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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Senior Editor at iMore and a practicing therapist specializing in stress and anxiety. She speaks everywhere from conferences to corporations, co-host of Vector, Review, and Isometric podcasts, and should be followed on Twitter @Georgia_Dow.

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love apple because the body and mind of an iPhone is amazing and I love imore because the soul of the body is so pure

Apple is what introduced me to, and what made me love technology to the extent I do now, and because of that I love them!
iMore has brought me amazing editorials and information about Apple products, and they are my favourite Apple new site of all!

I love how Apple can remake the flash to a "True Tone flash" and implementing 64 bit architecture core which will be new and interesting and loving how iMore would be so kind to give such a wonderful device.

I want this iPhone 5s. I need it. I haven't had a phone for the longest time. I need it for school, and work. Other phones just wont do. iPhone 5S is the perfect one. Apple's products NEVER disappoint, and neither do you guys .You keep me updated in everything. You teach me, tell me, give me everything there is to Apple. And thats why you guys are the best. Hope you guys pick me! Thanks!

A little space grey iphone in a fancy smacy case will make my day Sept 20th! iMore has been keeping me posted on updates, despite that I was laid off a month ago, I can't imagine sticking with the old android I have any longer... I can't wait! Thanks iMore!

Apple: A pioneer in electronics. I track Apple from 1987 and I can say that the ideas and the computer design is years ahead. The logo "Think Different" is Apple. Steve manage to assemble the best design team to create the 3G, 4 and the iPhone 5. I think that Apple has designs for new iPhone but the World is not ready for it. It's not the time. All we have to do is Believe in Apple and Wait.
iMore: In spite of the fact that the internet is full with sites and blogs for Apple & gadgets information - reviews etc, some site filter the huge unnecessary information and brings you the Elite and most needed info regarding our favorite devices. Simple, minimal well organized. Nothing (i)More, nothing Less.

Orfeas Stavropoulos

I love apple and I love I more because it gives me the latest on all the newest products and updates. Unfortunately I can't afford an iPhone 5s but its nice to dream. Even if I don't win the giveaway I hope whoever does appreciates it because these companies do this out of the kindness of their hearts. It's amazing how people still give back to their supporters. Love u imore team!!! :)

I love apple and iMore even more! Please help me upgrade from my lowly windows phone to an iPhone to go along with my beautiful ipad! That way I can read iMore through my phone without a problem


I love apple because it just works. When I plug my iphone 4S into my car it works without any issues. iMore is the place to go if I want to find any apple related info!

I wake up every morning 15 min early grab my iphone and open the imore app just to get my first apple fix. (Even before coffee) I continue to check the imore app throughout the day just because I can't stay away. Love you guys and girls at imore, and the not so forbidden fruit that is Apple. I want to say the iPhone is just the best piece of hardware and software out there. It's hard to explain all the little details like how well the keyboard types and the consistency of the buttons on the iPhone. Like it been said before it just works and imore is smooth and consistent just like apple. Taking great effort to get an article out and say what needs to be said without all the extra nonsense. Just like apple. I'm not the best writer but apple and imore are just a class act

Sent from the iMore App

Wow, Apple is an amazing company, my iPad I'm writing this blog with works so seamlessly. My wife has an iPhone 5 and she loves it! You guys at Imore really go into depth on every product, App, and software and our an excellent source of information for the public. Keep it up in the mobile revolution!


I love Apple so much that I buy a new iphone, ipad, ipad mini every year!!! iMore is THE place to go for best writing and info !!!

I am a true Mac user. Using Mac since I was 4-5 years old. Never bought a PC before. My family had a Plus, SE, Classic, Performa 630 CD, Bondi Blue iMac, Graphite iMac, PowerBook G3 Bronze, iBook G3, iMac G4, iMac G5, iMac C2D, iMac 2012, MacBook Pro C2D, MacBook Air. Also had an original iPod mini, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4. Need to upgrade to an iPhone 5s!

I'm new iMore user.

I've been a big fan of Apple and Apple products for 20 years. Apple makes quality computers and devices that just work and work well. iMore is one of the best sites for Apple news. Quality writing, interesting and well reasoned articles, great reviews.

If it wasnt for apple i wouldnt even know where i want to work when im 18. i love apple so much that ive already talked to a store manager about getting a job there when im old enough and im only 16. and imore. dont even get me started, its amazign and i love all the stuff that we can get and learn from you guys. keep up the good work.

Just like Apple Imore are really excellent at telling stories about how technology impacts our lives, concise, innovative & informed.....the magic is intact, thanks Imore, thanks Apple.

Not yet an Apple fanatic, as I only have 3rd gen iPad, but an iPhone 5s would be another kick to transfer from WIndows to Mac/iOs ecosystem :) iMore? All Mobile Nations sites are great in terms of content and visual fidelity.

Okay, so let me start this by telling few facts; First of all, I've had iPhone ever since it came out for the very first time. Yet, I'm not going insane about "my love" for Apple. My loyalty (me always buying the next iPhone after another) is based on the fact, that this phone freakn lasts! I've dropped my phone into a swimming pool (it was there for 15min and worked like a charm after), snow, concrete... You name it, I've prob done it! Yet, the phone still works! Not one single crack on the screen! I've even dropped my iPhone from the roof of my house...guess what? IT STILL WORKS!

Tbh, I'm still a beginner what comes to using iMore. But so far so good! Obviously this was the first site for me to find out about this beautiful new iPhone 5S. Can't wait to hear more news about Apple, I-want-More ;)

Apple products are the only products that both look great and work great right out of the box! iMore is the best source of Apple news!

Now give me an iPhone! :D

Why Apple? Because an APPLE a year keeps SAMSUNG & BLACKBERRY away.
Why iMore! Because iMore keeps you strive for MORE APPLE ;)

Iphones are amazing...I love everything about it.the place to know everything about iphone is is alot more than we expect!

I love both Apple and their products, iMore I totally love with all the reviews and different info they always provide.

iMore is definitely the BEST source when it comes to news related to hightech. We also love Apple stuff because their products are so gorgeous and easy to use!

well incase of apple, there is a lot to write about but to be honest Apple turns people speechless.....
Awesome range of products.
iMore- i m loving it..(specially forums)

Please imore let me win this device. I betrayed apple and bought a galaxy nexus. It is undoubtedly Thee worst phone I have ever owned. I need an iPhone back in my life. I need this iPhone 5S. People may say the app race is close but they are full of s***. Apple app store is still far better. In addition to that customization is just overrated. Give me a phone that just works ALL THE TIME.

I'm not an Apple user, but I admire the quality and beauty of their products. iMore is THE place to go to read the latest on Apple news, rumors, and reviews.

We love Apple, We love iMore, We love iPhone 5S, there are not reasons, there are feelings. Thanks for existing.

Because I love applepie =D <3 Best thing there is! doesn't matter if it's in a form of a phone or fruit. So if this webbsite can give me "more" fruit so I can make my applepie! Then I love you for life ;)

Why Lie? I have tmobile and i just want a new IPHONE5S. :) I love Imore and reach for it first when checking Apple news. Apple guy for life. Keep up the good work....

Apple products just simply work. No battery pulls or lag. Does what I need it to do ... when I need it to. Imore has timely and relevant information with access to other platforms through sister sites providing friendly competition (minus the trolls - that imore, of course, can't prevent). I'd like my new iphone now, please.

I love Apple products they are the best!!!! The only source I use for my Apple information is IMore.

Switched from Android to iPhone recently and absolutely no regrets. iMore has been a great help in the transition

obozavam gledati kod prijatelja i zbilja volim apple!! ali nisma u mogucnosti da ga sebi priustim pa se uveliko nadam ovoj nagradnoj igri <3
Almina Hrvic

The iPhone has been blowing my minds since its dramatic introduction on January 9, 2007. Touchscreen interface, amazing web browsing, and effortless multimedia capabilities -- who knew a nearly buttonless device could do so much, even before the App Store. It’s the king of the smartphones, and we’re just its faithful subjects

iLOVE iMORE because of its great way of presentation , up to date technology news and georgia....

I used to despise apple, being an android and windows fanboy. I have converted to apple because of the simplicity and the great apps. It makes my business way easier and more fluid. iMore has been a wonderful resource for everything apple. I tune in daily! Thanks iMore for the great contest!

I'm an Apple fanboy - I am always up-to-date with every spec and product because of iMore.

I've been visiting iMore since The iPhone Blog days and prefer it over any other Apple blog. Keep up the good work.

During The iPhone Blog days, I applied at Apple retail and joined the company in 2011. My journey with Apple continues to surprise me.

My interest with the company had sparked with the original iPhone and your blog, and because of your blog - you made me the Specialist I am today.

Thank you.

I LOVE Apple so freaking much but thing is that i dont have enough money to upgrade everytime i love Apple so much so i'm entering!
Thankx imore for this oppertunity

I love Apple for three reasons. The first is the quality of their hardware: as a student with a limited disposable income, Macbooks are a cost effective way to get a reliable piece of kit. While they're more expensive to begin with, one Macbook and one Macbook Air have seen me through six years of study with nary a concern. The second is their sense of design: their stuff suits my vanity and shallowness. Third, and this is tied to the second, the array of beautiful apps on the iPhone satisfies my need to tinker with things.

As for iMore, I appreciate the enthusiasm you bring to Apple and Apple-related news without sacrificing a critical eye. It's a tough balance but the writers here seem to strike it (most of the time). Plus it's nice having a news source to visit without having to scroll through news on tech that isn't directly relevant to me. Who wants to read about Android anyway?

I love how apple can seamlessly integrate different devices. After seeing how everything links together, Im hooked and can't change brands. its just so convenient! Oh ya, and the best support site, iMore, is pretty good too ;) Love reading iMore on mobile ios and the great editorials and previews you provide!

I love Apple with a such a burning passion, it is considered an obsession. I follow each and every product update, and watch each and every keynote. Some would venture to say that I am a fanboy. As for iMore, I have loved all of you through and through since the launch of the iPhone. I've seen you evolve from The iPhone Blog, to Tipb, and to imore. Every iteration has been amazing, and I'm excited to see where this great site will venture to next.

I started out a Windows person, but my workplace issued me a MacBook Pro (on which I'm currently typing), and now I'm a convert. I have the new iPad, and am hoping for an AppleTV as a birthday gift. iMore has been an indispensable source for learning my new favorite technologies - I can't even imagine owning an iPhone 5s! Thank you for the opportunity!

Love Apple for their consistency in making great products.
Love iMore for for being a reliable source for all iOS news!

I love Apple because they make great products, and I love iMore for covering everything Apple! You are always my first stop for news.

I've waited up to preorder 4 different products (iPad 2, iPad 3, iPhone 5, iPad mini) and for my 18th birthday went to Cupertino, CA to visit Apple HQ (I live in Florida, so it's a good ways away). I also love iMore for the giveaways it does, and how it gives back to those that have supported it by being a frequent reader.

my secound phone i got is a iphone from childhood and tell today am an iphone user and currently using iphone 5 and am a daily reader of thanks

I'd especially love.... to win this contest!
But for real imore is the place I go for all my info.

Used almost every Apple product since the Apple II. Including the Lisa, the PowerMacs, the Cube, and the original laptop with the trackball. So I think I love Apple and I love iMore.

AHHHH im still rockin' the iPhone 4 (although with the iOS 7 Beta lol)......this would be a much needed and much wanted upgrade!

I love apple very much because it's very stylish cute and smart smartphone which works more than we thinks. The imore always help me to find the best and suitable mobile news and apps what I looking for. Thanks for giving the opportunity to win the iphone 5s. Thanks a lot.

These new phones look great, and iMore is amazing in it's coverage. Apple and iMore are a match made in heaven! Can't tell you how much it I love both companies! :)

I think iMore and Apple are very alike. They're both presented with poise and style and they're fronting the evolution of technology! I would love to win an iPhone 5s, firstly I really appreciate this chance from a great magazine and secondly who doesn't love Apple and iMore?

4/1 + $666.66 = greatest company ever! Once I took the bite of the forbidden fruit, it led me down the path to find the ever expanding universe that is imore! Iwant imore iPhones!

Since I was born I loved apple, I even had a family born with apple. My mum worked as an apple developer at the age of 20 and since then we have only worked with apple. The days go by and Every new product my father buys weather it is osx or ios, he gets it. I saw the new Iphone 5s and I LOVE IT!!! <3 I always receive the old products from my father and now its my turn to get the best!

The iMore site has been awsome over the years and is my "go to" site for anything Apple related. I have been a long time Apple supporter and my entire family are Apple-a-holics. Winning an iPhone 5S would the greatest thing ever to happen to me.

Keep up the great work.

Why do I love iMore?
Well, it's simply a great information source. Rather than being all over the place, iMore really gives the audience the juiciest news there is. It's a go-to source for information on the latest gadgets!
Why do I love Apple?
I could go on a rant about this for ages. I'll just make it brief. Apple listens to its customers. They only create the best simply because they are the best. Apple is simply the most innovative company there is.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
A GOLD iPhone 5S
Will make my dreams come true
--->iMore, I ♥ U MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love APPLE because I want to be able to have my finger print needed to unlock my phone so my son can no longer have access to it!

Made the jump last year from BlackBerry to Apple and iMore helped make that a great transition. Loving my iPhone and iPad Mini and would LOVE to get a new 5s from iMore!

Since 1995 I have loved Apple. Back then it was not trendy to like Apple. Fans of Apple were regularly made fun of by the PC hordes. The big debate was: who would win the operating system war? Today... who cares ... Microsoft won, big deal. We always counted on Apple to be exciting, to make things that were beautiful, to force us to leap with them into the future. That's why I love Apple and why i'm glad they worked so hard on these products: iOS 7, 5s and 5c to make them beautiful and smart and forward thinking.

I love Apple so much, I even buy peripheral things that are Apple, like apple sauce, pie, juice, et al. ^_^

I love iMore because They are my top iOS and iDevice news source! (really, actually)

I own Apple products because Apple seem to be one of the few companies in the tech business caring about wrapping great functionality into something that is beautifully crafted and designed.

I read iMore for the always well-written in-depth articles and analyses on current trends in the mobile market.

Apple a Haiku...

Apple Love
You come to me my darling
I want you

iMore a Haiku..

More for me
Daily bring me joy and light
I love thee

I love imore so much it gives me great info and reviews its all around a great website to visit , I also love apple , apple is a company that I've always loved .. Their technology is beautiful :)

If I don't win this contest, I'll probably never get an iPhone. Been Samsung for a long time.. Just think...I win this..see the light of Apple iPhones, then who knows what's next...tablets...laptops...purchase stock....the possibilities are endless, just like my love for you if I win :) Thanks iMore and Apple!!

I would have to agree with "thestillwind". I think I love iMore more than Apple. You guys are all over any Apple news or recommendations. You keep us up on the latest and greatest hardware and software Apple has to offer. Please pick me, I would love to have a my devices in the same ecosystem. Thanks for all you do!

I've always wanted to have a phone that gives me that premium feel. A lot of my friends have an iphone and whenever i hold it, it just feels so amazing and I just wish I could have one too. They're awesome! They look awesome, the way they design is awesome, it's just awesomly awesome. And the fact that imore is giving out this awesome chance is awesome. I'm just hoping this is also open to us Aussies!

Went to the emergency room last week and had some X-Rays done. They found that I had Apple on my mind, but my heart belonged to iMore (check the avatar)! I could really use the upgrade to the new iPhone 5S with 4G LTE. Have pity...right now all I have is Sprint 3G :(

I love Apple for their suite of high quality products. I am brand new to iMore but it looks like I love them even more...esp if they send me the new 5s *hint hint* ((nudge nudge))

I LOVE Apple AND iMore!!!!! I have been an Apple fan since the first day that I touched a Mac and I have never looked back!!! I read iMore EVERYDAY and can't wait to get the new iPhone 5s. Please pick me!!!

Working for one of the 4 major wireless carriers, I've always wanted to become an advocate for Apple products, but have never taken the plunge. This gift card would help to do that! iMore is a great resource for smartphone users of all levels of knowledge!

Apple has the best tutorials. The ease of navigating is unbelievable. Also, Apple has the best products on the face of the earth I have learned a lot from the various tips and shortcuts using iMore.

I've always wanted a phone that gives me that premium feel. A lot of my friends have iphones and whenever i hold them it just feel so awesome! iphones looks and feel so awesome! imore is awesome for giving us this awesome opportunity! Apple really knows how to design and market their products, and i'm always finding myself on their website just day dreaming about having one (why they gotta be so expensive?! sigh.). My friends are always telling me to "shut up about it", but i can't stop adoring it. I JUST CAN'T! :(

Great site. All you need to know about Apple devices.
I' m all Apple ( love the Eco System). One leftover Windows laptop which I fire up once a month to get the security updates.

Good Luck

iMore is the first site I check for Apple news. All others from there, but, iMore is the first of the day and last at night.

Apple is the best and I have never had a computer other than APPLE; I have had the iphone 2g, iphone 3gs, iphone 5 and will now purchase the iphone 5s... awesome products, awesome software; I market for apple all the time by raving about the products and suggesting no other for a phone, smart phone or computer!!!!!!!!

I love apple and all of their products. I have used them since I was in high school, and I can't imagine life without my iPhone! I love iMore, because it gives me all of the up to date news on all of my Apple news!

Before coming home to iPhone, I dabbled in Android and Blackberry. In every case, I ended up wanting to hurl my phone against a brick wall. I have only ever owned Apple computers, and unless they go out of business, I will always own only them.

I love Apple. I used to work for them and that only heightened my infatuation! I love the products because they make my life better! I love iMore because you guys have the absolute best JOURNALISM on the company and its products out there! You guys write REAL stories!

Simple the Goldpagne Iphone goes perfectly with IMore's classiness and repuatable source for mobile technology information. Keep it coming TIPB I mean IMORE!

the last iphone i had full time was the 3GS wow. love mobilenation i get all my apple news from here read right of my ipad. the 5s looks refreshing Can i make the plunge

Okay so I loved android....
I still love it but ios 7 has got me
I always fought with my friends against apple but now I have to say "apple is apple"
Would love to get this, to dissolve into the "apple world"
Hope I win!!!

if i got the opportunity to win this amazing $500 gift card prize i would be more than grateful , although it seems like a slim chance i will still keep faith , i cant afford an Iphone 5s just yet due to school and rent so getting the chance to win it would be more than appreciated, i love apple products , the Iphone 5s seems amazing with all that comes with it ,it would make things much more convenient ! Please pick me !:)
-Corinna Ramirez

if i got the opportunity to win this amazing $500 gift card prize i would be more than grateful , although it seems like a slim chance i will still keep faith , i cant afford an Iphone 5s just yet due to school and rent so getting the chance to win it would be more than appreciated, i love apple products , the Iphone 5s seems amazing with all that comes with it ,it would make things much more convenient ! Please pick me !:)
-Corinna Ramirez

Ehem.. is this thing on?

iMore is simply the best. What else is there to say? As for Apple.. I am thoroughly satisfied with the reliability of all of their products (ex-Android phan here..). Go Broncos!

I love Apple because their products last and keep working over time, work well together, and the stores give me readily accessible help if something does go wrong. iMore, well, gives me great coverage of Apple without fawning over Apple and it has a point of view. Plus cute staff.

One of these days, one of the annoying spambots that comment on these entries is going to win, and that will be a hilarious day.

I love my Apple products because they excite me and work how they are intended. I love iMore because they keep me updated on all the latest and greatest news on Apple. I WANT to win this iPhone!!!!!!

In my BB days, I would switch phones 4 - 5 times per year. Been on iphone since the original... Thats love ain't it? OK, imore is cool and informative and but to be honest, I just a big ole Georgia fan.

What better place to continue my devotion to iMore news and articles than from my brand new iPhone 5S while suffering through my 1.5hr commute every day to DC. A new device would be SO appreciated!

I love iMore and it is my "go to" site for up to date apple news, reviews, and troubleshooting tips. I have been an apple customer since the 1980s, including the dark years when the predicted demise was imminent. Now I have full vindication! Keep up the great work, iMore.

I like i phone from my childhood steve jobs is my hero and i dont like samsung phone because they cheat with apple company their phones are slow and i want to work with apple company plzzzzzzzzzzz dont break my heart i think i deserve apple iphone 5
My name is Mahmood Baloch And i am from balochistan a province of pakistan
Sorry for bad english

I love the gold, but i can settle for other colors..Thanks imore..excellent site for an excellent product

I do not really love apple, but have to put up with apple because there is no better work email solution. iMore coverage is great.

iMore gives great coverage, and with some Canadian perspective. I've been using Apple products since the Apple ][ days and I love the simplicity it brings to products such that my wife and kids can easily use them, and add in great support.

I really like Apple... Apple has shown the consumers, and the industry how to make devices that really work. I really want the new iPhone!!! :D

I love my iphone 3S, but I just dropped it AGAIN and now my screen needs fixing, then I was looking on imore, and they have the perfect solution as always.. I get to win a new Iphone, thanks

Apple is my first true love. I have had every version of the iPhone and now an iPad. iMore is just as awesome. It's a one stop shop for everything I need. Apple & iMore go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Apple is source of great products that you guys can keep us informed with. You guys do the best job of all the apple sites of balancing news, reviews, tips, etc all in one place.

Apple is so innovative and the 64 bit processor is a great example. They aren't always first, but they are the first to work well. That's why I love apple. iMore is a great website that helps you find out some of the more obscure but super useful features of ios. It also has fascinating articles detailing the history of apple. That's why it is the number one website for apple news. Because in the tech work imore= quality. That's why I love this website.

Apple wouldn't be as great without iMore and vice versa. Both go hand-n-hand with each being the best shows/platforms on earth!

I love the fair opinions expressed by the iMore staff -- you're critical of Apple when appropriate, supportive of the "other guys" when it makes sense, etc. Not just blind fanboi-ism.

The thing that I do love about Apple is how they manage to make "simple" elegant, rather than dumbed-down.

To be honest, I don't really have any apple device and am not a regular at iMore. If moderators check, most of my activity goes to WPCentral and then Android Central as I'm a user of the operating systems those sites carry. So it is hard for me to tell that I love Apple or iMore.

The biggest reason I like Apple is for their 'it just works' approach on its devices. This approach makes Apple's devices more reliable where others can fail. I would also like iMore for the same reason I love the entirety of Mobile Nations, it is the home for the most comprehensive, objective and professional blog to follow news and editorials for iOS and mobile technology, which also comes with an engaging community.

I'd like to try the new iOS and the iPhone 5S as well. However, I'm a prepaid user and don't buy my devices on contract. So Apple devices has always been out of my consideration as their devices have been expensive to buy, even when they are used.

I have been around Apple products since the 1980's and always check iMore to get up to date apple rumors and news. Here's to hoping that I win, I could really use a new iPhone 5s.

i love imore so so so so much and have been an apple fan for years but $500 is only £315 not enough to buy the cheapest iphone 5c

I love apple's products. I love when software is designed to be perfect for the hardware it is meant to marry :P. & I love iMore because it is where I can know about what's new in the Apple world. :D

Apple and iMore are in a way similar. Both leaders in their domains and both loved by people around the world. In short, a deadly combination.

I've always wanted an iPhone! I love Apple products and I'm in dire need of a new phone...current one is 3 years old and will soon stop working :(

Apple is awesome! All there products are reliable, if there is an issue walk I to an apple store and they will help resolve the issue. And imore is my go to place on anything apple or related to apple!!!

i love the Iphone not just for the amazing technological features but for the beautiful design & attention to detail. Its a sleek & unique piece of technology that will be forever written as a major stepping stone for mobile innovation.

why i love iMore? well, simply such an offering is enough to love you guys. Seriously though, you are one of my favourite "i" related sites.
why Apple! simply the best user experience with the best design factor.

Been loving the Iphone since switching over last year and a big thank you to imore for making the transition such an easy one!! Also keeping me up to date on all the upcoming apple products makes this site a mandatory daily visit!

The best website for my Apple news, either on the web or in my Zite App. Love you guys! Also as I'm sporting an oooooold iPhone I would happily love the chance for an upgrade.

i bought iPhone 1 when they announced it and then i felt in love with apple product and form that i bought every iPhone apple release. imore is the place where i get my information about apple and other stuff i trust this web site and i recommend it to anyone even they don't like apple because the content you post its will written and good quality.

I love Apple because they make gorgeous products that just work, unlike android, Apple makes their products for one device and they just don't have the problems like android does.
and iMore? It's the only place I go when I have Apple questions. I know I'll find exactly what I'm looking for.
Here's to no more Android after this contest!

This will be my first iPhone but I've been around and active on WPCentral, PreCentral, AndroidCentral since 2006 and now I am excited to move on to iMore. Thanks to the entire Mobile Nations team for always having the best communities for all of my smartphone needs.

There once was a time when I used Apple products exclusively. That changed over time. However, this truly made me realize how great and innovative Apple products really are. Winning this gift card would kickstart the transition back to solely using Apple products, starting with an iPhone 5s. #getmeoffofandroid

I would love to win a $500.00 gift card as I have never had a new iPhone. I have always had used ones from Craigslist.. iMore always has great contests!!

Apple is simple gadget but have more brilliant app, and imore is a medium of information for gadged and always up to date

I love Apple and the iPhone, it is a great smartphone that makes my life so much easier. Both my wife and I have the iPhone 5 and we have one iPad 4 and one iPod touch 5th generation. I love iMore because it keeps me updated with all the related Apple news and provides great reviews, tips and tricks. Keep up the good work!

I love Apple because of the awesome User Experience. It has such a nice UI which is easy to explain to your parent and grandparents. Thanks to Apple we all are connected more closely.
iMore is a pioneer Apple site. I visit this site daily to check on the latest updates on Apple and thanks to iMore was able to choose which colour of iPhone 5 to get. :)

I've had every iphone from the first to now the 5th, every Ipad including the mini. Apple is more then a product its a way of life!! Imore and Apple go together like whine and bread, simply great

I LOVE iMore so much that I want this contest to be OVER, so that this post (the one about the contest) is not the FIRST post every time I return to iMore to get the latest scoop on Apple! I am so sick of seeing it and having to scroll past it, that I hope they read this brilliant, loving, encouraging comment and end the contest NOW! (You've heard the saying before, you only hurt the one you love - sorry iMore) Then announce me as the winner, and get the site back to NEW posts showing up first!

I love my iPHONE5 and would like to win one for my son who has a google phone and I want to prove to him that IPHONE5s is better.

I am both an Apple and iMore fan. I am planning to move from Verizon to T-Mobile, thus winning an iPhone could not happen at a better time for me.

I often look to or refer friends to iMore for Apple iOS related questions, reviews, etc.

Keep up the good work!

I am a senior citizen and iMore is my favorite place to go when I need to find out about the latest news on tech toys. The iPhone 5 looks to be a fantastic toy and I'm sure it will give many hours of enjoyment when owned. Great website and a great phone.

I love iMore, best site for latest news and updates all in one place! I love Apple for its quality, and sustainability!

I'm really interested in the Touch ID technology and how they are going to go about using it for authentication ( I think eventually it's going to be used for more then just unlocking and apple id)

- impatient one

I love iMore One stop place for all the latest information, and forum questions. I love apple for its ease of use and quality!

I love apple because of all the innovative steps they have taken over the past few years. I love iMore because all of the awesome information that you guys/gals provide.

Apple you are the core in my life, I thank you everyday for keeping my life organised . Imore you are my link to the best videos,tutorials help and advice. Thankyou

Absolutely love the iMore blog and all of the great articles published on a daily basis! Been a major fan/supporter of you guys since it was known as 'tipb' the iPhone blog! You guys are absolutely the #1 iPhone blog on the web!! Everything is always well written, organized, and clearly thought out!

I love Apple, the eco system and importantly the community! They've always supported me with trouble shooting problems every since my 1st iphone which I had forever!!! (3gs). They changed the cell phone game with all the brick and mortar locations and great support. Can not imagine giving my hard earned money to any other company!I would love to be the winner of this contest! I've had only 2 iPhones before and due to finances I have yet to get another one since the 3GS so winning this contest would be phenomenal and greatly appreciated! I still can not even decide between the 5c or 5s!

Love you guys!


Looking forward to the Touch ID unlock and showing appreciation for the iMore coverage of all things Apple.

Actually i neither love Apple nor imore... but i would love to win a 5S so that i can ditch my Blackberry Bold - would be a great partner for my iPad 4 ;)

I love Apple so much that I dream of becoming an Apple employee to be part of the company that makes the best and most equisite gadgets in the world. I also love imore to the extent that when I don't visit the site I feel like I've missed a dose.

I love Apple. I always watch their videos over and over again, read every thing i can on Apple (like Steve Jobs' biography, Apple's history etc). I already did a long presentation on Apple (in class), and I'm trying to get an internship the Apple company in California, but I don't think I will get there. But I'm especially interested in their design product ( i want to be a designer later).
I'm not able to buy a phone because I have already been stole twice, so this is why I really wanted to win this iPhone. (please excuse my english mistakes I'm french and i'm just a student)
Thank you for making this contest ! I really love Apple and iMore !!

I love the Apple company, because ever since I got apple products I have been able to do my school work easier, and have been able to find out where restaurants are and more, so I thank you Apple company to the people who work their and are able to come up with the genius to make these products. : )

I love apple because their products rock! iMore is awesome because of all of the wonderful guides and insider information that keeps us up to date.

I love apple because I own an iPhone 4S and a macbook pro and I love iMore because it helps you get to know things about your new phone easily while giving hints tips and rumors of new products.

I am hungry for the new iphone...let me the new cool kid with the latest and the greatest... iMore is the best site for the latest news about the phone I love so much..

I'm not going to say I love apple, because I don't agree with every decision they make, but I do feel they make much better products in most cases compared to their competiton. As far as iMore goes, there's no question, I look only to iMore for apple news; the editorials are insightful, the articles containing rumors more than likely end up being true, and the podcasts when I listen to them every once in a while are actually interesting to listen to.

I check imore every morning like i watch fox 4 to start my day i love yall.
And i can only live apple even more since our beginning journey in elementary school well since imac G3

I'd love to get the gift certificate to pay for my upgrade! I just love the high quality products Apple produces. Being able to grab one of their devices and easily and comfortably delve into it, for work or play, is just a great feeling. And what better place to read about everything and anything Apple than at iMore. You guys put out great material. It's engaging and always keeps me coming back day after day. Thanks for the opportunity, and keep up the good work!

This is my chance to win my first Apple product and the most AMAZING App/website is giving an IPhone 5s away and I just want to thank you for the opportunity to give away one of the most SPECTACULAR phone that has ever been built in the history of mankind. I'm Sooooo glad that my favorite app/website is giving it away

I never understood apple and I always went with windows for everything until 2008. We were stationed in Germany and I was missing all of my friends and family back home. A local store was selling iPhones for 1 euro cent with contract... Never using a smartphone before I decided I was going to teach myself so I could have contact with family back home no matter where I was. From that day on I was hooked. I have upgraded from the 3, the 4, 4S and to the 5. The iPhone has become the centerpiece of my life. No matter where I go, I have been able to communicate, pay bills, do homework, take, edit and share photos, schedule and plan out my life, monitor my health and fitness, stay in touch with my husband during deployments (which truly helped our relationship), even as a tool to help run a business 2 years ago..... and thats just a fraction of the list! Shout out Apple for providing top notch reliable technology so user friendly that even this blonde was able to catch on! Couldn't imagine my daily life without Apple!!

I am a huge iMore fan. I visit this place multiple times a day and I absolutely love your articles. Keep up the good work!!

I would say that i love apple more than my family but that wouldn't seem legit ,my first computer was an apple but since the prices got higher i just couldn't buy more apple products because i'm just a student i have a huge admiration for jony ive his design are just perfect

My day is like the Apple logo. I take a bite of one in the morning, and it leaves me feeling creative, knowledgable, and complicatedly simple.

Burgers anyone?
Apple is the meat, iMore is all the fixings. Without each ... a plain and boring meal. Together ... an extraordinary find. A big, juicy, mouth-watering extravaganza, anyway you like it. Thanks iMore and Apple for coming up with the perfect delight. I love my burgers and could not make a day without them. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. Oh yeah! Lets not forget our midnight snack.

I love apples iPhones so much I had an iPhone tattooed to my arm and I don't have enough money for an iPhone 5s. All I have is an iPod Touch. Please pick me and I love iMore!!! Please pick me.

I really like how my iPhone simply connects to PC for syncing and downloading, then playing tunes in the car. It just works (along with my iPad and Apple TV!)
I enjoy keeping up to date with Apple via Follow via www (mostly, easier to read) and occasionally via the app on the iPhone.
Appreciate the contests too! Keep it all going!

I love Apple products because of their attention to detail and the manufacturing of their products - they take time to produce quality products and they update their software. I love iMore because they research and investigate the information in their articles before it is published. Also, they test the apps they recommend. I make my decisions to purchase apps based on iMore reviews and suggestions.

I still have my iPhone 4S with 1 1/2 years left on contract. Been using my Nokia phone for several years before I got an iphone on February. I was just blown away of the smartphone. My iphone has been a work horse for everything I do. As a student with two jobs, scheduling, reminders, assignments, papers and presentation are all daily tasks that made my life so much easier when I got my iphone. And I kept asking myself, where was I all these years when smartphones were born. Can't really help it, when I've always worked two jobs and no time for anything else. And also me being stubborn and a miser.
It was this website that convinced me to go for Iphone. I'm a big fan.

I love Apple because I love quality and Apple is quality, imore is the best website to stay updated with Apple news and rumors.

Dont know if i love iphone or not. I have an android, BUT, i love my ipad and sure would like the chance to love iphone. And, i love you iMore already.

I love Apple products that when I bough my iPhone 5 I said that i was going to wait two years for my upgrade but now that they came with the iPhone 5s I just want to get it cause nice and improve I don't know if I can wait a year for my next upgrade

I really love apple because his products are very hight quality and very durability and imore because is were I stay updated with apple news

Dear Apple,

I just would like to let you know that your products and attention to detail has given me drive to pursue my life career goals. I love you for being apart of the world, treating developers as if they were your own, and having great customer service. I hope you're apart of my life forever, giving me great tools to make this world a better place!


I am so excited for the new iPhone! I've been reading up on every article i can find on iOS 7 and the new iPhone! I've read so much, I can almost imagine what it would be like to have my very own iPhone 5S. I've never been able to afford my own iPhone though (my brothers 3 year old phone is about ready to die on me). I love Imore's articles so much, as it allows me to learn more and more about the iPhone 5S and 5C!

i love apple they make the best products .. i cant wait for the iphone 5s! i been comming to imore to get my iphone information for years! its my fave website!

I love iMore, I check it many times a day and when I do it's like my little break from the world. And Apple where would I be without my mac that I use daily.