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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love iMore for the great content plus helpful tips and tricks. I love Apple for creating beautiful and elegant products that positively affect my life every day. And if there were no Apple, there would be no iMore. And that would make me sad.

Ever since I got my first iPhone 3G I have loved the Apple iPhone line for just being an overall great product to experience and could never have kept up with all the latest hype, news and tips without tipb and iMore. I've gotten every iPhone since then and really owe a lot of thanks to you guys for keeping me in the know every step of the way.

I am obsessed with apple products. Ive had the ipod, and now i have the iphone 4 and i am inlove. I love the apps the style the easy navigation and everything else that it has to offer. I will never change my apple products. And i love imore because it informs me about the product i like best!!

I love iMore because of Rene Ritchie and his insight into Apple and its products.
Apple is pretty good, too.

Ever since I've converted to Apple I haven't looked back since! I personally can't see myself without my Apple products! And I couldn't be more thankful to iMore for keeping me up to date on all the news and updates! I got nothing but love for you guys and all things Apple!

Thanks for the contest! I read every day and love hearing about every cool new Apple gadget. Nice work!

Apple products are the best rated technology ever with the organized layouts & beauitful designs. My dad & I own almost every apple product there is including the iPad, iPod, Mac, Macbook, Apple TV, & iPhones. I would never think about switiching over to another company for a better product. I love iMore reviews & how the site keeps consumers up to date with the latest news & deals going on with all Apple products.

I love Apple products because of the smooth structure, which makes it very user friendly. I enjoy iMore because they keep me up-to-date with all of the latest technology,

I just love how APPLE simplifies my life with all their great products & I love iMORE for always keeping me up to date on the latest apple news

I LOVEE everything APPLE!! Having mobility issues my Ipad keeps me occupied constantly, and my Iphone keeps me safe when I'm out and about plus it takes great pics! I've only just discovered IMore, but with this contest my first experience, I love IMore already!

Hello, I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the unemployed so that I never myself I could not afford even a iPhone or other smart phone.Ja I was delighted when he won this too good model iPhone, and it was also my first smart phone.A Imora I like because it has a lot of useful information related to cell phones, and technology ... special treat to me please :)

iMore is the first place for me to look for any Apple news. Always correct and timely. My daughter just dropped her phone in the lake (don't ask) and I will need a new phone because the dad I am I gave her mine and I am using an old phone. By the way, she did have a Lifeproof case on it but when it goes to the bottom of a Texas lake it doesn't really matter because it was never found.

I absolutely love Apple products, and I love iMore because you always keep me up to date on what's going on. Keep it up!

I love Apple more than soft serve Ice Cream. I also love iMore, but not as much as I love Soft Serve ice cream.

the reason why i love apple is simply because i love the way they design there products and the experience is great and imore always keeps me up to date with all the news in the ios world.

I've been happy with Apple since my first IPhone which was the 3GS. I'm using the IPhone 5 now and and also enjoy my IPad mini.
IMore has been helping me along the way with ideas and technical features and I've had it bookmarked from day one.
Thank you IMore.

I love Apple because of its quality built devices and ios ecosystem. I love imore because I can find all latest news related to apple.

iMore, in my opinion, the one and only website that can make justice to a company like Apple. The same spirit, the same soul... mine, your and Apple's.

I have a iphone4 love it never going back.def need a new one thanks imore for the Chance for a new one you GUY'S ROCK.

i am involved in the security bus. and this ios7 in a 5s is for what i was waiting since 2007 .
lets go apple my love. love you to imore

I love Apple's continued ability to make deliberate, calculated decisions that deliver the best possible end product to consumers. Likewise, iMore has been my go-to source for iPhone & Apple news for the last 4 years. I appreciate your stories being broad when necessary, deep when necessary, and delivered for a wide range of readers. And, unlike some readers, I actually appreciate your personal comments/reviews of apps and products - it helps me understand how useful/fun/whatever the app/product is "in the real world."

apple uses its own mind to create new product and do not cheat. thats why I love apple.and imore provide oppurtunity to those people who cannot buy expensive product so , we love them

I Love Apple because it has something that others don't. Apple make sone high-quality products I love all of them. And iMore is one of my favorite pages I visit it almost every day to check the latest Apple news. I hope I will win the iPhone 5S.

I love Apple because this is the one company which make super quality products. I love iMore as it is helping me to find out great news of Apple Launches and much more.

I can't go a day without checking up on the latest apple news from iMore! Winning a phone from them would be the ultimate prize!

I love Apple for the experience and loyal consumers (even if the fans sometimes get frustrated). It is obvious that Apple has our best interest at heart, and only Apple can create the devices we love by pairing it with the software we crave. Apple is a brand above the rest for a reason.

As for iMore, the content that you guys provide is amazing. I love you for constantly keeping us up-to-date with what matters most rather than unnecessary tidbits that your competitors might offer. Even better, you obviously return the love by offering great contests such as these. iMore you are all the more.

Every digital device I own is from Apple because I believe they have the best platform and I love iMore because I believe they are the best news source about Apple.

I'm in love with Apple products! I'm scared to even consider switching from iOs! The thought of it gives me anxiety. Ha! It happened slowly, but before I knew it, I was sucked in! I'm pretty sure I can't live without my iPhone and iPad. How much do I love iMore? My morning routine starts with checking iMore, and then I check it, o roughly every other half hour. "Refresh, refresh, refresh..." That's how much.

I love Apple more than life itself...well maybe not, need to live to love all things Apple and iMore is the place to get all of the details you need in your Apple life!!

I love apple. I love apple so much I dream in objective c... Problem is I cant afford a 5s currently. I would love to win this. I love imore as well. I come here for all my news...

iMore? That's the place with the polite Canadians right? I love those guys! They filter and only report the good stuff. Plus I think they might give me a free iPhone!

Love the imore contests. Loving ios 7 and cant wait for the apps to be updated next week for optimization. Would give my brother my 5 if i were to win. Good luck everyone.

Never own an iPhone's before, tho as being hearing-impaired and low on income puts me off buying with hefty price tag. Any chances if i won?! :)

Look if you want more customers going Apple's way then I am your man! Of course I love my Apple tech as much as the next man or woman and have plenty of Apple devices to show for it (I'm also working toward developing apps!!!).

But more than that as a teacher I am in a position to influence the next generation in Apple's direction when they see all the cool tech and all the cool stuff it can do!

The 5S is just what I need to keep up this important ; ) work. Of course I will put in a good word for you iMore!

I love Apple and iMore thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!

Seriously, the podcasts are very insightful and intelligent and the coverage is quite thorough. Thanks a million.

I am a complete Apple fanboy, I've owned 3 iPhones, and iPad, and 3 different Macs, plus other products from Apple. I e also been an avid follower of iMore for several years now and it's the first site I go to every time I look for Apple news!

Absolutely love Apple....was a devout BB user until a few years ago, and I can't dream of ever going back.

As for FAR the best place to get info, news, tips, and tricks for anything iOS related

Our son gave us an iPad4 last Christmas, because " he did not want us buying some cheap pad". We were apprehensive about learning, but fell in love with the camera, the ease of setup, absolutely everything. We think we can now give up our android system phone for a new iPhone.

wait! wait! wait! wait! wait! wait! wait! wait!
i can,t wait please give me a way what to do ......
love you imore for this great opportunity....
all wait for apple ...5s i know you wait for meeeeee

Apple is ALWAYS on the cutting edge and iMore keeps me in "the know"!!! I love them both and I WILL LOVE THE NEW iphone 5S!!!! In Gold please....

I can't say that I love Apple, but they definitely make amazing products. As for iMore, there is no better place to get information on the iProducts.

I am really liking the iPhone 5S's features... I think Apple has done a lot over the years to change the cell phone industry... iMore is a great place to get the information you need, for all your iDevices!! Thanks for all the hard work guys!

Just got married, she's switching carriers since we're going on a family plan and I need a new phone for my wife! After the wedding and ring, a free iPhone would really help the budget!

my favorite thing about imore and apple is its a wonderful site to go too one word i can but apple and imore in is FANTASTIC

Apple products help me seamlessly work and play and I love how they all work together. I read iMore every day, at least three times a day. This is my go to place for rumors, tips, and news for all things Apple.

My wife and I love apple. We have several apple products and some 2 of just because we want our own lol. I visit IMore just about everyday. Love the weekly app articles. Would be great if I win since I am not due for an upgrade yet.

Apple guy here, with 3 iphones(4s 2-5) ipad 4 ipad mini 2 ipod touches. I just want to give a brand new 5S a new home with its apple family....

I seriously am in love with everything that comes from Apple! I have had an IPhone for almost two years and cannot wait until I get the 5s! I've had an iPod and I just love it all! I love IMore as well! This is a great site!!! :)

I love Apple just because they're awesome! It's just so beautiful what they are making. It is expensive but it's worth your money. I'm 15 so I just Don't have the money for it. And I also like imore for the best news! It just keeps me up to date. It's also has a nice website layout and things like that.( if my English is not good that comes because I'm Dutch and 15 years old) keep up the good work

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all

Apple did great with this mid cycle update with releasing 2 devices to accommodate the mass population. Fantastic Work!

iMore provides the best updates and current rumors to allow all of us to make informed decisions. Again, Fantastic Work!


While I can't profess my love for either company I can say I am greatly fond of both. iMore keeps me up to date on what I want to know about and Apple let's me keep up to date whether is on my iMac at home, the MacBook Pro at the office or the iPhone everywhere! I do have the 5 but should I happen to fall into some luck I would definitely get the 5s.

I love iMore as it is my go to source for all apple. Love Ritchie's posts. Love love love every iphone that Apple makes. If it is free I love it double. Give it to me now.

I love apple products for their design. They are clean, sleek, and very user friendly. No fluff and stuff. My family is becoming an apple family more and more everyday. iPhones, iPods, Apple Tv's, and I am sure computers will be next.

I think the fingerprint sensor is the most awesome feature on the iPhone 5s but why couldn't the have made a red iPhone 5c???? nobody want to make red phones??? Apple does it again.

I Love Apple for their Buttery Smooth (Android Free) Reliable iOS and Rock Solid Hardware That Always Works!!! iMore Rocks, the How To's keep me up to date on everything and anything iOS!!!

I love Apple products! iMore is an awesome website! Thanks for this giveaway and it'll be wonderful to win an iphone 5s!!!!!

I really love apple I've been with them since day one, I've had every Iphone that's came out and hoping to win this one. I love Imore because it's the only site that brings me closer to apple. Imore is also my homepage on my laptop and phone!!!

Please let me win destroyed my iPhone 5 with no apple care and stuck in a two year contract with sprint , please let me win !!! Apple ROCKS but imore ROCKS MORE ...

Had a galaxy s3. Thought I was getting the latest and greatest from android. WRONG! Spent a lot of money on apps trying to do the things my wife's IPhone just did on its own. Finally couldn't take it any longer and got an iPhone 4S. It's a huge upgrade. This phone is everything the S3 wishes it was. I'll never own anything but an iPhone again.

I really love what Apple has to offer and I'm tired of my Galaxy S 3. iMore seems to always have the latest and greatest info on apple from what i've seen over the last few months. I will make the move to a iPhone as I've never had one before, now is as good as any time as ever.

Apple products are a must-have for me (at least they would be if I had more money). I've always wanted an iPhone, but could never afford one. I haven't won any contests either, who knows, maybe I'm gonna be lucky this time :)

Regarding iMore: What's there to say about you guys that hasn't been said already? This is by far the best Apple-related website I've ever came across, and it wastes my free time on a daily basis ;) Maybe some day I can view this website from an iPhone :)



I Love Apple Product Because They Have Created So many Great Technology That Could Be Used For Many Different Reasons! & I Think Imore Is Great Because It Keeps You Update With the Latest And Greatest Apple Products!

I love imore because i just do! their my number 1 source for all my apple news :) i love browsing the forums and i love every single one of the people on this website :) you make getting the latest apple news so simple!:)

the reason ilove Apple is because of their customer support and highest build quality products and the reason I love imore is because I get more out of my Apple products by visiting this wonderful site and the contests are a huge plus lol thank you guys for the opportunity

I love Apple because I truly believe in their vision for the future of technology. I think they are an amazing company whose forward thinking is something I deeply admire. As far as iMore, I've been a long time reader and fan, and really enjoy all the content and personalities associated with the site. I like being able to come here to not only be informed, but entertained. Thanks so much for all you do!

I love Apple because they make things that are beautiful and simple to use, and love iMore because it's one of the best sites about Apple =]

i stumbled across iMore one day and have loved it ever since. I own many apple products because of the quality and performance is the best. i own a iphone 5 but will be upgrading. as someone who heavily depends on my phone as a everyday point and shoot im really looking forward to the camera.

This is my single entry for this contest. Honestly, I love iMore (TiPb) because it consistently has the most concise, well-curated information about the iDevice universe. Not to mention that they've got the only tech blogger slash practicing therapist (that I know of) on the interwebs. I've got a special spot for that, since that's what I do as well (minus the tech blogging part). As for Apple, nobody makes as well-designed, stable devices as them. I've looked at other phones and tablets, even dabbled with them from family members or friends, but I just can't ever see dropping the iPhone or iPad. They're solid, well-organized, and have killer tech, even if it's not the newest, latest bleeding edge. Here's hoping that I pull the $500 to put with me and my wife's 4S eBay money to grab two new 5s devices!

Apple is wonderful I've always wanted to get an iPhone.
Imore is a good place to find apple news so that we know when the product will come out.

How do I love Apple? Let me count the ways: 1, 2, 3.... And iMore? I don't have enough fingers or toes.

My iPhone has simply worked better than any other smartphone I have owned. Period. Excellent OS and solid build.

I love Apple and I really enjoy iMore! Rene is one of the BEST writers and Apple Analysts. He really can break down Apple's strategies and business model.

Yes please! I love apple not at all! They price gouge. But I'd still want a 5s for my girlfriend!

I love the iPhone 5s and everything about it. I been following apple since the iPhone 2g and haven't stopped since. I would love to buy one of these but financial problems are preventing me from doing so..... And I would like to personally thank iMore for providing this amazing opportunity for me and the rest of the iMore community. iMore is the site I got to, to learn about new releases of electronics and more. This site also provides unbiased views about products.

Apple produces aesthetically pleasing works of art. iMore provides informative perspectives regarding significant products. Simple & elegant.

I love Apple because they make great devices and know just what features to put in them. They have come a long way and should continue to impress and "wow" us! Apple is smart and creative. They know what their customers want.
iMore is a great website!! I use it to get caught up on anything Apple-wise. I use it daily whenever I go on the computer. They have all of the information you want to read and have great, interesting articles!

I've been reading iMore ever since it was known as "The iPhone Blog," and I'd love to win an iPhone 5S so I can experiment with iOS 7 and learn all there is to know about it.

Apple has been the face of technology in each every one else mirrors their products. imore has been one of my favorite sites to listen out for any iProducts announcements and videos. Two word thank you

iMore always has the best up to date news on anything apple and i love it! Cant wait to get the new 5s!!

I would love to win an iPhone 5s. The new interface is so elegant as well as the new iPhone. Them both together is groundbreaking. I truly appreciate all the hard work they put into making this phone. It's perfect for me :)

I love this site! I am always trying to find info and reviews and right here is all I need to know. It's like you guys get the latest scoop on everything apple. I have been obsessed with apple products since I was 18 and I finally saved up enough for a mini I pad :) unfortunately that leaves me with no money for an iPhone 5s

As an architecture student, my Apple products are essentially my life. I use them all (including my 3Gs!) everyday to study, produce designs, and keep up with my friends and professors! I really am amazed at the opportunities my devices have provided for me!

I go to iMore on a daily basis, it's my go to tech news, review, and rumor site. I am also a proud employee of Apple! =)

The apple experience is one of a kind! Its a simple no fuss approach to mobile computing and its amazing. Imore is a great place for apple news and great forum discussions! Please pick me so I can get a 5s in gold!

iMore is the best site around for news and info about Apple which produces great enterprise hardware and software.

I never owned a cell phone longer than about 6 months. I always had to have the newest until the iPhone 4. I owned that for two years and now own a iPhone 5 that I will have for one more year and then a iPhone 6 for...

I have never had a piece of technology that worked so flawlessly and as advertised. When my laptop died in June I didn't run out and buy a new windows machine, I spent $1000 more for a Macbook.

I was a cell phone forum visitor since HoFo. I subscribed to so many blogs about cell phones just to find all the information on my devices until I discovered TiPB, now the beloved iMore. There are other iPhone sites, but this offers the best combination of tech and plain ol' fun.

What can I say? It's an iPhone :) one of the awesomest products from Apple and the name itself nothing more to brag about :D iMore rocks big time for sharing this. :) spread love not war lol

I am absolute Apple freak and I rely on the iMore website and Twitter feed to keep me up to date with all that is going on with Apple products. Keep up the great work Rene and team!

i love imore because, well there are the ''all apple source to go to" and i love apple because the products just works

Oh how do I love thee apple,...let me count the ways: iphones, ipad, imac, ipod touches, ipod classics, ipod nanos, ipod shuffles... Where do I fuel my love and knowledge of whats new and developing in the orchard? iMore of course. Love you guys.

I thoroughly enjoy your coverage, tips and trick for all things Apple. As an avid Iphone/Ipad user, this site is the best - as is Apple. Keep up the good work.

Dear Imore
I use you to keep up to date with all things tech. But for financial reasons I have never had the chance to experience an iPhone. Winning the iPhone 5s would be a huge blessing. Please choose me imore. It would mean the world to me

Been an Apple user since 1992, with many products still in use. I have a 1.42GHz Mac mini and an original 23 inch Cinema HD Display still in perfect order. A 1st gen iPad, 2 iPhone 4's and 2011 MacBook Pro. Sure would be lovely to have, you know, something new for a change. :)

Thanks iMore for giving me this chance because I need a new phone so badly
i'm currently using an old Nokia C6-00 (a Symbian device)
i'm begging you!

Apple has gone the extra mile again with the Iphone 5s cannot wait hold one in my hands but unfortunately i cannot afford it for now i settle for the 3gs but one day soon i will upgrade.

I LOOOOVE Apple AND iMore! I have strayed before with both devices and websites, but ALWAYS come running back to my iDevices and my iMore!

I want those New Camera Features iMore!!! Apple is killing the Photography Area Hands Down as well as iMores constant coverage of whats WHAT and thats the reason Im loyal to both Good luck Folks!

I loved the Apple concept since buying my first Mac in 1984 and they still amaze me with their simplicity and capability... Imore has been a stable reporting media that can be trusted...


Apple is great because no other company can match the build quality of the iPhone. Everything else feels cheap in comparison. Also, they have great service when it comes to warranties.
iMore is where I come every day for information related to Apple and Apple products. The articles are well written and the community of members is great.

It's because Apple exhibits all the right values a person with substance (for me) should be. iMore does a great job at delivering Apple's personalities to a lot of people who feels the same.

Hope I'm gonna win something someday, it would be awesome if I started my winning streak with the most wanted gadget out there.

Love iMore and Apple? The two names are synonymous with quality and the cutting edge, so what's not to love? Frankly, I would have to say that the quality of the How-To, editorials, and breaking tech news, not to mention the non-stock photos is phenomenal! iMore, you are the true place for all things Apple.

I'm still on an iPhone 4, can't wait to get my 5S! And, iMore always keeps me up to date with all my necessary iDevice info :)

Have always been an apple owner iphone, ipod and macbook pro.
I have always read imore even before they changed their name to imore.

Apple has truly transform my life in every aspect of the word. Thank you iMore for keeping me a truly informed educated apple iphone consumer. Your in depth articles are very informative.

I read all of imores articles daily and i have a iphone 5 and 4 but i want to login using a my fingerprint.

I love my iMore site for all my Apple news and Miss Georgia, u 2! You need to be a special guest on the iMore show again and we want want to hear your take on all that is Apple....a women's point of view is missing here. Can't wait for iOS 7 to make my iPhone 5 brand new again. That gold one looks fine but the white is sweet!
Looking forward to buy my iMac by Xmas/New Year....going all in with Apple. Who would of thought...

Well, I just know what to expect from Apple! Other brands are just not the same :) The new Iphone looks amazing, and it could be my first one!!

I love apple because the quality is better than another brands and imore give me many information about apple. I entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new Iphone 5S because I love the fingerprint sensor and a gold colour. NO BRAND THAT IS AS GREAT APPLE. I want win this contest because I can't have my own apple product :(

In three short years I have gone from only having an iPod Nano to two MacBooks, an iMac, Two iPhones, three iPads and two iPod Touches. It is the Apple Ecosystem that just makes it all work together so nicely. And the information gained from has been invaluable over that same period.

Would love to have this phone...very classy and the fingerprint scanner is very interesting!

How could one not love the degree of effort and innovation that goes into our high quality Apple products?! I can say personally that I LOVE Apple. iMore isn't really comparable at different company categories, but I can say this: iMore is THE #1 Source for Apple news, reviews, and forums! I couldn't see myself going anywhere else for iOS device coverage!

This is a SWEET contest iMore! Thanks for the opportunity!

I love apple so much, with all their new innavations to this world. And I love imore because it infroms me about these great products and innovations.

I've always loved iphone eversince the first one that ever came out, I would love to the new iphone. Also iMore is the best website out there regarding iPhone info, I check it daily. Keep up the good work

Listen....I love my Apple products because they are me...they are pretty much every second of my day..yes, even in my sleep. iMore is by far THE BEST iOS news source known to man. Daily routine...I visit the site quite often. Also, I've never had an iPhone that was current. Always a generation or two behind. This time

Never used an iPhone, but I love my iPad. Safe to say, I will fall in love with my iPhone (should I win). And I absolutely love like there's no tomorrow. I live on this site.

iPhone 5S gold is so nice looking, I wouldn't toss it if someone gift me one. Black n gold please.

I love Apple because I love how easy their products are to use, and how they all work together! I love iMore because it's the best Apple blog around! Mobile Nations are the best!!

I said this in the last contest that I didn't win, but here goes anyway...My pregnant fiancé would kill me if I bought a new iPhone. With that being said, she is getting a ring very soon (I actually just out a down payment on it today). So I think the discount and the ring--and the fact that she'll be getting my old iPhone--are just what i need to get the green light the buy the new 5s

I love Apple products, I actually teach people how to use Apple technology as well as their competition. Many of the tips and tricks I share with my students come from iMore...and I'm pretty much addicted to their podcasts.

Please help me help people help themselves!

I like apple and imore but I like apple more.
I usually prefer to read Rene Ritche's opinion based articles, he often expresses his views in a very sensible way.One of the reasons of me being a regular visitor to iMore , it covers news fairly well without being a blind fan boy site.
Well If you guys choose me then thanks in advance otherwise I would be still your regular reader.Keep up the good work!!

I love apple and I more so much I literally got kicked out of my bedroom by my wife for looking at imore too much

Apple and iMore are like
Sonic the Hedgehog & Knuckles,
The Doctor & his Companion,
Scooby & Shaggy,
Woody & Buzz,
Doc Brown & Marty McFly,
Kirk & Spock,
Nemo & Dory:

Without each other, they are nothing, but together THEY ARE FREAKIN' AWESOME!!

Keep up the good work guys, can't get enough of each article!


I switched from Android to iOS since iphone4, iOS is definitely on a different level of haven for mobile platform. The elegance, simplicity, user friendly and human like Apple's iOS made me just can't live without them.

please gives me credits to win this as a post-android guy....

I can't say I love Apple because I do not own any Apple products, but I would love to get an iPhone 5S. iMore is imore than awesome.

I love Apple, because, contrary to popular opinion, I still see them as a truly innovative company. I see them as a company that wants the best for their customers, and with that refuses to give them cheap products. They may not give us everything we want when we want it, but its because they know what will work and what will not.
I love iMore because it is single handily the most reliable Apple news site on the web. It is also the cleanest and easiest to follow through. Its a great reflection of Apple.

I have been in love with Apple products for years, my iPod 30GB died last week and I have fond memories of my device. iMore is more than a news site, you guys provide a keen insight and valued opinion of the Apple lifestyle. That is why I love you guys and gals! Peace.

Imore is the best and most accurate source of Apple news. Couple that with fantastic products, life is good!!

I love Apple because they embody excellence.

I love iMore because they love Apple at least as much as I do.

I love Apple product always excited every time they have event and discuss new product... And make sure I got those product even though some I can't afford I make sure save up for a year to get the product I want !!! Like the IMac and IPad 2 and mini for my daily use and bring along with me! And got this iPhone ever since they got the 3G and I was not lucky I guess just got the iPhone 5 hope that I did wait for the 5S :( hoping that I can get one :))
And IMore help me and people keep us update about Apple product and suggest the best application we can get...
So dependable and reliable site! And accessories that you can buy
For Apple product.. Love Apple and IMore combine and thank you
For keeping us update and happy consumers:)

Absolutely love iMore and Apple. I've had every iPhone and unfortunately won't be able to buy on this year. Really hoping I'll strike a lucky star and keep the tradition going!! Would love to win a Gold + White!! :D

I'm tired of people underestimating the power of apple products, let me be a promoter of the great company Apple. i need this new iPhone it will literally change my life.

I have loved iMore since way back when it was TiPB! I would love to continue to browse the site daily with a new iPhone!

I love apple! Got my first macbook for freshman year of college and never looked back! And iMore has been my go to mac site for just as long! Great tips and posts.

Apple helped make my chosen profession — print production and graphic design — a lot less chemically toxic. iMore reports on Apple better than a lot of other tech sites I could name.

Honestly I think Apple is one of the best companies in the industry, they strive to create innovative and beautiful pieces of art we use everyday. iMore is the first place I go to see the latest at Apple. A very professional staff with detailed and well written articles that pull me in!

Well let me put it this way. If Apple or iMore made socks and underwear then I would be rocking those bad boys with much pride. Not as active as I once was sadly but I am an OG going all the way back to the good ole days of TiPb. Much love to Rene and the entire iMore team.

Dear iMore,
My iPhone 3Gs have just decided to retire after years of service.
I would love to win the new iPhone 5S because an APPLE a day, is just KICKASS! :)
Please choose me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love ♥♥♥

Apple has far exceeded my expectations as far as making products for the consumer. They are absolutely the best. And is the best website, hands down.

Looking forward to the new Apple products! (will be getting a new iPad this fall). Thanks iMore for all the great info and articles you do.

Imore, or TiPB as I like to remember it, has always been the source of my knowledge when it came to any apple products. You do a tremendous service for all of us who have questions about our Iphones, or want to keep up to date with the latest apps. You help us figure out which model is best, how many gigabytes would be conducive for our lifestyles, you teach us what we need to know to make our device be what we need it to be. You're service is second to none. I want to thank you for that. I love Apple and I love Imore.

Apple is seriously one of the best manufactures in the world. All of their products are just so well polished. Yes, I use an android phone but I wouldn't mind winning an iphone 5s! Thanks Imore!

I've had an Iphone since the very beginnig and I must admit at first it was completely different and needed lots of updates like a flash and speed bumps and several other things but I loved it and still do. With each iOS update I get more excited and each new model makes me want to get one. Sadly im stuck with an iphone 4 but have had iOS 7 running since the first beta. iMore always stays on top of things and provides me with all the information I need. I would love to win the iPhone 5s and show everyone the amazing prizes and contests iMore has ALL THE TIME!!!
Keep up the good work :)

I am a hardcore fan of iMore from India. They are the the best website that provides most rational and relevant news about the big boy "Apple". India is welcoming the giants. I want to have a bite on my most sophisticated desire from childhood. So from India with love to iMore and Apple.

'Apple Day in Canada' hosted by Peter Cohen and Rene Ritchie with their play-by-plays and colour commentary was the highlight of this iPhone event. Kudos!

Starting to love Apple and iMore each day that passes by!
Looks like an awesome device to gift my father with!

I love Apple because all of my devices play well together. From syncing, device backup, and support, I couldn't be more happier. I love iMore because it provides great information, the staff is very nice and to the point, and the design is top notch and easy to read.

Loving Apple, and imore more than my girlfriend is incredibly pathetic. I know what you're thinking... Yes, I would make love to that gifted sweet baby iPhone if it was given to me by the lovely iMore!!!

I love Apple so much that I would be willing to read nothing but Rene's editorials for a year for a new iPhone! I love iMore so much that I would gladly except the gift of a new iPhone.

iMore have a simple layout, up to date news about apple, and i like the way the editor blog about an apple product/event, yes it's an apple-centric blog, but can tell the truth when apple create/do something "bad". i really want iPhone 5S, the design is so gorgeous(that's why i always loved iPhone) and the touch ID, with the ring in the home button,it makes the design event more beautiful, the camera, and the 64bit. i think i have to stop now,. please give me iPhone 5S.

If I had to choose between Apple and iMore, I'd pick iMore. What does that mean? I'm not quite sure. All I know is this is an awesome contest on an awesome site and I hope I win.

Just so I'm not disqualified for technical reasons: I love Apple THIS much, and I love iMore THIS THIS much. :)

I love that Apple isn't afraid to try things others would avoid. IMore is where I read my Apple news!

Hello everyone, true story I charge my phone on a nightstand and I have sleep apnea, the hose knocked the phone into the garbage pale , my wife woke up early and throw my phone down the chute. It got compacted into a garbage cylinder. R.I.P. unlocked iPhone 5 unlocked verizon, I know use a flip till i get a new phone ... SAD