I would love to have a iphone because in my family everybody has a phone but not me

Justin Perez says:

I would love to have a iphone because in my family everybody has a phone but not me.

king raj says:

I am really happy that imore is providing such fabulous offers.I want to say one more thing "LONG LIVE IMORE!!"

Yash Adukia says:

I want this. I hope I win the iPhone 5.
Thanks in advance iMore

raollotfi says:

l'iPhone 5 est une merveille pour moi, je veux bien le gagner.
merci iMore.

Keevontaye Plair says:

I want to win the iphone 5 I really wanted one for my whole life I hope I win

Bilal Hafeez says: bilal from karachi pakistan...and im addicted to iphone 5. though couldnt afford to buy one :/ i have also learn to develop iphone apps. and currently developing one for my university project. it would be a dream come true if i win one iphone 5 and test my application on that phone.
would just hope and pray that u grant me with this chance. would be thankful to you :))

Dhruv Chawla says:

I so hope i'm lucky enough to get my hands on it... xD

karan kumar says:

we all know that iphone is the popular smartphone in the world and everyone likes it.but i really thank you if you give as a gift to me.

Spandan Gupta says:

I wanna win dis mobile heartly....coz I wanna to be fst amng all ma buddies to have dis wrldz most prestegious mobile....iphone5....:):)

deion2012 says:

Hope I win...This a great site with the best updates.

albertmesse says:

Hello to all iPhone members.....i am really happy to be part of this....i have to say i am most pleased....thanks you who have donate in this program......i really will be more than happy to be called as the winner......thanks you....God richly bless you all

avinashb27 says:

i want dis....i want to win dis....i don hve a iphone n i hve nt used iphone yet...
its my passion n i want to hve iphone5s....i love it....

Leslie Daafuor says:

it would be nice to have this particular phone

vallsim says:

i'm not going to win this :(

Bhoxzz JM says:

I'm from my lovely country philippines! we love apple iphone 5 because it have a lot of applications ad features!! philippines love gadgets!! i want apple iphone 5s!! thats my christmas gift!!! so i hope!!=(

avirelle says:

Im From the philippines , id be lucky to if i win this, coz like iv been wanting this for so long

Aldwin Paul Boton Villa says:

..i wish i win iphone this christmas...

Charlotte Yiihui says:

It would be great to get iphone 5 from imore... Can i???... please.... (^.^Oooo

HantuComel says:

I am love to win this , am i late ? :'O

mahima67 says:

it all depends on luck

fervil says:

i will give up everything just to get this phone,cause i know if i win it, all the things i sacrifices will not be a wast of time

fervil says:

if i do win it be a great joy of mine to finally own my own iphone

Daphnee Jeune says:

Ive been having a phone from Metro PCS and theres no other ways to put it but IT SUCKS. My parents arent able to get me one anytime soon even from Chrismass. It would be great if I had the iphone 5 :)

aleli231987 says:

i want to win this iPhone 5 please i never have a iPhone. this will be my first iPhone if i win this thank u.

radhiaboubakri says:

of course i would like to win this phone :)

Marie Martinez says:

This would be a great holiday gift to myself. Yayyyy me. !!!!

Mahaveer Bafna says:

hey im frm india i am so much happy dat apple launches iphone 5 and im one of the fan of apple products

theiphonegirl says:

i'm dreaming about this phone since it came out, unfortunately i can't afford it, it's too expensive in Georgia. i hope i win! thanks for such a great chance!

iKoutheir says:

Is this true!!!!!!!!!! #ilovenokia :p

singhzuber11 says:

please fulfil my dreams and give me a iphone 5

singhzuber11 says:

please make me win and i will like you

Cahyo Winarno says:

i pray God give me a lucky...i hope i win iPhone 5 from iMore...

kruvf says:

I need to win this phone badly.

Hamzaboss says:

Glade to winnnnnn :DDDD

Asheesh Sharma says:

i would luv to win it..
i knw i will surely win coz i wait for it till 2 years.. n m a big fan of apple i5

abdurazzak says:

Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne ... i LOVE YOUR TECH <3

Synthiaa says:

;Awrhh I Want To Winn ((:

Talented presh says:

Hello Guys, I Would Love To Win, This Seems Pretty Cool. I Never Win These Types Of Things Though. Anyway Hi Guys. :-] Good Luck Everyone

Matthew Moreland says:

Please, please, PLEASE choose me!!!

abellio delo says:

if i have a chance to win this gudget.. fisrt a i will thank to the Lord...
and to the owners of this site.. and to mr. Rene Ritchie ^_^
God Bless You all ^_^

Mr. Rene Ritchie
Jesus Says
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".
jeremiah 29:11
God Bless You Always ^_^

abellio delo says:

Mr. Rene Ritchie
Jesus Says
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".
jeremiah 29:11
God Bless You Always ^_^

Suvarun Bhowmick says:

.nees reve evah I tegdag elibom tseixes dna tsemmils ,tseikaerf eht si 5 enohPi

crack the code read my comment :-) :-) :-)

Joe Napit says:

since i know apple n searched about what the good of apple, i would love to it but none of them i could have cos the price is too expensive for me. i always follow the update of apple specially about the iphone and when the iphone 5 launched, for god sake i am craving for iphone 5. i read all the review from all sources and i really want to have iphone 5. *dream ON*

Pooja Bhansali says:

Hey iPhone 5 is my dream... :) anywayz...goodluck everybody... :)

nabster25 says:

i have to win because i have just lost one

puppyluv454 says:

Dear IMore, I hope u guys pick me to get a iPhone 5 because i would really appreciate it and because i never seem to win any competitions. Thanks :) PS: i don't mind what colour iPhone i might get :) xx

naderalwajih says:

I'd like to win this phone because i don't have an iphone and i want to try it.

krisna_naa1 says:

W.O.W!! There's lot of people wanting this iPhone series. Me? Yeaahh! Me too! I want this super-duper-cool smartphone.
I'm from Indonesia and i believe i'm not the only one who waiting this lastest series of iPhone. Today is the launching day, many people waiting in front of Senayan City (where to event held) just for buy this iPhone. So envy, i cant join the excitement there.
I want this phone badly >_< i hope i win

EeyoreLover13 says:

ihope i win i dont have enouf money to buy one and i cant get a hold of my grandpa and he might die soon:( wel hope i win and have a nice day

daniel miller1 says:

I dont care if I win or not I justenter for fun

Annah Knowles says:

Hope to win! PLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

maighazy says:

I want to win it please. I won an iphone5 case and I don't have it I love Apple products so much please