Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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AnAppleADay says:

Oh wow! Great generous offer from my fav site iMore :) thx in advance! Followed the keynote through you all!!

tennenho says:

I wouldn't be mad at ya.

rockerchick says:

Thanks for the chance to win!

emoo says:

As luck may have , it could be any one of us, good luck to all !

iLoveApple16 says:

I hope I win! Would love to get my hands on an iPhone 5 without paying full price!

Olsjon says:

maybe me im the best follower of u site :)

leocapot says:

I want an iPhone5 so bad. Please pick me! Thank you

emannarino says:

Awesome!!! Great prize!!

v_nes says:

I would love to win this Phone since i can't purchase it until next year when my plan is up.

stbdtack says:

Love your site -- will love the iPhone 5. Thanks.

LucyBc80 says:

Save me 649 bucks, give me the phone! LOL

nverma says:

Winning Iphone 5 will be EPIC!!!

blasted11 says:

Add me please...excitement!

Iranger79 says:

Please please I need this. Just got back from Afghanistan and need a phone. Been a reader for years! Best iPhone site there is!

yungr3d says:

i would love to have this phone! i need a new iphone really bad! please pick me!!

lpotr4 says:

♫ Please, please, let me, let me get what I want, lord knows this will be the first time…

SpitFyre_ says:

Really hope I win, this entry better do well.

DarthJay38 says:

Sweet. I want to win one so I can sell it and buy a Lumia 920!!

stbdtack says:

Love your site -- will love the iPhone 5. Thanks.

Steve-O says:

Ooooooh, hope I win! :-D

west3man says:

I accept your nomination as a commenter who may be chosen to win the iPhone 5.

kenzerba says:

Saweeet!!! You guys rock!!!

Cormacity says:

Wow it would be a dream come true wining an iphone 5

hilol says:

this is really cool of imore to do! cant wait to see what lucky member wins! maybe itll be myself :P

bigrobstunner says:

I would love a Sprint White one please!! Would be very much appreciated!!


Big Phone Nerd!!

KJowers says:

I wanna win this! I never win anything! Wahhh.....ok enough whining! Awfully cool of imore to offer this. Awfully cool indeed!

Truebluetml says:

I would love to win this, because Rogers wants to charge me over $300 to upgrade

wHoKares says:

I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

johnrhodes says:

I would love to win this! I love Apple more than anything in the whole world :)

GodOfThunder22 says:

I have a sad little tale- :-(

Last month, one day I was coming back from school and was outside my home trying to multitask, sending a text message on my iphone 4s in one hand and opening my home door with the other hand. Little did I know my mom was going to surprise me with a gift, a german shepherd as an early birthday gift( I love pets). So when I finally opened the door something barking pounced on me. I was shocked and scared not realizing at that second what came at me. A few seconds later my mom screams "Surprise", while I am looking at the ground to see my iphone 4s fallen flat and the front pannel all shatered. I gained a dog, but lost a phone. Although it still works I have to squint to read things considering the many cracks on it.

I have no upgrade till June 2013, so iMore please help me. I hope I win the iPhone 5. I shall be a faithful reader and in your debt.


theonetruebix says:

Well, this is my fourth time attempting to comment. The prior three times, it gave me an error. Hopefully it wasn't giving me an error while nonetheless posting and therefore invalidating by entry by having four posts.

kjparfekt says:

Plan on getting the 5 but it would be so much sweeter if it's free.

protomaxxx says:

the iphone 5 is soon to be the best phone on the market

superdude84 says:

i would love to get me hands on the new iphone

smwinn7 says:

It would be super neat if you picked me!

Megabyt says:

Great iPhone 5 coverage, thanks!

tworth23 says:

The iPhone 5 looks beautiful!! I hope I win!!

tomasv says:

The back of the new iPhone seems tacky in pictures, but there is no better to find out than trying it in person :)

cjvitek says:

Odds currently at 1 in 1700....and falling. (This is my comment!)

whnn says:

Count me in, the odds of winning are bad... BUT the new iPhone 5 looks GOOD!!!

StephenK0912 says:

Ok, there are a few more comments on here than I originally had imagined. Well, I am moving away to a very cold foreign country to teach some very fortunate children our great English language. I would love to keep in touch with family members back in the states as well as check out all the news functions of this great powerhouse. Also quite interested to see it's full function-ability in a foreign country. So if the powers-that-be catch this post, please consider my comment when picking your winner.

nijoma81 says:

It would be great to win a new iPhone5!!! Pick me!

apisbell says:

Another early morning on my way...! Can't wait. :)

jlb21 says:

Would love to win so I could habe LTE and still keep by unlimited data on VZW without having to buy full price.....

Dreded says:

Skipped the 4S upgrade to get this one. Can hand down my old iPhone to my little one. Up and coming iMore fan!

jovox says:

wife is looking to get one so sign me up!

marinalac says:

i really need new phone, and iphone 5 is the best choice :) thank you

matharris says:

This phone is the best one yet. I would love to have it.

jdunn says:

I would like to thank you in advance for picking me to recieve the new iAwesome device.

Fields47 says:

Thanks iMore, for the chance to win :)

gustavoegg says:

Iphone 5 Free Omg. I want win.

jethr0 says:

So excited for the results and for the iPhone 5

cbosdell says:

I would love this! I could use some good news these days. :]

So_Wut says:

Would you like my address now or just wait untill everyone is done entering? Don't want anyone calling foul.

Blaver says:

Hodalaydihoooo please pick me for the iphone 5 and not a piece of P.....ooooo....

Pearequeen says:

Yay i would like to get it please :))))))

Ziadshakra says:

I'm always not lucky !! :/ but I'll try this coz I wish to have iPhone 5 and hope and I wish my luck come true with u imore :)
Thx a lot and good luck to all..

impossonaut86 says:

HappyThankYouMorePlease :)

mysteryboy says:

iWant to win that phone!

Yosef1108 says:

If I won I would give it to my grandma. She doesn't really no what technology is or is capable of, and there's no better way than to teach her starting with the iPhone 5 <3

headgamer says:

My wife is sorely ready for an upgrade (gave her last two upgrades to our sons). This would be a nice birthday present for her!

DarkFantasy says:

Wow! great contest, thanks. I hope I win =)

NvU078 says:

i need to win this.
BB10 is getting delayed all the time, so it's time 2 change to the best phone in the world.
I needs to connect to my mba ;)

bawdyprawn says:

iMore has been my number one place for iRelatedNews! I would be so pumped for you to bless me with the iPhone 5!!!

chasemoroni says:

i understand i have small chance of winning this, but i REALLY REALLY WANT!

Bud 88 says:

Thanks for this great opportunity no matter if you win or not be grateful you got to enter have a blessed day

cah1255 says:

this would be awesome!!! thanks!!!!

sinoknarfe says:

How about an Iphone5 for an nice 72 year old lady who has only been able to afford an Iphone3 (already replaced once)!

Superjudge says:

"the sun's not yellow, it's chicken"

Bob Dylans reaction to the today's iphone announcent.

tt69 says:

I would like one. Thangyaveramuch.

TomOfTx says:

Win, lose, or draw on the free iPhone..... iMore is still the best blog. :)

compuser says:

WOW...I would really like to upgrade

speckbe says:

I have a 4S and would love to have the 5.

awaisj says:

looks promising, lets see if i can win this!

inocent3 says:

That would be amazing to win!!

AndroidX says:

Now this is the phone for me !!

masotiri says:

I hope I'll me the lucky one :)

scottx says:

I'm in! Now ship that phone my way, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

iMacKalvin says:

Love to have iPhone 5 Great White!

kellyro says:

Well, if you're just giving it away, sure, I'll take it. :)

CreepingDeath77 says:

I need to win my 3GS is about to die. Good Luck Everybody

Derek_B says:

iPhone 5 and iMore FTW!

Enter me in the contest, please. Thank you!

Alexis Fernandez says:

I want this so bad, it's one of Apple's best products!!!!

Quint18 says:

The new iphone is awesome.. & who wouldn't want one for free? I really hope i win! :)

aatoza2 says:

Thank you I would like Black please

prewanabe says:

I've had a fair amount of bad luck this week. Help me turn things around iMore!

pakuuu says:

hooray. you would die laughing if you see my phone now.

Dev from tipb says:

Good luck to everybody, but better luck to me.

Freak duck says:

i would love to win this then i could give my wife my 4s and not have to pay for two upgrades

photosbytrapp says:

I've been reading this website for a long time and never registered. Glad you all allowed me to register. Long time supporter of

dhut1832 says:

iPhone 5 giveaway? Only at iMore! That's what make you all the best!

Rafihar says:

I like iPhone 5 and I want it so mach !!!

vandenburg says:

Although not living in the USA or Canada, but in Europe I hope I am eligible for winning the iPhone 5 ;-)))

99formula says:

Of course I'll take a new iPhone 5!!!

srwilliams777 says:

I would love to win this phone would make my year

afolgueira says:

Not Impress, but I would be happy to get one for free

derelick71 says:

What I have to say is wow, I was a fan of the android phones until recently I traded my android phone for the iPhone 4s. Ever since then I cant put the iPhone down, "I love it" As my friends puts it, "Glad see you have one now you finally drank the coo-lade" he says. Well I would love to have the iPhone 5 but I cant uprade for another year. Thanks says:

Verizon, Iphone 5, LTE, please give it to me

Pteleblanc says:

IP5 you couldn't look any better, here's hoping i win!

rdeleon774#IM says:

A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed.

jmjramos says:

I have stage four liver cancer and would like to get one!

2BTs4Me says:

I'm in! I've been meaning to register anyway, but the thought of winning an iPhone 5 gave me a push! I really want...

therealmatt84 says:

1 in a million shot....why not?

evorc says:

I would be so happy if I win this iphone 5! You guys are the best!

roly2324 says:

An iPhone 5 would make my dream come true, perfect holiday present for the girl I am going to marry. I never win these contests and don't expect to win here either but it would be a "Christmas Miracle" if true. IPhone 5: the best phone yet !! a lucky winner will be more than happy :).

pshemek says:

I would love to win one for my Hubby! He loves his 4s but would love even more iPhone 5.

KCMike says:

Ya, I'm down with the sickness.

Chaos5 says:

This is why I love iMore they always treat their readers with awesome prizes! If only I could win :P

Bellzacliv says:

Yes please!!!! It would be great to have a new gadget before my husband for once!!!!

Resimpson1517 says:

Love the new iPhone 5 look. Be nice to win one and share with my wife.

PharmDtown says:

Why, I would love a free iPhone 5!

ken505 says:

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

liverpool08 says:

This is great Tipb!! Oops, I mean imore!!

baddude says:

It's mine turn to win something on this awesome site/forum. Thanks imore for all the info here

Camski63 says:

I want to win an iPhone 5 =] (Please =P)

Yummy 30 says:

Oh I likes it ...precious :)

c8169 says:

this would be the best birthday present to my son

courtney johnston says:

Pick me!!! i want one so bad and im a lowly poor college student!

ice8lue says:

Oh yeah, I WANT that baby =D

kevin_wsy says:

Thanks iMore! Hope I win it!

OneGeekInc says:

Would love to surprise my wife with this.

Vostok says:

O.O Oh, I'm already a member.

mashono says:

I wouldn't even know what to do if I won this, cry of happiness perhaps? This is such a stellar device and I would absolutely love this in my pocket!

ConcepcionV says:

If I win this it would be the greatest birthday gift ever

Premium1 says:

Would love to win one of these!!

deadpenguins says:

Here's to crazy good luck!


I love!!! Hope to win the iPhone 5!!!

jbaez3018 says:

Its my turn to win :D hehe Keep up the good work Rene! says:

i'd take this phone off your hands...

hoytick says:

Hey I would really really really love one!! Thanks!

grreyes24 says:

Snap diggle pop.... It would be so awesome to win. Thanks for the chance!

bmuncy says:

Rocking original iPhone 2G and would really like some new iPhone loving! Oh let it be me iMore!

worgustl says:

if I win it I will I will

pdxwayne says:

Thanks, iMore. Love ya guys. Hope I win!

Drnyallstar19 says:

I hope I'm the winner, never won anything in my life!

crome1115#IM says:

woot woot.. give it to me mang.. give it to me..i wan it..

seilke28 says:

My son desperately wants an iphone so he can be one of the cool kids. If I won, I would happily give him my old iphone! :)

William ginn says:

I Love the look of the iPhone 5!

poofie says:

Apple completes me. PLEASE let me win!

Gigi100557 says:

I would love to win an iPhone 5. I'm entered - easy. Good luck, everyone!

vic867 says:

i would love to win.


The Karma Police says:

I would certainly love to win one, but nonetheless will be upgrading the 4S to a 5 when it finally releases. Not sure about the whole preorder thing as with the iPhone 4S I set my alarm for 3am EST and the server kept crashing so the order did not finally go through until after 6 am. Needless to say I was tired at work that day! Goodluck to me!!!

Mistah Random says:

Registered just to say I want it and this is coming from an android fan. (hate me if you want to)

1caz says:

Free is good.....I'll take it!!

packman4444 says:

dont worry kids, i got this.......

NevadaScott#IM says:

I love these giveaways!! May the luckiest person win!!

flgoldenboi says:

How cool would it be to win this?! Pick this guy!

dandbj13 says:

Winning this contest means that my girlfriend can get one too. :)

dede40 says:

Good luck to everyone !!!

Shiveex says:

Hi to all.
I me i me get it

BrettAU says:

Thanks to Rene and the rest of the iMore team for this contest! Hope I win!

lalo76 says:

I would like to see my face on the back of the new iPhone 5.

actuallylovemystorm says:

oh billy, billy, billy... oh billy, billy, billy...
it's in da hole!

tonopanman says:

I'm not winning but... what the hell.

watcherorio says:

I hope I win this even if I am from the Philippines.

ryankyee says:

Thanks for all of your coverage on the iPhone 5! iMore always had the most up-to-date information for my daily curiosity on the release. Cheers! And good luck to all!

marcosis says:

I just like free stuff.

williamsbh76 says:

Awesome giveaway! Thanks guys!

Wootstapler says:

I'm stuck using an LG enV 3, I need a new phone pleeeaaaaaase

marjofraz says:

Please, please. please...would love the new iPhone 5!

Yiannisefi says:

Hello everyone.imore is the best!!!good luck!!!

harinkrishnan says:

Most awaited iPhone5 arrived. Please pick me...!!!!

Ricolou411 says:

A free iPhone is better than upgrading. So PICK MY ENTRY.

qtekmen says:

I'm an Apple Fanboy, OK I said it. :-)

bruno_7 says:

an iphone 5 really?? :) I am from Spain and this is incredible, in Spain we dont have these opportunities jajajajaja a change of phone would be nice, the one that i have is dying XD I need a bit of luck!

AgentRaj says:

LTE and larger screen...Yuuup

iVenom says:

I would love this, thank you for the chance iMore.

Psychonaut says:

Please hold for comment: Comment.


At&T will not sell me one until May 2013....MAY 2013!!!. Thats crazy. I need to win this prize.

Andy2012 says:

Hi the Iam new to imore I love 2 win a iPhone 5 I had all the iPhone Iam on my iPhone 4s now I live in the uk so I do hope I do win Andy Hoping 2 win

n8cs says:

If I were Apple, I would have named it cider. Mmm... cider.

Rdeans says:

I've gotta have one! Pick me!

tys says:

Thanks for the great event coverage today.