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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



So the thing is...I traded my Iphone 4 in for a GSIII and have been kicking myself ever since because I loved my Iphone. This would give me a chance to get back in the game thanks to a website that I love (iMore!)

Apple is one of the few companies that can consistently create a product that will not only carry out what it was made to do, but to do so for an incredible amount of time. I type this comment on a Macbook Pro that's just about 5 years old, and its still kicking and making it easier to accomplish personal and business tasks. I will be sticking with Apple for mobile and desktop computing for years to come.
Ever since I started reading some of the user guides that iMore posted periodically, I made it a regular part of my saved internet sites for daily viewing. It's well formatted, and informative and will continue to rely on it for up-to-date information.

Really enjoyed the live show! I have become an Apple fan over the last 4 years and migrated from Blackberry. I like the new stuff but don't feel like I have to be on the bleeding edge to have the best technology. I think Apple does a great job of ensuring usability and it is more about the ecosystem and the overall end user's usability.

Would love to have the new 5s but won't spend the money unless I win this $500. Keep up the great work.

I love iMore because it's the best site to find the very latest Apple-related news, I'm visiting every single day. To get all my Apple news. You guys are great!

I'd love to win the iPhone 5S because Apple always happens to be on the very edge of technology and the iPhone 5S is the best iPhone yet.

And since I live in Belgium I'll otherwise have to wait till december to get one of these in my hands.

So please it'd be great if I'd win the iPhone 5S, I've never won a contest in my life so let this be the first time.

Thank you for this amazing contest,

Good luck to all,


I love apple so much I spend all my money on its products :( I love iMore and read it everyday! You guys are the best!

Well iMore is the very first app to access on my iphone :)

YOU guys are the only news source I trust.

I also love apple. I grew up on macs. Ive had every iphone since gen 1. Ipad 1 and ipad mini. many different ipods since. I really really believe that Apple is awesome.

I would love an iPhone 5S. BLOWN away by 64 bit processor. :)

oh, and my girlfriend and I just broke up. I'm pretty sad. This would help.

The only thing better than reading about new Apple products on iMore is the actual Apple products...
Thanks for the opportunity!

I love iMore because of the amazing articles, and sleek interface. Also I love Apple for designing so great products..

I would love to win that iPhone 5S to experience iOS 7, because I still have an iPhone 3GS that won't receive the update. Also, that fngerprint scanner looks amazing!!

I've been following iMore since it was "theiphoneblog" way back in 2007, constantly refreshing the page when new information would come out. Apple has given me some of the best times of my life be it experiencing facetime with my family who lives far away for the first time (I'm in college) or using the plentiful selections of apps to help me better myself and connect with others in ways I couldn't before. This seems like I'm saying that without this website pointing me in the right direction, or apple to provide the medium, that I wouldn't be who I am today. For all intents and purposes, that is true. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you guys here that have made something like this, a community, possible.

Windows 8.1 err sorry, none event - it's just not Apple !

Oh and you guys are better than TechRadar any day.

What better way to read my favorite site than on my favorite device.... the iPhone.
Sent from my pocket phone full of lint.

Apple is the best and so is iMore!!! Apple just has the entire hardware and app ecosystem wrapped up in shiny aluminuim! And iMore is the ultimate site to get related news. iMore isn't the standard blog churning out every rumor to hit the net. Rene and team put a lot of thought into all the rumors they see and only report on what makes sense and is likely credible. As a result, almost everything reported turns out to be true.

Love Apple! Can't wait for September 18, so I can download iOS 7 :-) Wish it were available this week, but next week is just as exciting.

As a Telecommunications major and an electronically savvy individual, Apple compliments my needs and interests with my field and my schooling as well. Apple is my technological component while iMore is a vessel where I can get information, opinions, and updates about my favorite tech company. Telecom is all about technology and communicating through these technologies and iMore keeps me up to date with the latest articles and news stories concerning Apple. Its like being able to dip my Apple in caramel if you will. Great job on the coverage by the way!

I've had Android but given a reason to switch to Apple i could make the jump and fall in love with Them!

Thanks, iMore. Yours was the only blog I could get to work. (I had another one going that crashed at the one hour mark.) Good coverage and commentary. I wonder if "multiple fingerprint support" means thumbprint support, too. I don't always use the same digit on my home button. Also, what happens if I get a paper cut? Does Siri start giving me the silent treatment?

Apple and iMore has become a big part of my life! I have to constantly check iMore updates daily!

I love Apple and iMore tremendously. Honestly, being up-to-date in the tech world without these two would be impossible.

Love iMore! Now give me some time to digest the $70 premium Apple charges for the unlocked 5S in Canada over the very same US iPhone model. I'll love them again after I do, I swear!

I want a Iphone 5S as I will now have options to decide which phone to use: Q10 or Iphone 5S!!! The best smartphones

I use to be Android lover :/ ...but I converted over to iPhone recently :), and I am never going back! Would love to upgrade to the new iPhone. iMore is my go to place for all things apple, you guys rock!

What's not to love about Apple? Its completely simplified my life and makes managing my devices incredibly easy. And iMore.. I learn all I need to know about my devices and the latest tips and news from iMore. A powerful combo!

I love Apple's Keynotes and how they present they're new products!! Stoked for both new phones. I love iMore because theyre going to send me the gift card for the iPhone 5S. won't cover all the iPhone on T Mobile, but anything will help. Also looking to sell my current iphone to cover the rest.

iMore is my go-to place for all Apple and iPhone-related news, product reviews, and opinion. I recommend iMore to everyone I talk to about technology.

I've been a follower of Rene Richie and the iMore crew since 2007. I remember when iMore was TiPB! I am a loyal iPhone and iPad customer and would love to win this contest!

Sent from the iMore App

Love iMore for the great in-depth coverage and analysis of events like this. I love Apple designing products with a unique vision of the future!

I'm a bit torn as to heather or not I will upgrade from iPhone 5. My phone plan will probably be deciding factor.

There are many kinds of love. With the iphone, it was love at first sight. And I first sighted the iphone right here. For bringing the iPhone and I together and for reliably keeping me one step ahead of everyone else supposedly in the know , I love iMore. I can't get away from Apple and iPhone and so I won't get away from iMore.

Dear iMore, I've been rocking BlackBerry since 2009 and now holding both Bold 9900 and iPhone 5, my girlfie wants to upgrade her iPhone 4s to iPhone 5, if I win, I'll give the iPhone 5s to my girlfriend =]

Apple has had me sold on their mobile products since the first iPod, and since then I've had multiple Mini, Shuffle, iPad, and every single model of the iPhone made available. And every time I get stuck or need to know what's going on, iMore/TiPB has always been there with the news!

I'm a hard core apple fan they are truly best of the best, and recently i found imore it has everything you want to know.and it has amazing give-aways like this, and can't imagine a better match =) It would be my dream come true to win iPhone 5S ! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 you guys,thanks for this opportunity

Love me some iMore and I love Apple! Would be awesome to have the new iPhone 5S and I've been reading the blog and listening to the podcast ever since it was The iPhone Blog! Love ya.

I love apple and what they are doing with the new iPhone! The fingerprint scanner seems awesome and iOS7 looks beautiful! Can't wait to pre-order mine!! Sept 20th can't come fast enough.

I wouldn't call it love but like the movie "My Fair Lady", I have grown accustomed to apples interface. I don't know if I love IMore or Android Central more because I am weighing my options because its about time, as much as I love my Palm Pre since I've held on for so long, nothing else interested me until now.

Apple always manages to wow with each new device but with the iphone 5s its a whole new level... it doesnt wow it blows away your mind with their creativity. I had the iphone4s and the iphone 5s is the perfect successor. Brilliant Phone. Brilliant creativity on apples part.

Like Apple... the imore website is always simple elegant and to the point. A Perfect combination. I hope i win... I really want the iphone 5s...!!! Its 'I'nsane ;)

iLove Apple because they are an amazing and innovative company and iLove iMore because they do a great job at reflecting that and keeping us up to date with the latest content.

I've been using Apple products since 1984 when my college roommate brought a 128K Mac to our dorm room. Much mischief was created by that little beast. Been an advocate of Mac products and iOS products ever since.

I love Apple products they have the best OS and now this awesome iPhone 5SI just HAVE to have one and I love iMore because they bring all the apple news and all the giveaway contests and discounted accessories and they just blogged the keynote. Awesome I love you guys #iMore5S4

Sounds like a nice increment of the iPhone. Looking forward to the new iOS. Great job, Apple. iMore is a great site. Thanks for all that you do.

I haven't tried a new apple product other than the ipad for a long time. I'd love to get a new phone to play with!

I love the iPhone 5S new design! It is innovative and full of new features. New design plus the smoothness of the iPhone UI, makes this phone one, if not, the best out in the market. Apple has made a smart move by changing and redesigning the iPhone. I cannot find more about the iPhone in any other place but This is where i go for the latest Apple news.

I came across when I had a blackberry years ago - I just liked reading about Apple from people who were genuine fans. When I got my first iPhone - was my go-to site any time I had an issue, wanted the latest news on iPhone, or just wanted to talk tech in some of the most attentive and focused forums I've come across. Now occupies an enormous chunk of my "history" page. I've moved 7 times, changed professions, and grew a beard - and no matter what this site has been called, or what it will be called - the one thing I don't see changing is my passion for both it [] and Apple.

Though Apple isn't always the first company to design the form factor of the product, I love Apple because it puts out products that simply works and just says 'yes'. That is why i love Apple.

Hi! I am new member ! My old phone is broken so Ineed ,from Imore new Iphone ,i think it is simple :) Thank you Imore,you re the best ! :)

The iPhone 5 is such an innovative piece of technology, and the 5S is So cool! The S must stand for Smart, because it's the smartest investment I've ever made.

I love Apple and how polished and perfected all of their hardware and software is. I cannot wait for the iPhone 5S and the official iOS 7 release! That camera is going to be amazing! And I love iMore just as much as I love Apple! Whenever I get a break from class or work I visit iMore to see what's new. My friends call it an addiction, and I think I may have to agree with them on that one.

It would be so nice to have the new phone. My company supplies my iPhone and I doubt they will be upgrading it anytime soon. iMore rocks the place I get all my iOS news

I am a die-hard Apple fan, although I program PCs for a living. And I recently discovered iMore and I love that I can get all the Apple news in one place!

I love iMore! They always have the best articles, blogs, reviews and helpful tips on using my iPhone.
And as far as loving Apple, I didn't start loving Apple until I got my first 3G iPhone. This old iPhone of mine has made a believer out of me. A new one would put me over the TOP!

Sent from the iMore App

apple always have the best high ended devices, great applications that help on the everyday life and imore, is like my church , i come in here everyday to check on apple news, reviews and other, this is way much better than 9t05mac or cnet when we are talking about apple

I love Apple because they make great products and are a constant forward force in technology. I love iMore because of the people that make it what it is. Great stories, podcasts, and insight. Well done Apple and iMore! Lotsa love to both of ya!

Apple iPhone 5S is sooooo nice. Need to replace this slowing down older iPhone to keep my apple products up to date! Hook it up iMore!!

Just found iMore today and listened/watched the live blog on the new iPhone 5c/5s. Can't wait to upgrade my 5 to the faster 5s. Great blog about the event and I'm sure I'll love my new ip5s as much as my 5.

I've travelled this year a lot and had so much fun, But now i'm broke, i would love to get the that new iphone 5s. :))

iMore is about quality of articles rather than quantity. Always a compelling read for the Apple addict or even just the first time user.

What more can I say team, you're a cut above the rest.

I would very much like to win so I can upgrade.

Good luck everyone

Thanks for the contest! I really hope I can win! Being a Palm user for all my life, and that falling through, I'm ready to make the jump to my first iPhone! This will help out immensely! Thank you! :)

I love apple been an android user switched to apple and never going back...And I love imore cause I have had so many problems solved from the forums and keeping up to date on everything you guys.

I love Apple sooo much and iMore sooo much more!! ...says my fingers to my iPad's face... iPad love me too....

My love for Apple started way back in 1993 when I was just a kid. With Apples media event today my love grew even stronger. I also love iMore because it's where I get news about the company I love. But if you, iMore want me to love you nearly as much as I love Apple you better give me the iPhone!

I really appreciate imore's coverage on the new iPhone releases. I wasn't able to watch the video but the blogged really helped. Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up. Looking forward to Apple's next event.

Like it's been said before, Apple makes quality products that everyone loves. And iMore is a reliable source for all things Apple.

I love Apple for my wife, they just work, her being a nurse and with two kids she doesnt have tme to fiddle
the devices just have to work

There once was a mobile OS
Oft aped in form and trade dress.
Would favorite news site iMore
Save me cutting work for the Store
And hours of boss-induced stress?

Regardless of being told to express my love for the site, I truly do love iMore (formerly TiPb)
this much:


And Apple I love this much:


Why the discrepancy? Simple. Without iMore I wouldn't be informed of everything Apple. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with great posts week after week!


I love apple and all of their devices. All the medical apps they have to offer are incredible. iMore is awesome! I love coming here to read news about all my apple products, and the sweet new ones that I want!

First thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach for my iPhone and the first I do after powering up my macbook is check TipB. Yes, I still type in tipb and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to imore. Please help a brother out and help me upgrade from my iPhone 3gs. I cant even enjoy the new iOS7.

WoW! so many comment....
I still have my iPhone 4 (backup) and still love it. Never own or interest in Iphone 5, though.
Just for one with Iphone 5s really wanted to try is IOS7 and 64bit CPU is some thing that iphone 5 should have form day one. :)

I love how Apple's tech looks like stuff out of StarTrek. And iMore is simply the best when comes to covers such Apple-y goodness

I love Apple products. I switched over 10 years ago and no regrets. iMore always has the latest news on Apple products / services which I read regularly.

I love apple's products, I've been using them since the beginning and I love imore for updating me on everything that is apple!

Me: Yeah yeah they launched another iPhone, so what !
The little girl inside me: Oh yes!! I want one !! I want one !! I want one !!
May I please oh please oh please ????

I love my new 2013 MacBook Air. It was the best descsion to switch from Win8 to a Mac. imore has all the news to keep me up to date on all the newest ap for my Mac, which I love.

Hey I really like your website and appreciate the offer of a give away for a phone especially to some of us who are unemployed or students and can't really afford to have a nice phone...I play the lottery once in a while and never really won any contest that I participated in and I am hoping to at least maybe have the opportunity to win something by trying this..I hope you read this and consider my request I would be very grateful TY for looking and GL to everyone else :)

I love apple so much we have an ipod iphone and a mac pro in the house! I check imore daily cause I love you guys that much! I like how you guys keep up to date with everything you are my to go website!

Apple's products work and are beautiful. iMore gives me all the current news I need to know. Nothing more! Actually, iMore does have some super nice images for all their articles which make me want to read them even more!

We'll im switching from a BlackBerry Bold 9930 to an iPhone 5S 64GB! If I we're too win, you'd make easier my change to the future ;) thanks!

I'm not a big Apple guy, but when I want my Apple News, I only read iMore. This would actually be my first Apple product since my Mac Plus in 1987.

I love Apple because they have taken a market I was already attached to (PDA, communications, etc.) and made them appealing and accessible to the masses while creating a great distribution model for app developers. I love iMore in that they provide responsible news and rumor reporting along with very helpful information for users of the platform. It made it to my daily read list ;)

Hey it's a contest! Who knew? Count me in among the countless others who will lose (probably). :)

I am now called a Macaholic in my own home! thats how much i love Apple products. Imore best source of iDevices out there IMO. I always point people to this website for advice. I have been a frequent visitor since thats right.

Apple is RAD. RAD I tell you! Who would have thought that on top of all the new awesomeness they pack into the 5s they will also include a nose hair trimmer and teleportation device! Love it!

Im amazingly in love with apole and apple products. I also love imore keeps me up to date on any upcoming info on apple so I keep up with it. Would really be nice if I won I really love apple

I love Apple because it is probably the most innovative and integrative company on that planet and i love iMore so much because it is just the best place for apple fans!

iMore is a really cool site, really very informative and detailed. APPLE on a whole really knows what they are doing, great products

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Apple and i'm obsessed with iMore I check the site for updates about every hour because i'm so addicted to Apple news, sure wish I had an iPhone 5S. :)

I've been a hardcore Apple fan since 1983, through thick and thin. They inspire all of us with great products and philosophy. iMore impresses me with thoughtful articles. No kneejerk fanaticism, just great thinking and writing. One of the sites I check almost daily. Keep it coming!

Ah, I love Apple. Such a fun company. I've always had great correspondence and customer interaction with Apple. Their products have always been a joy to use... Too bad I can't work there!
I love iMore. They have taken the place of all the other Apple news sources in my life. News, apps, "How-To's", fun-ness! Come on! I should feel guilty about the others... Really, but I don't. xD

I'm an Apple fan and I get all my Apple news and rumors from iMore since they were tipb. Best Apple news site, bar none.

I love Apple so much that I'm going to marry it. Then Im going to make my side chick.

I love iPhone because it keeps technology moving. Every time Apple comes out with something new, there are 10 other companies trying to improve it. The market moves because of innovation and Apple has certainly been innovative this time around (esp with the finger print reader).

IMore is a great place for up to date information on Apple products. Being in IT, I check IMore and Android Central about twice a day to make sure I'm not missing out on the latest news.

iMore is one of the best websites for up to date info on iPhone but also has great coverage of the over all market like when I had my Palm Pre! Once switching over to Apple though I've "seen the light" and its great! Every generation gets better and better!

My love for iMore and Apple burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns.....

also loves me some 5s. ;)

Thank you for the live updates!! Apple is amazing! I usually dont get the S models but i want one!!!

Best apps, apps and games first. Have amazing hardware and fluidity across the board with their devices. And I love I more because you always have the latest news and keep me up to date everything apple.

Apple always come out with great products and iMore keeps churning out great info and in-depth articles about everything Apple. Apple/iMore go hand in hand to me.

The itsy bitsy spider went up the hill…
I love Apple more than Dell!
Hoping for a 5S right at my door…
That's only possible through iMore!

Cheers :)

I love apple because they dictates the trends, they don't follow them. And I love Imore because they allow me to always be updated on the best company of all time .

what can i say is apple the founder for smart phones how no to loved it, every time is a new iphone i feel like a kid on his birthday and imore has help me to learn more about it and found apps that will work for me thanks imore you guys know whats up !!!

Ever since leaving Windows Phone and the coverage over at WPCentral, I've been an avid reader of iMore! It's a great site that I check everyday!

First check in of the day at 5am in Australia and it's

Loving the look of the new 5S - I'll have mine in gold please!

Ever since the first iPod I have somehow managed to get my hands on every thing apple has come out with....iMore helps me keep up to date with whats next in the pipeline....Love both of you...:)

I love iMore because you guys are honest and straight up with your readers and I love Apple because they don't play spec games and boast about useless features no one will ever use. Plus their quality is second to none!

I fell in love with Apple after using someone's iPhone and iPad. It was really easy and fun to use and the experience was mind blowing ! I have loved Apple ever since and always look forward to their keynotes and products. It has become the 'apple' of my eye ! ;)

iMore is my #1 source for all Apple related news and this site is awesome ! The community here is fantastic and kudos to the iMore team for doing a splendid job. Keep up the good work ! I have got nothing but love for you !

Cheers ! :)

It's not even funny how much better iMore is than all the other Apple sites... Love your blog and all the podcasts, as well as Rene's appearances on other podcasts. You guys are the best!

And of course, Apple is why we are all here. Totally blown away by the 5S - worth it just for the camera, and the fingerprint stuff should be super useful. Definitely WANT!!!

I love iMore for being my go-to-source for the latest apple rumors. Love Apple for making products that are visually beautiful and just work!

Always enjoy Rene's take on things. Happy with the iphone 5 but always looking for freebies. Keep up the good work.

I love apple products because they all work together seamlessly. I love imore because it is the best source for news.

I love all apple products, I have apple TV, apple ipad mini, but I'm in need of an update on my iphone 3GS lol...

iMore is the place to come for the latest news for iDevices, i come here all the time during my lunch hours haha...

they only website i site for apple news is imore.and owing a iphone is my dream which never come true because its too expensive.and which is making me even more desperate for my first iphone

I LOVE APPLE! I check iMore several times / week to find out the newest info on apple and apple related information!

I love Apple so much
And I love imore much more than that. The design of the website is just so appealing.
Love xx

I would love a new iPhone 5S!! My 4S is already 3 phones removed from the newest iPhone, and I would love to get the new 5S from iMore cause this is where I get all my iPhone news!

I do appreciate and love Apple so much! Every time they come out with something or even just an update, it is always better, fresh, more innovative, and always very useful. I also do truly love and appreciate iMore and all the people associated with it! I have never seen a more thorough and in-depth coverage of all things Apple and all of the products involved. iMore is also an awesome place to ask questions, and get really helpful advice, answers, and tips on anything one would need or want to know. I come here at least once daily to keep caught up on all the latest information. Keep up the wonderful work, iMore and, of course, Apple for always being on top of cutting-edge technology!

I have been an apple fan since the original. I have love impressed/TiPB to the blog and the app are a must check everyday right with Facebook. Apple creates the best products out there and imore gives me the info to get the most out of my apple products. I have entered every contest here's hoping I win one of them.

Count me in. I love apple since I got my ipod way back when it was just a music player. And there is no place like iMore to get the latest apple news

I love Apple because their products are easy to use and very good quality. I currently have the iPhone 5 and it is the best phone I have ever owned. iMore is a very informative site, I love it!

I sure do hope I win this iPhone.

I think now is a good time for me to switch from my Android devices and finally get an iPhone. In the last three years I've had a Motorola, an LG, an HTC, and two Samsung Galaxys and they just keep getting bigger and bigger. It can't go on like this. Five years ago it was all about who had the smallest phone, but now... Now the screens are just way too big, and the devices wouldn't fit in the pockets of my skinny jeans any more, so I'm really glad that Apple has decided not to upgrade, and stick with their small screens.

Every new Android phone I've owned has had a different User Interface that I have had to get used to, from Motoblur to Optimus, to Sense and TouchWiz Nature. Switching from volume buttons on the left to volume buttons on the right; power button on top to power button on the side; menu buttons on the front to no buttons and an on screen menu bar. SD card slot behind the batter cover to SD card slot on the side. No more! Back to basics! One menu button that does everything, and no additional storage! That's what I want. Apple know how to do it right, they've done the same thing since 2007 and never advanced. That's what I want. My friends will accept me again, I'll be part of the iPhone clique, I won't make my friends jealous any more because it'll look exactly like their old iPhone 4. And that's a good thing. They're my friends, I like them. I don't want them to be jealous of me and shunt me for having an Android.

And finally, finally I'll be able to get rid of widgets! Who needs all that information on the home screen. Weather? Who cares if it rains! Music player on unlock? No thank you! RSS news feeds? Who needs news anyway? And having to tap a button to get to my app drawer? What a waste of energy that is. I want to be able to unlock my phone (that fingerprint thing is good - no more wasting time by sliding my finger across the screen, I can just press on it - unless I get a paper-cut, I guess) and have all my apps right there, cluttering up the homescreen. All the customisation that Android allows is just too much. A basic keyboard without a period, that's King. No need for swiping and swooshing through letters. Peck and poke like the old days. Bingo. No more changing the notification bar icons. Gimme stock! I'm done. I'm 33. I'm too old for all that messing around with my phone. I just want to take it out of the box, and have it do exactly what everyone else's does.

So please, Please, PLEASE let me win this iPhone.

Oh, iMore, you are my ONE stop tech site for all my Apple info and needs. Thanks for all your dedication and hard work to keep us all up to date on the latest and greatest. This is a wonderful opportunity, so thanks for the chance to win. Keep up the great work! =)

I dont love apple, but I do love iMore and CrackBerry and Windows Central and Android Central and the old and gone palm ones and the mysterious Nokia one no one knows about.

iMore and Rene are my go to sources for Apple news. The iPhone and iPad are my go to devices for podcasts and internet consumption, why? Because they just work!!

I love Apple and iMore so much that i am sitting here at work and following the event. And the worried part is it's my 2nd day at work and i will already not meet my deadline.

Love imore for all the latest news and forum discussions. One of the best places to get news on Apple. Love Apple products for their simplicity and design approach. Seamless experience between hardware and software.

I love iMore more than I love chili and I loooooove chili.

naturally I love Apple as well, without whom there would be no iMore.

I've been using Macs since the LC and iPhones since the 3G. I also been loving iMore since its TiPb days!! Keep up the good work!

Looking for a change after using Nokia phones. Want to get the iPhone 5s. iMore the place to go for Apple/iPhone news. Thanks

iMore has consistently released How To's which have taught me how to use my Apple products efficiently. Meaning -- throughout the years, this site has helped me to maneuver my way through tips and tricks that I cannot live without now.

My entire lifestyle is now based on an Apple ecosystem which helps me to stay ahead of the game everyday.

I love iMore. I love Apple. It's as plain as that!

I like everything about apple. Design, feel , operation of phones, I used to be windows but know I might have switched to apple.

i think u will probably hear this for the first time im an iraqi from iraq and i have been reading news and reviews on imore since two years !! and i've been using apple products since 2009 and im happy with my choice :)
my chances are low to win i know cause i'm from iraq but who knows :D

Apple makes some of the most beautiful products. Honestly, mobile nations and iMore bring me all the Apple tech news I ever need!

I have been reading info here at imore about the new iPhone and new ios event. I am so glad I found this site. Thanks for offering this contest...I hope to enter for a chance to get a new device. I know the odds are against me but who is worth trying. And I do want to thank you for all the information and tips.

For all that f/2.2 aperture, 120 fps goodness and for Renee's IPhone 5S fingerprint scanner holiday ad to come true!

Apple's fluidity across the board, elegant designs, and amazing app store always keep me coming back for more. I love the new design tweaks and upgrades and would love to get my hands on one!

iMore my go to place for everything apple related. I love this website and constantly recommend it to other (and they love it too!!!) thanks for all the amazing work and effort you put into this website, I couldn't do without it.