Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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nawlins76 says:


jack131900 says:

Is this for real? Thanks iMore. :)

GPAbsinthe says:

I'd like that thanks iMore!

kkrupa27 says:

Oh man the line is already huge!! When did all of you get here!? Would you like some M&Ms?

jgjimenez says:

I would like to be the winner

Abobrek says:

I'm crossing my fingers and toes. I hope I win!

eab99 says:

Would be great to win this. I am really wanting the new iPhone.

tjaxter says:

Make me alive with that iPhone 5!

ali5noor says:

Thanks for this info ab out IPhone 5

Wyatt says:

Nice Rene, I'll take one so my wife can get my 4S.

leeview says:

i deserve an iphone 5 :)

ajhall62 says:

I sure hope I can win this Iphone5.

andersoncr2001 says:

I really love the new iPhone. I have my fingers crossed. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

dhhoffm says:

Please and thanks! I'm a BB hold out, but this would make me jump ship.

ifobeejives says:

This is going to be awesome :)

Daspoo says:

Thx for the contest, and for keeping us up on today's news! Consider me entered!

Jwb99 says:

It would be absolutely lovely if I were to be picked to receive this magnificent prize!

cheesey69 says:

PLEASE pick me, my iphone4 home button works when it wants to and the ear speaker is so low in volume that i have to press it as hard to my head as i can stand just to talk to my son. thank you for your consideration

pjmuhammad4 says:

I need this phone. Please!!!!

DDS0728 says:

It would be TOTALLY RADICAL to win a new iPhone 5!!!

jomama says:

Pick me! Please oh please!

zetacool says:

Me me me!!! I really want it!

opph20#IM says:

Who wouldn't love to win an iPhone 5. Thanks imore, you always have the best give aways!!

konaman01 says:

Totally over Android (piece of $&!&) OS, totally disappointed!!! please take pity on a late convert.

ruffhunter says:

I'm so down for this!! Imore once again does it ;)

penolo says:

Ahohohoho...m-u-s-t have this ( such an Apple gadget addict).

yaboyynick says:


MrAlakija says:

Whats the harm in trying I might as well go for it

deadlybatman says:

Let me get the iPhone 5. I would appreciate it. Thanks! ;)

Apple_Fiend says:

It would be awesome if i won!

carleone2gz says:

This would be a great Win!

billcod says:

Would love a new iPhone5

Kaynon77 says:

Would love to win this awesome piece of technology

spartanguy81 says:

Convince me to switch from my Samsung Galaxy s3.

Huyen says:

iMore is one of my top 5 site out their. Anything i need to know about Apple iMore knows.

ajnoz says:

I would love to win this, but I am planning on getting it the first day possible so Here's hoping.

berriesr4me says:

I would love to win this iPhone because I am still using my old iPhone and have always wanted to upgrade, but cannot because I am a poor college student that has to work a full time job aside from being a full time student just to pay for my education. I have not been able to upgrade my phone in over three years. My phone is falling apart and being able to win something like this would really make me happy.

istretch says:

Time to make it official... goodluck... I could definitely do with that phone!

tkurtz says:

Yes, please!! I never win anything, so I'm way past due for some goodies :)

MarcoC83 says:

I want to wipe the blackberry juices off my chin and take a bite out of the apple!

ChaosShadow says:

I really would LOVE to win this! The new black/slate two-tone look is kinda sexy :D

jb7881 says:

Here's hoping for a win!

DC10450 says:

I'll take one please...

pbertling says:

Please pick me so that I can use the money for my new phone toward the purchase of an iPod Touch for my daughter instead.

maxrogr says:

As a Blackberry user and waiting for BB10, and also an iPad 2 user and liking it, i would like to experience the touted iPhone 5.

DexAloha says:

I can't afford the non-upgrade price. I'm stuck with my iPhone 3 until March! I hope I win!

jentechteach says:

Hi! I love this website. It has great information. I really really love the new iPhone 5 and I hope I can win it. It would make me so happy. :) Anyway, iMore...great site! Well done. Good luck everyone.

chrishull says:

Looking forward to a new phone! My 3GS REALLY needs to go live on a farm where it can run and play and be happy with all the other out of date smartphones.

brownat89 says:

I can't wait for the iPhone 5 (still can't believe that's what they're calling it!)

nkildal says:

I never win anything ;-)
But this could be the first time, then...

xsilentxninjax says:

New iPhone would be great. Yes please!

Fully says:

Is this the one with the geebees and wifis?

ptinlv says:

I'm excited for the iPhone 5! Pick Me!

radical24 says:

would not hurt to win one of those brand spanking new iPhone's!!!

jasondusko says:

I would love a new iPhone 5... great way to beat the lines!

OOH OOH... Pick Me... Pick Me...

iMore you guys rock!!!

Jeli#IM says:

Must ... get .. away .. from .. Android.

Draconianfire83 says:

Amazing! I'm currently a BB owner, but this may make come to the dark side! ;)

robwoods3 says:

Over Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iPhone ... Come to me.

henrymagnusrex says:

These contests give me so much hope. Even if I lose, at least I was able to live with a little more hope for the week. JK. Would love to win. Great job on the event commentary btw.

Tylorjd says:

This would be awesome!

Agamemnon54 says:

Would love to replace my broken iPhone 4.

Joker2 says:

Im always a little skeptical of drawings, but like woman says you can't win if you don't play. So I'm playing

covecove1 says:

i would like one phone. :)

metllicamilitia says:

I can haz iPhone 5? Then I don't have to use Apple's financing to get it.

LegendaryHero says:

This would be most good. Most good indeed.

appledebrendan says:

Yay!!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

ferdi2k says:

My wife would love me so much more if I win this. whahah

josephk71 says:

It be awesome to win and be the first one to have this awesome bad boy. :)
Good Luck To All.

imtravis says:

Would love one of these.. especially since I'm not due for an upgrade for a couple of years.

TullygannyGypsy says:

To infinity and the new iPhone5 and beyond!!

Oli King says:

This iPhone is going to be the best yet, seeing this released with iOS6 is awesome, cannot wait to get one

Helicrewchief says:

Getting tired of Android on Verizon. I want a phone Im not required to pull the battery everyday. Time for a change!

kolla says:

love the new iphone 5. looking sexy and i am sure it would perform as sexy. thanks for the imore team for give excellent coverage on the live event.

i am in for the free iphone 5

good lucky all

philloveblackberry says:

I need to win the new iphone: )

Carina Fritz says:

i-LIKE!!!! i-LOVE!!!! i-FANCY!!!!

dratluri says:

Best Phone for the best man (Me)

Ddockery says:

I'll have ordered 2 by then but I'm sure I can find a use for a third...

thakur.pankaj says:

oh god plz give me a chance of getting this phone.. Jai mata di..

kb9sxc says:

Let's see if this will be one in a million or 1 in ten million chance... :)

jacobovillegas says:

Fingers crossed ... i want the new iPhone!

kenzodragon says:

I would like to participate. :)

Buddy L says:

I would love to win this for my Daughter who recently survived a horrible car crash in which her passenger did not. She lost her Dumb phone in the crash, and winning this phone would be just one imore miracle ! Even if I don't win the phone ; I won her !!!!! Best Regards, Buddy L

lafatty says:

Appreciate the offer. iPhone 5 baby!

chrisw329 says:

Well this would be a pleasant surprise! Then i could keep my 4s as a peice of history!

i-less says:

Yes! I'm ready for an upgrade from my original 2007 iPhone 8GB! It has served me well and I want to frame it and save it for posterity! It still works as new, but the OS and processor are just a bit dated :)

Thanks for the contest!

cleggerbyte says:


Kelly_luziphone5 says:

Please I would love love to win the iPhone 5 my birthday is coming soon and I just really want an iPhone 5 plz plz

weg220 says:

Please Just once, pick me

Sparro says:

Sign me up, I'll take one. :)

mdlissner says:

Pick Me please. Awesome contest to run - iMore is awesome.

willscott says:

Hi there! Definitely worth a shot :-)

SimpleAsItSeems says:

This is one post i wont subscribe to comments on. Pick me pick me!

memoc@n says:

I've been a member. I'm writing my comment :) I want to win

jkurl15 says:

I would love to give my wife a new iphone for her birthday.

theshanextm says:

This would be the greatest prize ever!

rbiro says:

I would love a new iPhone

iDennis96 says:

Let's give it a try, who knows

Mortois says:

I'll take mine in black, please!

dimicioly says:

I'm going to win this. I read iMore way too much not to! :)

arwaldon4 says:

ooooooo best distraction from work today....imore feeds of the UNVEILING!!

iririr says:

Please let me win invisible man.

MrVilleneuve says:

I would love to win those tickets to go see the Foo Fighters!! :-P

stewaj says:

I can has iPhone5? I mean...Would you kindly bestow an iPhone 5 upon me? Good sir and/or madam)?

itsdannylol says:

from Windows Mobile 6.5->Android (Donut)->WebOS->Windows Phone 7->Android (IceCream & JellyBean)-> and now hopefully the iPhone 5!

Gizmocivic says:

I'd love to win one! Please choose me.

BobTheBarber says:

This phone is so awesome! I want, I want!

Neoleo says:

Really want to win this great iPhone 5

word2u says:

Add me to the list :-). I would love it and use it well!

Obei Nice says:

my birthday is september 14th so this would be more than beneficial lol

grieverhart says:

pick me pick me pick me!!! need to upgrade my Iphone 4! lol

Paanli253 says:

New iPhone 5 let's be having ya

eccipoo says:

Such a sick looking piece of equipment. Apple delivers again!!!

fre12 says:

i would love an iPhone 5 :)

bmantz65 says:

Winning this would help me convert from a Blackberry!

racas says:

The new Apple iPhone 5 is here! It wasn’t a shocking surprise, but rather a very solid upgrade to the existing iPhone 4S. Apple delivered on all fronts starting with a larger, 4-inch screen that’s bigger but still comfortable for one-handed use, going through 4G LTE support and ending up with the 2x more powerful Apple A6 chip and improved battery life.

All the rest got a solid update as well - the 8-megapixel camera now comes with a sapphire lens that is more durable. And iOS 6 brings a couple of interesting new features, but if we had to narrow it down to one weakness in Apple’s well-oiled machine, it’d be exactly that - iOS seems to be lagging behind a bit in features when compared to Android and Windows Phone. Or maybe, if lag is not the exact word it’s suffering a bit from its closed nature - it seems that we’ve just grown too used to it.

IceyShanks says:

Awesome, pick me please!!!

jamie says:

I would love to win this! Thanks for the contest.

jean15paul says:

Sure ... if you're giving it away, then I'll take one. ;)

Jwb99 says:

Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me ME!

pokey2552 says:

such a sweet looking phone!

hselburn says:

Oh Please Please Please Pick Me! I'm using a LG Rumor Touch! Let me join the 21st century of Smartphones!

myrk28 says:

Would love one. Please. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Imonkee says:

I've had my iPhone 4S for barely a year and Yes I want one anyway. Darn you Apple!

pstmd says:

Yes please. I would like one!

NerdWho says:

Well i'd like to win this too so what the hay!

Lena32 says:

Thanks in advance imore, you're awesome! :)

emery66 says:

Please lead me out of the android abyss!

Sarrod says:

Would love to try one to see how it compares :)

fwsantos69 says:

Iphone 5 is a ticket to a new world...good luck to all of us.

Karrott9 says:

I have such bad luck with contests....

vtcracka says:

winna winna chicken dinna!!!! pcauck!!!

trevorcpa says:

It would be cool to win!

HENBOB says:

Thanks for helping me do a better job at my job (Mobile Guy in the office)

chubby_nubby says:

Please pick me, I am still using a Zack Morris phone!

cyberlipe says:

I want one in Brazil NOW!

angermeans says:

Thanks for all your contests iMore you guys are great. All of your iPhone news has been done correctly and with integrity when others have been reporting on every little thing they can get their hands on despite really looking at the source. Keep up the great work! New iPhone 5 for free, yes please!

Markj1977 says:

I just had my second child last week; so the budget is pretty tight. I want one for myself but I really would to win this because my wife wants one as well. It would be nice to win this for her.

AugustArborists says:

I've never owned an iPhone before, convert me!

Eejay says:

Congrats to whoever wins. This is one helluva prize!

kiarag2011 says:

I hope I win! I've been on this website everyday for the past couple of months like white on rice educating myself on everything Apple! I feel like a missionary because I have been spreading my knowledge to the lesser informed and blatantly confused technology band-wagoners at my university (UNC Charlotte). I've made believers out of Android "stans," and I've converted RIM users to #teamiPhone; and it was all made possible to you guys at iMore! Thanks, you guys rock!

jeffgh24 says:

Good luck everyone, but I hope I win!!!

webnoi says:

Stop the comments... I'll be the winner!!!

CarFan says:

I would love to win this. I normally buy a new ipod Touch every generation, but would like to try the full iphone experience.

Jopple says:

Excellent. Thanks, iMore.

skrabacz58 says:

Love iMore. Love the iMore podcasts with Georgia, Seth & Rene. I would love to win an iPhone 5! iMore is definitely the TOP all things iOS website.

rughopper says:

Please let me win my 3GS needs to be replaced....

Ctheo3 says:

I bleed six colors. This is a must win.

CanJones says:

Oh PICK ME!!! Love the white and silver :)

rjkolo says:

Yea....if it is free I would love one!!!

sorinibrian says:

Thanks for the contest! This would be my 1st iPhone! :)

jvm1982 says:

It would be awesome to win. I hope I do but I wish everyone else could as well. Hope I win though. :)

johnnycefet says:

I would *love* to win this incredible device!

sanpass says:

i really want to win this iphone! if i win, i will throw my blackberry from the window!

javierE186 says:

Hope you guys pick me so that I do not have to spend 924.35 dollars on the iPhone. Any help towards that goal (like the gift card you guys do for the iPhone purchase) would be awesome. Hope I win. xD

Mikecornelius says:

I deserve to have the best iPhone, please pick me

anon4770015 says:

As a iMore reader, I deserve to use only A6. So help me to get there.

DJ G.MAC says:

Pretty cool. Pret-ty. Cool. In-deed.

PinkyNess says:

Would love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

david levy says:

Don't pick the other guy. Pick me.
My 8 year old daughter would freak if I won and handed her my 4s.

bobboone says:

would be sweet to win the iphone 5!

tripski41 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

DamienTyler says:

Weeeeee! Here is to a new beautiful iPhone 5!

reeechard_ca says:

I would love to win the iphone 5 and show all the android owners what a smart phone should be like!

Rob13 says:

I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dcc109#IM says:

I was a diehard BlackBerry user and Then became an iPhone lover with the 3G. I'm now on my 2nd iPad and 3rd iPhone. I will be making the switch to Verizon soon and a free iPhone 5 would be a huge help. Either way I cannot wait to see the new phone hands on. Keep up the great work Rene and the rest of the staff. I check the site daily.

alesm106 says:


Really wish they made a black one with the regular metal outer ring instead of an all black ring.

Singh7 says:

I'm IN! Would love this.

iwin92 says:

Iphone5, i wanna win, win win win win win *Young Jeezy voice*

sheeks says:

I would love the iPhone5!!

SkiPPy087 says:

One in a million chances here.

Benchia17 says:

I have been eagerly awaiting the iphone5 introduction and I'm glag to say they didn't disappoint. It looks like an amazing phone and I really wonder what else they can do with it from here. I would love to get this phone as a gift for my girlfriend who still uses a blackberry 9700 from 2 years ago. She saw pictures of the iPhone today and was blown away. I hope this can change her life and show her what she's been missing!

mctui says:

iphone 5 goes to germany ! :)

please :)

greentj says:

How sweet would it be to win this awesome phone!!!

jal1976 says:

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the new iPhone. PLEASE!!!!!

joelaponte828 says:

All we have to do is comment? cool! chose me to win because i'm a cool guy! :D

mrrogers84 says:

Just happy to be here!!!

orangewire says:

Pick me! I would love to land a free one!

Vox says:

I better win so I get the first iphone 5 in Mexico :)

twild says:

You will pick me! *jedi mind trick*

xandrex#IM says:

As a recent college grad, my bank account is low. I wouldn't mind a free iPhone 5. :)

mstrblueskys says:

Even though I don't get LTE on Sprint yet, it would still be nice! :) Thanks for the contest.

Ifiremitt says:

Good luck everyone, hope I win but definitely getting this phone.

starhannes says:

Adding my entry! Good luck me! Thanks imore.

jlake02 says:

iMore FTW! <3

Great contest! Thanks for doing this.

(sorry if repost, system keeps having errors)

bjirvin says:

How do they keep doing it? They keep improving on what is already the best product, setting the bar higher and higher!