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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



There are no words that can describe, just how much...I love you! As far as the iPhone, yeah, I pretty much love that thing as much as you guys!

I am very loyal to apple, cool products that are always easy to use. is one of my daily websites. I come to your site multiple times a day. Good opinions, good stories, and gives me a place to voice my opinion.

I love Apple products less than I love most humans and dogs, but more than I love most other things I own, except my bike.

I love Apple because it's simply the future in 112grams: I mean, Touch ID? You gotta be kidding me! And this is just one of Apple innovations through the years!
And why I love iMore? Well, because you know what you're talking about!

I love Apple this much |---------------------------| and iMore thiiiis much |------------------------------------------|.

I love imore cause I read every day the most interesting news first here... Don't forget the podcasts too. I love apple cause they do the brst phones and computers.

iMore is just the best. Great coverage of everything, and with a chance to win the best product from Apple, its a win win.

I love apple because i've been on it since i was in diapers. Playing kid pix on my dads early 90's Macintosh.
And for iMore.. well its the only good and reliable source for iPhone news. No phony business here!

I love Apple because they create products that make day to day tasks easier, more efficient and just plain out more FUN! I LOVE iMore because they have everything Apple I need right now! I can get everything Apple in 1 place at anytime & anywhere.

Apple & iMore are the best combo since Peanut Butter & Jelly!!

I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ... *breathing* ... ooooooooooooooooooooo much IPHONE AND IMORE !!! :-*

How much do I love Apple & iMore???!!!

As much as a Whale loves water!
As much as a Pig loves mud!
As much as an Internet Troll loves starting an online riot!

I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

With the advent of the 5S, my family will finally be an all iphone family. My wife will have my 4S, my daughter the 5 and I will have the 5S. Love the way that everything integrates seamlessly.

Love the iPhone, it's vast selection of games and ease of use has won me over since the 3GS!

I always come to iMore first for any new iphone news.

I'm a huge fan of Apple and their products. I would love the upgrade to a new iPhone because I still have the iPhone 4. Time for a change.

please oh please YES!!!!!!!! check iMore everyday to get great iTech updates!!!!! since I changed to android i realised how much I love Apple!!!!! they are so consistent and not as fragmented!!!!! great products and usually I hate 'S' versions of the iPhone but this year I believe that it is a great update!!!!!

Rene, both you and Peter did an excellent job today covering Apples iPhone event. It was very nice to hear positive comments and excitement about what was being released. I much preferred your coverage to that of others who have nothing but snarky comments about anything Apple releases. The fingerprint scanner is a killer feature for me and I can't wait to get my hands on a 5s.

As a former iPhone user, now Android defector, I can honestly say that I miss my iPhone terribly. While I like widgets and other aspects that Android gives me, iOS JUST WORKS. I'm sick of the horrible lag on my android phone. I also miss the reporting on iMore, as I was an avid follower until making the switch. Send me that gift card and I will gladly come back to iMore and iOS (and sooner than I plan as well, since I have a year left on my contract).

I have followed and loved the iPhone since I was in seventh grade, in 2007. Now, I am in college and have yet to had the chance to own this fantastic device. It just astonishes me how Apple can keep innovating the phone so much. Of course iMore has been my main source of news, tips and info about the iPhone.

So, if I win you will make me a very-very happy college kid.

i am an unapologetic Apple fanboy - since I got my first MacPlus in the 80's. You should see the "Apple Museum" piled in my garage!

iMore (really a silly name guys) is my goto site for Apple news

I like Apple as I am an iOS developer, and I love iMore because it is the best source of Apple information for me.

I love iMore so much i don't get my Apple new elsewhere. I love apple because they get the average consumer!

I love my iPhone 4 (I need this upgrade) and my MacBook Pro! iMore is best place for Apple news, plus I read the other Mobile Nation blogs for all my mobile needs.

I love Apple because of the beauty of the products they create. I love Apple because of the passion they have for the devices they put out. I love Apple because their products work reliably and beautifully. I love iMore because it covers Apple with style, in a thorough and professional matter.

Absolutely stoked about the 5S, whether I win or not I am getting rid of my 4 to get one. I have been holding out on getting a new phone since April and I am glad I did. Happy, Happy, Happy.

Apple made my favorite toys and iMore tells me all about the new goodies as they are about to arrive on the scene! I have to say I love to check in here and see what is up. I keep missing the Monday brief - is it still done? Ashley is great too!!

I love apple and what Imore does for the community. I am on this website more than any other that's for sure. In's my homepage....LOL

Apple has the best hardware in the market hands down.
imore is the only place to go if you want legit apple news !

I would love to win one. If for nothing else to check it out and play with it. Thanks for the chance.

I love Apple because of their all in one design with all of their products and iMore because they deliver the Apple content in the same way, simple and cohesive.

I currently have a Z10 but I would LOVE to get my hands on the 5S and would be eternally grateful to iMore!

It is 2013, the android invasion hit the earth. The Machines took control of everything. The GoogleNet killed almost all the resistance. The Blackbery's Battalion fell in the Waterloo battle. The Redmond's company sent their soldiers to suicide attack. We are the last stand before the Android dominance. Because the Iphone 5S is what the earth deserve, but not the one it needs righ now. So they keep hunting it, because it can take it. Because it is not our hero. It's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark (silver) Iphone 5S.


Then, please give it to me.

Actually I love iMore more than Apple. Apple produces products I mostly do like and do like to use. But iMore is something that's way more sympathetic because it's closer to us - the consumers. Keep your work doing! I really enjoy reading interesting news and articles on your website!
Greetings from Germany! :)

I love iMore more than I love Apple, but Apple has certainly pulled a rabbit out of its bag with the first 64-bit ARM SoC. Kudos Apple! Winning a iPhone 5S would definitely be appreciated.

Apple is awesome! I currently have the iphone 4 and wish i could get the 5s so i would be up to date! I heard and seen the features it has and im so excited!! :) omg lol

I love Apple and iMore enough to make myself believe I have a remote chance at winning this contest!

iOS 7 will completely change the way we think about phones again. The fact that the 5s and 5c is designed completely around iOS 7 will heighten that. Bring on September 18!

Let me win so I can trade it for a BlackBerry Q10 :)

Love iMore this much: .
While I love crackberry this much: |

Well, I love Apple because only Apple could do these unique and amazing products and surprise me in every single presentation that they do. iMore is simply the best place on the web to know everything about Apple . Great team, great work on every article, I love you guys.

I like Apple because of the Mac and iDevices. I like iMore because of the in depth reviews and discussions of iDevices.

Apple products are superior to any on the market, Ive made it a point to update all of my products to apple. And iMore always has the best contests Thanks guys.

I love imore. I check out this site daily for all the tips and new info that this site has. I love my first iphone and would love to upgrade to the iPhone 5s!!!'

I love iMore because you guys keep me informed on everything I would ever need to know on current & future apple devices and news. That's why I have bookmarked in my iPad!

And I love Apple because they continue to bring awesome products to the market year after year! I know the Apple haters say other phones already have tech Apple introduces as new but they don't have the great operating system and killer looks Apple puts on EVERY product they have!!

So to the haters, KEEP HATIN' and for the rest of us Apple Fanatics ROCK ON!!

Pick me pick me! I've been hooked on Apple since my first year of college as a graphic design student. I didn't stick with graphic design but I did stick with Apple. Apple really got me interested in technology and I've converted my entire family to Macs. I worked at an Apple Store during the release of the first iPhone in 2007 and it was a great experience. iMore is my first stop every day for all my Apple related news and discussion. It's really grown up from the TiPb days, with great content and a better comment system than 9to5 or TUAW (TUAW doesn't even turn on commenting for half their articles). Good luck to everybody!

Cool!, Love the new IPhones, need to replace this old BB with an IPhone from Apple. These Apple products are so good!
Thanks IMore for providing all my Apple & IOS news, the best place for my Apple news

I love Apple a lot because of their seamless integration between hardware and operating system, with new innovative products. This latest announcement was a little bit less than I expected from them having wanted a 5" screen with 128GB memory; but at least they upgraded the camera and processor, and added fingerprint ID. I love iMore a lot because of their plethora of up to date information about Apple devices.

I've always had a Samsung smart phone but I have always kept an eye on iphones and book marked imore to keep up to date. Been thinking about jumping ship with the release of the new 5S.

I love apple so much that I'm not blinded by it's glitz. I know of its strength and I know of its weaknesses too. I love it so much that I defend it where it rightfully deserves so AND I criticize it when I see something that it can improve upon. I don't turn a blind eye to them, telling myself "Apple knows best".

And I love iMore so uch that it is the only iOS/Apple website that I regularly visit. (honestly. no a$$-kissing).

I have a blackberry right now - but am so ready to be an iPhone user. Since I use iPad and iPod it would be nice to have everything sync and finally make sense. You guys are great for info - love it. Thanks!

I love that iMore stays on top of Apple news and gives information that we soundly get just from visiting Apple's website. Well designed, great writing, and nice pictures make for a great website.

I really love Apple and iMore so much that I let them go and they came back, because its meant to be.

This website is epic! I found out about iMore from watching the MacBreak Weekly show on and I have officially bookmarked this site and am tearing a path to the App Store to get the app as I type. I look forward to getting all the information I need to make an informed decision about all that is the iPhone 5s, although maybe I won't have to make an informed decision, because I can just get it!

Yes of course iMore I was looking forward to the announcement today as much as anyone but once I listened to the live stream keynote and Apple 5S and iOS7 itself I cant remember being more impressed about and excited about the everything. I'm all in!!

The site goes without saying, where else could I go to get all of my I-Nformation. An I phone 5s would be icing on the cake!!

I love Apple because it is just a great product. I have managed to convert everyone I know. iMore keeps me up to date with anything iPhone! Gotta love this site. its the best!

I love Apple nothing compares to their quality, imore I love u more whe ur randomness pick me as winner !

Yes, if you upgraded the phone. But com'on apple iphone 5c for $550!! I guess because of all the people mucking apple that "C" mean cheap, apple responded " C for cheap my ass"

I'm in love with everything apple. I have been a diehard fan since the very beginning of iOS. I can't using anything other then a apple device. I recently just came across imore with in the year and it has become a staple app on my home screen, checking it at least 10 times a day if not more. Everything that you publish is wonderful and look forward to much much more.

iMore great website with up to date news! Always checking in to see what is going on! Apple makes quality products with an operating system that has ease of use. Would be awesome to switch to the iPhone after being on Android all this time!

I love Apple because my iPhone and ipad mini make it easy for me to do the things I do on a daily basis and I love iMore because I am able to find out the latest news and tips.

Apple products have always impressed me beyond expectation and that keeps me interested in their newest more than I'd like to admit. IMore is my favourite site for rumours and analysis

I love how Apple pushes the tendencies of how software and hardware must work together, their 3 key products interact seamlessly between them thanks to iCloud. They do care about how the user experience they deliver to the user and I feel like I use something well done and that will last me long.

Here I am checking imore the first free moment I've had on the big announcement day! That probably says enough, eh? Truth is, imore is probably in the top 10 websites I read.

I run a non-profit advocacy group for better train service (, so money is not abundant. I'm not sure I'd have a chance to upgrade without this opportunity.

If this competition will give me a chance to switch from android to iphone, so be it! I wanna taste the greatness of the mighty iphone and the love of iMore! i(love it)More!

I LOVE Apple so much, because it has a great interface and it works great with other IOS devices together! I love iMore because it keeps you on track with APPLE News!!!!

Ive been a huge Apple fan for several years now since I bought the 3GS phone. I refuse to buy an android phone, although I do pick android tablets (nexus 7 2nd).

Iphone just makes the most awesome hardware, I feel like my Iphone 5 is a piece of Jewlery, and IOS is very fluid and reliable. I hope they come out with a 5" iPhone, but if not I will still go for the next iPhone.

Imore is a fantastic place for me to get rumors and I try to watch the iMore show every week with Rene. I love it when he is on MacBreak weekly.

Keep up the good work and journalism Imore, love ya always!

Leave it to Apple to continue to create inspiring pieces of technology, and leave it to iMore to continue to pump out the best reviews and products guides for Apple's creations!

big fan, to be blatantly honest I just really want this iphone so i can give my current phone to my momther, lol her phone is oh so ancient and big I swear its a decepticon. Ps. loving the site

The iPhone5S sounds just about the right upgrade for the iPhone5. Fingerprint, iOS7, better camera, faster processer; bring it on Apple!!!

iMore is a solid resource for Apple tech. I first used iMore to watch a video on how to replace an iPhone 4 screen. I kept coming back because the writers have a different style than other tech sites, more down to earth but no loss of tech goodness. Rene is one of the best at bringing Apple's as yet unknown next steps into a logical context. And he gets to the point when steps are taken. I never found the forums here to be my thing but do peruse them from time to time. Good site, excellent writers.

As to winning this contest. Ha. I never win anything. And what the heck would I do with a new iPhone? I'm still quite happy with a 5, even if the camera upgrade gives me some lust. So, here's to yet another iMore contest and another non-winning post and then another year until the iPhone 6, when I will gladly put my hard earned cash into the Apple coffer.

Thank you for the great job you did on the iPhone 5s event, its was insanely helpful, and you covered all the the details needed. I absolutely love Apple! I've been with them since the iPhone 3, I'm also very excited for IOS 7. Great job Peter and Rene!

I would love to win a new iphone! I come to this site multiple times daily to get info and read. Please pick me!

I love apple because of their amazing premium hardware! And I love iMore because of the amazing and inciteful coverage of apple products!

I have many reasons why I love Apple as a company and because of their amazing and revolutionary products, but my biggest reason to love Apple is the help that their products and apps have given me as I've been going through high-school. I tend to struggle with classes, and Apple brings me the information I need simply and beautifully. I love iMore because you guys give awesome tech advice and info, and I love your desktop and mobile websites. Thanks!

I love iMore because you guys provide me details on apple that other websites don't !

And i love apple because they have the best phones on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would love to win. I've had every iPhone now for years and unfortunately i wont be able to afford this next one. I've been following iMore since the early years of TiPB. I've always loved the informative posts and the scoopage we get on here. Even if i dont win, thanks for years of great service to the iLoyal!!

I love Apple because they treat your old iOS device on their future updates especially on softwares and I love apple on their customer service which more professional handling each customer.

Imore give me up to date knowledge on iOS or smartphone issues and imore gives it's user a well detailed buyers guide if you want to purchase a new gadget that is why I love iMORE....

I love Apple a whole bunch. I also love iMore a whole bunch too. iMore kept me informed today with all the Apple news from the event

I love Apple because of their continuous dedication to producing high quality devices and I love iMore because of their continued ability to find and report on news and updates for Apple product users.

I can honestly say that I was not an Apple fan at first but once I got my hands on my 1st iPhone, my view changed... Their phones have changed the world and me as well... My eyes has definitely been opened... And dont get me started with iMore! This is my one stop place to all my important information on Apple and the iPhone... They always have the best information and very reliable... You all are the best and Im happy to be able to have somewhere to go to and that is iMore! Keep up the great work!!!


Happy Apple/iMore User aka Jonathan M.

Well, there's no way I will win this, but it's certainly worth a try...

Apple = Great

iMore covers Apple

Therefore iMore = Great

I love Apple for its design philosophy. Premium products for premium prices.

I love iMore as the place where I can find out as much as possible about these Apple products...

I just had a Samsung S4 a month ago and I am still rooting to get the new Iphone 5S. Just by the looks of it, especially the gold iphone5s, I cannot resist.. hmmmm

Been lovin on apple for a while now but iMore is more recent! I cant believe I just found you now- such great value to the content! Unlike everyone else just regurgitating the same stuff, the content here is insightful and fun- keep up the good work! :)

I may not use an apple device, but I do need one for testing apps for Ios. The simulator only goes so far.

Its unbelievable how much I love Apple. I swear i buy a new apple product every year!! I also love iMore. This is a great website and an awesome place to learn about Apple products.

Can't wait to use the fingerprint sensor! This will be the sleeper feature of the iPhone. You just watch. Thanks iMore!!

I love apple because everything is so easy to use and they make my life so much easier. I love iMore because they keep me up to date with the latest products and help me take full advantage of the ones I have!

Oh Imore, Imore how I love thee Imore, mon amour. I have always been an Apple fanboy (I LOVE U APPLE) and I appreciate the objective journalism that provides to make my decisions of both hard and software purchases. Thank you Imore and Apple. Also I would love for the Iphone 5S to be my first foray into the wonderful world of Iphones.

Apple is the first and best product I used. They know how to make my life easier with everything they innovate. When I found imore they got me into technology and helped influence my college major.

iMore is starting to really grow on me. I'm able to learn enough about ios and the products to help my mom when she brings questions to me about her ipad.
That 5s looks really nice too.

I want one so I can be one of the cool kids, too! And iMore, you're just pleasantly awesome to read!

I was a crackberry user then i switch to iphoneeee! then my iphone had the grayed out wifi problem sent it to get fix tried using my old blackberry til it was returned .had to throw that blackberry away! just cant wait to get an iphone back! and was the first website i used to find out everything i need to know about apple even when i had a blackberry! imore and apple to the world!!

alright! if you are gonna make me beg. I am constantly on the road and have come to appreciate the ability to schedule things using Siri while driving. I love imore because of the mature conversations surrounding mobile platforms in general.

I do love apple products a lot, make life easier, but iMore is another love, all the news, all the the staff, it's a lot of love felt and given back!

I love Apple because they make beautiful products that just work. I love iMore because you keep me up to date on all things Apple. Thanks.

Aside from family and friends, my pieces of Apple tech are my favorite things in the world! My 3GS goes with me everywhere (because my iPhone 4 suffered an untimely death), and my MacBook Pro is my go-to school and work companion. Apple's ecosystem makes it so incredibly easy (and magical!) to carry my digital life with me everywhere I go, no matter what device I have at the moment. I would be absolutely thrilled to have a shiny new iPhone 5S, as my four-year-old 3GS is showing her age.

I have been following iMore since the pre-iPhone 4 days, back when you guys were still TiPb. I've followed every Apple product release since then, and have always been an avid reader of your reviews and opinions. You guys are my go-to source for Apple news, ahead of any news site or even Apple's site itself. In short, iMore rocks!

I love apple because of how innovative they are and what they bring to the mobile world and quite honestly they're the best! I love iMore because I can always count on them for the latest apple news especially for iphone news. Thanks iMore!

My small animal rescue relies on my Apple products, especially my iPhone and iPad--I LOVE them both!! iMore is new to me, but it looks interesting and full of information--can't get enough of that so I guess I will love it too!!!

I love iMore and Apple thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much..... and my home button is crap now.

Apple has found a special place in my heart - brilliant, stunning design, and flawless performance... If someone made a better product in the same category I'd seriously consider buying it, but everything I use in my daily life with regard to technology just happens to be Apple, as it makes the best products - the ones I need/want... plain and simple. And iMore - well, you guys are my go-to source for all things iDevice as you don't lead me astray when it comes to when/where/what to buy. Thank you!!

you cant get any better than apple. its betteer than any phone ive ever had i am in love with iphone my iphone is like half my life. it captures the b3st moments. iphone is myphone. i have the 3g i am back like 4 generations and i am trying to raise money for a new phone i would do anything for this i love wait no, im in love with apple products and dont plan on ever switching companys.

I like the design of Apple's products. Well, at least I did until they announced the iPhone 5C cases today…

We have all apple products at home because it makes life easy for my wife and I and our 2 boys my oldest being autistic we need all the help we can get and technology has really helped. Would be awesome to upgrade my 4s. Forgot to mention that imore has been by most watched website since I got my iPhone back in the TIPB days. Love Rene's input and the rest of the groups perspective and current tech events and trends.

Apple is fantastic, and iMore is the best site to read about them. They don't just have the latest news, they also have the best feature articles.

I love my Apple iPhone, and I really love imore, but what I love even more is reading everything imore on my iPhone!

I love Apple because i think is the best technology company, both phone and computer. Its elegance and it way of working their products is the best. I have always dreamed of having an iPhone device but i so not have enought money. I like iMore because it gives me all the information i want everyday, and more. Rumors, hints, tips, comments, and some fantastic articles. Seriously, iMore s the best website to be informed of all the news.

Sorry if my English is not right, but i'm not english, i'm spanish. I'm learning.

Thank you iMore.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple products. I am a teacher and they have changed education. In my family, we have an iMac, iPad2, Retina iPad, iPad mini, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The only thing missing is an iPhone. I also LOVE iMore. It keeps me up to date with all of my iInfo. Please pick me to have the full package. I WANT AN iPHONE 5S... Purty Puhlease!

Im addicted to Apple because it makes my life easier. Android smarphones are all bloated with junk and are not as intuitive as iPhones. And I love iMore because of it's contests!! :-D And Georgia, she's beautiful.

I love Apple because they have some wicked products. I love iMore just as much because they let me know about the wicked products that Apple is releasing.

Ohhhhh my oh my....this is THE iphone i really really want !!! nothing like getting aheads up from my fav Apple news site !

I can't remember if I already signed up or not but here's my comment! I love apple because of their design quality and simplicity! iMore is awesome because they keep me up to date!!

I love how apple works with all apple stuff. I love iMessage. Please pick me for new iPhone. I love how imore allows me to stay up to date on apple products and keeps me informed of how to use all my apple products in the best way possible.

Love getting my Apple news and reviews on iMore! Love Apple also and their products. Their products last a long time for me.

Ever since I bought my iPhone5 I switched to iMore (from wpCentral), I tried other iNews tech websites but there is no comparsion term between them, as for the Apple, they really seem to move forward.

followed the keynote coverage today I like where apple is going again. The 5s is a great step in the right direction

Just wanted to say Apple is so much better than another phone an that is why I love the Apple iphone an as for imore they are up there with Apple on top. I would really like to win this new iphone 5s

I have become an apple product own for the first time with the iPhone 5 and now i have become a loyal apple owner which whom will continue to buy their products, i would love to have the new iphone 5s

I love iMore because they have great review and contests :) I'm excited to try the new fingerprint unlock and the new re-designed Siri!

Great site. Definitely the best Apple product website out there. Been following since the TiPb days. Thanks iMore!

I love Apple so much. Mainly because of how they keep iMore my favorite website and give my favorite team of experts so much goodness to talk about.

I love Apple so much,But i hate iOS7,iOS 7 icons (UI) are ugly and a step backwards.
I love iMore,i can find anything About Apple here.

I love apple so much! With my switch to iphone now all my gadgets are fully applified!!!
I can't wait for the 5s

Well, I am a "fanboy" I usually get all the new apple gear but I don't see myself spending the $ this time around so winning one would be AWSOME, iMore is my go to site for apple news and always will be, good luck to me!

iMore is the main reason I have an iPhone and I would love to receive an iPhone 5s. I am very happy I switched to the iPhone.

I absolutely LOVE apple and its products. I am so looking forward to ios 7. Imore keeps me up to date with all things techy! I read it everyday....starts my mornings off right.

I love Apple so much, their products just work the way you want when you want. Can't say that about a lot of things. Imore brings me everything I need to know about the products I love and keeps me up to date on everything that's up and coming. You guys do an awesome job and that's why I check the site 10 times a day, every day

I am the ultimate Apple fan. I bought my first Mac in 1983...can't remember how many I have, but have an iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone....but I only have an iPhone 4...I would love to have a new iPhone. I would synch myself silly!

The new iPhone launched today is more of a creativity than innovation. As Steve Jobs said we(apple) are the people who bring arts and science together with finesse.

I need this phone!! I push my current phone to the limits at work with document creation, presentation and working in virtual environments. The iPhone 5 was great but still stutters. The 5s with the new chip config looks like it would be able to give me the power and consistency I need. Please help!

I love apple products so so much!! And I love my iPhone 5 would live to win the new 5S looks amazing

Imore, Imore, how I love thee, Apple is great, but iMore is my honey!!!!!! (ok that suxs but I do want the 5s lol)

I love iMore because it gives me so much information about Apple products including news, tips, and advice. I love Apple because all their products were together fantastically and are very simple to use.

I really want to get iPhone5S... I'm going to be truthful and say that I'm quite happy with my iPhone5 now but still, the new finger print scanner is so cool and I really want it. Please iMore crews! I want to win the contest! Plus, i always checked your site twice a day since a year ago. I love the designs that Apple creates. I really want to win iPhone 5S!!

Quality and attention to detail - that's what I love about Apple. I rely on Apple news only from iMore - that's how much I love this blog>

Quality and attention to detail - that's what I love about Apple. I rely on Apple news only from iMore - that's how much I love this blog.

I love apple since a Knew my old iPhone 3G, and I love iMore, cause, is the best blog/news/forum Apple related.

Currently have 5 Mac computers, 4 iPod touches (4th generation) and 3 iPhones!! A lot of members in the family so I guess you can say I love Apple! And i check imore and androidcentral to keep me up to date in the cellphone industry!

I'm in love with Apple products! They inspire me everyday! For being only 16, I have greatly kept up with Apple's products. I started with my first iphone, being an iphone 4. Down to a 2g, back up to a 3G. I got a 4s after, then I upgraded to a 5, which I paid for the last two myself. I want to keep updated on the iPhones, but it can be a struggle at this age. I have also had a Mac mini and Apple TV in my household with a few iPod touches. Steve Jobs and Apple inspire me and will continue to inspire me throughout my life. I plan to develop games and apps soon, but I have to learn the basics as well! As for imore, I couldn't be more appreciative! They keep me up-to-date on apple devices and ios. From the rumors to the cold facts, I get them from imore. I look forward to every email I receive from their address. They are one of the best!

I am an Apple convert! Was a Blackberry girl, but I just love all the apps that Apple has for my business. I have been a forum member for several years, first on Crackberry and now on iMore. Love all the great information and advice. A new iPhone 5s would work nicely with my iPad, iPod and iMac! Thank you for all you do......

I really love Apple because using my IPhone and MacBookPro makes my life easier. I love IMore because the site has a clear focus.

Apple provides the best user experience bar none. The touch id and camera has sold me. I'm getting one!

I love iMore and Apple because they always bring something new to the table to please the public. For example, this prize money of $500 and Apple releasing the new iPhone 5(S).

Come on Apple, wow us with this years releases. iMore has the most balanced and comprehensive Apple coverage of the web!

Well optimized apps and a good ecosystem has always been a plus when using Apple products. Hope I'm lucky enough to win ! Good luck everyone and thank you for the amazing opportunity imore !

Apple has been great at making devices which work harmoniously, and iMore is my go-to site for all the news regarding the newest devices!! Match made in heaven.

Innovations, combined with functional design, are what endears me to Apple. Satisfying customer service has continued my infatuation with this company. "How-to" articles by your staff at iMore make me want to engage your webpage daily. Besides, who wouldn't want to embrace a new iPhone 5S with all it's new tantalizing features.

I think Apple will do very well with both new phones. There are enough new things here to keep the train rolling. I can't update my iPhone 5 until next fall. I hope by that time they will have a phone that has a larger screen, that is the phone that I want.

Love apple and imore. You guys have great coverage and get all the facts right! I'm so excited for the gold 64gb iPhone.

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I am totally hung up (pun intended!) on the iPhone and anything Apple, and only iMore gives me more more more!

Apple has the best tools for my work and leisure. iMore is my number one stop for all news and things apple! Updating to the iphone 5S would be perfect!

I love Apple because the products are designed beautifully with superior quality. I love the FaceTime video, graphics from apps I play and the way the battery can last long. I love imore for their fun contests!