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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



iMore is always a great place to find out what's happening in the world of Apple, and I've been an active reader since I got my iPhone 3GS. I look forward to many more years.

I love iMore and Apple. Ive been reading iMore every day since it was TiPB and fell in love with Apple back when I owned a Mac Plus.

I love! It is my go to site for new and reviews. I love apple and I love my iphone 4 (not 4s) but I really need an upgrade. I am just pushing the poor little thing too hard. Have mercy on my little iPhone 4 iMore, let it rest. Let it go on to a new home in a developing country where someone new will love it... Think of the happiness you will cause around the world you will be responsible for when I get an upgrade.

The reason that I love Apple is because they always bring the best to the smartphone market. Nothing can compare to an iPhone.

I love iMore because when it comes to news and updates related to apple they are the first one I look up to get my information and knowledge updated.

Uwielbiam Apple za to że jest genialne w swej prostocie i wszystko co robi poprostu działa ! P. S. Greetings fom Poland

I love iMore because Rene Ritchie is cooler than CrackBerry I love Apple because I can't stand Microsoft...

I hope i get it this time. Looking forward to IOS 7 and 5s. Though i will miss the black and slate finish.

I love iMore because of all Rene's thoughtful articles (the iPhone screen size debate), and I love Apple because of their premium products. Wife wants a Macbook. Whole family uses iPhones. I have left iPhone and came back, simply because it's the best.

iMore is a great source of news, tips and tricks. I use all types of devices and if I win the 5s will go straight to my wife.

Recent switch from Android to iPhone, needed a change and so far loving it. As for iMore, my #1 pick for all iNfo!

Once I realized that Rene Ritchie was on every Podcast I listened to I realized that there must be something to this iMore thing. Since I've realized that they're realistic, smart, and on point. I've been managing a 1:1 Apple devices program at an elementary so Apple is part of my everyday life in a major way. Basically I've been keeping up with everything Apple through Rene and iMore to make these student's lives leaps & bounds better.

Love checking this blog daily for any and all things Apple. The keynote today was awesome and I'm really looking forward to upgrade my 5 to the new 5S with TouchID. Come on Sept 18th for iOS7 official!

i love mobile nation and imore, imore is the best site for anything apple stuffs! I love the fingerprint sensor in the new iphone 5s

I love my Apple iPad 4 and my iPhone 4s which I'd also love to replace with the new iPhone 5s! iMore and Mobile Nations is the absolute best place for gadget coverage!

so excited...2 new iphones.......couldn't get a better place to find out all the latest news than imore, and couldn't get better phone than iphone!!

Apple- Every new iDevice, and the world technology changes. :')
iMore- There's more to every iDevice, and iMore is one of the best sites according to me, to know about it.

At work, I support Android mobile devices, specifically, the original Samsung Galaxy Note. Providing call center tech support for the Samsung Note and Android has to be the most frustrating and hair pulling experience of my entire life, and I'm shaved bald. The Airline we support created a custom Android UI overlay for the Note that is unstable, buggy, and inconsistent in it's performance, on it's best day. When they deploy software updates for the Galaxy Note (it doesn't matter what the update is), the updates are bug ridden and cause errors, more bugs, and device failures that result in a hailstorm of RMA's. Not only does this frustrate me. It frustrates the flight attentants who are calling for tech support and that is a headache and a half. My previous personal experiences with Android pail in comparison to my experiences providing tech support for Android devices with this unstable custom UI. I've developed a new found love for the Apple closed loop ecosystem, particularly the inability of ANYONE to tamper with iOS, short of jail breaking it, which always results in some sort of correction patch from Apple. The team supporting iPhones takes half the support calls that my Android support team receives on any given day. I was once interested in the Note 3, but my job has caused me to completely abandon any desire for Android. I can't stand it. I must avoid it. And thus, as now it is my two year phone upgrade time, it will be an iPhone that I must have. Whether it is the 5C or 5S at this point depends on if I'm the winner here and availability of the color that I want (Green 5C or Silver 5S). Either way, and whether I win this contest or not, I'm going to be trading in my 4S for a new iPhone at the Apple store next weekend.

While I've sometimes complained about incremental upgrades from Apple, The fact remains that the iPhone receives OS updates yearly (regardless of carrier), it just works (without having to tinker with it), and consistently provides high performance. While I'd love to have a 5" screen iPhone, I can do without it until Apple brings it. In short, the 5C and the 5S both give me what I need in a Smart Phone. Either one will get the job done. I'm remaining with iOS platform. Android is just too frustrating to deal with. My day job is going to lead to burn out, high blood pressure, and the need for therapy, unless I can balance out the insanity of supporting Android with the stability and performance of an iPhone 5C or 5S. So, you're really not giving me just a phone. You're giving me a method to remain sane in the face of Android madness, at my job.

I have never owned an Apple product for myself but everyone in my family has an iPhone or an iPad. It wasn't difficult at all for them to get me to fall in love with the products. I can't wait to get my first iPhone, Christmas is here early!

Thank you to iMore for your knowledge and experience on Apple products. I really appreciate the service you offer to all Apple users, and I am looking forward to learning from your expertise on the new iPhone 5s!

I love imore because of the imore show with Rene i tune in to watch everytime!
I love apple because they make great products and have great customer service

Apple has been a part of life since Grade School. iMore has been keeping me up to date for years. Both awesome companies.

iLove Apple and iMore more than anything else in this world. Apple products have been in my life since I was 5 years old.

I thoroughly enjoy the way my MacBook and iPhone integrate to make my life a little easier. I am always on the site to check out the latest news on ios and osx. I never win but congrats to the person that does.

I love the simplicity and unity of Apple designs as much as I like the quality and variety of information I get from iMore (and all of the Mobile Nations sites)

Apple products make my everyday life easier since i am a college student, all software they offer helps me out in a lot of my classes! Theres no better place to go than imore to find out about all the new apple news and accessories to go along with you iDevice!

I love all the mobilenations sites and check them daily...well, multiple times a day. And as for Apple, they have been on the forefront of quality products for years. I hope they continue to keep up the good work for years to come.

I would love to win one of the new IPhones, I love all of the apple products and I love how imore gives us all these great contests to win apple products!

I am actually most dazzled by the new 5S leather case. Really, I am. It's very good looking and unlike anything I've seen.

Regardless of winning, I have always loved Apple. They were the first company to get me to love technology, starting with the iPod in 2010.

And guys are excellent, especially your reviews, I can't wait to see your iPhone 5S in depth look.

Apple is great! I've been waiting for today for the official announcement for a long time. But, since iMore is so awesome! The iPhone is, who we thought it was! To quote Dennis Green. Once again, Rene and the team did a great job with coverage leading up to today's event, so this is old news.

I love Apple for their simplicity. Especially in their designs. I think the iOS 7 designs are my favorite of any operating system!

I love apple cause there just simple. They make things just easy, and they just don't do things cause everybody else is doing it. They like to make sure things work before they throw it in there phones.

i have been i die hard apple fan since purchasing my first ipod nano....ios is my operating system of choice in my home, running my iphone 5 ipad ipod touch and apple tv

I love my iPad's and Mac's but work forces me to use Android. Please pick me.... I never win any contest I enter. I hope iMore will break that streak. P.S. I think iOS 7 looks very cool can wait to get it on my iPad's.

I love apple ! i always used an iphone since day 1 and i read imore everyday. I can not go a day with using my iphone and checking imore. Hopefully i win this time!

I would love them even more if I won this phone, which is hard to do as I love them a whole bunch already.

I love iMore because it always keeps me informed on apple and iOS news, apps and other tech reviews, I visit the page on daily basis. Now I love the new improvements made on the new iPhones, will make every owners life much more easier, in my opinion. Can't wait to get my hands on one!!!

love iMore coz there're contest like this
love apple coz i love it, been with them since 2005

just want to replace my scratch up ipon 5 : )

I love catching the latest rumors on iMore. And I'd love to get my SO a new iPhone. That 3GS is looking old!

iMore has performed the best contest ever, giving away the most anticipated device, an iPhone 5S. I enjoy the articles and the thorough coverage of the apple ecosystem that I live in. I love the iMore of today. Apple does not need to answer the world. Apple must answer their own goals. The stock market is about money not innovations. I love my Apple. I will stand by them as long as they stand true to their promise to provide the best products. I stood by them before the world realized they were relevant with the iPhone and I'll continue to stand by them as they reveal new products. Either revolutionary or evolutionary. They only deliver the best. "Most of the time." :-)

I am a s3 user but I fell in love with the iphone 5s, and not even searching on google, I entered this site for announcements, so we can say it's getting pretty serious. :D

I love Apple and I love iMore a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I also just lost my iPhone 5 so this would be super nice. I love Georgia almost as much. What do you think the chances are of a guy like you and a girl like me... ending up together?

I love iMore because they keep me in touch with all my apple needs! I love Apple products and will never go back to blackberry phone again!

Apple is so great making a hardware and design. all of their products are in highest quality as they can offer. Imore is a awesome site that gives us a daily updates about apple. They always posting a interesting news about what's new to apple. :))

Unfortunately I think it's time for me to get a new phone and I can't think of a better one than the new iPhone 5s and iMore is the first place to go for all things Apple!

the most advanced Mobile OS -> iOS
the most interactive Apple News WebSite ->

It's that simple

I LOVE apple sooo much because of their great products & I LOVE imore sooo much because they keep me informed on all things apple!!!!

Let's just say this, I love Apple more than Ashton Kutcher leads us to believe and I love iMore more than every other person that comments before and after me. So you can say i love both Apple and iMore infinity times infinity, if you wanted a number.

My love of Apple started a few years ago when I purchased the iPad 2. Then I decided to switch from a Blackberry to an iPhone 4S. In January, I rounded out my Apple experience by getting an iMac. I am thrilled with all of my Apple devices & have never looked back. I love the fact that I can get all the latest news from iMore. More news & more Apple is always a good thing

I love Apple and iMore!! I can always count on iMore to have accurate info, and teach me tips and tricks on how to use my phone. I've been coming to this site for the past two years, and I'm thrilled to see how much you guys have expanded and improved!

iMore is my go-to place for the latest Apple it! Almost as much as I love Apple and its products! Keep me going!

Absolutely Love my iMac and MacBook Air. Thinking about trading in my old BB and getting everything on one platform. $500 gift certificate would be just the incentive to push me over!

I actually love Nokia phones but, I must admit, this iPhone is beautiful and intriguing! 64-bits and fingerprint scanner! I LOVE it! And I found about it in iMore! Viva Mobile Nations!

I love both Apple and iMore sooo much that I'm willing to debase myself in the comments together with everyone else. No ulterior motives; seriously, true love going on here. Share it 'round.

Love my iPad, iPhone, iPods, Mac, Apple TV and would love a 5S.
Can't wait for the next podcast. iMore is great too.

I love Apple because they make the best quality smart phones in the world, and i love imore because there are the best site for apple news in the world . Bar none baby !

Lovin' Apple and the iPhone since I had my 3GS, and still loving them both. Imore is the only place to go for all the latest and greatest info

I've never looked at an owners manual for any of my four iPhones. Apple products are amazing and yet so easy to use!

Speaking only of iPhones (detailing my entire Apple product history would be a mile long), I have had every model since the iPhone 3G back in 2008 (seems like forever ago!) and iMore (that's The iPhone Blog back in the day) has been my one-stop shop for news and forums since then!

All my products I own that come in Apple fashion I own, because I love the quality and integration of their products and the passion behind them. iMore is one of of my favorite websites I have it bookmarked on my iPad, iPhone, and my MacBook Air and I check the website dozens of times a day to get the latest, most accurate, and relevant information related to Apple products.

Whats not to love about imore, it would be even better to read it on a won iphone 5, what looks to be an awesome phone!!!

I love Apple because they create great products but also pay attention to the experience and the benefits just increase exponentially when you own other products in the Apple ecosystem. I come to iMore every day for the wonderful articles written by some of the greatest tech bloggers on the internet.

I love you guys almost as much as I love Apple!! <3

Apple builds quality, sexy, reliable products, from the first iPhone to the new 5s and 5c...they may not currently be "perceived" as the most innovative when it comes to their smartphones but everyone has their own opinions on what innovative really is. Second to phones out there!!

iMore, you guys rock! Rene, you stole me away from Kevin, I was a big time BB user but moving to iPhone was the best move for me...whole family is now iOS! Love your articles, blogs, podcasts, etc...Mobile Nations in general rocks but iMore stands above them all...sorry Kevin, Phil and Daniel!! ;) LOL Cheers guys!!

Ive had my iPhone 5 since day one. The 5S is a step above the 5. I'm obviously going to wait to upgrade to that (or the next iteration of the iPhone), but winning one would be sweet! Both Apple and iMore are great in the sense that they both love and care about Apple products as well as there biggest consumers/fans. As a former Apple employee (dont ask, wish I still worked in their retail store in NY), I've grown to appreciate the company more and more. The products, the people, and the whole aura that is Apple is awesome.

I would love to see just how much forward the 5S has progressed versus the 5, and to see Apple's ingenuity. I also love how we supported IMore is on updates and keeping everyone in the loop.

Apple are the definition of "design genius". Everything is so sleek and complete, no thought goes unmissed, it's incredible how they manage to create success after success with such precision.

iMore is the only place I come to keep updated on all things Apple. I love the way the information is presented and how easy it is to access everything I need. And everything I love about iMore would be best viewed on an iPhone 5s!

Apple IS innovation. By creating products that work for us our lives are simplified and enriched in ways that no other smartphone company has been able to duplicate. It's easy for someone to be wow'd by the technical features of a Samsung or HTC phone but Apple innovates not just technically. These products are works of art as much as they are functional tools for every day use.

iMore has been bringing us the latest and best Apple news and rumors for years to satisfy all Apple and tech fans. I visit this site daily and it's become a part of my routine as much as reading the news. Kudos for a wonderful, well informed site! And good luck to all in this contest!

I have never used an iPhone or any Apple products before. I would love to win the iPhone 5s to see what it is all about.

I don't love apple nearly as much as most people here (you wanted honesty, not cheerleading, right?), but iMore's coverage is great, and I do want free stuff.

I love iPhone and iMore. I admit that I have been unfaithful to the iPhone at times but I always come back. iMore is the best site for Apple news/reviews/info.

Like many others here, I LOVE and have been following iMore since its inception as "TiPb." I check the site several times/day using the app, probably more often than I check the news!

I've been a loyal Apple fanboy since I got my first Apple IIe computer and would love to win the iP5S, although I usually don't have much luck with these contests.

I love imore and apple so much wish they would just have you guys as an official app that comes with all the new iPhones how great would that be!!!!!

Because like apple you guys give me all the things I need in one

iMore is one of the best Apple related sites on the net and I'd love to win. But if you're reading this comment (and don't work with iMore), you should read the history of iPhone posts. Perhaps the best summary covering both the good and bad of Apple's Phones... I still think Apple deserves a lot of credit for how they changed the game -- something I think people today tend to ignore. I love Apple and the focus they always have on good user experience.

You help me to keep my memories, you help me to find my way,
You help me to get lost: a book, a song, or a game
You help me cook, you help me eat,you help me sleep
You help me find love, friends, and everything in between,
You help me connect, disconnect, and re-connect,
You help me hear, you help me speak, you help me see,
You are apple of my eye, a perfect team; you and me.

iMore is my go to info site for all things apple, and its the site I send everyone too who wants to know more. enough said right?!

Apple always seem out of reach for me.. but thanks to iMore i learnt how WOW an Apple device can be!. The devices are great and so is iMore!

I love apple ever since the blackberry blackout which was when I was a blackberry junkie but no more! I love Imore ever since it was TipB. I found it from crackberry and ive been following ever since! Sure hope I win this contest, it would make a nice early Bday gift! iLove iMore, iLove iPhone, iHope iWin! ;-)

Good Luck to all!

While I don't have an iPhone anymore (I had the first generation through the 3g) I can respect the product more than most fan boys and the technical achievements they have made and continue to make for the industry. The smart phone market wouldn't be where it is today with the constant competition. I always come to iMore for any Apple related news.

While everyone starts their morning with the newspaper and a cup of coffee, I reach for my iphone so I can read imore. Keeps you up to date and well informed with anything Apple.

P.S. Cant wait to access imore with my iphone5s thanks to the great people of imore!!!!

I love Apple and have exuberantly enjoyed their products. All technologies I use revolve around Apple from an old-school iPod Classic to my recent purchase of a MacBook Pro. I would love to trade-in my iPhone 4 for an awesome iPhone 5S in silver running awesome iOS 7!

I could use the best phone on the market, to browse the best all-things-apple site on the web... While I'm supposed to be working... Shhh

Well the new Apple iphone 5S is out and I would like a chance to win it. So here goes.

Good luck to me.

I love Apple almost as much as I love my new hubby! My iPhone & Ipad keep me organized and entertained! I love iMore because it keeps me up on my Apple news & specs thus enhancing my organization & entertainment!

I love Apple because the quality of their products is unmatched by any other. And I love iMore because I get great opinions on all things Apple and it always has the inside track on things not yet announced!

WOW!!! is it possible to be speachless at the sight of a new Apple IPhone!? it would be amazing to have a brand new phone! i have had a blackberry for far too long waiting for my 3 year contract to be up...this would be amazing! please pick me

I love that iMore is giving me a chance to win an iPhone 5S, well really a $500 gift certificate which will let me get an iPhone.

I love apple and imore this..................................................................................................................much!

I love iMore because even though your focus is on apple products, you are somewhat impartial that you can judge it for what the device is. Real reviews and a look at what the device does for the users.
Apple not so much. They created a closed architecture for the sake of usability. Making it easier to move from 1 generation of the device to the next. but that closed architecture also made it somewhat stagnant. IOS 3,4,5,6 all look very similar. making me ask with the exception of newer hardware, Why do would i want an iphone with IOS 7? who knows, maybe I need the opportunity to sit down with it and actually explore what makes the Iphone so great. I think the apple fans would be ok with not getting this. But converting a new customer to the ways of apple would be a big win.

Apple is the first and best product I used. They know how to make my life easier with everything they innovate. When I found imore they got me into technology and helped influence my college major.

I love iMore, its my go to site for all thing Apple! I credit Apple for simplifying my technology life!

I love the 5S because I'm an Apple fanboy. And I love iMore because I can justify my fanboyhood by reading all the good things about Apple here at iMore.

I have always heard about iPhone but never owned it coz of money constraints........i love to own one before I die.....

How much do I love Apple? I don't know, I have never owned an Apple product. How much do I love iMore? Well they're giving away an iPhone.... so that's pretty awesome!

I love the new iPhone 5s the id captor is so cool with the new ios too! For apple information I always check iMore it's great!

The new iPhone?! Giveaway?! iMore?! Woohoo!
I'd love to win! Been following this site for as long as I could remember!
Good luck to everyone, including myself!
Thanks, iMore!

I love iMore and Apple as much as I love my family. Well maybe not to that extent, but you get the picture. :)

My love for the iPhone had virtually started a few years ago after "bumping into it" on the web. I loved reading anything about the iPhone and many many iMore articles and its very handy tips! I'm just waiting for the day when I get the iPhone in my own hands for real and share the word by telling everyone how iMore was so generous to give away an iPhone for me!

I love Apple because it shows how people go batshit crazy over things Android has had for years.

I hate to say it, but I have never owned an iPhone or iPad. I guess that makes me an iVirgin. My main carrier still doesn't carry the iPhone, and I haven't wanted to switch to a different carrier. They are supposed to be carrying the iPhone by the end of this year, though.

I guess winning would introduce my to the world of iPhone. :)

About three years ago, my friend switched from his Blackberry to an iPhone 3GS. WITHIN 24 hours of seeing his phone in action, and comparing it to my awful Blackberry Storm (which I had to replace three times), I immediately cancelled my Verizon service (paid an early termination fee) and got three iPhones for me, my wife and daughter. It's been Apple ever since. I purchased my iMac and iPad about 3 months later and have never looked back. When I started reading iOS blogs, the first one I came to was iMore. It is the first site I go to for iOS and apple info. By far the best site. Would love to get my hands on the new iPhone so I'll be crossing my fingers!

Apple and iMore: Proving function and form can be executed simultaneously without sacrifice. iMore has always been my go-to site for up-to-date news on the products that I just can't get enough of. Thanks for everything guys!

Apple just proved that you don't need pointless and unusable features to use a phone, rather a great user experience. Way to go!

I love apple, not only for the products they produce and their efficiency but also for ingenuity. I at awe of their production and technological intelligence and would deem it an honor to be associated with the company in business one day. I have been a fan of apple since their phones became available through the Verizon network but have been following them since Steve Jobs announced the first iPhone. It is amazing how fast technology blossoms in today's market and in my beliefs it is apple's iPhone that contributed to the production of most features in the mobile industry today, in short I believe apple initially induced competition back into the market. Due to imore I find it effortless to keep up to date with what's cooking in apple's kitchen and this site has also been extremely helpful in assisting me wit all of my questions and quarrels with my own iPhone and for that I tend to tune in often. I apologize for the lengthy comment but I felt compelled to give my personal testimony and it would be a privilege to win this contest.

iMore has always been my goto for Apple news, and today didn't disappoint - and that gold iPhone has my name ALLLLLLLL over it and mommy wants it NOW.

When I've had my Phil of Window shopping for Berries, I look no more further than iMore for more Apple.

iMore is my de facto site to get all things iOS. Your articles are insightful, helpful, and always written with thought. Thanks!

Love apple, swore I would never use apple....but when webos was killed by hp I tried android, and then iOS. Have never looked back. Thanks imore for all my apple news. Love u guys!

I check iMore every day. It would be great to win an iPhone on verizon. Now about that unlimited data.....

iMore is definetly the place to go to for the best and most up to date Apple news around. I love both Apple and iMore!!!

I absolutely love apple. I'm always watching the events and keeping up on rumors. That's why I love iMore too it is the best website to hear rumors and read articles about apple. I would love to get an iPhone 5S. Please pick me!

I love Apple to death! Over the years they've been extremely reliable when it comes to putting out a great product! And I love iMore because what better place to be then a website dedicated to apple and its products and the customers!

The first thing I do every morning is reach over for my iPhone and when I power up my macbook, the first thing I do is go checkout TipB. Yes, I still type in TipB and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to iMore. Please help a brother out and upgrade me from my 3GS. As of right now, I wont even be able to enjoy iOS7.

I would love a Space Grey 32 GB 5s to replace my 4s, but I really need something with a bigger screen so it mite be a Tablet this year....But I really want this phone

Contest or no contest I believe Rene is the smartest iPhone and iOS tech pundit around, and iMore is a tech site with journalistic integrity and accuracy that is sorely lacking these days.

I love iMore because it gives me the top news regarding apple. I love apple because... well,because apple is awesome!

BIG Apple fan! Even bigger iMORE fan!! I've always had apple products. The only exception which i'm yet to get my hands on is an iphone. And iMORE is the numero uno place for anything APPLE; #NoContest

You've got to pick me!

iMore has been an outstanding outlet on info on Apple news, i have always been confidant to know that they have THE UPDATED NEWS AND INFO on the latest Apple products and news, Keep up the great work!!.....and for Apple it is the most innovative company in the world always a giant step above the others..keep up the great work also. Thanks

I love iMore as a Mobile Nation site it is well written and informative. Apple until very recently was the foremost pioneer of user experience in the mobile space.

iMore is the BEST!!!! Your coverage of all things Apple is simply the best! and Apple....What can be said that hasn't already been said..They are a really great company and make QUALITY products!!!

I love the build quality, and smoothness. And iMore is awesome becuase you have all the latest greatest news about iOS and Mac

Apple is my life, I have grown up with them and have prided myself with owning several iPhones, Several Macs and many, many iPods. iMore is the only technology blog I go to, it is always accurate, and well written. I have been following you guys since the TiPB days and have loved how much passion you had when presenting all things Apple related! You guys ROCK!

I love Apple because they manage the space, weight, and thermal headroom in the phone well. Also, iMore brings an advanced level of commentary and analysis not seen in other news sources. With that being said I would like to collect my gift card to purchase the new iPhone 5S and accompanying content. Thank you.

Never considered myself an Apple fanboy because I have no problems with other platforms, but ended up with an iMac, iPad, iPhone 5, and Apple TV.. I love the products because they are high quality, reliable, and work incredibly well together. iMore has been my go-to site for all things Apple since way back in the TiPb days! Keep up the great work.

iMore is a great place to find accurate news before any other site. I'm hoping to get my hands the the iPhone 5s soon.

I switched from an android phone to an Iphone and I will never ever go back! I love Apple! Every time I am looking for the latest news on Apple I always go to, it is the best source of news hands down! I am really excited about the iphone 5s so I hope you guys pick me!

Apple: Simple, elegant, effective design and products.

iMore: Concise, reliable, informative and enjoyable for good measure.

I love Apple products of all types because they are built right - hardware and software designed around each other. I love iMore because they tell me what's up with IOS and Apple before and more completely than anywhere else, even the Apple store itself. Keep it up, Renee!

I eat, sleep and wake with apple. It was my first love. I strayed once when I was young and didn't know better. But, I was forgiven and haven't strayed since... I am true apple in laptop, mini, apple TV and iPhone. I go straight to iMore to get the inside info on all things apple. Love you guys!

been holding out on getting a new iphone until the 5S was announced, need to move up from this 4. iMore is the first place I come for my Apple related news!!

cheers guys for the opportunity

Im going to be honest!! while not an apple crazed fan i like apple a lot! and i've never used an iphone! imore is my guilty pleasure as i read it every night before going to bed! the reason i am participating is because i would like to have that new gold iphone 5S! i mean COMMON! it looks GORGEOUS!! if you choose me it would be AWESOME!!

I would comment on my undying love for Apple and iMore, but I think the fact that I spend hours per day on this website speaks for itself!! :-)