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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



Trying to decide what color I want! I want the space grey model, but I'm concerned about the home button where it looks clear and pure glass compared to the other models (where it is white). I sort of want silver, but I'm concerned that it is too distracting. The gold is a little too much bling for me. Ugh...

I check my iPhone every 2 minutes and iMore every 10 minutes. True apple fan boy so give me that phone please!!!!

I love Apple. Beautiful Deign, Great Cust. Service, Quality. It just works.
iMore is great too. Great articles, and video tutorials. I listen to Rene on MacBreakWeekly every week too :)

I love Apple because their products not just work but work very well. imore has been my goto site for all the latest news and important information.

I love Apple because of its human relationship philosophy, and I love iMore because its info it is always helpful for me

I love apple cause not only are their products beautiful they just plain work all the time!!!! And i love imore cause its the number one place for all my iphone ipad news!!!

Something always brings me back to apple and imore. I've tried all platforms. BB being my choice for years but apple just does it all. Can't wait for iOS 7. It's gonna be a bright and colorful future;) imore has all the info I need :)

Let me see.... From the original iPhone (from then Cingular Wireless); enduring my first piled-up monthly dues of over a hundred dollars, to upgrading to the iPhone 3G, which ended up breaking. Then the iPhone 3GS arrived which I passed for the Blackberry Bold, then the iPhone 4 and 4S that I returned to. Much to my dismay, for some strange reason I stuck with Apple(minus that one hiccup). I've purchased songs from my very first iPod mini, then got all excited for the nano, I couldn't contain myself. I bought the iPad 2, then sold it to get an iPad 3, then I bought a mini by selling the iPad 3; It's a mess. Oh, now I have to get this one, there's this huge gap between my collection of mobile technology, I cannot admire it any longer: I must have it.

Surprisingly, I've seen so much changed in iMore's website, and I'm glad I've been using this site as my go-to site for anything apple (not trying to suck up, but perhaps just by a little). If anything, I would love to get my hands on the 5S to try and find out how well it's farther in advancement despite the lack of 'obvious' upgrades that some fans wanted. I like the step up, and I'd be happy to be that guy who can get it. And iMore, I know you're out there!

I love Apple and how it gives me a simple to use ecosystem. I also love how imore keeps me informed and up to date about that ecosystem. Thank you!

How much I love apple:
-more than all the stars in the sky
-more than all the sand on the beach
-more than all the water in the oceans
-more than all the trees in the forest
-more than all the money in the world

Now for how much I love iMore:
-I love you so much I'd fly up to catch the moon just for you.
-I love you like a vanilla ice cream being smothered in hot, chocolate sauce.
-I love you more than Homer Simpson loves his doughnuts
-I love you more than life itself.
-I love you more than the amount of time I spend on this website

<3 <3 <3 <3

I love Apple because they make great products... I love iMore because they give fresh news round the clock... I need a smartphone also ;) :)

I love Apple because their products are good quality & easy to use, l like "imore" because it keeps me informed about the latest developments & news regarding Apple & iOS !! And for the chance to win $500 bucks to spend towards a new iPhone 5s is just mad, Thanks imore.

apple is my go to for everything, i am an igirl at heart, from the time i bought my first mac in college i was sold, and now that i am a stay at home mom i am even more of an i-freak, my whole world centers around my baby and the way i get things done is with my apple products, and my go to for apple news is my ever-favorite imore ;) you guys keep me up-to-date on all my apple news :D

Ive been in love with Apple products since they started bringing them into school when i was younger. their easy to use!! Ive always upgraded to the new apple products as they come out!! (stil using my iphone 4 because i still love it!!) i love products from imore, and the information given to make my iphone last longer!!!!!!!

I love apple like i love my girlfriend. Apple is so compatible, just like me and my girlfriend. It's crazy really. Apple just understands my needs. imore allows me to get up to date with everything i want, and even stuff that i didn't even know i wanted. LOVE IT

I have a healthy and mature admiration for Apple's commitment to innovative design, state-of-the-art hardware and perfectly-integrated software. As an Apple fanboy, I have as my main source of information concerning technology. Again, in a healthy fashion, I swear I won't stalk people. I swear.

APPLE give a perfect combination about software , hardware , design and service and thanks to IMORE to bring everything I need for APPLE newest update

Read all news about i phone 5s and 5c ....about specs ..costs color have gt a clear idea of getting that suits me and my going to get a steel grey , 32 gb, 5 im attached to photography going in for a gadget tooo...thanks to imore , rene ritche, and others , who helped me getting to this decision....... Hats off imore..............

I love Apple because their products enrich our lives. iMore de-mystifies all things Apple. iMore podcast is a breath of fresh air in crowded room full of podcasts!!

I love my Mac but I've never used an iPhone. Something about ios 7 is intriguing to me. Also I have recently gotten into app development and using Android and ios Dev tools has led me to a greater appreciation for Apple. I think it is time for me to get an iPhone.

I love Apple because everything looks great and "just works". iMore is a great place to read about tips on how to use iDevices and is now one of the best Apple rumor sites. Plus, the best thing to happen to the already awesome MacBreak Weekly is the addition of Rene as regular guest.

Thanks so much iMore for putting this whole contest together! I would be unbelievably happy if I won! However if I don't win, it's not the end of the world.

The minute I tried an Apple product, I knew I was done with windows forever! I love Apple for their clean and cutting edge designs, cutting edge technology and the fact that they work seamlessly with one another. I don't know what I would do without my iPhone. Other phones just don't compare. I will forever and alway be loyal to Apple!! And iMore is the perfect place for all your Apple news and tips. Great job iMore!

Ever since the first time I used a macintosh in elementary school to my first Ipod I fell in love with Apple products. Now I can't see myself getting products from any other company as long as Apple makes a version of the needed product. Can't wait for Friday!

Interested in giving IPhone a valid try and have it show me I would be smart in making the move to the Apple Ecosystem, which would of course include IMore.

Well the iphone 4s is my actual daily helpfullllllllllll phone! And i more is the only place in this universe to get all what i want to give some juice to my 4s... wel well i still use a small screen size, wouldn't take risk and bought an iphone 5, but i guess it's time to shift! I simply want that iphone 5s sooooooo bad :) thanks in advance.

I am not very lucky when it comes to any contests, but here goes anything. I would be so happy to be awarded the newest and greatest iPhone. I would be the envy of all my coworkers, family and friends. Thanks for even giving the opportunity to such fans of all the great work you all do for this site.

No comparison b/w Apple and other products (No wonder you can't compare Apples with oranges!), I simply love it. I am new to iMore, lets see how it goes.

As I'm getting more into technology, creating music and social networking, I appreciate everything Apple has done. From releasing the first successful line of MP3 players (I've still got the U2 edition iPod) to the worlds first touch screen phone...I've seen this company's products grow since I was in middle school. It's insane how far they've come, and how much we have to look forward to. Getting my second iPhone, the 5s, with or without winning this. Also, my first post. Definitely been reading all of the updates off of iMore. :)

I love Apple so much it's crazy. And I love iMore even more because they keep me up to date on Apple products. I would so love an iPhone 5s. Thanks for doing this.

I went from a Treo, to Blackberry, to iPhone, and haven't looked back. iMore is the best place on the web to get quality info.


I very love Apple, actually, I'm an Apple fan and i am really interested in iPhone 5S. I love iMoore because you make me a chance to win an iPhone 5S. I'm just a student, please give me an iPhone 5S

iMore is just plain awesome with great contests but even greater info that's unbiased and without the ridiculous hype of other sites that try to draw you in. When I'm drawn into an iMore article, I get actual information not glittery fluff. Apple is just plain superior. Having been forced to use an Android-based device at work, I curse the existence of Android all the time. I find relief in the Zen of Appledom. I can understand those who go non-Apple due to $ constraints, but for everyone else? Boggles my mind...

I very love Apple, actually, I'm an Apple fan because their products are always interesting. I love iMore because you are a good website and you created a chance to win an iPhone 5S. I'm just a student, please give me an iPhone 5S, i really really need it.

I love Apple. Well who doesn't?? Apple creates wonderful gadgets from the iphone to ipod ipad and imac. The whole world agrees that their iphone is one of the best invention! I love Apple as it good quality products never failed the users. Truly its Iphone 5s is going to be a huge hit across the globe. As for imore, the reason I like it is they are always up-to-date with the infos on iphone. Imore never failed to impress us with rumors and spoilers. Last but not least, imore organized lots of contest and giveaways! Yay!

iMore is my #1 source for all things related to my iPhone and iPad! What else can I say about Apple? I love My iPhone, it just works!

I love apple, because apple is the great best phone. What else to the new iphone 5s . I really liked it. It is i first time join in imore and i am so excited because in here i can find information about the latest apple product and the greatness .

The first thing I do every morning is reach over for my iPhone and when I power up my macbook, the first thing I do is go checkout TipB. Yes, I still type in TipB and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to iMore. Please help a brother out and upgrade me from my 3GS. As of right now, I wont even be able to enjoy iOS7.

I love the site I both enjoy reading it and it helps me stay current on products for work, and I am euphoric about my apple products, ever since I got my first macbook ive been apple all the way.

My Apple luv goes back to the early 90's. Even my Job-less Apple Performa worked better than my roommates' PC's, and the iMore podcast is my #1 podcast. You guys rock!

The last iPhone I had was the 4. But I buy my phones off contract so I've been using nexus devices coz of their price. I'm a big iPhone fan and I'm excited about the iPhone 5S features so I hope iMore can help :P

I appreciate the immense (and effectively unparalleled), detail, precision and function that Apple pours into its products.

I also appreciate the interesting, informative and non-biased articles iMore produces on a variety of Apple related topics.

I've been an avid reader of iMore for quite some time now. They always have the best apple related articles which are actually great to read and very useful too. On more than a few occasions I have learned something new about my apple device thanks to the great writers and editors of this site. I'm sure they will continue doing a stellar job.

I really am a big Apple fan, largely because I feel they changed the game with so many great products. Even though they may be less dominant at this particular time than a few years ago, only a fool would bet against them leading the revolution for watches, TV's and so on. They have the sleekest products with the most efficient user interface as well.

I would love to win this competition because my iPhone 3GS is really on it's last legs and feels very outdated. Being a student, I just can't afford the 5S. This coupled with the fact that iOS 7 won't even be released on my iPhone makes it even worse. Good luck everyone! (but please pick me iMore!)

1992, Apple LC II, my introduction to the world of the Mac. Have never looked back since.
2007,, 2008, The, 2010,, 2012, Different names, same great site.
Like the Mac, great things keep getting better.
Love you iMore!

imore has everything. All the news and a plethora of articles regardless of who sort of user you are. Apple is amazing for countless reasons but my favorite is that is all just works!

I didn't used to like Apple. But then I saw Rene Ritchie on TWiT and instantly fell in love ...with Apple I mean. And iMore. Not Rene or his dreamy eyes and "Space Gray" hair.

I luv apple! I luv how they like to keep things simple and not too complicated! Also love Imore! They have so much contests and are always up to date with important news and information! I'm really looking forward to ios 7 and especially the iphone 5s! Hope I get a chance to have it!

I love Apple, I love iMore - but I won't win the iPhone, not being in the US:(

Ho-hum. Such is life...

I have never had an iPhone due to money issues but I have played one them and absolutely love them. I would love to have an Apple product! Especially if it was from iMore, I have never one anything in my life! Hopefully I could get a chance to win this, thanks iMore!

I love apple because the make the highest quality products that actually just work without any faff and I love imore because of the awesome articles that are spot on which are always updated almost every day when I have a read every morning :)

Love imore, you guys have been pretty much my go to source for information and reviews. I enjoyed your panel for the iPhone 5s/5c reveal. Lot of great info, just wish the arabic bug hadn't reared it's head, but it was inevitable.

Been an apple fan for a while. Started out actually anti-apple until I gave them a chance. It wasn't until I actually used an iPhone that I realized how much I was missing (i was using a windows mobile phone....).

Need to give my dad my iPhone (he's not very careful with his 4s, I'm hoping the metal back will prevent damage) so I need to then get a new one. Really can't afford it (since I'm not selling my iPhone) but here's hoping I win. :P

iMore is the best Forum for Apple things with a great app! Love to read your articles and i really want the new iPhone. Doesnt look different from the outside but completely new inside... Please send that gift card to Germany!!! :)

I simply love Apple. I've had the advantage of using an Apple product in a friend's home and it was awesome. I honestly can't afford to upgrade my phone of two years because of bills but if I were to win this Gift Card it would be of great help.
I pray I win but if not thanks for the opportunity.

My love for Apple is very deep, but if it wasn't for iMore it would not be possible to keep that love, that's why I love iMore so much.

I choose apple products, cos I don't have to fix things before I start doing my work with them, while at the same time they completely meet my sense of aesthetics. Both my phone and my notebook are running for 3 years now with no time off and with no major problems (mbp13'' & iPhone4).
I recognised as a site with neutral and thoughtful articles on subjects, for which the whole rest of the internet already would have joined the "let's-bash-apple-bandwaggon". here I get the real facts without the religious wars between brand-fans. Also it's the first page that provides me with a level of detail in the technical aspects of the matters, that challenge my knowledge and understanding of such things - I myself as a person can even progress this way by looking things up, and learning.
thanks for that!

I love Apple because they create world-class products and value design, usability, and quality. And I love iMore because of all the great Apple coverage!

I love Apple because their products are so elegant and well made. I love that I can pick up my Ipod, Iphone or Ipad and use the same familiar apps.
I love all the articles on the Imore app they keep me up to date.
At the end of the day is my relaxing time to listen to the podcasts. It is one of my favorite times of the day. They are helping me catch up to technology.
I am one of those users who don't use a password, I sure would like that fingerprint reader on the 5S.

I love the option of figure print on the phone makes it easy especially if you forget your password, makes you feel safer at work. I love my iphone but its alot older and want to upgrade but can't afford it right now so this contest is great.

I love Apple because of the ipad, ipod touch and iphone. Imore is the best place to go to for apple news. Hope I can win the new Iphone5s. Thank You!

I love Apple for the level of precision they execute with, for everything, and equally, iMore, for the same reason; the guides to 5s, 5c, by storage, by color, by feature, carrier, etc., have no fluff, are very thoughtfully written, and with precision. The content is always with specific purpose; not too light, not too heavy - you will never see an article written and posted just for the sake of publishing content. This is why iMore is my go-to resource for everything Apple. Thank you, iMore.

Well I've I have a very weird and maybe slightly sexual relationship with more or less every apple product. Possibly it's those smooth tapered edges... It's just does something to me, oh my, but in all seriousness I always come here to get that little iMore of information about Apple products and I always find that you so detailed in what you do, whether it be reviews or just general info. I always feel your passion for these sexy techno products always statisfies our crazy and obsessive needs. Long live Apple!

I love Apple. Hands down the best looking products out there, and features and innovation to match the looks. I also love iMore for giving me the latest updates and gossip on the new apple products!

I would love to have and iPhone because I have never had one though most of my friends have one but both of my parants have lost there jobs and now I most defornatly won't get one though I have always wanted an iPhone and they seem amazing and now the ones with colour seem even better so please if you find it in your heart to give me one I would've much appreciated :) xx thanks and bye for now

I think most of apple products are amazing and they have always been successful with their products no matter what it is from MacBooks, iPhone to even their ipod.. They have always known how to make everything powerful and run smooth also keeping theirself different from competitive products.. They know how to make things look elegant but simple at the same time.. I have always been back and forth with iPhones bug find myself always coming back.. With imore.. It's the site I always come to to get information about what's going on with apple and I use it for if I ever need any help with apple products and most of the time I fine it very helpful..
Wanna wish everyone who have entered good luck and may the chosen person win

I love APPLE and iMORE and follow both all the time.... I love all my apple products and read iMore for details and updates...I have never owned a PC ....nothing like APPLE...i read iMore to get the latest and greatest on the APPLE PRODUCTS.... I want a iphone maybe I can win it in your contest ???? thanks iMore

i love apple products, the security, features, Performances they all are unique. And specially the NEW iphone5S its awesome!!! Its totally different by the other products of the apple and the new firmware iOS7... Brilliant work by the Got to knew every singal detail of these products by the iMORE website, And thanks alot you too give a great hand to the apple co.

Been a fan of iMore back when it was called TiPb... hook up a loyal iPhone user with the latest!!!

I always used apple, not always but every time I just keep coming back to apple. imore comes later when I realized I want more out my phone, the internet, almost everything. so even if I will not win I will keep using my old Iphone 3s. it is a shame.. but it is no different

APPLe is the one which changed the world by its technology... and moreover in our history apples were cause on our new world... imore is one which gives best way to be connected to Apple Inc.... Love u Apple <3 <3

I love Apple products because they are the apogee of tech right now. I love imore because it's a great place to find relevant Apple news that's always spot on.

I love how Apple doesn't just add a ton of unnecessary features and elements like other companies do. They just try to add important things, and then polish them and make them better until they're perfect. And I love how iMore exists to keep me updated on all these things and helps me to get the most out of Apple.

Apple is one of the pioneers of the smartphone industry, that aside, their product are just so beautiful and easy to use than other smartphones. I also love iMore because it provides me with the latest news regarding apple, if it weren't for iMore, I don't think I would have known about the iPhone 5S at all.

recently, my brother bought samsung galaxy note 2 and it is fake, he was disappointed with it, so I plan to win iphone 5 is to be presented to him because I do not enough money to buy it, I hope you understand what I mean, and I hope I win iphone 5 and gift it to my brother, thank you
iphone5 so good

I started using Apple products when the Apple IIe was new, and I've been a fan ever since. Thanks to iMore, I'm able to keep up on the latest news on the Apple products that I use every day in my professional and personal life.

Hi I would like to tell that the iphone is the biggest and the best smartphone on the world . The design is perfect I don't know how to tell .. when you hold in hands the feeling is beautiful , it's awesome ..everyone would like to have it .. I've got opportunity to use on a cople a days the iphone 5 , the software also is perfect , when you scroll left right , or when go from one to other apps ..theres no time to wait or stuck it's perfect . Also whant to say that currently I'm learning how to make apps for the best smartphone on the world . :) On i like that every day it's explain something new about phone or аpps ..every day I wake up and hope that one day I'll have the best and faster smartphone on world . Thank you

I'll be honest, I have just joined Imore but I loved it because I learn about the various Apple products that I really need to look through some of the best Apple products that I can use as my own mobile. I love appel products because it is so different than the other, it's just so better.I have a very old HTC, but my parents have Apple iPhone and PC and everything, but when I take their phone, I have trouble to put it down. I love Apple products so much. That's why I want a iphone 5s sooo much, and i have never win anthing in my life. I hope I win :D

I have always followed iMore, but have never created an account. For this contest I created one. iMore has always had great articles, and the site just looks beautiful as well. I have never owned an iPhone, but would really really LOVE to finally own one. I've been 'away' from Apple for some time, but after all I've experienced that there simply is no better than Apple, and so I'd really love to win this :)

In my opinion Apple makes some of the best and most impressive products in the business. What better way to keep up with these great products then with the best blog website out there love you imore.

Mee wantee...!!! Gimme gimme gimme... iPhone 5S ftw. On a more serious note, I bought the S4 3 weeks ago and it lasted precisely 8 days with me. Third time trying to jump ship to Android... and again I went running back to iOS. Really excited to see the M7 chip's role in coming sw iterations. Fingerprint ID looks to be implemented the right way... If it works l the time this will be a game changer ecommerce.

I love Apple so much that I have gotten rid of all PC's and android device's only Apple in this house. I love iMore so much, this is the first place I go to for Apple news and the only place I trust for all that Apple news.

Apple; what a company. They honestly set the standard for tech, and they work well! :D IMore is the number #1 place I go for apple tech news, it's pretty amazing you guys are doing this, that's awesome!

I have so many tech obsessions but only Apple has risen to the level of geeklove for me. If you look below the pretty exteriors of their products, you will always find either elegant or beastly hardware or software. It's not a stretch to say that imore understands my love and that's why I'm on the site several times a day...

How much I love Apple? A LOT, I love its products, its design, I love all of Apple. How about iMore? I love it too, it's my favorite site to read Apple related news.

I absolutely LOVE Apple! It always amazes me how they always manage to top their previous devices with with even better designs and features. Just when you think The device they've bought out could not be even more better, bam they hit you with a surprise you could not even imagine! that's the beauty of apple! they are taking technology to a whole new level!!!

I love Apple so much and I love iMore even more. Always providing me with up to date and reliable news about Apple and the products they are releasing.

I love Apple so much and I love getting all my Apple news from iMore. I would love to have an iPhone 5s because I just love Apple's products so much.

I love Apple devices due to their intuitively designed interfaces, ease of use, fantastic screen resolutions, incredible apps, and reliability.

I'm a huge apple fan. I love the quality of their products. All my computers and phones are apple. I love imore as well. I use this site everyday.

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Apple changed the world

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all


"come one everyone! GOLD IS BEST! GOLD IS BEST! GOLD IS BEST!" When I saw leaks of the gold iphone I thought Apple is going in the wrong direction. But after seeing the official pictures of it from apple It is growing on me. Imore's iphone 5S buying guide really works and helped me decide which 5S I am looking to buy.

Well, I love Apple because I am a perfectionist and no other company really satisfies me the way Apple does! Why iMore?! When I got introduced to this spectacular site, I thought this is, some how, another official site by Apple! The design, the level of efficiency, credibility , and professionalism makes every article Applish!

Apple continues to be the pioneer in the market always showing innovations that no one else offers and I love iOS smoothness. iMore does a fantastic job bringing this world closer to users, like me, who can't have a more direct contact with the company and it's products by transmitting the latest news with professionalism and neutrality.

Being a part of today's future, I would know that Apple itself is becoming the modern fountain of youth. The difference between Apple and its leading products is that apple designs its electronics to fit you. They hand you the clay and spinner and leave it up to you, to use it in a way to fit your standards. That's when iMore comes in. With iMore you can always know when the newest products are coming out and how the ratings might rank, witch helps determine what companies to go for! So far iMore has done nothing but fantastic in helping me buy with Apple and I am happy with that choice! My niece has been begging for a phone and 5s seems perfect!

I am a tech obsessed student who is a big apple fanand I go on iMore every day. Students can't afford new iPhones. PLEEEEEASE :)

I love Apple so much, I eat apples every day, because I like to think they bring me closer to becoming an innovator myself (yup). Why I love iMore, is simply because my Apple knowledge comes from you guys (thanks for that)! I hope I make a chance!

I Love both!!! iMore writes more interesting articles than other web sites!! Apple for the quality of their dispositives <3

Apple, and iMore just always work. Never a question about the product or the coverage. If you need damn good and reliable, you need apple and iMore.

***No brainer. ***iMore is a great source of information regarding i products. ***The iPhone 5S being the flagship!***

I love Apple because it is my favorite fruit, I love iMore because of the responsible journalism that they display when reporting on the news.

Here's my comment! I know it's CRAZY unlikely I'll win, but I gotta try!!! Thanks for all your great work iMore!!! - Joseph

Well Apple is THE brand everyone wants to follow and everyone wants to be a part of their community. I just love how they keep pushing boundaries like having a thousand songs on such a small device like the iPod or even the recent touch id. And well, without iMore I wouldn't know half I know about apple, and iMore's forums and discussions really keep me excited to keep reading more and more about this electronic world that is constantly changing.

Apple is very simple and elegant, imore keeps me up to date with info, and they have lots of contests! Yup yup!

I love Apple because they take the time to modify functions on their OS to perform well and smooth. I love imore because it gives me the opportunity to win awesome contests such as this one while also providing me with all the up-to-date apple news.

I've been avid lover of Apple, Inc since the iPhone 1 and thanks to iMore I get all my updated information daily. Thanks iMore!!!

Apple is adding new security feature called fingerprint scanner.It enhances ur security when purchasing online.So its a welcome feature from Cupertino giant...

wow, iMore so cool, give us iPhone 5S!!! :)
I really love apple product, I use iPhone since iPhone 3G first release till now I use iPhone 5..
I really want iPhone 5S from iMore!! LOVE U iMORE!!!!

as the task is only to say how much i love apple and imore and not to exaggerate, i'm going to be honest and i wouldn't say i love you - but i really enjoy looking at apple products because of their great design. the usability is a huge plus as well. therefore using one would be the next step ;). imore is the most informative site about iphone i know and i really appreciate your work.

kind regards

i love imore its the best and i love apple i always buy a iphone everytime when it comes out i think it is the best tecnology here I LOVE IT

I've been a big fan of Apple since I bought and first saw the iPod Touch 2nd gen, the first thing was fascinated by how thin it was and the speed of work that had. Although many people are now saying that Apple is not the dominant firm as it was before, I always see they as the best. They were the first company to create a touch device with an fluid operating system. But mostly what I like is the design and finish of the products. I hope they will not be swayed by current trends in the smartphone market and keep doing the great work they do. The new iPhone 5S is really awesome.

iMore is the page where every day because I know I'll find news of trust, good articles, downloads, recommendations, reviews, and a well-designed site. It has always been the place where I really rely on the information. The writers and editors do an excellent job. I currently have an old iPhone 3 of my father that barely works and if you pick me in the contest would make me really happy because now I can not afford a mobile as well.

Sorry if my english is not the best, but I'm Spanish and I'm learning.
IMore good job, thank you.

I really admire apple products but i don't have a chance to try them because i don't have money to buy, it is too expensive for me. So if imore give a me chance to win this im going to be very happy and imore is my hero :D

All of my friends make fun of me and say I'm an apple fanboy, yet come to me when they need me to fix a software issue! I guess I can say that I love Apple and always have. Oh, and iMore is on my bookmark bar in safari so that I can remember to check it every day :D

And even i don't have an imore app...for Nokia n9 a its a deb file..@ rene ritchie and co ...pls make imore app available to nokia n9 that i and some n9 owners will benefit till we get an iphone

Love can't describe how much I worship apple. They are so simple, yet so complex. They put hard work into everything they do and make there devices shine. They never release products that aren't ready, and that's why they stay on top and are the best.

I like Apple so much I am actually changing over all my hardware to Apple's stuff and it would be great to be able to finally add a iPhone to that. Cheers to iMore for bringing insightful and informational news on a daily basis!

They prove time and time that simplicity is the best way to go, and iMore embraces that more than most!

1>>imore is that website which keep us tension free problem free from different mobile problems and gives us bast tips which is amazing...
2..and apple most advance phone in the world.its makes our daily works super easy which every people wants.and they think advance and don,t try to copy other finally its shake the world
so i love both very muchhh.....and always stay with them


Love how ios runs smooth and fast . It's so different from android it's like day and night. Have an ipad and love it . Would be nice to win an iphone. I love to follow iMore they always have the latest news in regards to ios.

Sent from the iMore App

The iPhone 5 brought me back to the iOS fold after spending a couple of frustrating years with Android...and I couldn't be happier to be back! Well, a new 5s would make me happier of course :) You want your readers happy, don't you?? Lol

I have been a Apple product enthusiast for the pass 8 years. i love iPhone so much . i currently have a the iPhone 4S which i pre-ordered when it was release and times have gotten really difficult . so would really would love to have the new iPhone 5S with new IOS 7, M7 processor , and finger sensor which i think is AWESOME ! i would really cherish the product and take care of it (as i do now ) .

I can't wait to win the new iPhone...not for me though, I'll be getting it for my wife. Her phone has been acting up and she needs a new one desperately, so bring it on iMore and pick us to win!!!

Love going to all the mobile nation sites. No other place to get the best news on everything Apple than iMore! even back when you all were TIPB!

I would love to get an iPhone 5s from you, and i LOVE because its i website were you find your answeers if you have such a question about technology or any games or phones.
And you have always something intresting to read :D

It's hard to describe imore because they're that good, just like Apple! You have to agree that they're both the best and they work extremely well, I love how you can get the latest news from imore's forums and this competition is hard to miss! Overall Apple and imore are fronting technology and they're the best around.

Th iPhone 5S is going to be a truly remarkable device. Apple is giving us a glimpse of what they can do with design and technology. I know this device is not a complete redesign, but we do know that the home button will not be going away for quite some time. iPhone 5s 64Gb Gold is my choice for 2013! iMore is the Best; Period.

iLove iPhone because of the beautiful design and because it's a joyful product to use. as for iMore, it's a great site with some good articles and especially the forum has been useful, for instance earlier today when I had a question about using iCloud.

"I’ve got iPhone envy
Yes, it’s true
The 5S is so brawny
And now I’m blue

My 5 was once a blast
It’s innards strong
The 5S is now twice as fast
It feels so wrong"

Pick me please! :)

The first thing I do every morning is reach over for my iPhone and when I power up my macbook, the first thing I do is go checkout TipB. Yes, I still type in TipB and find absolute joy in it redirecting me to iMore. Please help a brother out and upgrade me from my 3GS. As of right now, I wont even be able to enjoy iOS7.

I'm totally loving Apple and the great products they are delivering. There is such a culture of innovation in that company such that other companies are constantly copying the thoughtful nature of their design. iMore again proves itself to be on the pulse of all things Apple.

I love apple. I actually need an apple iphone for one of my classes and this is the easiest way to get one. And I don't like iMore. I love it. The first app i'll download on my iphone 5s (if I win it) will be the iMore app!!! :) iMore is definitely the most reliable website for apple products.

Apple just makes elegant products, that's why I like Apple. The stuff just works. And iMore is my number one goto site for Apple info. Thanks iMore..!

Both Apple and iMore help me get the most out of my technology, so I can be more productive and get more out of life.

All my friends have an iphone and its an amazing way to socialize it gives them the opportunity to make new friends and keep in touch with old or forgotten ones . I've never been able to afford an iphone as they are quite expensive and I always feel left out of frienship circles and conversations. Imore gives me the amazing opportunity to have an iphone and let's me catch up with the recent news about apple. I know that there are plenty of people who. More deserving than I am but I hope I am chosen because I would finally have the chance to socialize larger number of people and experience technology in a way I never have been able to before . And to 'imore' thankyou so much for the opportunity Georgi xoxox

I would love apple if they give me the new iPhone that I am would like for my daughter, she loves apple products and since apple makes her happy I would say thanks Apple.

i love apple because the things they make for us i know i can trust their prouduct at all times i know its not a rip off i can tell people wrong when they talk bad about apple products thats why i should win!!

I have gone through an HTC One, a BlackBerry Z10, and a Lumia 920. All were deficient in some way or another. I got an iPhone 5 and I have never been able to drain it all the way and everything works. It will only become better with iOS 7. AndroidCentral and iMore however have been, by far, the best communities to be apart of. Everyone is nice and are even tolerant of other platform choices made by other people. They're all fantastic. I hope you consider me.

Seriously, making the switch to an iPhone from an Android device was like the best decision ever. God I love my iPhone to death. It's my baby. And the imore app is intuitive and the whole website and it's bloggers are all great. (^_^)

Sent from the iMore App

Why I LOVE Apple: Well let me first start off by saying... I was completely Anti-Apple back 4 or so years back until my wife asked for the new Apple iPod Touch. Although reluctant, I did. So, 4 years later, I am no longer an Apple hater. I took the time to use the device and its functionality, start to get into and watch my first taste of Steve Jobs history in the TNT movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", in which led me to work the blogs, sites, history etc... etc ... to find out more and more about the computer my school would RARELY let us touch let alone use. (Apple IIe). Spent time learning the whole Xerox Parc/Microsoft/Apple conflict, where did these three companies come from, how did their companies evolve etc etc. Well, here it is... 4 years later I own (2) iPod Touch's (2nd and 4th gen) a 1st Gen iPad, iPad 2, iPad 4, (2) iPhone 4S', Apple TV 3rd Gen, and my amazing 21.5" iMac in which I am typing this very comment. Love Apple..... a bit of an understatement. The iPhone 4S and iMac were the FIRST and most reliable cell phone/computer from any carrier/manufacture that actually LASTED, AND CONTINUED to work! From Nokia to Droids, AT&T to Verizon, Gateway to Dell, I now have the devices I can actually say I love, and love the company and its workers responsible for making these devices.
Why I LOVE iMore: I can say the reason for loving iMore started with all my research about Apple and having a few veterans lead me to what I read and watch today!!! iMore was brought onto me from the well known and infamous and formally known as the TechTV god, Leo Laporte. I have followed Leo for YEARS which led me to the TWiT network, which led me to Macbook Weekly, which led me to Rene'!!!! I enjoy it when all three (Rene', Leo, and Andy) get on the show and are as informative as they are. iMore has helped me make the right decisions when buying devices and accessories, steering clear of the wrong things to look for, and keeping me entertained in all aspects. Yes... I do love Apple, and I do Love iMore.... It Just Works!

p.s. Sorry so long!

Niles from SoCal

I love Apple products due to their level of polish. I love iMore due to it providing me with the knowledge to use my apple products to their full potential.

I love imore so much that if it were a woman I WOUDLNT married her... Because I'd want to spend my whole life with her!!!! Now THATS LOVE!!

I love Apple for bringing fingerprint scanning technology to the center stage of smartphone technology (opens up a chance for the other phone manufacturers to reply)!

And of course, I love iMore for having the same beautiful, functional website interface as Android Central. Thanks for all that you guys do!

Apple has been my go to computer since 1984. iMore is the site I check for Apple news every morning and rely on for what is happening in the Applesphere!

Thank you for the opportunity!

I love Apple because of the simple design, ease of use, and 99% of my friends using Imessage lol. Apple > then the rest!

Imore is the number 1 source for everything APPLE! No need to go anywhere else and thats why I love it!

For me, it was a slow progression from iTunes to an iPod, then Mac, iPhone, iPad. Honestly, I used to be a Mac hater. Then I realized it wasn't about the product, but the added value of what's inside. iTunes, App Store, iLife. I like being able to work without having to fidget and fumble with everything.
What I love about iMore is that there is no fluff and no agenda. Just good information that's easy to read. With some tech reporting, it's hard to know who to trust. Too many people try to get hits on their site. So I can appreciate iMore for being a step above and a step ahead.

<3 Apple, I went to the (Quebec) Quartier Dix30 Apple Store opening and have 2 t-shirt, I have an iPhone 3GS , iPod touch 2g, iPod Nano 2g, iPod Shuffle 5g and I'm a student with no money!!! I sadly just discovered iMore through Twitter, but I already love all of you. Thanks for the contest!

Imore is the best site for apple coverage, I literally check imore atleast 3 or 4 times a day!

LOVE Apple
And imore is awesome, love Renee Ritchie, I watch him on MacBreak Weekly every time he's on! Great commentary, and insider insight.

Apple is the apple of my eye, the love of my life, the cream in my coffee..... I was a crackberry fan, until I moved over to apple, now imore is my number 1 information source for apple related news and products.

Apple products have a polish about them that you can't really get from any other company. I'm not even talking about software, but just the look of them fits perfectly in a nice room. it wouldn't seem out of place to see a macbook air in a conference room or a nice living room. And the new iPhone has that same kind of aesthetic appeal. The gold color on the 5s isn't at all the bright shiny gold of jewelry, but more soft and elegant. Something I would have no issue using and seeing for the next couple years.

iMore is cool too I guess....

this is great i have seen apple evolve into a power house and just love there products now but of course i gotta love imore because you people give such good info.

Apple and iMore go hand in hand with each other. One without the other is not the same. I love them both because being together you can get all the info you need to be up to date on everything going on.
There simply is not one without the other. I have to have my morning news on the blog side side switching over to the forums to lend a hand to help or get the answers i need when I am looking for help. Once again I love both Apple and iMore together because I get what I need.

I love my Apple ecosystem and the tight integration between each and every device. iMore is a great place to learn more about them or hear a great story about how Apple is bettering technology for everyone.

Been a big fan of Apple for several years now and like taking a look at all of the interesting reviews on imore.

Thanks for keeping me up to date on all the new apps, Apple gear and software. I have owned every iPhone since day one and have loved them all. I've entered some of your contests in the past to no avail. I enjoy reading your site. Thanks for the opportunity to win a iPhone 5s.

I'm still puzzled and critical, as a more 'classical' key-oriented phone user... Still, feeling the innovation and style of Apple that lasts since decades now. To be honest I'm not a fan of iPhone, and even less of its much status-driven success. But now that a large part of users owns it, it's become more 'popular' and this may help opening new interesting interactive services (or empowering the already existing ones). Who knows if, one day, I may become one member of this iPhone owners community. Thanks to iMore for this opportunity for discussion and sharing.

I switched to Apple last summer from Blackberry and love my iphone and Macbook Air. I like some of the simple cloud aspects and also the photo stream option and share photos with my wife and son and their iPhones. I visit the imore site everyday to fine out the latest info and usually pick up some tips for making my products simpler and more efficient.

I love Apple because they're simply the best. All their products are just beautiful and they just work so well with so much attention to detail. Their whole ecosystem is miles ahead of any competitor and I just appreciate all their products so much, so much innovation and quality, that their competitors simply can't match.

iMore is my #1 source for any Apple related news, always bringing the latest rumors and insightful opinion. I want to thank all editors for all the great articles posted here, I read them all :)

I really hope I can win the new iPhone since I'm super excited about the new fingerprint scanner! Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

Hi my name is Dezirae. Ever since my friends started getting Iphones ive always dreamed of having one. They are so sleek and simple and fit in your hand perfectly. They run smoothly and i just WANT one. i currently own a samsung, a crappy one and could use the upgrade.

I really love apple. All my friends have apple things but me. But when i see an apple product im so stunned how nice it looks.

I really love imore so much i have been on this website for a while and i tell all my friends about it but they sat that this site sucks thats why i dont talk to them because they said that this website sucks.

I'm trying to get my whole family switched over to iphone! Sharing your informative articles with them.
Followed you guys to the talk mobile party,which was alot of fun.Look forward to your podcasts
every week!! Hope you will consider this fan for a new iphone5s!!!

I love Apple because their products always work, and iMore because they do these awesome giveaway and have excellent articles.

Would love to have a better 2013 winning a 5S

I love Apple and iMore this much [---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]

I love love apple! I currently own the iPhone 4 and I am completely in love with it!!!! I could never change to anything else that's not apple made! It just wouldn't be the same!

I love the way Apple designs their products and I love that iMore gives people a wonderful opportunity to win their great products. I love Apple and iMore like a fat kid loves cake. Keep up the great work

(Gold iPhone 5S, that is)

And also iMore. Comprehensive coverage and must-watch podcasts are what keep me coming back day in and day out.

please pick me. my girlfriends iphone 4 wont last much longer. and because of att next she cant get any discount

Tried Android came back to Apple for superior product and customer service. Imore my go to site for all things iOS

My love for apple can be described in three words, simple, innovative and best, and I'm happy to say when it comes to imore and the way the deliver all content apple the same can also be said.

I love Apple's integration between all devices and their commitment to education. I love imore because it keeps me up to date on all the latest apple news and rumors

Found out about iMore through twit. Impressed with the way Rene and team write good articles and don't report on everything. I like apple products and I am glad you criticize them when needed and don't jump on the apple is doomed stuff and an iPhone 5S would be amazing in my hand. :)

I use to be an android person all the way but I decided to try an iPhone and man there is no way I'm going back!!! I love apple!!! Imore is by far the most visited website on my iPad and phone!! I love you guys!!!