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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love apple products because of their easy accessibility and their great design and brand new countless feature. Thanks iMore for this great opportunity to win myself a gift card toward my new purchase of a 5s!

I love how Apple is always innovating and putting out products that just work. They got me hooked on all thier products. Would love to win this!!

Apple makes good products and is consistent in their approach. I like their once a year refresh cycle and continual improvements although it might not be at a break neck speed the industry expects.

iMore hands down is the place for any iNews ;) The one stop shop

Apple and iMore are the greatest. Apple makes the best phones and iMore is the place to get the latest Apple news. Cannot live without them.

I love Apple products because of how simply their products work together! Their clean design and ease of iOS use are a win-win. And iMore keeps me on the up and up of Apple products, tips and tricks, and of course contests! Good luck to all!

-Joe Buck

OMG I really love apple products I love them and I've been waiting for their new iphone which is the IPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. I really love them I am always going to stick to buying apple products I love them. Don't even get me started with imore I love how they always have giveaways on the new upcoming phones and I really love that everytime there's a new phone coming out I always check this website first to see if you are going to have a giveaway and I really like it :)

The only person that loves apple or imore more than me is some fourteen year old Chinese girl in New York City.

Sent from the iMore App

Love apple and imore! You guys have the best contests and keep us informed with everything going on in the world of apple.

I really love you guys read almost every day and I really love apple and could use a nice shiney 5s :)

Before the iPhone event, I really wasn't considering getting a new phone. I'm already locked in a contract that won't end until December next year and I doubted that a modest performance boost and a fingerprint sensor would change my mind. Boy was I wrong. If Apple's claims hold true (which I'm sure they will) 56x graphics performance would be incredible! And the M7 chip will give me all the battery life I'll ever want. I was hoping for more from the fingerprint sensor (maybe it being tied into iCloud Keychain and being able to scan your finger with an accessory for Mac) but it's still going to be way better than always having to put in my passcode and Apple ID. Even the gold color is better than I expected! Way less flashy. Thank you Apple! I love you!

And thank you too iMore for putting up a great contest like this. I don't think any other Apple blog does something like this. And I love your site too! Great use of space, great design, and great placement of ads.

I love apple for their high end machined devices. Also the simplicity of their OS. I love iMore for the continued up to date information on everything Apple.

I more is great because it gives you great info about iPhones, and it always has the best content! Apple makes great smartphones.

I really like apple because their products are very high quality and iOS is very reliable. Now why I like iMore is because it's apple news now and all the time and leaves you wanting to know more (hence the name iMore ;) Also it is my best source for anything in relation to apple.

iBryan iLove's iApple iAnd imore, iMore iThan iAnything iIn iThe iWorld! iThank iYou

Sent from the iMore App

Apple seems to have a symbiotic relationship with all of us! One can't exist without the other. Apple products are so intertwined in our lives, who is to say it's not true? :-)

Thanks iMore for another amazing giveaway and giving us our daily dose of Apple!!

I consider myself a "techno-geek" (which has nothing to do with music). Outside of work I love playing with Apple products, and keeping up on news that is related to the next software update or gadget.

I love iMore cuz I can find out about the best rumors (rumors from valid sources) about the next hot releases.

Thanks for all the great news. Love reading each new article and listening to the new podcasts.

Always go to iMore for Apple news which is always exciting to check out! Which is like all the time because I'm a mobile geek that always follows these types of things.

I love to eat apples! I love to play on my MacBook Pro more... I also love taking pictures on my iPhone. I'm nuts about Apple and go to iMore for all the latest tidbits!

I fell in love with Apple in 1988 my sophomore year in college. The PC revolution was still in its infancy and all the computers I had used before were DOS based headaches. But the first time I used the Apple IIse I fell in love. I've owned many apple products through the years and apple always amazes.

I've recently found iMore and have really enjoyed your coverage on apple products and apple events. You now have a dedicated reader and I look forward to when the new iPads come out and read your analysis of it!

Enjoy all technology esp Apple products and websites like iMore help me keep up with Apple news, also watch Renee Ritchie on Twit. He really knows his tech!!

I love Apple because its products simplify my life, and I love iMore because it provides fresh and insightful information on Apple.

iMore is my go to resource for all things Apple. Great tutorials, rumors, and reviews. I love Apple products due to their well thought out designs and simple to use interfaces. Thanks iMore for catering to my Apple addiction.

I love my iPhone 4s and am looking forward to upgrading to the new iPhone 5s. It looks incredible. and I have always loved iMore. I get some great deals on accessories and I love the reviews and forums.

iMore's able to give Its articles the same "Premium" feel as Apple gives to Its Product Lines.

And just for the mention. iMore's website is by far the most gorgeous and complete "Mobile Techy" website I've ever had the luck to find on Google.

Wether I win the contest or not. My words are sincere.

Iphone is simply beautiful, and iMore is simply informative. Stay classy and give me some of that simplicity...

I love Apple because they are a technological innovator and their products are awesome! I love iMore because it is the best place to get all the cutting edge info on Apple and because you have amazing giveaways like this one. I'm always so excited to read on here about what's going on in the world of Apple! Thanks for the chance! I sure hope to win this! Have an terrific day!

I really enjoy using the Apple ecosystem due to the fact that they make top quality products that will LAST. I have seen many people who still use thier iphone 4 or 4s everyday and it still looks appealing. 3 years ago I bought my ipod touch 4 and have fallen in love with it. The simplicity and ease of use gives it one good applause and i still use it today casue ive got my name engraved onto it even though i wont be getting ios 7 i will still use it casue it still works just fine. I also have a macbook pro the 2012 model and its my first laptop from Apple. Best choice ive made. The navigation is fascinating and again i have a top quality laptop with a long battery life and great productivity for work and play. im even typing this on my mac. Anyway i could use a nice upgrade cause i own an android while i so enjoy using android i cant go and buy a top line android phone casue ive got like a year on my contract. plus my phone is so puny compared to everyone else that it makes surfing the web and playing games such a strain on my eyes. my current phone at times would always lag freeze or reboots itself automactically to the point that i have to pull the battery out to get it to work normal again. anyhow, i enjoy Apple and i just discovered this site so i guess i can i love imore for launching this contest. but most likely i wont get picked as they are thousands of comments here but it would be a really nice feeling to win something like this. If not congrats and ill continue to hold out to my phone til my contract ends.

I love apple so much I end up arguing with dumb friends who were suckered into android. Apple always wins my love. I love imore because they are helping me buy an iPhone5s for winning this contest!

Apple rocks so much as and no one designs better and presents it's products than Jony Ive. Nothing works better to get to your content like Apple does. Can't wait to get the new 5s and do some damage. Looks like a lot of fun to work and play, gonna take some awesome pics and take to some great places, thanks for all the offers imore and the techie updates, am following Ms Pretty fiery red Georgia all the way.....

Apple has always been on the bleeding edge of visual design, the iPhone 5S is no exception to this fact. iMore's coverage of Apple's antics is far superior than any other site I've found to date.

I'd love to win a 5s as my company won't let me upgrade again until the 6 comes out. I've been running ios 7 on my 5'and Mini for quite a while and have grown to love it.

I love Apple and iMore in a sense that........Apple is My Drug and iMore is my Dealer! ! ! ! Now give me my iPhone5s iMore! ! ! !

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all

I love iMore so much that I literally just got an account 1 minute ago and I'm want an iPhone because of iMore!!!!

I love Apple because they help me have fun and make money. I love iMore because it helps me learn more about Apple!

Ever since I bought my first iPod Nano (the oldskool white one) I'm an apple addict.
If I win I'll buy the new iPhone 5s 16G White =).
imore is the first site I open when I need information that's apple related I love the fact that you guys don't bash the other brands but just provide information/opinions keep up the good work!

I love Apple this much (Insert Stretch Armstrong doll here).

I love iMore since they generally avoid trafficking in obviously fake Apple rumors.

Very cool indeed. iOS7 looks promising. Its not quite webOS :-), but it's looking practical enough to make me consider it for my next phone.

i love Apple because they've helped connect with content in a very simple way and it's a testament to their design approach which i adore! i love iMore because they love to delve deep and explain/discuss every idiosyncrasy about Apple product and do a phenomenal job on making sense of it. iMore is also my go-to place for daily Apple news, updates and coverage.
woooohoooo iPhone 5s! pick me!

I love Apple for their originality, high quality of the products, and for the love of technology.
I love iMore for professionalism, great site content, and fantastic opportunities to win cool gear!

iMore has the best Apple coverage around! I'd love to win a new iPhone to replace my well-loved 4S.

I love Apple because they were the first to create new products and they still are inventing new things. I love imore because they are talking about apple and because of their great contests and store.

Apple is the greatest thing to happen right after the wheel and sliced bread! Their company is great from tech support to the quality of their hardware. Their always coming up with new great ideas like a fingerprint scanner. I mean really that like ridiculously awesome!

iMore is also Fantastic, they have great contest (like this) and news on the newest software and releases! They have everything tech related, and is a common resource for me. I havne't had an account till today, but i visit this website A LOT for newest iOS beta release information and other tech information.

Apple products have become a staple in our home. There isn't a person in my house that doesn't have one. They're not just toys but educational devices and have made a tremendous difference in my children's education.

My oldest child is turning 15 on 9/14 and would absolutely love an upgrade from her iPhone 4. She really does deserve one and I'd love to be her hero on her birthday.

iMore has great information about things I care about, and turns me on to new and exciting things. Apple is just a slice of that, because what I do with my Apple devices affects almost every part of my life - communication, work and fun. My Apple devices keep me connected to family, allow me to take and share great photos of my baby daughter, keeps me productive with my freelance design work, and is a source of entertainment right on my TV. Apple plays a huge part in my every day life - and I couldn't live the way I do without it. iMore helps me get more out of these crucial and amazing machines.

I love Apple because of their innovative thinking and quality products. I love iMore because they keep me posted on everything and anything Apple..

I love iMore because of the great news you bring to us Apple enthusiast. Would love to win the phone because I recently upgraded to iPhone 4s and I cant trade in :(

Any help with the comment which would win me the $500 gift certificate would have been deeply appreciated but since I see none available all I can say is, "Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the winner." :).

I love apple because they have the best products in the marker. Smooth and non-laggy as other OSs, and iMore because they are always up to date with news and awesome articles. For instance, apps articles. Love it keep it up. And good luck to me

There's really no greater consumer experience than purchasing an Apple product and trusting that it will do exactly what it says it will do, and it will do it better than you could have initially thought.
There is no question that there is no better place to get information regarding Apple products than iMore. Not only do they provide the best advice, rumors, and tips, but they present the information in a way that makes it virtually impossible not to get excited about each and every Apple announcement.

iMore is a great place to find everything I need to know about Apple. I love Apple because they produce the best phones, computers, and tablets I've ever used

I love Apple because it introduces innovative products into the consumer ecosystem that "just work". I love iMore because its writers publish articles that I actually want to read unlike multiple other Apple blogs out there

Without iMore I would have no idea how to get the best out of my iPhone. Without Apple, there would be no iPhone, and I absolutely love my iPhone.

Apple, Inc. is the best company for computers, software, and phone (iPhone). I have had an iPhone sense the iPhone 3G. I have had several Mac computers and currently have a Macbook Pro and Mac Mini, I also have an AppleTV and iPad Mini. I will only by Mac products.
IMORE is the best place to get information regarding Apple news, I seeing Rene on MacBreakWeekly.

I love imore and visit it everyday at work. Should I look at emails first or go to iMore.... iMORE!. I did go to the gs3 and htc one but had to come back. Recently just bought my macbook pro and I love how everything is so easy. Never in the tech world I work in has anything been so easy for a phone and a computer. Love apple!

iMore has always been one of my favorite tech sites. Even before I switched to iOS in December, I would come and keep an eye on the competition. After having switched to an iPhone (and now an ipad as well) I see what all the commotion was about. Really awesome os, can't wait for the next ge in hardware and software integration!!! Keep up the good iMore (and mobile nations) team!!!!

I love apple because it have the most powerful software and hardware , when I change my iPhone to Samsung or Htc , after 2 week I sell it and return to iPhone .
And about iMore it's give us what we need to know for apple.

Thank u very much

I used to totally be against apple products, especially the iPhone. I was always very meticulous about which phones I purchased (I've owned about 80 in the past 12 years and can name them all). But ever since caving in and buying a used iPhone 4 to test the waters, I was hooked. I now use apple products to run my daily life, pay bills, enter this contest, watch tv and keep myself organized with calendar and iWork. I now own an iPhone, two iPods, two iPads, Apple TV and an apple airport express. My friends laugh howpro-apple I've become after I've spent years convincing them to buy a blackberry.

Love Apple because its Quality/Simplicity ::: Love iMore because it keeps me informed with well-written apple news :) [and also love the webpage design]

Apple is a great company! I love apple! iMore is where I go for all my apple products and also, for news on anything about the iPhone.

I like apple because its give me the product quality wich I can trust and make me proud of it , and you guys of Imore , you now how to catch the informations and give it to us and you are the best . Thx

This would be awesome if I could win this iPhone 5S or even the $500. This would be cool if I could upgrade from this 3GS. Apple is always pushing the envelope and imore is always getting the scoop. Hope I win this. Good faith.

iMore is the best source of apple news and rumours. I love you all. The 5S seems to be quite a leap forward, and I'm really looking forward to getting one now that Canadians have more reasonable contract terms.

I love Apple and Imore so much that I'm commenting from my GS4 risking all the Android heads to bash me for wanting a IPhone!

I love Apple because they make great stuff that actually helps me at work and home, rather than creating busy-work for me. I love iMore because they help keep me up to date on what is going on in tech... and because they run cool contests like this. :)

I absolutely love Apple! They are the best company that I have happen to know and I'm not really a techie guy, but I just love Apple products. I also love iMore because they keep me up to date with everything Apple, and I can't explain how much I love them!!! Both iMore and Apple are a great combination of intuitive, and inspiring companies. I love them both!!!!

It's really a great opportunity for that "someone" in the someplace to have such gift.
Well, When it comes to Apple! my heart stops and then suddenly pounds like a series of explosions. I'm really in love with every product they make.
iMore, thank you for bringing me happiness with your amazing news.

I can't believe I have the opportunity to say my "Thanks" to iMore and have a shot at winning money towards the latest Apple product in the same comment. Although I'm a new user, I have heard lots about iMore, and indeed have been gifted a couple of their cases / other accessories for my older iPhone... This contest only deepens my love for iMore. I'm an Apple fan, of course, and was watching the live stream by Apple two days ago with eyes glued to the screen. I love Apple for its constant ingenuity and up-to-date, quality content (hardware and software... iOS 7 all the way!!!)

I love all of you to make possible all info available for my best gadget iphone (currently 5). i am very appreciate the opportunity to enter in this contest. let the best win.

I have been an iMore ( and TiPB) lunatic since about 2008 or so. i even listened to the podcast while hiking from Mexico to Canada with my iPhone 3G. It survived the trip with only one mishap in a creek. So what are the chances of me dropping my iPhone 5 yesterday before the 5S was announced. It still works, but it's not the without blemish. But I'd love the new 5S, sticking with silver and white.

Mac mini, MacBook Pro, 2 iPads, 1 iPad mini, and every iPhone since the beginning. Yea I love apple

I sure would like to put the fingerprint scanner through its paces...seams like a good contest hopefully I win. I won the 4s when it first came out gimme some good luck..

Apple, in my opinion is the most amazing and still innovative company in the world, it has the potencial to make as expect absolutely anything! It put a pause to the world in all the presentations… it has the power to move! :D AMAZING!

I want to change to IOS now currently an android and I don't like it anymore. I want the sophistication elegance of Apple and since I have a mac I would love to get into the apple ecosystem as well. Thank you

This is a no brainer. I love apple so much that the only person in my family still with a android is my granddaughter and she is so upset she is left out. I own a total of 4 apple devices and I can't say enough good things. They just work the way they are intended. If I win this it will make everything right with the world again cause you guys can guess who will get it.
As far as iMore (or should I say tipb) whats not to love (especially Georgia) . I check it so many times a day it uses most of my battery.
As its been put so many times before ..iMore and apple go together like peas and carrots

I've been an Apple fanboy from day one... I find that everything just works with everything else, I love that! I read iMore daily to keep me up to date on all things Apple ; )

To be honest, I found out about you guys a while ago, when I first got my iPhone.
Ya'll kept me up to date on EVERYTHING that had anything to do with apple and there product,
the good, the bad, and some stuff I really didnt care much for. lol
The point is I love this site, and apple. I have a iPhone 4s and I have been waiting patiently for apple to release the iPhone 5s because I did a bunch of research on it ever since the rumors started and this site helped. I would appreciate it if you all would pick me or even consider this comment and I as the winner of this contest.

Apple products are the BEST!!! Reading about them on is great!! Keep up the good work....

Certainly love apple enough to switch over completely to Apple products. Never thought I would but Apple just kind of grows on ya!

I love Apple because of their attention to detail. I like iMore because of the respect they give for Apple's competitors.

Do you have room for an new editor/practicing dentist on your staff? I love iMore so much I want to work for you guys! (Free dental care for the staff!)

I'm not working right now and winning $500 would be the only way I could afford to get the new 5S. I've been an Apple fan for years and use all Apple products at home because of their simplicity.

I like iMore because they've always got great Apple news :)

I love imore like I enjoy a great cheese burger! The bomb! I love apple like I enjoy a fresh cut on the perfect French fry, woohoo!

Love Imore lots of great updates, on everything, but love the Iphone too. Can't wait to see what comes next a bigger screen, :-)

I love Apple!!! I have an iPad and its great! But I don't have an iPhone yet and would LOVE to have one.

iMore is the only place you need to go concerning Apple. They provide us with a ton of great info on everything Apple.

I love iMore for all news and information on Apple products, and I love Apple products because of their design and innovative software and hardware for all the products.

I just switched back from Windows Phone 8 and while I liked it, iPhones still are just better at some things. I have a used 4S and the lock button broke. Would love a 5S!

I have an old 3Gs, you think I need a new Iphone? ;) Been holding out for this one. Thanks for giving me the inside info and right to my mailbox!

I really love my iPad 4 32 GB (and thus Apple) and don't know how I'd function without it. As for iMore...well they're giving a chance (albeit slim) to own Apple's most cutting edge device and a perfect complement to my iPad.

When I got my first iPhone, iMore was the first and only site I came to for apple news. 3 iPhones, 3 iPads later iMore is still the place I come for all my apple news, tips, tricks, and rumors.

well , i have been preorder the release all the time at the full price , but this time i want to try my chance so let's go can't wait to see it , thanks IMore to give me a Chance , and keep up the good work amazing site .

i love imore and apple because they both are the best phone companys' out of the others. the reason why i would want to win this contest is because every time i get a new phone at any other company besides these two it would always mess up and would have to return it and smetimes i would feel bad to have to always use my friends' iphone. :(

Apple is THE company for computers and smartphones.
IMore is THE company for Apple news and information.
I love my iPhone 4S but I'll love my new 5s more, iMore !

Id love to have a new iPhone 5s! the quality and new OS would be awesome to have! Apple is truly all about quality. iMore is one the coolest site to keep up with new gadgets and technology! Not to top it off, they give opportunities like these! I LOVE APPLE! I LOVE iMORE!

I would say I respect Apple, and I have deep feelings for Apple. But I don't want to over use the word love. I want to say it when it means something. When we've come to a point where I couldn't imagine my life without Apple.

I really like all the branches of the Talk Mobile family. iMore does allow me some knowledge that I find incredibly useful and points me to some apps that are a real hoot.

iMore being my homepage and reading every post/ having the app should describe my fanatic love for iMore... iPhones however, I would love to have a 5S!!!!!!

In 2007, I left my Nokia flip phone for the original iPhone. I had to pay to get out of my Verizon contract. Since that day, I've never looked back. I've been an iPhone user ever since. I have looked at and tested the Note 1 and the Galaxy S2. I didn't buy. I stayed with the iPhone it is the best smartphone for me. I am not very smart when it comes to technology but I figured out the iPhone and use it for more things than most of my friends that have them. Please consider me for the winner. Thanks.

I love Apple because even the android contenders are powering up their hardware but they do not balance the efficiency, and I do not like big screen. I also love iOS 7 due to redesign UI, never won a giveaway before so I'd love to get my hands on it, especially it is from iMore

iPhone has been a wonderful device and despite of competitors' efforts to topple it up, it is still undoubtedly the best mobile device there is today. And with the launching of the iPhone 5s sporting the new iOS 7, Apple gives the best shot for its product line. I just love iMore because the site's layout is techy but not intimidating, and their sneek previews and reviews are just plain GREAT.

I'm very excited to be an Apple fan! I really enjoy the innovative products and the industrial feel. They sell quality products for a little bit of a premium and I think they are worth the extra cost. As for iMore, I really love the fresh, upbeat and timely information that the staff prepares for the Apple fan! Way to go and thank you again for another great contest.

The iPhone is a great phone to use. I really miss my iphone when it broke. I hope to get this phone. Iphone 5s is the real deal.

Apple's iPhone 5s is a true upgrade over the iPhone 5. I've always wanted the latest from Apple but they are too pricey for me, please let me win!

I love apple because they continue to make something better, even when you think it can't be done. And I love Imore because of the forums!

I'm a huge apple fan! And always go to iMore for Apple news and tips! And would love a free iPhone 5s!

I like Apple's stability and simplicity. Everything works. No fuss.

Unlike Android where I can make my phone do what I want and look how I want and all sorts of fun. Stuff that may or may not cause a glitch or system crash or 2.... :)

Since the first iphone apple caught my eyes and since then i have always been a big fan of Apple, I mean I choose my university career because of this, because of how, with apple, I start learning and liking a lot computer science. I love imore since i knew the webpage and I come visit imore at least once per day hahaha.

Apple is like my wife, mistress and my friend, the ultimate mobile computing convergence company in my life. I have used every conceivable Apple product and I just can't get enough of Apple. This is why I go to iMore to fill up on news to satisfy me. The articles aren't only informative and well written, but they are much needed nuggets of enjoyment to bring me through a day. It is by far the best Apple news website on the Internet. GO APPLE AND IMORE!

There is no better combination than iMore and Apple. Where else can you find the best products and expertise in the industry.

iMore is the premiere source for everything Apple!

I am willing to do a case study on a gold color IPhone for the benefit of the greater good. Of course I will gladly write up what I find from the point of view of an average American.

I loveee imore.. seriously its the best site to find about about any cellphone/technology.. and omg i love the iphone 5s especially the gold and its new features are awsome!!!

Who doesn't LOVE Apple ?! I've been ALL- APPLE all the time since 1989! And iMore helps share the Apple love everyday! Thanks to both for making my life better !

For as much as I value Apple for being a thoughtful and deliberate company, I love this site for being sometimes more so.

I love Apple because it has a reason to exist besides making money. Apple aims to really change people's lives with its amazing products. iMore is simply the best place to catch the Apple news so I naturally love it.

Apple because they are always providing the best up class devices and gadgets and iMore because it's the best place to get the most up to date, accurate and complete information regarding Apple

SAVE ME FROM BLACKBERRY! This is actually the first time that I've been on this site, I used to spend all my time on But I'm so impressed by the 5s I want one so bad and I've set my mind to get one! Hopefully with iMore :D

I like apple and all products that they come out with. I'm going to get the iPhone 5s. I'm going to also continue with imore. Very informative with Apple and IOS . Thank you all for your hardworking employees at imore to give us the latest news.

Love iMore. You guys are way better than idownloadblog, macrumors, Cult of Mac etc.. I read your guys articles everyday, because I love Apple. They're, in my opinion, one of the best company's in history because of their attention to detail and their strict mindset of simplicity.

Can't say that I love apple cause I've never had an iPhone but I do love how Imore provides great information on the mobile space

I had Android, Blackberry, Windows, and, of course, iPhone. No matter what I try, I always decide to go back to Apple and the iPhone. Apple is the way to go and iMore is the way to go for everything Apple!

I love Imore for granting me this chance to maybe, just maybe be on a lucky win. Because of Imore I became knowledge in the ways of Apple. I love my Ipod Classic and my Ipod Touch. Sadly, the evils that the world might be have actually stopped me from trying to upgrade to a newer Iphone (I am stuck on the 8gig Iphone 4) from having lost my job and wishing, hoping I could obtain or win a new phone, an Iphone 5S to be exact so I can maybe, just maybe claim a little reward and possible a victory if I were to win such fabled a product as the Iphone 5S could be and is.

I'm a young programmer and apple has given me access to many resources that I would have had access to other wise. I enjoy iMore because it allows me to keep up to date on apple without wasting tons of my time sifting through all the rumors that are always floating around.

I have been very pleased with my switch from Android to Apple products. I have had my 4s for two years now and never a problem. I have even moved my home computing environment to Mac for seamless integration. iMore is my #1 source for iOS news. Keep up the great work!

Wow awesome contest yet again iMore this is what I love you guys! giving people a chance to win a really expensive phone who wouldn't or couldn't otherwise due to money! I love apple for FaceTime as I can see my son who has an iPad I bought him for xmas as I'm away in another country right now helping out family members. I hope i win this! that be awesome and I'd get to see my son!!

Lord God Jobs has indicated his approval from his grave site for this new icon which I shall worship with all my heart and soul. If heathen speaks kindly of a false god be it Android or Windows, I shall spite them. This is a glorious new icon of my Lord and I shall embrace it, worship it and spread word of it among my fellow consumers and members of the Apple congregation. Amen.

Love Apple but have never had an iPhone. This would be first. Have a couple iPads a MacBook pro older iMac so this would really round things out. Hurray Apple

I love great design and great execution. Apple seems to do this with ease. Their products are usually far-fetched realities I can never buy. I don't hate Apple for that. I know the good apples aren't on the bottom of the tree. :)
I love me some iMore because it's not just the tech stuff which I can just get from other sites, but it's got humor to liven up the atmosphere. So, thanks iMore! :D

Apple keeps delivering quality products and a cohesive experience across its devices. iMore brings me the latest news from them and keeps me up-to-date w/ non-farfetched rumors. I trust iMore implicitly.

Apple is amazing. I've had the the iPod Mini, third gen iPod Nano, first, third, and fifth gen iPod Touch, and the iPhone 5 (four months after buying the fifth gen iPod Touch). I've loved them all and I will continue to love them.

iMore has awesome coverage of all things Apple. They notify me of the daily deals and have cool giveaways. Thanks for being great.

My bookmark still goes to
imore you are the best.
Apple keeps adding value. Keep it up.

I love Apple because it is the greatest innovator that the world has ever seen. I love iMore because it is the best source for information about what's happening at Apple currently and in the future.

Been a long time supporter of both Apple and tipb/iMore.. When I need news or updates on anything MAC,iOS,iPhone I come to the pros! Thanks for the detailed articles and write-ups.

Well this is it, got to enter to win. I hope I do! Thank you for bringing everything iMobile to us tech junkies and keep bringing more great TM13 topics. Love my iDevices (old Touch and nano), but have never owned the iPhone - could it be fate? Thanks again!

Apple is definitely the best and people continuously bash apple all the time but I have always had an iphone since the very first one and I am defiantly getting the iphone 5s whether I win or not. Imore u r the best for even just putting in this little contest. Thank you so much on my behalf or anyone for that matter, but especially if I win. Haha good night and best of luck to all. : )

I love Apple because their designs are sleek and their products are intuitive to use. I love iMore because if there is something I want to know about an Apple product or accessory I know I will be able to find out about it on iMore's website.

a T-Mobile 5s to bestow upon the great iMore website that I can maybe login using my fingerprint in the near future!

I have an iPhone 4s and in truth, I was not really excited getting it in the first place with all the hype and all. I was still new to smart phones then. The new UI confused me to no end! That's why I started reading different blogs about Apple and its products to further enlighten me about the technology. I found iMore and surprisingly, I caught myself going back to the site many times than I visit my Twitter account. Hah! Now, I could say that I appreciated my iPhone more. Heck, I can't live without it nowadays. My schedules and emails and GAMES are on it! Thanks for providing fresh updates and the best reviews out there! Now, I'm definitely interested in a 5S. Could it beat the awesome that is 4s?

Almost every tech gadget I own is an apple product. I've owned almost every iPhone they have come out with except for the original iPhone. I will never switch to an android device ever, even though my friends bug me about it all the time. I always make sure when they release a new product I either take off work to watch WWDC or following along with iMore. I check your website daily for tech news and for deals on apple products and accessories. You guys are amazing at what you do and you rock! I love apple so much that I've actually have become the local apple techie. When someone has a problem with an apple product or questions about their phone or help with anything. I'm usually the one they call.

I love apple so much. They are innovators of the best kind!. imore gives the best quality info when it comes to new apple news. I hope I win this. God speed.

I love Apple for the amazing and sturdy design and their bulletproof ecosystem. The simplicity of Apple products makes it simple for new users to adapt to the interface. Being said, Apple products can also perform well for power users, as all of my Apple devices (iThings, Macbook, PowerMac, Mac Mini) out perform PCs in the same category. Apple is not all about selling devices, their support is incredible. If you device is under warranty, they will replace it on the spot. Some Apple Geniuses even bend the rules to fix your device. With their ecosystem, they try oh-so-hard to make sure no malicious apps or software get into the iOS or Mac App Store. Developers like me appreciate that. They also make great developer tools that outperform any others in that category. Thank you Apple, and thank you iMore, especially iMore for the outstanding articles and opinions.

I love Apple because when the company makes the software and the hardware it just works right. I love iMore because I get all of my tech information under one link. From the tutorials, to hot apps to news its all there. Its like Walmart the one stop shop!

'Applesolutely' fabulous people! 'Applesolutely' fabulous products! ' Applesolutely' fabulous information!
iMore and Apple, what 'more' could a guy want?

Apple is a great technological company and iMore is the best vehicle to receive information about Apple products!

I love Apple because they are passionate and unapologetic with regards to their beliefs/ideals, while no longer being afraid to admit they’ve made mistakes (Apple Maps for example). This has created some unbelievable products (Macintosh, Newton, iMac, iPhone, iPad, etc…) and some astoundingly awful ones (G4 Cube, MobileMe, Ping, etc…). This also makes them incredibly exciting, because half the time when they introduce a product/service you don’t know if it’s going to change the world or get laughed into the history books.

I love iMore, and Rene, for two main reasons beyond simply being an excellent place for Apple news (and Blackberry… poor Blackberry :sigh:). First, it’s clear you love the technology you write about including Apple. Second, that you don’t let that love overpower your opinions and analysis. If I wanted to hear a fanboy gush over every new Apple feature I’d just talk to myself. It’s refreshing to hear objective analysis from folks who really understand the industry and won’t blindly pander or scoff.

Do I love iMore?
"YES I absolutely do!"
What is the proof you ask?
"I check iMore 20+ times a day just to see if there is anything new going on in the world of Apple!"
Why do I do this everyday?
"Because I LOVE my iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, and my Apple TV!"
Why do I need the iPhone 5s?
"With my first child, a beautiful baby girl my wife and I named Taylor, I would LOVE to use all the new features to capture and share all the upcoming memories with my family and friends. The best way I could think of doing that is with a new iPhone."

APPLE sits at the corner of technology and liberal arts. iMore is a great crossing guard! (PS, if you draw my name, please forward the new phone to to help one of the micro-lending entrepreneurs operate their business. A new phone won't change my life, but it will change theirs!)

iPhone 5S - iOS7 is refreshingly pleasant to the eyes, the new camera is stunningly professional, & Touch iD sets a new standard in the security industry!

iMore - When I saw Apple wasn't providing a live feed this round, I headed straight for iMore's live YouTube video stream. I always get more @iMore!

I love Apple because of the quality and John Ive's promo's :). Really the quality of Apple's products can't be compared to anything else i love everything about Apple from the home button to the iOS7. And that is fascinates me at iMore , you guys have a better quality news and a user-friendly site that i can't stay away from.

The reason I love iMore is that it's the ultimate source of apple news and it happens real time with precise information. For apple I love their products because of the built quality and its single vendor operation. Apple builds hardware as well as software which gives their products ultimate leverage.

So happy to see iMore improve a previously stellar site over the years as they continue to cover the best of Apple. I love the aesthetics of the gold iPhone and cannot wait to see one in person.

iMore has been a great resource to me and am so glad this site is in existence. iMore has made everything so easy when I want to find the new info on anything iPhone or any other smartphone developer. I have never in my entire life had an iPhone. I have always avoided them, my whole family has, for a matter of fact. Now though, I think it is time to change that. I've gone from Droid to Droid to Droid to Windows Phone and now I think I am finally ready to make the change. I WANT AN iPHONE! Seeing everyone using their iPhone and watching the OS in action makes me want it even more. The 5S is making my demand for it even larger. I believe I will REALLY love the iPhone 5S based on what I have seen from iMore's coverage of iPhone. iPRAY iWIN!

I love Apple so much the screen on my iPhone 5 exploded. But, no, really, my iPhone 5's screen is cracked to hell. I'd love a new phone. I'm way too excited about that fingerprint scanner.

Apple is one of a kind. They made the first Phone with a fingerprint sensor hidden away. The Next Big thing is here guys. Imore, u guys rock.

I've enjoyed Apple products all the way from my first Apple IIe (actually it was my school's, but it felt like my own) to the MacBook Pro Retina I'm typing on today. iMore has become my go-to site for current news about the Company I love...

I've loved Apple since the first iphone and I've owned every model. I always loved imore because not only is everyone associated smart but they all seem to report on all things Apple objectively and not without criticism which is refreshing.

My laptop, phone and tablet are all apple products if that doesn't say how much I love apple I don't know what does lol

I absolutely love apple. I still remember switching from android. I decided hey I'll give it a shot. Well that was over two years ago and I've never looked back. The iPhone is by far the best phone I've ever owned. Much more dependable and fun. As for imore. You are the company that got me started at looking at iPhones and other apple products. Now I look at your site many times a day to get all my tech updates. You guys are awesome!!!

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