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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I Love Apple because they always produce high quality fast efficient freakin sweet products! iMore Rocks also!

The Best thing, I Love about Apple and iPhone is because, The Single iPhone can compete at the same time with all the Android Flagship devices for almost the whole year. What about iMore? Well, the Simple, Clean and Responsive design has made me addicted to iMore.

I think the new iPhone is a winner, the fingerprint reader or sensor as they call it is the next evolution for not just logging in, but purchases and future ID. I think Apple has a winner here. Kudos on the coverage, iMore as always was the place to be while the event was going on and a fine source for the little details Apple "forgot" to mention at the event (camera MP for example), thanks iMore for the amazing coverage.

iMore is my favorite place to get my apple fix! i need it and they have it!
i've been waiting on today forever. can't wait to switch back to an iphone ( i should've never left!)

My Dream Phone :D

I love Apple so much that I decided to name my first born after the company. I love IMore soooooooo much more that I immediately did a name change.

I love apple because it is more of a classy product great design.....hey! I am a Steve Jobs fan........ imore adds some additional beauty to help reach apple to normal consumers.

I simply love iMore because iMore prefer to it to look into about Apple updates and news. And why I love Apple? Simply because its simple yet stunning. And since the day i had bitten Apple, i can never look back on other products.

I have already get a job. After 2 months, my friend offers me an used iPad. I enjoy many apps and games. Some to get improve my productivity, some to get me relax with some games. Some great games are exclusive for Apple users, that's amazing. I can play Clash of Clans with my iPad and Plants vs Zombies 2. These are the games that I played everyday. Last month, I change my change my phone from Android to iPhone. Now every time I went out, I always bring two iDevices. Now I'm enjoying every day with my iPhone and iPad.

To get my information up to date, I always read blogs related to iPhone, iPad, Apple, iOS, or another related. iMore is the first blog about iPhone that I read. When I want to search what games should I play, what app should I buy, I read iMore. I subscribe iMore and another blogs related to iPhone to enrich my information. Now I'm following the iOS 7 roumors in iMore.

iLove Apple because they actually take time and perfection in each product giving customers the greatest experience on mobile and home devices. iLove iMore because I'm always looking for new apps and products. iMore provide the BEST reviews!!!! Thanks so much!

I love apple and their quality they put into their hardware. They are a truly inspiring company. No other company will ever come close.

I love imore because their writers put a lot of time into their writer and have the most consistent and high quality posts. Apple is an amazing company with great hardware.

iMore and Apple what more does a guy need to be happy in life. You guys are great keep up the fantastic job.

Sincerely iMore addict

Sent from the iMore App

iMore is the site I going to first for all my apple new. I learn about it on macbreak weekly and feel in love with it. The apple was the first computer in my house when I was a kid and was the first computer I purchase with my first job it was the 12" PowerBook .

Thank you guyz for all you do

I love Apple so much, I check iMore like 3 times a day, and I really want the new iPhone 5S like so badly!!! Please pick me

Apple Brought revolution when it brought iphone. Iphone is a master piece that revolutionized the smartphone segment completely. iThas simplicity in design with power pack performance thats what keep me loving it more and more

Apple, a company who changed my life. IPhone changing the world since 2007. When I first brought iPhone 3G I was aback to see what apple can do,
and now 2013, iPhone 5s. IPhone has always been my first priority and always will. Love Apple and its soul steve jobs. :) I want 5s more than anything in this world, I wanna use it, I wanna feel it, I wanna explore it.
Imore it'll be a pleasure if u'll give me a chace to.

I have to win becouse i love apple products, and i don't have enough money for an iphone 5s, and i have to go to this page and say that i love apple for get it D: i really goggle this page.. and i really love it!!! this page have everything i need to know and make awesome concourses y finalmente decir que no soy de chile !! y que espero que algún chileno trabaje acá para que me lo gane yo porque me costo mucho encontrar esta página GRACIASSS THANKS los amo

iMore is one of the few sites that I faithfully visit because I want updates on Apple and their products. Having been in the Army the last two years and dispatched at a place with no cellular device, iMore was also a great way for me to indirectly experience the Apple-experience. My last phone was an iPhone 4, and next month I plan on getting the iPhone 5s. Regardless of whether I'm picked or not, I thank you iMore and Apple for giving me great updates and providing a great product. Now I'm out of the Army and am ready to enjoy this great product with this great iMore community. :)

"Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something" (iMore is wise!)

The iMore team truly have an appreciation for Apple and the great articles (ex.history of iPhone) undoubtedly proves that. Apple is unique in many ways (intersection of art & science) (hardware+software+services), and I love their passion to make people's lives better. Lives like iMore team and mine.

I'm so excited today. From my first iphone ( 3gs ) i love this company and her products. I love imore bc here i find every day all about my favorite company and products, better then other websites. Thank you!!!

Apple products are always awesome. They are built and optimised to the full extent so that you get a great user experience. And the OS is user friendly and smooth to operate. The iPhone is just a benchmark name in terms of mobile phones, I have never owned an iPhone because it exceeds my budget ,but, I'm keen getting one.
And when we talk about imore , it is great as it offers a lot of options and convinience to its customers. Thats all. I hope I win the iphone 5S. :D

I love Apple for the design and functionality, the fluidity and reliability of iOS. And iMore is my go to site for all Apple news!

I <3 everything Apple. Came from the PC camp a few years back and never looked back.
Cook & Co care about their customers.
I <3 imore. Great news and opinions by its editors.

My IPhone 4S, ipad mini, Apple TV, and MacBook Pro might say something about my love for apple, as will the fact that I'm trading in my perfectly good iPhone 4S for the new 5S. And I check imore at least a couple times a day. Always checking for things I "need" to know

Apple makes sure that it not only gives you a branded phone but gives "you" a brand image as well. And the iphone 5s? woooohhhh. Love all over.
imore i love because it gives a full through review of all the possible info. required before you actually purchase your phone.

I love apple and iMore so much I entered this contest to try my luck! Btw you guys are great for the opportunity.

Just barely last year I bought my first Apple product which was my Ipad 3. After having my device for the past year, the device has worked perfectly for me. I just love the reliability of the software, the quality of the material, and the overall function. I have been thinking of buying an Iphone for quite sometime and I think it is the time to get me one. I think Apple has the best products overall in the market and I have considered myself an Apple fan now. Next device is the Iphone 5s.

I love apple because of its apps and its products and it has very nice and durable products and I love I more as it is the best place to know about apple products and it does giveaways which I like the most

i love apple because the devices work beautifully and imore manages to capture and appreciate the complete essence of apple products!

I love Apple because all of it is just great, reaching perfection on every new phone, ipod, desktop, ultrabook and whatever they just want to do, I mean, who can look those white apples and dont fall in love with them!? xD and of course I love imore and mobile nations in general because you guys and girls are all day and night working to bring us the news on the best way possible and always on time, I'll love to win that iPhone 5s :D please pick me

I have loved Apple since I got my first iPod, the first generation iPod nano. I now have a 160 gb iPod classic. I would love to have an iPhone! I love iMore because it keeps me up to date!

Watched the event! Apple always makes a statement a notch above the rest!
Pretty excited about the, although I don't think they should stop production of the iPhone 5!
God bless Apple! :D

I love Apple for their originality, high quality of the products, and for the love of technology.
I love iMore for professionalism, great site content, and fantastic opportunities to win cool gear!

i wouldn't say I love Apple, but I respect their product line and what they have done for the smartphone and tablet market. I come to iMore to keep up on the latest Apple related news especially since we have their mobile devices in our stores.

Iwant Iphone 5S

I love the iPhone so much that I stood in line for both the 3gs and 4s and went into a mini depression when I had to go to an android. I currently still have an an android and I STILL get on more than any other mobile website, including iMore keeps me update with the new products and best perks of the Apple products which allows me to share what I see with Apple product owners. I LOVE APPLE! I LOVE IMORE!!

Not as touchy-feely as some of the other comments but...

I dig Apple's deliberate, generally well-planned, and dependable approach to their products. It may not sound sexy but it means I had somewhere worthwhile for me and my family to go when my previously beloved platform embraced the long sleep. Apple provides a solid product and ecosystem that lets us have fun and get work done, reliably and predictably.

iMore provides the iNfo & iNsight that allows me to approach the many decisions and commitments involved in this industry with a measure of confidence and the relevant considerations. Without that, we would be faced with many impressive options but no clue about their distinguishing traits. Infinite choice + no insight = no choice at all. In true geek fashion, iMore helps me balance out that equation, such that it benefits me and those I love.

I may not have an Apple or an iMore logo shaved into my chest hair, but I am an appreciative and, I hope, appropriately respectful fan. Thanks.

I am a proud ex-owner of Iphone 1stGen, 3GS, 4 and 4s and now I am trying to get the 5S, the most thing I like about apple is their innovative ways, you can tell by when every time they announce a new products and how people wait curiously for it to check its new features, the main two things I like about their products is the security procedures, never got a virus on Mac OS or iOS, also its elegant and prestigious design compared to the rest products on the market. I am a new user of imore but I can tell from the search engine 1st page results that you have the most interesting articles about phone gadgets.

Revolutionizing the apple concept to make it more affordable and easy on the budget not compromising it's quality especially androids are now conquering the trend.

I really want this, I am currently using a Blackberry i got last month. Having it has made me realize how much I loved my iPhone and the apps I took for granted. The reason I switched is because my mom needed an new iPhone and all we could get was a Blackberry so I took that for her and gave her my iPhone 5. If I won this it would be so cool. PLEASE PICK ME!!!!!!!!!

Hope I don't sound to desperate lol

I love everything Apple! I love how it just works! Thank you iMore for your complete coverage of everything apple! Keep up the great work.

Actually in my country apple products are not very spread . But i realy like these products because i've been reading about it and saw some videos for them . Also there are some of my relatives some of apple products . And so i realllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyy realy wish to have this amazing broduct (iPhone 5s) .

The iPhone 5s looks like a great phone I can't wait to play around with the fingerprint scanner. I really need a new phone to upgrade from my old iPhone 4.

I love iPhone, iPod touch,iPad and

i love IMore because it's truley the center of the iPhone Universe

I love you guys and apple so much that I'm going to hack into iOS 8 when it comes out and have your guys app as a default app for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 when it comes out !!!!!!!!!

Apple facilitates technologically-related things that I do on a day-to-day basis and iMore keeps me informed on, well, all things Apple. Simple as that!

I love the iPhone, ive ad an iphone starting with the 3GS, and it gets better with each update. Would love to get the new 5s

If Apple was a spongey bakery confection and iMore was a large mass of sugary fluff. Then it would be safe to say I love Apple and iMore more than a fat kid loves cake!

I like the color of Apple products and great battery life on the phones and tablets! I also enjoy the coverage of!

Love iPhone. n tech. update from imore. I spend mostly time with my iPhone 5 and news related with it in imore

September tenth, two thousand thirteen. Late lunch break, sitting behind a cheap plastic table at a roadside joint, just about to bite into my sandwich. I pull out my beaten up with years of neglect iPhone 3GS. Type in the only phrase in the search field that I've been typing in for the last few weeks, "iPhone 5s news". A few 3G moments, alas, the Apple Keynote Recap... Woohoo, it's finally here, I tap without hesitation. The gitty-up feeling is fueled by excitement, hundreds of questions (mumbling inside my head) to be finally answered. How much longer do I wait, how fast, camera, is there really a gold one, how close are the rumors. Is there really a fingerprint sensor?... No, don't skip through - dont miss a detail. Oh good, not the modified A6X, but an A7, that should win some points. Wait, what? a 64-bit processor - I thought that's 2014+ stuff? Not holding out, I see. Good. Ok, so 5C is real!.... Camera.... camera, here it is... Dual LED (I knew that already), what is f/2.2? Oh, larger sensor - Nick said that's more important then megapixels - so Apple knows that too. Ooh, is that the... new Home Button? (Excitement for what can really be a fingerprint sensor) Don't rush too far ahead, what about video? Slow-mo on demand!!! That's going to get rubbed right into Vince's face and his Samsung S3 later... Will they dump the 16GB... and start off with 32GB? .... Awww, oh well. Wait what's "M7"? Motion Sensor what? Who cares, IS THERE A FINGERPRINT SENSOR??? (My eyes are relentlessly search for the "fingerprint" word not letting me read the rest of the report). There it is! I can't keep my giggles inside anymore. That leaked picture of the iPhone 5S box WAS REAL... At this point I don't want to read anymore. Open new page, search "iphone 5s hands on"... why aren't there no video's?... wait, this guy is holding one. Come on 3G, LOAD.... .... .... .... (Do they have free wi-fi here?)....

.... Finally, yep, this is it, how quick will it respond? will it activate Siri and then upon command execute the function, or ask to unlock the phone again? Yes, yes, I get it, you press - it unlocks. Try locking it again... then use Siri... (yeh, I'm talking to the video) Oh you activated Siri by accident, did you? Oh it works from any direction, now that's Apple for you, making sure the feature stays a feature, not a half baked gimmick!!! Wait, what you mean it's not working? "try again".... "try again"... Wrong Finger - ha, blond moment, dude. Wow, so even the same person just using another hand and it's not recognizing the wrong finger - FLAWLESS!

At this point people at the next table caught interest... I told them the news (which they already heard before). "It will have a Fingerprint Sensor!", "No, I dont know when it's going to be out" "Wait, says on the 20th this month". "I doubt you can fake the fingerprint. Says here, it has to have pulse, and I'm assuming the bezel is conductive so a non conductive such as a plastic or paper surface will not even activate the sensor." (Surprised by my own answer). "I'm pretty sure someone is already working on an exploit... doesn't matter - iOS7 will have Activation Lock." (Wow, look at me, an iOS 7 expert here).

Filled with excitement, I finished my lunch, and headed out feeling like it's Christmas Morning, knowing perfectly that I'll end up defending what seems to be a perfect security feature to Apple Bashers on iMore.

This story above is real. I love Apple products. I got my first iPhone, the 3GS, the day it came out. I still use it today, my wife recently got upgraded to iPhone 5, I'm waiting for 5s. We got an iPad (3rd) in the family - perfect temporary distraction for my two year old. I'm in construction business, I've dropped my phone countless times from ladders, roof, etc. Screen was cracked and repaired 3 times, the phone was drowned 2 times, once in 2011: rain gutter, and earlier this year in a bucket of dirty water. I still have water inside my photo lens - needless to say my wife's iPhone 5 is our family camera now (the Sony Sybershot has been retired since we got the iPad). Long story short, I became a fan after countless of "can your phone do this" from an Android affiliate - which in effect made me research my phone - iCloud, Privacy, Restrictions, Apps have opened up Apple World to me. I'm now an avid Apple junkie. Funny though my Android friend went thru one iPhone "killer" after another (8 of them to this day) I'm still rockin' my 3GS, it has evolved about 85% from what it was the day I bought it. Apple has proven to me - you can tell by all the cracks and scratches in my old 3GS. There's nothing that will make me switch.. I may have to wait for a certain feature - but I can be certain it will be properly implemented. I found a great Apple community here at iMore (initially I was at - kinda dead comparing to iMore. Support here is top notch - haven't visited Apple Store since I joined iMore. My favorite are the "Trolls" - it is fun writing up a reply when you know so much about Apple, its Philosophy, its Direction, and Style.

While ideas ultimately can be so powerful, they begin as fragile, barely formed thoughts, so easily missed, so easily compromised, so easily just squished. -Johnny Ive. I've made business decisions based on that quote... Apple is truly a magical company.

iMore give all the latest news, advice, and tips to get the most out of my iPhone. My iPhone helps me get the most out of my time. A perfect combination.

I like Apple because they make the best products (both from a design point of view and software-wise).
I like iMore for their in-depth reviews and regular contests!
Good luck everyone.

Your web site & application are clean, neat, and well organized. Worthy of being displayed on a Apple product.

Been tinkering with other brands and OS but it's so hard to leave Apple and iOS... Just found out about iMore and liking it more everyday...

I love apple because it make all of experience using electronic so great, from phone to tablet to computer. And I love imore for allowing me to learn about those products.

Not a day goes by without me getting my fix of juicy Apple gossip and iMore is my first port-of-call to that respect. Here's hoping that my almost 3 year-old iPhone 4 (the first phone I've never got bored with) gets punted to the role of "spare-phone for taking on holiday" when I win a shiny new 5s!!! Keep up the good work guys...

I love apple so much that for the iphone 5s release i'm gonna go from italy to germany and stand 12 and more hours waiting in line because i don't wanna wait till december when the 5s will be released here in italy. And i love imore because of the amazing info you guys are giving us every day, and because these contests:)

I love iMore because of their enthusiasm and lust for fun machines! I love Apple because I get how to use their stuff and it's pretty!

Hello, i'm from Mongolia (Монгол). My English is not good. But i can say iMore is good. It's elegance to me. Apple and their products are especial from other company. I like iPhone because it's too simple to use :D. So it's reason of why i love iMore and Apple.

Love Apple because of their attention to detail and design. Love iMore because of the dedication and hard working staff to bring us fans the news first.

I could definitely use the new iPhone. It's just a great thing that this site puts out the best content and the most opportunities for these giveaways.

Well I've had a 4S for 2 years so it's time for me to upgrade.
I fell in love with the 5S, especially the 64bit processor oh my GOD

I have been loyal to Apple products since my first Mac in 1982 & I follow iMore on a daily basis.

i love iMore because it's the first way to read everything about Apple, and i love Apple because it makes great quality products

I love Apple's eco-system; the devices work seamlessly together, with a sense of familiarity and more importantly, are easy to use. As far as iMore is concerned, on my iPad, it's the first thing I read before getting out of bed on mornings (yes, I'm a nerd). As someone who like's to keep up-to-date on all things Apple, I appreciate that I can get it all in one place.

I love Apple because their products just work. Rarely have I ever had any trouble out of any of my Apple stuff and I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me when I need it. I love this site because you guys have all the Apple news in one place!

iMore is a great website covering a great product (iPhone) from a great company (Apple). That $500 gift card would definitely help me be able to get a 5s. Without it, I have to wait a year until contract expiration :-\

my wife is due for an upgrade on her iphone 4 w/a cracked screen. however, the cost of daycare puts that on the backburner for now

I would like one of these! I appreciate Apple's attention to detail, and that they do their best to make sure things work well. iMore is a great resource for tech fans.

Apple is the most trusted brand in the world because of their good quality of product. Hence, I love each of their product and looking forward every year and time. I love apple because they always leading among the competitor in world of gadget. imore give me many information, advice,hint and many more that I can't get from any website. I love both because they are awesome!!! :)

I read this site every day most days twice just to see what's new from morning to sfternoon.

As for Apple I have bought off on the Apple Ecosystem some time ago with the iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, Apple TV.

Needless to say, I love iMore and Apple!!!

Apple has the best quality and design. ios is the awesome os in the mobile operating system . It is butter smooth which cannot be compared with other os. Even if apple doesn't give more features its the best in the world. I love their service part that is main thing for a customer after the purchase of the product. They are the best in their service i have never seen such a responsive and quality service they really care for their customers untill they are satisfied. This the reason why i love "APPLE".

I love Apple, iMore, and Renee Richie, not necessarily in that order because they have markedly improved my quality of life!

Apple is awesome. Nobody can beat the quality of Apple products. I love Apple products. I have a Macbook pro and desperately want to have a iPhone. Thank you iMore for this awesome opportunity.

Apple Made A Great Job With The iPhone 5s ,its the phone of the year , and ur website is great , i visit it at least 2 times a day , i wish i win , good luck for all :D

Okay, so we have the premium hardware and sotware phone company and the place to go to get all the great advice on them, what else could I want? Oh, yeah, a $500 wad to spent freely on the new slate grey iPhone 5s.Cool!

I love apple and i love Imore. It's the first site I check in the morning and always has great content!

As a BlackBerry user I would live to see what Apple has been working on lately, hat thrown in the ring. I love iMore because it is the best source for scoping out the competition ;)

an early adopter from Hungary, having iPhone since official day one - 22-08-08 :-)
Love every minute using 3G, 3GS and 4 ever since.

Sent from the iMore App

Guys i live in india...
I had used symbian,Android &Windows operating system.....Its my dream to use the most precious things of this science and technology world ...'''THE IPHONE'''......

Big Apple fan. Can't wait to try iOS 7. And I always come to iMore first to get my daily apple news and find out about new apps.

iMore than like Apple products - I truly respect their beauty, engineering and simplicity. I could go on and on about all the things I love, but this place knows them already. When I joined iMore, I got a great welcome and found lots of helpful people in this community. Lets just say it is the Apple of my eye.

I have recently switched to iPhone from android and it has been really amazing! Having apple is much more reliable than any other platforms out there. My experience with apple has been really good even with Genius Bar. They've been very good with helping me out whenever I've needed their help with software issues or just a cable replacement. I'm sticking to apple from here till whenever I out of this wonderful world. Thanks apple and imore for keeping me updated with apps and other apple related news.

To be frank I am new in iMore but how I found imore is the answer how much I love iPhone!!!Love cant be measured by words so i wont Disrespect my Love towards iPhone by simply writing some lines & putting features of the phone which I do like!one word I can use myself to show that I love iPhone is that I am an "iFan" and as I have come to know about iMore through iPhone i will not be far behind than others to Love iMore :)

Thank you Apple for changing the world with the original iPhone. It was my first smart phone, and most certainly the iPhone will be my last.

I've been loving apple products since I was a kid and I seen that first iPod and it's insane to see what they've innovated since that time and how many apple products I have/had. I've been following iMore since it was the The iPhone blog back in 2010 and I've been an avid reader since trusting this site for all my apple news. It'd be great to win this iPhone due to paying for school I'm still stuck with my beat up 4S.

I love Apple products because they are actually good products. I love imore because you guys deliver the best content about all apple products.

I love apple so much, it's so hard to explain how lucky I am just to have an Apple Product since 2009 with my first iPod touch until my current iPad in 2012. Over the years I've looked for sites that give me the latest updates and news about apple, none has that more than "iMore", it's my favorite site to learn about new technology especially when it's Apple.

It would take quite a few posts to show why I love Apple, so I have it in my blog TechGeekJay. Great products, great customer service, and always promise big things and over-deliver on the promises. iMore offers great insight and discussion on a great range of technical topics, many of which I use for inspiration for my blog. And, by the way, I need help affording the new 5S! (Did I mention that?)

Apple is awesome!!
I used to be a BlackBerry more, it's all iMore for me!
You guys give me the latest news.
iMore ROCKS!!!!!!! is the first place I click on in the more, love it!!! I am an Apple addict, can't get enough!!!

Love APPLE, but Love iMore....more. Would love to win this and upgrade from the old 4s I'm currently using!! Great contest.

Apple is always innovating and delivering quality products which is why i loved them! Once i went Mac, i never went back! Love iMore for always staying on top of the news! Good luck to everyone!

I love Apple because they make great phones. Didn't own mac before the iPod and first iPhone had every iPhone after except iPhone 5. Love iMore because they get me through my daily commute with their great podcasts!

I was resistant to apple but once I got one I was hooked! Made everything so easy, new to Imore but it seems it will be a very useful and informative app. Thank you!

I LOVE imore because it keeps me up to date with all the latest information! I LOVE I iphone because its technology is second to none!!!

I have loved Apple ever since my 1999 conversion to them and I will never go back! Been proudly supporting Apple for many years and waited in many lines was in the original line at the Schaumburg Apple store to get the first iPod and its Still Working today but not for daily use ;-) Would love to get my hands on a 5s in Space Grey then I could give the wife my 5.

I Love Apple and I love iMore!!! Please pick me...this phone looks like it will be lightning fast! Cheers

Best coverage by iMore on the Apple event.
Apple make the best products.
I was a PC person all along but MacPro in 2007 changed my mind for good.
Love the security part of Mac also.

I love apple so much that I only buy apple devices nothing else. Also I have my backgrounds set to the apple logo. I even have an apple logo tattooed to my chest. Also I love imore would be awesome if I win.

What enjoy most about my iPhone is that after 2 years I'm completely happy with my iPhone 4S. I'm not planning on upgrading unless that is I win a $500 gift card. :)

I love iPhone since day 1 I used it and I will upgrade my existing iPhone to iPhone 5s.

I like iMore because it provides a lot of updates and good comments of new products in the market.

Throw my name in that hat please!!
I recently found out about iMore through TWiT tv. Can't get enough now!
I love apple products because they taste good, i know this because i actually bit into an iBook once...true story. :-[

sent from a pc computer

I love apple's products because they portrait technology very well. Apple managed to produce many products, such as computers , cell phones, ipads and many other things that blew everyone!
Even in education companies require using certain apple products for their good quality. An apple user is always happy rarely finding problems or complaints yet always manage to upgrade & develop their products which is an amazing thing to make something so good become better !

I love imore. It was a great idea to make. Apple was also great. All I have is apple devices because they outrank any other device. Using apple I have very few problems. They are way ahead with technology. Especially now with iOS 7 and fingerprint password. It would be a blessing if I win

IwantMORE Apple! and yes, they're giving us more! excited for the new IPHONE 5s! Universe be kind! :) continue to be awesome @ giving away freebies imore!

imore is a great place for GOOD apple news. you guys focus on facts and are just real with your readers. good place to find great info on apple! cant wait for my iphone 5s! if I get help from imore that'd be great! if not thats fine too!

I can't say I love either, I try to limit the use of the word love because I feel it is overused in our society and should be saved for humans (first of all) and for those to whom we have a true connection or intimacy with.

But I do thoroughly enjoy using Apple products and the iPhone 5S would be an amazing device to own, if for no other reason than for the fingerprint technology "TouchID".

As for iMore, it is quickly becoming the #1 news site I go to for Apple news, thanks in part to Renie's appearances on MacBreak Weekly (which I just started watching earlier this year).

I love Apple because if their logical consumer approach. They are a company with a very humanizing philosophy. I look at them more as people running a company instead if some robotic corporation. iMore is always their to stay on top of exclusive news and with helpful hints. 5s all day!

Apple is Magnificent .. everything is about quality and elegance! .. i Love reading about apple latest news from your trusted website iMore .. great content, great design.
Thank you

iMore is my homepage on Chrome...No joke!
I love Apple products SO MUCH that no matter how much I say I'm going to wait, I always end up NEEDING their new gadgets! What isn't there to love about Apple?
--> Innovative, Futuristic, Simple & Secretive (admit it or not, you're ALWAYS doubtful of what they're going to present... No matter how many leaked pics there are in the web)
Bring on the iPhone 6! Yeah, I'm ready for that one too!!

I absolutely love love love Apple and want the iPhone 5s unbelievably bad!!!!!! And iMore is a great site for all my tech news(which I can't go without!!!!)

I've waited for the iPhone 5s forever! I love Apple and all their refine products since day 1, keep it up ! & iMore is the absolute best site to find out more about Apple and iOS, their my #1 source for all my apple news. I just love browsing the forums !

Apple is the just the best company with all it's products and the quality that it offers. Everything I own is Apple and it's great i love t . iMore is my #1 site for reading and learning about all the apple news, stories and what's up coming for apple. It's a great site! TeamApple !

I love Apple because it's not an Android phone! LOL! And I love iMore because it's the only place I can get the latest news about Apple products!

iphone has been of great benefits and importance to people and of quality when we talk of phones in the world since its inception. As day comes and goes more of upgrading has been available to people through imore and more of it being added.
I really love ipone and other apple products. I can't to win this as a Ghanaian for the first time.
Thanks for this opportunity.

I've loved Apple products since the Powerbook G4 and still miss the TiPB name. Good info here that isn't elsewhere.

I am seriously debating, should I write an essay to describe the Apple tattoo I was about to get on my arm, or should I take a screen shot on the my podcast collection of imore show. Then I figure, if I go on to imore to look up Apple related news 4 times a day, and 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That itself show how much I love Apple and how much I love imore

Ive waited for the iPhone 5s forever! I love Apple and all their refine products from day 1, keep it up & iMore is the absolute best site to find out more about Apple and iOS, their my #1 source for all my apple news. I just love browsing the forums !

I love Apple products because of the focus on quality, both hardware and software. The ecosystem (apps, itunes, airplay, appletv, etc) rounds it all out to make me want all devices around me to be Apple. That lock-in is a win-win as long as all pieces of the puzzle are good.

I love iMore because it has the best coverage of iOS news and commentary.

I've used the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 and keep coming back to Apple for my smartphones. I was on Android for a while and tried Windows Phone and while I like both of them, Apple's iPhone seems to be the most consistent for me. The most apps, less freezing and crashes, and very reliable for reception.

I love iMore for all of my iPhone news! I come here every day to see what's new and couldn't imagine not visiting this site.

The first thing I do every morning is reach over for my iPhone and when I power up my macbook, the first thing I do is go checkout TipB. Yes, I still type in TipB and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to iMore. Please help a brother out and upgrade me from my 3GS. As of right now, I wont even be able to enjoy iOS7.

For Apple, it's about the thought and care put into the products. For iMore, it's about covering them in the same manner.

I love Apple products more than Han Solo loves Princess Leia. And more than Luke wishes he was not her brother!

but seriously, I surround myself with apple products. Apple TV, several Macbooks in my household, iMac.. I have even had most of my immediate family members make the switch to mac from being on windows for decades. Quite a journey it's been.

And I am feeling an itch to get ahold of the gold iPhone! So snazzy.

Apple is the real backbone of the electronic world and thats why i love apple. Imore is the true news source of apple, that's why i more love imore!

I was an android user too long, and have wanted to switch. This is my opportunity, I really enjoy apple products and how easy they are. iMore was so in tune with all the updates with the new iphone and more, I tuned it and was well informed. Great Job iMore, love it!

Love a gold 5s. Apple is a real life Willy Wonka factory. I hope to get that golden win for that 5S.

I've been an iphone owner since june of this year, my wife gave it to me as a gift for my birthday, i used to be an android user but now i love my iphone, it's user friendly i love how fast it is while loading a page, i love how the apps work, i love the camera it's an amazing device, I'm planning on getting the iphone 5s for my wife for her birthday with all the new features its going to have I'm pretty sure she is going to love it.

About imore honestly this js the first day i visit this page but im pretty sure its going to be a helpful place to find tips and tricks that are going to help me get the best out of my iphone5.

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(This comment really needs a picture to go along with it)

The iPhone has come so far! I cant believe how much its evolved, the new ideas are beautiful and faultless! I just love Apple products, they make everything easy while having an amazing presentation, it'd be great to win and own a product from Apple which is fronting the new evolution of phones!
Thank you!

I've switched my entire Computing, mobile and media streaming to Apple in the past 2 years. I'm not who usually wins anything but I figured I'd give it a try since my wife will not let me upgrade my iPhone 5 to the 5s!

Apple presents quality. PREMIUM quality. They're trendsetters and that's why I buy apple products!!!

I'm a self-professed iSheep! and I love iMore - thanks for providing all the latest iPhone / iPad news. You're all i need! - Apple wise!


How could the iPhone get better? Yet it did. My friends hate me because I love iPhones so much. And as for iMore, I love how you keep me in the loop. Everything I need to know to make a decision (and why would I change?) is readily available. The perfect match.

I've been a day 1 iPhone purchaser since the original. I switched to the iPhone not only for what it could do but also to get out of a market that had me swapping phones 3 times a year to try to find one that could do what I wanted. Ironically, the iPhone has actually saved me money this way! Anyway, if you could save me standing in line this year I'd love it!

I Just love Apple Products ! I would Love to have it because i dont have enough money to buy the even the cheapest IPhone so i would Love to get this one Please ! :( :( :( And i just want to say that i love iMore !! :D

I love Apple because they make elegant products that are simple to use and reliable to own. I love iMore because they are my go to source for all things iOS and Apple related. They have great content on their podcasts and web site. Always the first site I check each day.

imore is my go to site for Apple News. I check your site daily!. I love all my Apple products, but none as much as my iPhone. I run the battery down almost everyday because it is my main computing device.

I cant imagine using anything other than Iphone. It just feels great to hold and simple to use which for me is what a phone is all about.

well, I like to have the best hardware, that's why I love Apple... and I love to be well informed, that's why I love iMore.
Simple like that.

I absolutely, no doubt about it LOVE apple! I love iMore even more! I use to have a android then I switched to an iPhone and I love it so much I would NEVER go back to it. I also love how iMore is always making new iPhones it just gives you this feeling like you need to new best thing and I would love to upgrade from my iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S. Keep up the amazing work apple! It's the bomb!!!!

I love iMore because of the great reporting on Apple products that keep me in the loop of whats going on! And The apple products I have are great for me! This would be a great contest to win thanks iMore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a single mom so I never really had the money to get an IPhone I'm still using a flip phone but all my friends and family that have used app only had good things to say about the data and overall usage of their phones so I can only conclude that each phone will better then the last considering apples outstanding reputation

I love iMore since it was Phonedifferent to theiPhoneblog to tipb and now imore and visit everyday because you guys report the best storys and not just junk like other sites (cough cough BGR). I love the iPhone because of its designs, customer service, and world class UI.

The year is 2007 and I have just gotten married. I hear on the news that Apple are launching a revolutionary new IPod with a touchscreen and web browser. A few weeks after we got hitched our wedding songs were downloaded onto my new iPod Touch so that I could be reminded of our happy day while I walked to work. I used the device to research tips and hints and stumbled across something called "The IPhone Blog," and hearing Rene and Georgia each week became a regular feature of my commute.

It's now 2010 and my wife is hospital about to give birth to my first son, Nathaniel. We use an app called "contraction master"! We play relaxing music from my new Ipad.

The year is now 2013 and my baby daughter Bethany is born. I use iPhone 4S to take lots of wonderful pictures. Thanks to Imore's tips and hints I can get even better pictures with this than with my standalone camera.

Apple and Imore - thank you for being there when it matters.

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The year is 2007 and I have just gotten married. I hear on the news that Apple are launching a revolutionary new IPod with a touchscreen and web browser. A few weeks after we got hitched our wedding songs were downloaded onto my new iPod Touch so that I could be reminded of our happy day while I walked to work. I used the device to research tips and hints and stumbled across something called "The IPhone Blog," and hearing Rene and Georgia each week became a regular feature of my commute.

It's now 2010 and my wife is hospital about to give birth to my first son, Nathaniel. We use an app called "contraction master"! We play relaxing music from my new Ipad.

The year is now 2013 and my baby daughter Bethany is born. I use iPhone 4S to take lots of wonderful pictures. Thanks to Imore's tips and hints I can get even better pictures with this than with my standalone camera.

Apple and Imore - thank you for being there when it matters.

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Been following Renee and you guys for a long time. The site and the shows have came an awful long way. Every now and then I find myself click on "last page at the bottom" and scanning through pages from that direction which can be fun. In short I love apple because really they were the first tech company to incorporate art and design in their products. That, mixed with their perfectionist like attitude really made me appreciate their products and company from a young age.

Apple is the best because their innovation might not be out of this world, but their little techniques are superb. iMore is simply down to earth about technology, the way it should be. Keep it up.

I became a convert to Apple in 2006 and have NEVER once looked back! This list of friends that I've brought into the Apple fold continues to increase too. My own step-father (a staunch Windows user forever and a retired IT director for the department of corrections in a western state) used to make fun of me for being such and avid Apple advocate, but he now is entirely converted as well.

I discovered iMore while listening to Rene Ritchie while listening to the Mac Break podcast, and it's now the very first page that I check each morning while I check out the latest Apple news. Love Apple, love iMore! You both rock!

I love apple and I am hopeful of winning their newest and greatest ever product which includes the most beautiful and advanced operating system ever!xoxo:)<3

I love Apple because of their focus on design and quality.
I love iMore "this much" (stretches out arms), because Canadian for the win :)
Also, it is one of the best-designed Apple-centric sites out there.

I've used and loved apple since I was in the 2nd grade! (1985). I love iMore because the people there love Apple as much as me :)

I do love Apple. Of course I love iMore. It helps me keep up on all the apps and news. Well Done, Keep up the good work!

I love Apple cause they make products that fit my way of life with great quality. iMore is the best because they keep me up on all things Apple with the best articles and the best staff.

Wow, I dig apple. All the hoops you have to jump through just to post here I feel I deserve this iPhone 5s. I also follow Renee on Mac Break Weekly. Pick me. Thanks.

Instead of trying to sound clever or fanatical I'll just say that I love iPhones simply because they work. I've had both android and iphones within the past few years and quite frankly, nothing on the market is as simple and well put together as my current iphone. It just works.

Apple always has the most innovative products and features, and iMore keeps me up to date on the latest Apple news and offers different perspectives. Keep up the good work!

I come here several times a day to check in with the news and the most current observations/articles that your staff produce. also i would love to win something lol. that does not happen

best to you

I love apple so much I have switched to all Mac's in our household, we have 5 iPhones, several iPods, 2 iPads, and hope to soon have a new 5S. It is about the quality of the products and the user experience. iMore is a great source for news about this great product. I'd really like to win this contest!

Pick me! New to iMore, but I have a BlackBerry Z10 and an iPhone 5S would be enough to bring me over to the "dark side"!