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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



Thanks to Renee and the gang at for all you do. I'm ready to upgrade my Apple 4S to the next S version.
Good luck to me!

Dear Apple,

I just would like to let you know that your products and attention to detail has given me drive to pursue my life career goals. I love you for being apart of the world, treating developers as if they were your own, and having great customer service. I hope you're apart of my life forever, giving me great tools to make this world a better place!


P.S. - My favorite Apple blog is iMore, Primarily because its the best out there (Its a proven fact)!

I love the new iOS 7 look. The beautiful colors and webOS cards are the two most important changes in my opinion. Thanks, my source for all things Apple, for giving us this chance to win! Good luck to whomever should win!

I LOVE  products because they just WORK.  provides a Solid product and Ecosystem that works flawlessly!

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.
I would so love to have the 500$ gift certificate which I can use to purchase the Iphone 5s. I am a huge huge huge huge iphone fan and would do anything to have a new one

Apple has the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to what Apple has to iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the ONLY place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.

I love Apple so much. It seems like no matter what they do, they end up selling millions of phones and keeping people coming back.

I love Apple because its about the user experience. iMore is the best Apple source because they have the best journalism practices out of the tech sites.

IMore is the first and only site where I won something about a year ago. Not a big prize mind you but if you show some love and loyalty to IMore it can pay great dividends down the road.
I also really enjoy Rene Ritchie's co-hosting duties on TWIT and sometimes MacBreak Weekly.
And I always seek out iMore to explain new Apple products and operating software. Apps now so much although there were a couple of articles about the top ten apps you need on your iPad, etc.

Always been a android user until I went to imore web site and started reading about ios . I bought an ipad and fell in love with it . After that I bought a mini Mac . Because of iMore I love this new ios . iPhone would be a great prize to win . Thank you iMore

I have been very loyal to apple. I had an iPod, then a ipad, another ipad, another ipad, and a Mac Pro computer. I would love to have a phone. I could not live without my ipad, it's even engraved on the back. And I more is awesome!

Basically an android guy but I'm always intrigued by Apple products, would love to be your winner!

Apple just makes the best products period. Face it, everything else is essentially a copy of Apple. The current iPhone line-up is just an evolution of their original. iMore has been the best source of information about the iPhone and related products. The articles are well written and really provide useful information. Keep up the good work iMore!

I love Apple because of their innovation and the way they strive to do better! I love iMore because it is my go-to website for all news Apple! Help a college student out!!!

I have Apple products since the first Bondi Blue iMac I bought in 1998 the very first iPod that came out in 2002. I like the way that they think through the products from user interface to the refinement of OS X since its inception. I see the same refinement of iOS. I will continue to buy Apple products and I cannot wait to get my hands on the Gold iPhone 5s. I have been reading iMore for about a year and I enjoy the thoughtful articles and reviews and the interesting forum section. Thanks for reading my comment.

It took me a little while to jump on the Apple bandwagon, but now I absolutely love it. Visit every day. Well, actually several times a say. I have an iPhone 5 and iPad 2. Next computer will be a Mac.

I love apple like its my oxygen, cant breath without it. I more is like a tank of oxygen who contain oxygen that i can breath!!! Live it so much!!!!

I love Apple. Have never used any other kind of computer. I love iMore, but then I'd say anything to win this sucker, wouldn't I?

I recommend imore to every person I know that loves Apple like I do so they can get great tips and advanced info. And who doesn't love Apple!?!? Phones are sleek, simple and satisfying!

Well, I'm new to iMore, being a current Android user, but I also am no stranger to Apple either. I own 3 Macs (Mini, MacBook and iMac). None of the previous iPhones have really thrilled me, but the iPhone 5s has captured my attention. IDK what it is. Maybe it's the phone design (love that Space Gray color) or maybe it's the improved functionality in iOS7. If you need another reason to pick me - well, September 14th is my birthday so a shiny new iPhone 5s would truly make an awesome birthday gift. :)

imore and Macrumor are the great websites for iPhone fans, and iMore is much more professional in blog. I love iPhone and will continue to buy the iPhone 5S.

I love Apple because their products fit my needs and I love iMore because they have the best in-depth Apple analysis.

I was gone, then I came back. Gone again, and back again. Back for good now because I love Apple and my iPhone more than anything. I Love iMore because people here are nicer than over on that one fandroid site. me a sheep all you want, because I'm Ba-a-a-a-a-a-ack!!

I love Apple from the very start and I love them even more today. iMore made it possible for me to be updated with all the Apple products that's why I love visiting the site regularly.

I love Apple because their phones are simple to use, best ecosystem and great apps. I love iMore because its a great place to get apple news

I absolutely love imore's coverage of the new iPhone 5S. It is unmatched! Thank you so much for your outstanding coverage. I can not wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 5S!! I absolutely love Apple, and can't wait to upgrade from my iPhone 4S! Thanks again!!

I really love Apple. Their products are amazing, the design, performance are always awesome. their products never looked same with others. Their dual core phones and tablets are much better than quad core phones or tablets in android. I hope i can get the free 5s to upgrade from ipod touch :D
iMore always delivers the latest apple news, and their giveaways are also great. Never miss with iMore.

I have been using an iphone for years and I love apple and their products.
I love iMore for your information and updates. Keep up the great work.
And thanks for the contest!

iMore is much more that Apple news. It's where I come when in need for real analysis and thoughtful Apple blogging.
The iPhone 5s is the state of the art in mobile handsets. Period. Touch ID is the path to follow for the rest of the industry. Apple did it again :)

iMore has always had my back when it's come to helping me transition my personal life and business life over to Apple products, whether it's Apple Mac or Iphone, I've always found an answer here from the highly knowledgable members and their posts/threads. It's been an awesome experience, who knew that this technology would make a huge impact on me. :-)

As Apple seems like to be disappointing the stock evaluation companies and Tim Cook is driving the company as more of a gentle businessman instead of a control freak geek with more solid technical yet design imaginations, I see iPhone 5s as one of the best approaches that Apple could bring to consumers even if Steve is still with us.

Yes, Apple seems not that innovative anymore, but if you try to be more objective, they are actually trying so hard to think forward and they did a good, not an excellent job, yet not losing their simple and artistic design skills, which isn't as persuasive as before.

I think iPhone 5s is definitely a big, not huge leap, but I have faith in Apple because of everything that I wouldn't even imagine which Apple had brought to me so easily.

There's a 1 in 5524 chance I win this but here goes nothing. How much I love Apple and how much I love iMore? Tttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssss mmmmmmmmmuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. In all seriousness you guys are the reason why I've become a tech fanatic in general.

iphone is almost like a fashion trend, if you don't have it you're so left behind. and there is imore so i can find out more about this fashion and it's latest sensation

Came over from webosnation to Imore when I got my Iphone4s haven't regretted neither choice

I love iPhone so much that I sold my brand new Galaxy S4, and jumped ship. I currently have a iPhone 4, tell me that isn't love! There would be nothing more that I would love than to win this contest!

I will post a 120 fps, slow-mo video of me doing a naked back-flip into some sort of body of water (perhaps a kiddie pool) if the best Apple site on the web,, hooks me up.

I know both sides. iOS and Android. But the quality and the operating system of Apple are just unbeatable. Sure there are phones with larger screens and they are more open, but when you turn your iPhone on, you know, that everything is just working as it should.

And imore is the Apple newssite with the fastest and best writen articles on the web. So i say with imore you got the same experience and quality like from iphones.

And last but not least. I just want this phone pleaseeeeeee! I am from Austria and we always have to wait so much longer then the USA or uk.

I've gained a huge love of Apple in the past year, it's as unbelievable as pigs flying. And iMore is my favorite tech news site! I check it multiple times a day, every day.

I have been loving Apple Products since the Macintosh Plus computer. I also had the Apple Newton, iMac computer, Ibooks, powerbooks, iPhone and can't wait to get the iPhone 5s. I love Imore because it gives me all the news about products I love!

I never experienced a better and smoother performance in any phone, music player, laptop other than Apple. I don't even need to mention the look, feel and comfort of using Apple products and ecosystem. keeps me uptodate with all the things I love about Apple.

I love Apple because of the quality, modern look of their products, and almost always seamless software. Apple takes time to come out with products that "Just Work"
iMore is my favorite go to site for anything and everything Apple. If you want to find out about a product that hasn't come out yet, iMore is always on point.

I love apple so much it's like having a BMW on your hand. When ever I want to know about apple products or news,I go to imore. Anything to do with apple, I love it.

Apple is my favorite brand and their products are amazing and iMore let's me know more about them that's why i love Apple and iMore

I simply <3 apple because it's outrageously smart. It has pure perfect picture and line up. Sound is loud enough than wanted. Android is it's competition but, it'll never surpass the quality that apple has. Well all in all, i think if apple wasn't invented, we'd have crappy telephones, computers, labtops, ex. I don't know but, i simply love apple.. :))

I'm a geek, I love Apple because the iPhone is the one piece of technology that my wife and I really enjoy for ease of use, fun and communication. I really love iMore because they offer all the latest and most interesting Apple tech news. And I really find the iMore Podcast to be very entertaining and informative. Thank you for the great job you do!

I'm a huge fan of gadgets, and I really love Apple. Apple is the first gadgets that I love. iMore helps me with so many informations on Apple devices.

I would like to upgrade from my cracked iphone 3gs but we all have a chance so that may be far fetched... but ive been coming to imore since it was tipb... and ill be continuing to come back even if i dont win.. good luck everyone :D and congrats to imore far you've progressed!!

I like the design of iPhone as it is. The 5S is covering all my expectations. That can also be said for 5C, just i am not very kind to live colors on my gadgets. Apple still have get it, as a technology leader to provide us with new HiTech gadgets. I am just a bit dissapoited with Apple events. You can not fill so much of a energy as it was presented by Jobs, years ago.

I really like Apple and their products, but i "like" More to read news and great reviews every day. ^ - ^

First ever Smartphone landed On earth by Apple, that changed the way of living for everyone who want world at there hand, that's why i love Iphone and imore is the best place that keep me upto date everything about my sweetheart Iphone.

I love Apple because the are the trend starter, not only that but all of their devices look amazing and they listen to the people. iMore is the first place I go for Apple news and updates, they are always current on trendy events with Apple and help with finding great cases, headsets and chargers. Not to mention they give away free iPhones =P Thanks iMore!!!

An Apple a day keeps the Dr away....with how this year has been for Drs it would certainly help!
Where else but iMore can you get the best Apple information?

I love Apple because they create world-class products - I still use my iPhone 2G 8Gb as a backup to my 3Gs, and it works perfectly!! But it would still be nice with an upgrade :)

I love the iOs 7 design as well as the aesthetics of the new iPhones. I love iMore because, well I love to read stuff simple. You write em, I'll read it :)
Odds are against me winning though just thought I'd say that.

I started visiting tipb before I bought my first iPhone (3GS), and visits to iMore are still part of my daily routine. Not only does it help me get the most out of my i-devices, but it makes me the "go-to guy" when friends have questions. My apple toys are a big part of my life, and iMore is a big part of that experience.

I love Apple and all its products I have iPhone 5 and i'm looking forward to own the iPhone 5S

I'll be honest. Din't love the iphone 5, but 5s has changed my views. Scanner is the best thing for which I want to buy it. New UI also makes me want the 5s. I feel apple is back on its way. It has come up with same kind of innovation( if not more) which it showed while making Iphone 4. 5s will be a great device to have. Love apple for the innovation it has shown once again.

There are many phone manufacturers around this globe, but you are there best among the rest. i have done many researches but yet, your products are non comparable with no size. Even, words can not explain how much i love your products. I pledged myself to be addicted to your products forever and ever. Indeed your hard works deserves more than you receives as a reward. No matter what will be the situation, I will never ever hold you down. Apple, you always plan to meet everyone needs in terms of photos, you have isight camera, learning - ibooks, and itunes have a exclusives and not forgetting your apple store wide range important apps. I just love your vivid screen display with fastest processor thus your A6 and your new A7 chip with your 64bit and not forgetting your M7 chip with power saver capability. Your products are classic and elegant. In fact you have no size and you will number 1 phone manufacturer forever.

I was not always an Apple fan. But like many others, I dipped my toes in the water with an iPod and became an example of the halo effect. The devices and (most) software just works, and they have fantastic build quality. They do try to provide the user with an overall experience that is second to none.

I came to iMore when I got my first iPhone (3GS) and was thoroughly impressed with not only the breadth of content, but the quality of it. I point all new iDevice owners to the site to not only get beginner's level tutorials but also for help in expanding what they can do with their Apple products. As Apple has expanded their portfolio and made things work more seamlessly together, iMore has followed suit so much that any Apple question I have is first researched here (where, more often than not, I will find my answer). So, while Apple products have become in an increasingly large part of my gadget cache, iMore has also become my goto Apple resource.

Do I love Apple? Having left in 1995 when they looked like going under, I have returned in 2008 and now own 2 iMacs, a Macbook, an iphone, an ipod, an airport extreme and express and an ipad!! That's a lot of lurve!!!
iMore has become my default apple news site since hearing Rene on MacBreak!

I love iMore because without it, how could I get all the information about Apple that keeps me loving it so much?

Apple is hands down the best. From design to functionality to presentation, I love this company.
iMore has always been my #1 go to website. Rene and the gang are 1st class. Always presenting us with the latest and greatest Apple news. Much love to Apple and iMore

Im currently using an (old) android phone and it laggs a lot... i just think it sucks and my family is not that rich that they just give me an new phone for my birthday or so :/ I like apple products very much because it so fluent en beautiful and it think that is also the reason why i found this site, because i am interested in this kind of stuff :) i am also going to university next year and i would be awesome if i could have a better phone. I also like your site very much and love reading the articles. I would be very happy if you picked me. kind regarts

I used to love Apple but I am seriously rethinking that. With their recent business tactics my iPhone 5 for which i shelled out $700 is now obsolete and was replaced with the same thing but cheap plastic back. This is an outrage. I do like though but lost my trust in Apple.
( just wanted to express my feelings, not that i am seriously hoping to win anything, oh and i am NOT a google fan either)

I love apple so much that downloaded the gold master of ios 7 early and listened to imore's buying guide for the new iPhones.

I`m from Ukraine, and I`ve never had an iphone, cause it costs too much in my country. 5s - is my dream. iMore is wonderful website with latest information from electronic`s world.

The Speaker in the ear of my Iphone 4S is starting to die out, and Id love to get a 5s to replace it. I cant afford a new one right now. Thanks Talk Moblie Nations and IMore

I am crazy about Apple products because I have two sons with autism who received iPads thru grants and I love iMore because they know everything about Apple!

I'm a little hesitant to comment since the last time i entered. I kept getting emails from imore showing other peoples comments. Imore overdose. O well .... It might be worth it this time.

Apple is a great company! They make products with the consumer in mind. And iMore is a an excellent place for Apple news. I heard about iMore from a TWiT podcast. Keep up the good work! ^_^

Great contest as always by iMore. Love the site because as many rumors that surround Apple. You know that when you read it here, it's 99% true. Apple, well what can you say. THye make the best products that fit me. From my rMBP to the iPad that I use daily for work, to my iPhone that carries my business forward.

I would love the Apple iPhone 5S bc, apples products are always stable and the best OS out there today! I come to Imore for all my news about New products that are coming out and current products that are out Today/Yesterday. Keep up the good work Imore with Apple coverage.



As much as I love apple products. I really love the imore website. Unbiased opinions from a from a group that really loves what they do. I'd love nothing to win the contest!

Great products suck you in and you become addicted to them. That's the case with the iPhone...hard time putting it down. And when I'm on it, I'm constantly checking iMore for any updates, tips, and info on making it all a better experience.

You guys do a tremendous job....keep it up!

I love Apple products for their premium quality and refined design. Therefore, I love apple!
I love iMore for the great coverage on apple news and the people who run it :)

Gonzalo, Spain

Apple is the one. I want an iphone 5s because I haven't ever had an apple product. So thank you if you choose me.

I absolutely love Apple. The whole experience that is brought about when using one of their products is just simply joy. Makes my life so much more enjoyable.

I don't think so, many people participated in this one, but currently i own 4S :)
I want to say few words about that
product was very good and smooth and we can handle roughly, their apps are great
I respect apple because of their products and good maintenance of that.
And the new 5S, the OS was awesome really, love to use.

Only word is , i am a great fan of Apple and their prodcuts

So Pick me plz :)

I love Apple because everything they make works & i own almost everything !

& iMore is a very great website, keep up the good work ! :)

I love Apple because they make excellent products. I love iMore because they bring me all the news about those products!

Apple is the benchmark of quality and user friendly products and services. For iMore, you guys are the benchmark of quality articles and reviews of all things Apple. That is why I love apple and you guys!

i love it coz it included art in making smartphones by diamond cut precision...d value 4 money...fabolous designss....imore no words 2 say ...i'll check it every single day 4 newsss

Apple's integration of hardware and software has changed both my professional and my private life. Apple's products allow me to work quicker and more effectively.

iMore is the only place I have to go to check where Apple is going next. Comment and analysis isn't fanboy-centric, it's reasoned and well-researched. Peter and Rene's recent coverage of the iPhone 5s and 5c event exemplified this. Keep up the good work.

If I had an iPhone 5s I'd iPhone 5s in the morning , I'd iPhone 5s in the evening , I'd iPhone 5s all over this land....... Love apple and imore !

Apple makes some beautiful and high quality products. I wouldn't mind getting a $500 gift certificate towards one. Thanks iMore for a great contest.

iphone 5s is the first phone which has finger print identity.its camera is better than every iphone. for me at this time iphone 5s is the best phone.....

I love Apple with all my Apples (iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPod Nano, Macbook, Mac Mini, Apple TV) and I love iMore cause it complements all my Apples!!!!

I love Apple!!! I have had every version of the iphone so far. Every Ipad and a few macs and imacs. I would be amazing if I could get the next Iphone and continue getting every generation. Thanks Imore for holding this contest and being such an amazing website that actually cares about the viewers.

Gotta love Apple! I rock an original iPhone and would LOVE the chance to show off the brand new 5s. I love anything and everything Apple. There's just no other way of life for me. ;) I'm new to iMore and I already love the site. Thank you guys so much for the awesome opportunity!

Apple is at the top of their game, creating great new devices. iMore is at the top of their game, writing great articles about them. I'm sorry, but my love for either of them simply cannot be quantified. I hope that doesn't disqualify me from the contest!

It's quite simple actually. I love Apple for their simplicity, their finished products, their unrivaled software and hardware. Now as to why I love iMore? Well, it's the first place I go to find out about new and upcoming software or hardware, and the best site to get a good read.

I like iPhone because has a great camera, a stable platform and Siri is smart and imore because it brings news about this great products.

I love Apple because they seem to always put 100% into every product they release and help me to keep up with everything as far as business and my social life. Imore keeps me up on the latest and greatest apple news and reviews so I'm always in the know.

Adore Apple and products; especially the iPhone and the iPad. Please keep on posting news and commentaries on their products to keep us informed. As always, keep up the good work. BTW - it is time for me to replace my aging iPhone... ;)

I love my 4S but now in my clinical rotations could use the upgrade to the 5S! Was a huge Android and Microsoft fan but since getting into Apple products there's no looking back. iMore is my go-to site for info on my ios love!

I love Apple's concept on forward thinking. They really justified it this year. Initially I was a little disappinted when I read the love blog on iMore, but the keynote changed my opinion. They're taking an advanced hardware feature (finger print scanning) and making it integrated into their devices. I love iMore even more because they help bring an unbiased point of view to everything about Apple. Even Rene is not afraid to voice his opinion about new apple news if he doesn't agree or like something and it's an idevice blog!

Time for an upgrade...I've gotten my whole family onto iPhones at this point. It's the best, syncs perfectly with my Mac, and keeps my life organized.

i <3 my apple products and iMore is my fav apple news source, but I would definitely love both of them more if I ever won one of these contests. One of these days I will darn it!

You gotta admit it mobile nation followers, Renee and the Gang, here at just continue to Rock our Iphone world with these bad ass giveaways ! Now I ask you people, could we survive a single day on this Planet without our daily dose of ? Hell no, we couldn't, these guy's keep us up to date on an everyday basis on what's going on deep inside the inner workings of Apple , the Greatest Cell Phone Manufacturer on this Planet ! Apple designs and build the finest products in the Industry, they just simply work like their suppose too !

Simply, Apple products just work and I would like to donate the iPhone 5s if I win the gift certificate. I think iMore would be happy to know that their gift goes towards a great cause. I would be open to suggestions to select the best candidate for the iPhone.

I ditched my pc's over 5yrs ago and have never looked back. And have continually added more apple devices each year. I am forever a Apple fan! As for iMore, is there any place else? iMore is only place I look to for info on Apple products.

iMore is amazing at being up to date and being able to not being blinded by the true facts out there. They're current and up to date, and that's really exciting!
The new iPhone 5S looks absolutely gorgeous! Sadly... I'm on a three year contract and won't be able to get my hands on it, but like it's so pretty!! The addition of the gold makes me want it even more. Apple did an incredible job at the design of the button and redesign of the of the camera!! I really hope I win so I can get my hands on it!
Thanks, iMore for the contest!! I appreciate it!!

I love Apple and the products it makes. I also love iMore for the coverage and news it provides for my favorite company.

Apple + iMore = apple and iMore sandwich! I could eat'em all day long. Seriously they go great together and I'm sure iMore would give easy to follow instructions on how to eat them.

i am very impressed with Apple's design and product. It has converted a long time Android fan. My next phone will be an iPhone5S, getting a free one would be rad. is a great site for all things Apple and was very much part of my decision to switch over to the iPhone. Cant wait! Picking me would be quite a blessing! Thanks!

iMore is the best site for apple news and tech. I'll be the winner of this iPhone 5s!

Looking foward to get it on space gray.

I don't get the point of this. Are you trying to get comments to expand the community to attract advertisers? I do happen to love iMore though, but that's besides the point.

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Apple changed the world

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all

I love Apple because they care deeply about design. This thoughtfulness shows in the way their products have improved the lives of millions of people seamlessly. iMore is simply the best place to get news and opinion on everything Apple from insightful, intelligent writers that engage their audience in meaningful ways. You're site is awesome, keep up the good work!

I love Apple, but i love iMore even more for keeping me up to date with everything Apple while I study my life away in medical school!

I love iMore enough that I would send my ex wife on a vacation to florida for a month to win a iPhone 5s. It would also give me a break from her for a month.

Really want the 5s but under contract but with your help I'll finally start locking my phone so I can use the fingerprint sensor

I love imore. Because its the best way to get your things like ipads and more I found this out because the word got around but anyway I love it not just because its free because I love it duh who wounldnt

I love Apple. It's kinda like beer. What's your favorite kind? Free beer (or in this case Apples) of course.

I love Apple because they just taste the best. . Bananas are ok, but i need to wait for them to ripen more before they're really good. Lemons are sour. I don't suggest eating them as is. I do love oranges, but you have to spend too much time peeling them. I don't need an extra step between me and the yumminess. Oh wait, pears are actually pretty darn good, but they have an odd shape. Apple is just simply the best. I choose it more times than not at the farmers market.

I've always been a huge Apple fan, their products are fantastic. I recently discovered iMore, and I absolutely love it. It's so useful for keeping up to date with current Apple-related information. Their articles are also always really informative and interesting.

I Love iphones because of their durability. Great tool for my job. winning one would be great especially since my 5 has a cracked screen

No comparison b/w Apple and other products (No wonder you can't compare Apples with oranges!), I simply love it. I am new to iMore, lets see how it goes.

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No comparison b/w Apple and other products (No wonder you can't compare Apples with oranges!), I simply love it. I am new to iMore, lets see how it goes.

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No comparison b/w Apple and other products (No wonder you can't compare Apples with oranges!), I simply love it. I am new to iMore, lets see how it goes.

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I still remember my Dad's Mac from when I was a kid.. having to put in a floppy disk to load the OS when turning it on - and then bringing my family back to Mac when I was in highschool. When apple came out with the iPhone in Canada I instantly got rid of my HTC TyTN (terrible terrible device) for the new iPhone 3g. The design keeps getting better and better and the use of my phone has grown more and more. Apple's all-inclusive approach makes everything so simple - streamlining everything I do so I can hop back and forth between iPhone, personal macbook, and my work iMac. I never go "oh no I need to go here to get this file" or fumble for transfers or drives.. everything just works. Pushing that concept has been the best thing Apple has ever done. I love my 4s, but the bigger screen, camera and performance on the 5s is making me drool. Hope to get my hands on one sooner than later.

As for iMore - I still type in tipb into my browser out of the lengthy habit of doing so. The site is still something I read every day, either from my phone, or laptop. You guys have done a great job at it and it's my first website I visit daily - and the last one I check up on for the night.

So much awesomeness!

I love Apple because of their Eco system, their love for simplicity and elegance. iMore is my one stop shop for all info relating to Apple news and products. They are the best of the best of the best sir.

I am a diehard android user. Ive used amazing devices such the Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab 8, and the HTC Sensation to name a few. I have not been too impressed with apple phones in the past because in terms of features they have always been a couple years behind android,except this one. The fingerprint sensor and the foresight to use a 64bit chip have truly wowed me, and this will be probably be the device that will finally get me on apple.

Apple design is second to none, and their computers and phones are in a class all by themselves. iNeed a new iPhone!

I love Apple because they have decent, but no where near perfect, cloud syncing between my phone, tablet, and laptop. iMore is great because they want to give someone an iPhone 5s.

I'd have to say that Apple has the best mobile phone and OS out there. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7.

I love Apple because they makes the best mobile devices on the market. The way their software and hardware compliment each other are second to none. I love iMore because it is the best place where I can always be up to date on the latest Apple news.

I've had all the different (major) operating systems on phones; Blackberry, Android and iOS. When I got an iOS device I was hooked! I couldn't ask for something better! Then they blew my mind when they announced the fingerprint identification. When I get iPhones, I always get them black and name them "Bl4cK_0u7" (Black Out), but since the 5S comes in "Space Grey" it's only fitting my new phone will be named "5Pac3D_0u7"(Spaced Out). I was perfectly happy with my 4 then they came out with Siri, and that really helps me since I drive a lot, so I upgraded to the 4S. When phones are announced I usually run to the Apple website, but I ran straight to iMore for the 4S on! Great website, can find anything and everything here. Keep up the great work guys and gals! Appreciate all that you do for us!

i am really looking to give apple a shot... my android hate is growing with the increasing performance problems I have been suffering on my phone.

When it comes to apple, and android i defiantly pick apple. I love all the features and i love how every new phone has a feature that im mind blow with. Apple makes wants me want to have all their products, and i cant wait to hear more and more about the new devices they are coming up with. I love imore because i love hearing about new stuff, and reading interesting topics and making me aware of whats going on with new products.

I need one!! Made the mistake of trying out android. NEVER AGAIN!!! -_- And I love coming to IMORE for the latest news about apple!!

I desperately need this device! I love it! I love what apple has done and the thought that they put into their products! and iMore... well lets just say your my everyday read... well more like every 20 minutes I'm hitting the refresh button lol.

I love Apple because using their products makes my stomach tingle with joy! I love iMore because it keeps me up to date on the Apple rumor mill and my favorite episodes of MacBreak Weekly are the ones with Renee Ritchey!

Apple is great is the best mobile phone and OS. I am looking forward to the iPhone 5S and iOS 7. I can't wait!

iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion. I love coming here.

Well in my house android rules for the most part. everyone else has android tablets and phones. I'm the only one who loves apple with a burning passion. there is just something about their products that make them stand out and blow the competition away. I think it is just how they pay attention to detail that amazes me. Every part of their devices get an amazing amount of attention. To stay up to date i use many different resources but iMore has to be one of the best I have used. i just love how they have the news sorted into categories based on apple products and you can tell that the staff is passionate about what they are doing. every article is written well and has a feeling of life to it.

Alas I have an Android :( My son told me that I should have a Apple iphone. I am on the hunt to try and win one. You never know!

"Thanks" and "love" are worlds that cannot express my gratitude (another word), so please empathize with me.
This announcement is as EPIC as the ending to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
(slowly whispers to oneself), ..epic (T_T)
-True Nerd

I love apple very much,, and i love iMore just fine.

of course it will increase once i win!

I've been drawn to Apple since I graduated High School. I've continued using Mac's throughout my college career and after and they've never done me wrong!

I work in retail and whenever we don't have a proper case or tech accessory the customer is looking for I send them straight to Any time I get into a conversation with a customer about new Apple products and tips I always find myself recommending to check out imore to stay up to date on Apple news. Thanks for such a great site. You guys should be proud!

In My Estimation My Love For Apple Is Truely Stronger The Average Everyday Joe. I Am Still A Middle School Student And I Stay Up All Night Almost Every Night Just Learning More About Apple. I Know Pretty Much All Of The History Of The iPhone And All The Other Apple Products. And iMore Makes This Easy For Me. iMore Is Truely A Great Way For Me To Continue My Studies In The Apple Business. iPhone 5c And iPhone 5s Are Truely Great And Phenomenal Products And I Belive Apple Has More To Come. And For Me To Win This Contest Of 500 Dollars To Go To An Apple iPhone 5s Would Me A Dream Come True For Me. So If You Have Read This Comment Which I Highly Doubt, Because Of All Of These Other Commentor/Dreamers, Please Take This To Consideration. I Believe I Can Win This Contest.

I love apple's innovation. I believe innovation is not only apply to inventing new stuffs, it also apply to integrating existing technology seamlessly into a product (For ex, the new iTouch sensor). iMore is great, it gives me all the latest apple news daily. Need to read imore daily.

Here is hoping I will finally win something :-)

I love Apple because I do believe they make some of the best products on the market. Since my first computer (Power Mac 7100) I have been a fan of Apple products. I like iMore because I get latest information on Apple news and products.

Me Love Apple? Nah... I've only just had a iPod Touch that made five of my cousins buy one as well... only convinced my parents to get an iPhone 4 and 4s only to have my uncles and aunts buy one as well... and now? I have an iPhone 5, my brother my old iPod, My dad an iPhone 4 (The iPhone will be for him), My mom an iPhone 5, five cousins having iPod touch's, and four others in my family having iPhone 4s/5's... why? all Because i first Got My iPod Touch... I'm Just an Apple Freak! People come to me at school for all Apple problems... please... I want to win and be able to help not only my knowledge in the new iPhone for myself but for everyone else as well... Thank You Apple and also ,Never forget, iMore as well...

Thank you so much imore for this opportunity you guy are the greatest!!!! I hope I win properly not I have an iphone 4s!!! I love it its great I don't care about the haters yeah it just works... its seems like once you have one apple device you want them all at least that how I feel soooo anyways please pretty please pick me......Love you all

I love Apple because of its technological innovations. I love iMore even more for humanizing these innovations so that we can all better understand and use the technology! Thank you for this contest!

The first thing I do every morning is reach over for my iPhone and when I power up my macbook, the first thing I do is go checkout TipB. Yes, I still type in TipB and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to iMore. Please help a brother out and upgrade me from my 3GS. As of right now, I wont even be able to enjoy iOS7.

I think Apple has the highest manufacturing standards of any smartphone that's currently on the market. It might be a little bit cliche to say that it's "revolutionary," and "magical" but really if you step back and take a look it is. Apple literally is the "gold standard" in technological innovation...and that's exactly what I would do...get a gold colored iPhone 5s for Verizon.

I love Apple because their products are simple, hands on and easy to use. I have actually never owned an iPhone, and I'd love to make the 5s the first! I love imore because they keep you up to date on everything apple related! Thanks for that and the giveaway!

I love apple because of the build quality of the hardware and the app ecosystem as well as the support behind the products. I would love an iPhone 5S. :)

I love Apple and iMore so much that my girlfriend is used to tell me: "You pay too much attention to them. Whom do you REALLY love?"

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I love Apple products because of their elegance and ease of use. I love iMore for their great coverage of Apple products.

Apple's products are so clean and stylish and they serve my needs. iMore is my first news stop each day...

I like IMORE more than Apple as Apple disappointed me on Sept 10th but IMORE has yet to disappoint. Saying that, Apple has done a great job with the FingerPrint Scanner.

More power to IMORE :)

Thanks for everything you guys do, the whole network is full of awesome people with great opinions. I'm a fan of everything tech and I love any company who cares about there users as much as they do products. Keep up the good work and keep me in mind my phone is a good 3 1/2 years old now with dead pixels running down the middle of the screen haha............

For once I want to be the one who has the "new" phone out of friends and family lol the 5s would shut them up lol

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For once I want to be the one who has the "new" phone out of friends and family lol the 5s would shut them up lol

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