Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!

The new iPhone 5 is out! Ok, it's not quite out, but it's been announced and that's good enough for us! We know you can't wait to get your hands on one, and we can't blame you, so here's what we're going to do.

We're giving away a free iPhone 5 to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

As for the rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Win a free iPhone 5 from iMore!



It would be hard for me to be more excited to win an iPhone 5!!! Let me go ahead and thank you in advance :-)

5,5,5 you will keep my Apple love alive.
Gotta have it, wanna grab it
So iMore I can't ignore gimmee gimmee oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
My wife will be so jealous so will all the fellas
Bring it bring it ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhhh !!!!!!!!!!

Please pick meeeeeeee! I really would love the new iPhone. Siri and I were meant to be together. Thanks guys.

Sadly I'm not off contract yet, so winning the new iPhone 5 would be AMAZING! :)

Great coverage by the way guys!

Officially crossing all my fingers and toes all the way in south africa hoping I get lucky. Positive vibes to the universe!!! :)

I've been reading this blog for 5 years. Ive seen it change names a couple times and remember when Rene first came on board. I've entered every year for the iPhone give aways and so here I go again cross my fingers ;)
Thanks guys you rock!

Really enjoying this website since discovering you all recently. Great tech updates, tips and reviews. Especially love the recent iPhone 5 details.

Hmmm, iPhone 5 vs. my HTC One X in a smartphone brawl. Who will win? If you award this prize to me, we can find out. :)


They tell there is a generous team,
who fulfill a mans gadget dream.
So do not miss this late night rhyme
and make the sleek gadget mine.
I do want an iPhone 5,
because it seems to be very nice.
I'm tired of my old mobile device,
do not let me beg for it twice
Please satisfy a geek like me,
with an iPhone 5 for free!

Chuck Norris will round house kick someone to the face or Will Ferrell will punch a small baby and dog in the face if I do not win this!!!

My Japanese wife needs that beautiful brand new iPhone5, cos she has now terrible NOKIA E72 phone... no need to tell more, You understand well my point, don't You! (I have already my Apple phone iPhone4s, so I am well, but my wife... please!)

This is the best phone ever!!! And her is the best deal ever!!! I would like to be the winner. Hopefully !!
Good luck all

Tre, active iMore squad since TiPb days, reporting for duty. Winning would be an honor.

p.s. I wonder if the aspect ratio of photos will change given the wide screen??

After reading all the rumors that have been interjected, I thought the iPhone 5 was going to be a tall, awkward beginning of the end for the iPhone. But after today's event, they nailed it again. And now I want one. And I don't want to wait until next August to upgrade.

I rarely enter competitions but can't so no to this. Come home to me you little (if not slightly bigger) iPhone5

Im not sure how you pick from the comments, but if its based on the best SOL. On the other hand, I would love to win this phone and put it on ATTs 4G network!

I really would be so thankful to win. I can't afford it so to win one would be amazing. I also have to eat my own words from before Rene- I said those leaks probably weren't what it would be and now look how stupid I look lol. Oh well, I admit my wrong just like I said I would, I actually kinda like the look of the iPhone 5. Anyways... Entered ! :)

I've been an Android devotee for the last four years with a 7" tabled and smartphone, Before Ice Cream Sandwich I've l been ok, but after I do not like it. So I am willing to give iOS a new home, PICK ME iMORE!!!

I love how they made the screen bigger without changing how you have to hold to answer calls, text, or surf the web! LTE!!!

I have sold my old iphone 4 and have been debating do I get an iPhone 5 or Samsung Note 2. Both are great devices but I cant help but want an iPhone 5 simply because its just unique to all those other phones on the market.

Ipad,my first apple product, changed my perception about apple products. I heard great things about iPhone and lovely to own one!

I was hoping for a larger screen (4.5 - 4.8). I am currently still using the 3GS, so
I can't wait to get my new iphone 5.

Thank you, iMore, for the opportunity to win a free iPhone 5! I REALLY hope I am the lucky one to win but understand the odds are heavily against me so my hopes aren't too high, even though I will definitely be disappointed if I don't win. But, again, thank you for the opportunity. Good luck everyone!

Man, what a great looking device and once again imore is on top of it. I would love to be one of the first to have one.

i got my iphone unlocked and i am now on straight talk unlimited talk data text for 45.00 a month there for i am not getting the iphone 5 only if i can unlock it