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How to use burst mode on your iPhone camera


Samsung's latest ad shows just how irresistible the iPhone truly is


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Apple shines a light on 'Parenthood' in new iPhone 5s ad


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These iPhones and iPads take advantage of Verizon XLTE


Apple's Nokia hire shows it takes iPhone photography seriously


Apple reportedly moving from iPod touch to iPhone 5s for EasyPay retail system


Best Buy guarantees $200 trade-in value when you bring your old iPhone and upgrade to a new iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c


Apple Stores reportedly preparing major iPhone upgrade promotion


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Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

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haggisgirl says:

I wouldn't would LOVE Apple as much as I do if it wasn't for iMore. I read iMore for several weeks before making the switch from Android to Apple. iMore convinced me I would love Apple, and I do.

GoetzB says:

Our share-everything account needs a new family member!

MrTopFlyte says:

iMore is absolutely the greatest website for all of the latest apple products and news!!! I've been an iphone owner since day one! I love my iphones!!! Very classy products!!

icemantarr says:

love the new phone. think its time to try white. never won anything so fingers crossed!

gaby8988 says:

I love Apple for its attention to detail and I love imore for keeping me up to date with the latest apple news

jdot104 says:

Apple will forever have a place in my heart because of the iPod alone. I hope I win!

dstimpson says:

I love Apple. I love iMore.

Jake Davidson1 says:

i love apple they make a amazing product thats simple yet amazing to use

davidnam says:

Love apple very much because their good product and program software , and iMore bring all the good and perfect news to me ---- > you need two for tango apple and iMore good combination :-))))

ragazzopigro says:

Do want. iOS 7 plus new camera look promising to say the least!

pntbldan says:

Apple makes the best OS and some of the best devices on the planet, what's not to love? And iMore is the only place I go for Apple news. Everyone else pales in comparison. Would love both even more if I could snag a new iPhone...

moosed26 says:

I have used Apple products since 1989, when my dad brought home a Macintosh SE/30. I loved that little machine and have loved many other products since then. It would be nice to add the iPhone 5S to my collection, a white/gold one. iMore is the first tech blog I check in the morning because it is where I get the most accurate information about Apple and the products they make.

LTrane says:

Don't expect to win but it won't hurt to try

stephen_victor says:

I love iMore and Apple like a fat kid left alone in Baskin Robbins.

breakingseether says:

I love my iPhone because everything seems to just work that I need to work. Been thinking about selling it and going to Android but in doing my research nothing really stacks up for what I need and how I use my phone. iMore is my first stop for all things apple and is one of the first sites I check in the morning.

ChadMobley says:

There simply isn't a more forward thinking company around. Apple doesn't just increase the specs and add "gimmicks" they find the least invasive and most sufficient way to be productive in an enjoyable way. Why build a device that doesn't get used to its potential due to complication?!

Chad_Mobley says:

There simply isn't a more forward thinking company around. Apple doesn't just increase the specs and add "gimmicks" they find the least invasive and most sufficient way to be productive in an enjoyable way. Why build a device that doesn't get used to its potential due to complication?!

jrsolis says:

I love Apple because of their attention to design and detail. From the old eMacs and Powerbooks in grade school, the iPods, and today's iMac and Macbooks. I've always been a Apple guy. The release of the iPhone simply completed me and iMore is the cherry on top - helping me get my ifix.
I love both this much (>^.^)><^.^<)

JimmyG32 says:

I love all types of Apples but most of all the Iphones and Ipads

xxldeuce says:

I love the iPhone 5c but it's not big enough. I can do without all the extra bells and whistles of the iPhone5s but I want the 64gb.

AnwarKhan25 says:

I'm really looking forward to the new iPhones and ios7 as it looks completely different and nice! I love imore for all the amazing news and opportunities! hope I win!

focuzed says:

already on the apple team with the macbook pro, been on the imore team for a few years now, an iphone 5s would complete the picture!

emergency exit strategy for android needed!

Brianna Catherine says:

I love apple because they keep everything fresh, they keep us intreaged to their products keeping everything updated...the first iPod came out in 2001 and the first iphone came out in 2007 by making new looks and ways to use the iphone and iPod keeps me coming back for more. I love imore because they keep me updated on the latest apple technology...I'd be lost without imore and apple.

MickelM says:

Apple makes superior products. They took out so many technical hurdles that made computing difficult for the masses. They have made technology fun for everyone! And what better place to find out about Apple products than iMore!

Armada says:

I love Apple for everything they do in design and engineering. Their dedication to UX is amazing and seeing others, like elementary OS Luna, take up their mantel makes me excited for a lot of things. I like iMore for being a reliable site, just like every other Mobile Nations member site. (I also like Rene for taking a lot of blasting for every one of his columns and still being level headed.)

johnmscan says:

If it wasn't for I More, I'd still be using a PC. Convinced me to buy a new Mac Book Air! Owned an I phone 4 for couple of years, can't believe I did't switch to Apple sooner. Gotta love 'em! Thank you I more!

Joe Camilo says:

It'd be a difficult life without iMore or Apple.

loco90 says:

I read iMore everyday as part of my intake of news. I appreciate all the great insight. I have finally convinced my wife to cross over from her S3. It would be great to start her off on the right foot with a 5S!!

Davidranran says:

You guys are my #1 source for any apple news and you always have it correct. always love your posts!!!

druminstinct says:

Apple's got style, design, and function. Nuff said.

mistabaka says:

iMore is by far the best place to find reliable and entertaining information on Apple. I check it every day. I love Apple because they create the best products and don't skimp or add useless features or 41MPs.

willsine says:

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these. Iphone 4 that I have is getting a little out dated

Roshizzle731 says:

iMore is the best site for me to get iOS news and rumors. Apple products are great because they work so well, always have the latest and greatest apps, and are supported for many years after it's released.

Cadis Etrama Di Angel says:

THANX A LOT *IMORE* for this amazing chanse that only comes once in life time ...(GOD, I LOVE YOU..) espc for someone who's deeeply in love with iphone of the best in the whole world .(i didnt have one before but i used some of these cool products n also been reading & follwing as well)..
& so u are imore.. the best website to get the latest hot news everrrrr. well i really dont know what to say cuz im kinda late...but Guys I WISH U THE BEST ..ALL..^_^ may god be with me n let me get this beautiful gift........THAAAAAANX IMOREEEE

Koby Bennett says:

Hated everything apple until 2007 when first iPhone was released. Once that fateful day in January 2007 came the into to the iPhone...I WAS HOOKED!! Was in line June 29, 2007 for 18 hours and every subsequent iPhone release to date! First iMac bought in August 2007 and NEVER LOOKED BACK THROUGH WINDOWS AGAIN!!

Would love a new iPhone 5S 64GB Space Gray!!

firic says:

Love at first sight since my 512k McIntosh! iMore u really get Mac people!!

mtanasy says:

I like how apple products just work (most of the time). I love iMore because it's a great place to get iOS news and app and product reviews.

dkacmar1 says:

What we sometimes fail to recognize is that Apple has never stomped on the feature throttle, they contemplate and perfect until a feature's use becomes instinctual to the user. Apple's introduction of easy biometrics for all that actually works will represent yet another massive leap forward just like thier apps, touchscreen phones, portable music players, and beautiful desktop computers did before it. We may eventually get that "big" iPhone choice if and when Apple can make it stunning and capable. Of course, iMore will reveal each early tantalizing glimpse, and create all of the intelligent commentary we need to satiate us along the way. Thanks Apple and iMore!

rdotchin says:

Could really use a new iphone 5S considering how I dropped my current iphone last week and broke the screen. Either way read the site every day, really good stuff.

Raul Rzayev says:

I do love Apple because, in my opinion it's just the greatest tech company of modern world; they do so much effort to help usual people work with computers. And I do like you guys because you are connecting new people by these surveys and do some great impact on lives of Internet surfers. Thank you guys!

dmulefan says:

Apple is starting to come around. I have a iphone 5 and an ipad and a pile of ipods. I love iMore for the news, tips and forums. also the canadian content!

jstef16 says:

I'll be completely honest. I have always been very anti-Apple on the basis of them not adapting iOS very much. Yes, they created one of the most user-friendly OS's on the market, but there were obvious improvements that could (and should) have been made sooner. That said, iOS 7 has brought exactly what I wanted out of iOS right to it. I cannot wait to download it onto my iPod Touch on Wednesday, and I would love to be running it on a brand new iPhone 5S. Now onto iMore. Well, I don't have a ton to say as I am much more familiar with Crackberry and Android Central, but if iMore is like its siblings, then it will give only the best support, advice, updates, and access to its readers.

Skyler127 says:

Apple is just an AMAZING company, definitely leaders for all of us going into the future. And what better way to follow these leaders than by following iMore!?!?!? You guys rock, and I can't wait to see what else you have for us!!!

Malik2Shifty says:

I think that Apple is developing the best line of electronics right now ! Because not too many electronics can do the things that Apple has on there products. And iMore is the most helpful website on info on apple products. They tell me when there are updates and new apps in the app store. These are both to amazing industries.

Blake Levrets says:

I've been an apple fan for years and I love being able to use their products and show others how awesome they are. has the best rumors and analysis of any site on the interwebs! Please give me the 5s. I've got a 4s and I need a new one!

General ripper says:

I love Apple very much because of the high quality of their products and I love iMore a lot because of their comprehensive coverage of all things Apple!

Andyjhay55 says:

I love Apple and iMore more than a fat kid loves cake. And that's a lot.
I love you.

Nick Diaconu says:

I like Apple because it makes great quality products and interesting media events, it's like waiting months for a show. And I like imore for its detailed reviews and editorials on phone and software.

sircosta says:

I would love to win and iPhone 5S. I never win anything, but i'll try anyways. ;)

iphonelover1990 says:

Love imore!! Love iphone! Let's goooo

ps106bramos says:

omg. I registered for three contest already. I love apple products. The iphone is the one item I don't have and would really like to win. I love coming to imore to see what's the latest in apple and android products. I am hooked.

Dj_Tcheia says:

Iphones are the best. There were one of the first phones to come out and sweep the nation. The different features they contain make the Iphone irresistible. i still have the iphone 2g and it works like a charm. Imore is also a great website. It is a great way to keep up with the latest updates about your different devices.

ps106bramos says:

choose me I am a hard working teacher desiring new phone.

busdrverr says:

apple and imore has made my life easier sharing with family and friends things going on with my two dogs and my two year old...

november1986 says:

I love all of Apples products .. i have an iPad, a macbook, and an old iPhone. Would love to have an updated iphone to complete the trifecta! I love your indepth coverage too

jtwalkee says:

I love Apple! but more importantly I love Rene Ritchie and iMore! So much so that I am moving to Canada so I can be closer to him!!!

CyberAngel_777 says:

Maybe I'll learn to love if I get a new iPhone 5S...

ZachSimone says:

I love the Apple ecosystem, how all of their devices work great with each other, made even easier by iCloud. I also love the way they bring advanced technology to 'mainstream' consumers.

iMore gets the same love for keeping me up-to-date with all of the latest Apple news! Oh, and I love how you guys don't just post any and every rumour that goes around like some of those other sites, you wait until it's almost certain before you write an article on something.

Linda Davis says:

I was talked into getting an Iphone 3gs when they first came out and it's been love ever since. My kids have tried to convince me that I need to switch to Android, but I can't imagine using anything but an Iphone. I just need a new one :)

rdotchin says:

The thing about Apple is that they don't always have to innovate or create a new technology. They are best at taking the best technology and making it useful for all of society. Imore is a great link to keeping everyone up to date on all things Apple. Please pick me for a new iphone 5s

denster1 says:

I love iMore because they empowered me with knowledge to do "MORE" with my iPhone!

Twizztid says:

I have just recently found iMore but i love it , I have learned so much in a short amount of time please keep up the great work. Apple is the cutting edge from it's operating systems down to its hardware. I could really use the new Iphone as I have the Iphone 4 and it just is not cutting it anymore, not to metion i do not even have Siri :( I am on disability so I ma on a tight budget and can not get even the 4s on my budget and can not even get an upgrade until the end of 2014 ( Thanks Sprint) Anyways thanks for the chance to win.

Jack adventurer says:

Apple & Imore = my life made easier. Fun, informative without spurious info or problems.

steamboatmatt says:

Love reading iMore to keep up to date with all things Apple.

madcat21 says:

Apple and Imore are leading the way. :).

Kenpachi says:

I love apple and imore cause I wanna win the 5s hahaha.

FrenchieGreg says:

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Apple changed the world

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all

Loretta Danquah says:

I love Apple because its a well-known company and it very established in the industry. Furthermore, I embrace the fact that Apple release new products annually. Moreover, I love iMore because I'm able to receive the latest news for the latest smartphones and reviews.

Torpedojager says:

Oh, I keep coming back. I have a love/hate affair with Apple. I hate being locked in when jailbreak does not work, being forced to do things the apple way. But every time I try android, in the end I sell of the device and come back to my iPhone/iPad. Love to get a new iPhone 5S

Richard Johnson4 says:

Apple products are the greatest inventions known to man and with IMORE you are able to stay informed with news and products from this great brand! #iAPPLE

jon snow3 says:

I love reading about Apple on iMore's website because I love Apple and I especially love iMore!

Patkennedyjr says:

I love the ease of using any Apple product and I love the ONLY place I get my Apple info - iMore!

pwbjones says:

Just discovered iMore while searching iPad information. iMore has "More" information than "i" could ever as for. I love all Apple products, but "i" would love them even "more" if I won the new iPhone 5s from "iMore". Thank you for all you provide to people that need more iMore!!!

Eisforme says:

Apple and iMore are my 2 favorite things in life!

edwshapiro says:

Gold is cool. iMore rules.

Pancakes68 says:

I love Apple and iMore more than a fat kid loves cake!

tkim1 says:

I am an apple lifer and imore keeps me up to date with all the latest news about this product. What else can I say about the two.

amroncopy says:

Apple. Need I say more. Is there any other technology products as good as Apple. iMore well where else would you go to keep up with Apple Products.

Dennis Dauber says:

I am done w/Windows and all of the MSmess. I have an Apple TV, ipad, imac, and now I need an Iphone. Help!!

tuffy100 says:

I love iMore because you guys keep me up to date. Wouldn't go to any other Apple news source! And I love Apple because their products just work. I had android phones in the past, and they ALL had glitches somewhere or another, but all my experiences with iDevices and Mac computers have been nothing but positive.

iGreg01 says:

Been here for a long time. I love all the leaks and spoilers y'all have! I love Apple so much I work there! =0)

kaelak907 says:

I love Apple! If i wasn't poor, I would own everything I could.

pazafuera says:

I fought switching to Apple until I saw the first iPhone - and I haven't looked back. iMore has been my go-to for Apple news for at least 5 years. It's a daily read, especially when there's excitement in the air.

shoewee says:

iMore is da bomb! Apple is amazing! They have revolutionized so many things in the past decade. I love your site, and I'd love even more to win a new iPhone! /please! :)

dtsoll says:

I love apple because of their beautiful, easy to use, quality products. I love iMore because of the breaking, in depth, quality Apple news. Having the best people cover Apple definitely makes iMore my go-to site. iMore fanboy!!

FrenchieGreg says:

People always talk about envisioning new ideas to be put into devices that we will all be using in our daily lives. Various cell phone companies have tried their very best to come up with brilliant features on mobile phones. Sometimes, it's not just about inventing new technologies. It's about perfecting the things that we love most. Things that will capture our lives and so we can share our moments with as many people as possible. Apple is a company that is more focused on enhancing rather than jamming as many new features into one device. They take their time with every spectacle of performance on their products that makes the experience exhilarating to use every day. Sure other companies have their cool little tweaks in their phone that make them stand out. Sometimes, that is not what matters. In the end, Apple has worked on the simple things and strived to produce the iPhone, the fastest, sleekest, revolutionary phone in the world. Sharing all of these new ideas and information, providing up to date news feed on the Web or right on the app on your iPhone is what does best. I've been keeping up to date with for awhile now and I just recently made an account to post this comment and describe my feelings for Apple and iMore. We all want to know what is going on in the world of technology and we want to know it as soon as possible. Apple does a great job connecting to it's customers also. When I went to an Apple store for the first time I had this joyful feeling. The customer service was amazing. I am an owner of an iPhone 4S and Mac. We once had a problem with our refurbished Mac so we took it to the Apple store. They identified the problem right away and had it fixed in about one hour. The Apple Geniuses we're very friendly and helped me with any question that I had. That's what makes Apple great. They work on things to perfect them. Stunning phones, tablets, Macs, iPods, and MacBooks. It's what makes our lives excellent! Staying connected, feeling like the world is ours, and having all of it at our fingertips.

Apple is phenomenal

Apple changed the world

Think Different and R.I.P. Steve Jobs... An inspiration to all

seanma8 says:

Love my apple products... They work great together. Ready for an update, and what better way to learn about what Apple has to offer than reading

Sarah Fine1 says:

I have repeatedly given Androids a chance, but after my last Samsung Galaxy broke, I have given up on them! As a college student, I can't afford another phone so I am using the one I used in 8th grade, an old samsung flip phone which is now breaking down as well. I saved up and bought a Macbook Pro before my freshman year, and it has been the only electronic that has yet to break or show signs of being a poorly manufactured product. My iPod is still fully functional as well after 5 years of heavy usage! Apple has proven to produce quality and useful products. I would love a chance to get rid of this crappy flip-phone and make some memories with the new iPhone 5s. Please pick me, I would make so much use of it!

rmv238 says:

I know it quirky, but apple just works, and I have had enough with pc support. I have never had a bad experience with apple support. I have greatly enjoyed Rene Ritchie and imore on macbreak weekly.

Darthstorm528 says:

I'm a huge Apple and iOS fan with both an iPhone and iPad as the best devices ever, and what's even better is iPhone really takes impressive pictures just as great as a regular camera. iMore is my main source for apple related news. I know that iOS7 will rock big time with the major UI change.

Johnathan Benjamin1 says:

I love imore and its the only place to go for anything apple. I wouldlove to win to get the iPhone 5s. Please choose me.

PreJamison says:

I love iMore for giving me the opportunity to win the Apple devices I love. Love what I did there?

Ineedaniphone5s says:

I love apple phones and I want one to give to my daughter who has been wanting a phone forever

kgs says:

Apple is great at design and usability. Been following iMore for iPhone news since tipb days.

tbarbie says:

I became an apple nerd my freshman year of high school and here I am a senior in college. My God does time fly. I am truly a lover of all things Apple. My iPad. My Computer. My Phone. My iPod. I love the ability for all of your technology to sync with one another and seem like one device. I even get mad when people try to debate about "other brands" like nothing compares. I found out about this blog a couple years ago and LITERALLY morning, noon and night I check it. I hate to feel like I missed something lol. iMore & Apple are truly amazing and I would be sooooo out of the loop without you all! You give us Apple feens exactly what we desire everyday! Keep it up! P.S. I'd love a gold 5s! LOL.

Piercey says:

I never thought it would happen but everything I own is made by Apple and iMore is a daily stop on my morning news and coffee routine. Keep up the good work!

markhunsaker says:

I do love Apple and iMore. I have been coming to iMore since I left CrackBerry and my BlackBerry behind...

But hey, I do love both but this comment won't be picked...unless unicorns exist although Scotland does have the unicorn as their National there is HOPE!

deucedub#CB says:

When I decided to join the apple ecosystem it was the help of TiPb/imore that help me through life's hardest challenges such as DIY, apps of the week to the imore show which I watch religiously. iMore has been my go to website for all things apple which over the years have been successfully invading my ecosystem. To be honest I really can't say which I love more apple or imore. This site has made me enjoy my iPhone and iPad so much more.

Ali Fardoss says:

Hi my name is Ali Fardoss. I hope that i could win an iphone 5s because it would really help me with my school work. It has all the applications that i need to study and work hard. Nowadays, college life is all about computerized homework and tests and I just hope that I can win it. I want to become a business man and I do hope i could pursue my dreams but sometimes you need a little help to get started. I think that apple has made such fantastic pieces of technology and I do hope that they continue working hard to life much easier. They created every app that i only thought was imaginary. They have great products and i hope i can win this so i could continue studying and to be successful in life. Well thank you for reading. i do hope that i made it interesting to read because life is too short. Well anyways, have a great day. If i do win this, i do hope that you can email me to

jlynlove says:

I love iMore! The info provided keeps me falling in love with my Apple iphone more and more. I'm stuck on Apple

HankdaTank says:

Pick me I want the gift card!

ecalarco says:

Apple device designs are always nice and they are easy to just pick up and use. I like to visit iMore to find out about all the latest apple news.

jorrdvm4 says:

My iPhone 4 has seen better days and would LOVE an update! Love for this contest!

urbanxplorer says:

Just want to say that iMore is my first stop for any Apple related news or info. I'm looking forward to getting an iPhone 5s because I own an iPhone 4s and really like the upgraded features in the 5s (oh, and the glass on the back of my 4s is totally broken). Thanks!

RMCSteve says:

It is almost impossible to believe that I've been an iPhone user for 4 1/2 years. It all started with with the iPhone 3G back in 2009, as a long time windows user it was unfathomable to even think I would own an Apple product. Now in 2013, I have the iPhone, iPads, Macbook, and several Apple TVs, and it all started with that iPhone 3G! It has been amazing to see how much the iPhone platform has evolved during those 4 1/2 years, and it's equally impressive to see how The iPhone Blog has evolved during that same time. iMore was my key source for all things iPhone when I was starting out and it remains a vital source of news and information to this day. Please keep up the good work! Thank you to the entire team at iMore.

mrkilltrocity says:

I love imore and have been using this site for years since the iPhone 4. And apple has shown me the light of how electronics are supposed to better your life.

veevans01 says:

This would make a great 1st Iphone for me. My wife loves hers and barely lets me touch it. I need my own . I do love apple products. I do have a Macbook and an iPad . I just need an iPhone for myself.

Britney Patalina says:

I would really love to win an iPhone. I've never been able to afford any apple products because I can't afford them. It would just be great to finally have my own.

waleonishmail says:

ohh yea baby give it to me. I love gold, imore should redesign the website with a gold back :)

justinb2103 says:

Well, it is all about quality. Apple makes quality hardware and software that, not only "just works", but works well FOR ME and thats what's important. Quality with iMore as well because you produce quality posts about he latest and greatest and I am always checking in to keep up to date.

dropbars says:


stresstabs says:

Apple is so great been using them since G3 macs... And Imore and the rest of the mobile nations has just been a great source of information for my mobile devices! Awesome awesome!

JaronS says:

Apple gets me everything I want " pease of mind " and I-More pleases my mind !

joshua johnson2 says:

Really need an iphone please i cant afford one

Mysterypod says:

I came to iOS late in the game. I loved WebOS but not the hardware. After a brief flirtation with Android 2.2, I ran to the arms of an iPhone and more recently to a Mini. I love the lack of fragmentation, the quality apps, and the solid hardware. I've liked Rene when I used to watch the PreCentral podcast recordings, so I followed him here when I got my iPhone 4s. iMore is my first stop for iOS info. Thanks for the great coverage.

mclarensr says:

My go to site for iPhone news and reporting. iLove my iPhone even more on iMore.

azreedtech says:

Nobody else has the design or build quality that Apple has. Not to mention, their O.S. is by far the most stable. Everything just works, and beautifully. I will never go to another brand. Just when you think they couldn't possibly get any better, they pull off the 5S...Just keeps getting better! Keep up the good work! And iMore, your news, tips, advice, and knowledge are just like Apple, SECOND TO NONE!!!!

Laurie251 says:

I love Apple products because you can easily tie your Ipad, Iphone and computer together, making life easier.

Buddha Piece says:

Dear iMore and iPhone 5s, (all for humor)

What a joy it would bring to my world to be able to purchase an iPhone using a iMore gift card. As I look at my current AT&T contract, I am nearly on the verge of tears holding this Android device in my hands. Another two years?! Another two years of struggle I must endure, until I heard the news of iMore's giveaway. From BlackBerry, Android, to even Windows, I cannot get over my separation anxiety. I can't sleep at night without my iPhone, my ringtones don't sound as clear, and ignoring my girlfriend when she constantly calls to see where I am isn't the same. Most of the time I am just sitting in the library trying to keep my eyes closed as I use my phone as a MP3 player. Typing on glass just isn't the same, and tactile keys make me feel like an extinct dinosaur. Surfing the web isn't the same, I am considering taking legal actions against BlackBerry for making a screen so small, that I am suffering from vision problems. I am suffering from muscle pulls from attempting to lift an Android device up from the table, the phone is the size of my entire face. So please with this being said, save a fellow Apple lover, iMore. To top everything off I go on iMore to find out the latest news about Apple and it sends me into pure depression.

Save Me,
A fellow Apple lover waiting to come home.

Airplanes4life says:

I really enjoy Apple's products, even though I own none of them, and always look forward to the keynotes. Also, iMore is a great place to get any tech news (especially rumours).

Magiclynx1 says:

iMore, you're the cat's meow! Love your intelligent, well-thought out perspective on all things Apple. And, speaking of Apple, you two certainly are a great combo: the geniuses at Apple innovate while the geniuses at iMore ruminate! Yay! You guys are great - thank you!! ;-)

tech.girl says:

Apple is pretty cool, I like them. I frequent imore a lot, they post great articles

SebLeclerc says:

Great new products! Would love to change my iPhone4 to a new iPhone5S because I think it is a really nice product. And iMore such a nice site for that contest ;)

fozzie66 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Brian Scasta says:

I'm really starting to like apple and have been a fan of iMore for a while. Recently switched from BB. Not looking back

taikoboy says:

How much do I love Apple and iMore? Count the stars in the sky. Measure the waters of the ocean with a teaspoon. Number the grains of sand on the sea shore. Impossible, you say?

scottcave says:

Apple makes technology work. Simply work. Best user experience of any tech company. I don't need bleeding edge innovation. I just want a great experience each and every time I use the technology. This is where Apple delivers.
IMore provides useful reviews and commentary on Apple and other technology. I always find useful content at Imore.

fiction_v3 says:

Up until last year I was a fan of android devices, I decided to buy and iPad 2 instead of getting an android tablet. I liked the functionality and loved how dependable it was over my android phone so I got an iPhone 5. I love the things I could do with my android phone, but, once again functionality and dependability was key with my apple device. About 4 months ago I bought a mac book pro with the retina display and omg, after all the years of loving windows, I couldn't believe I lived without a Mac for this long. I don't need a iPhone 5s or 5c but my son has been bugging me for the 5 for a year now. I could give him my 5 and keep the other or vice versa.

CarlosLopez2013 says:

Love Apple. Love the new iPhones. Love the site. Would also love to be the new iPhone 5s winner.


fozzie66 says:

I love apple because I hate oranges and I love imore because it gives me more

Nancy Pimentel says:

Apple is such a great company and I have only ever owned one of their products because I cannot really afford it. Still, I get excited when I hear about the innovative new products that Apple is making only to be disappointed when I realize that no matter how much I save I am not making enough to afford such a great product while saving up for school and although I want an iPhone or a Mac Pro really bad I need to remind myself that I should wait. Still, I admire this company for consistently supplying the public with groundbreaking technology and always making these awesome products look so cool. And also, that first and only product I had was so great it was reliable and sturdy, unfortunately it was stolen :( it was an iPod.

Nancy Pimentel says:

Apple is such a great company and I have only ever owned one of their products because I cannot really afford it. Still, I get excited when I hear about the innovative new products that Apple is making only to be disappointed when I realize that no matter how much I save I am not making enough to afford such a great product while saving up for school and although I want an iPhone or a Mac Pro really bad I need to remind myself that I should wait. Still, I admire this company for consistently supplying the public with groundbreaking technology and always making these awesome products look so cool. And also, that first and only product I had was so great it was reliable and sturdy, unfortunately it was stolen :( it was an iPod.

Also, iMore is such a cool website, I mean they are your one-stop-shop for iPhone cases and stuff and yeah I've come on the website quite a bit to check out its cases every time I have thought I was close to affording an Apple product, more specifically a phone.

bellarossa says:

I love Apple products because I've found them easy to use and really like their design. I love iMore because I can stay updated on the latest on the tech front.

Thomas Fletcher1 says:

I love the iPhones ability to clean up its own system while while all other phones must be constantly cleaned to release captive ram !

dvnnyj says:

I love Apple because it single-handly innovates the way we communicate, experience, and handle our smart phones, tablets, etc. The company as a whole has helped me pursue a career in computer science. I'm always had a love for technology and Apple has really pushed the boundaries of the technology world. I'm a senior in highschool and after I graduate I plan on enrolling in some computer science classes and applying to intern with Apple when I feel my work meets the quality of theirs and getting their new device will make me feel even more "hands-on" with their products.

I also love iMORE because it keeps you updated with the lastest Apple news/rumors. It's really a great site to help you everything Apple.

dvnnyj says:

I did realize I am 4 minutes late but I hope you take into consideration my comment. Thank you.

boxer says:

I love Apple for bringing us these great new models of iPhones and for always being ahead of the curve.
I love iMOre for keeping us up to date with every bit of it! Thank you for the contest! I'd be ecstatic to win!

Mike Ochoa says:

Question, with the new IOS devices getting iwork for free, what are the chances iwork coming free with OS X Mavericks?

caliberstone says:

I love Apple because they make products that have beautiful form and great functionality. The company creates devices that fit my needs and requirements. I've loved Apple since I became a Machead in 2001 with the purchase of my first iBook. This love has continued with my numerous acquisitions of iPhones, iMacs, MacBooks, iPods, Apple TVs, the list goes on. I love iMore (previously TiPB) because they report on all things Apple and provide articles that both educate and enlighten.

OnYourKnees says:

I love Apple and have many products, but........ I dont have an upgrade. If I dont win this phone Ill have to add a line for my 3 year old son.

I have loved imore since the beginning of time. For so many reasons including the fact they would have an awesome contest like this.


lanmac30 says:

I love the iPhone 5S and can't wait for it and IOS7. The new home button has me in awe and I would love not have to enter my code to unlock my phone. Seems so much faster. Also, I love iMore for always keeping me up to date with IOS and the cool new Apple products and How To's.

tuna086 says:

I love Apple so much that I become obsessed with it like girls with high heels :)

Jonnyxb says:

Ahhh Geee.... it sure would be awesome to win.

gerfan says:

Hold Apple devices and read imore everyday.

BBooDad says:

Apple, how do I love thee?
Almost as much as I love iMore
if they give me $500 for a new 5S-64!

zetacool says:

I love mi iPhone and can't thing of nothing better than winning and iPhone 5S on the best place to get news and updates on iOS devices! The only place I go to get updated!!

Zahid Eqbal says:

Yes, please I want also the iPhone 5S

HyC says:

I love Apple because they just keep getting better and pushing the envelope. It's easy and amazing all in one. iMore is all the news and update and knowledge of iPhone, iPad and iOS awesomeness

metacuate says:

Used to be an android fanboy, but seriously loving my iPad... it just works! Quality control at Apple is unmatched! An iPhone 5S would be amazing.

jasonsway says:

Always have been and always will be a die-hard Apple fan! Thank you iMore for always bringing me the best Apple news goodness! Love you guys!

Luka myVST says:

I love Apple and iMore, and I know I'll get an iPhone 5s :)

Tymorrisonheath says:

A new iPhone would be awesome! I do enjoy me some Apple products.

keegyy says:

Last minute thing, gonna give a try, I love apple because they have awesome products for many years with great quality prducts and customer service no matter what apple products they have! and for iMore, I like to keep update with apple news, applications and products new everyday!

richard.kasenda says:

This ain't just about good and great, but the devices really properly fit and support my activities and needs.

Zein Ali says:

For me, there's nothing complete & more desireable like this one (Apple)
iPhone completes me to my life, that's for sure

CharlC says:

As a South African I find the best and easiest place to get updates about my favourite Apple products that I love so much! iMore is the best source of up to date information and I am very thankful for that! :)

Digginit2 says:

I can only say I've read this blog through a name change and endorsed apple through all of the iterations. This is the place I read about it all, thanks tipb

RaulRestrepo1 says:

I have own every iPhone starting with the original iPhone only released in the USA. Every year, I get excited about what is next in the "iPhone Saga". Loved how every summer there would be a new iPhone, now for few years waiting for the new versions for the fall. I follow on a daily basis and multiple times a day to see what are some new good news and updates. I love it also because it gives us a look at Apple products at a Canadian view also. This website keeps me update on all Apple newsfeed. You guys do a fantastic job and hope to see a lot more from you guys. Weather I win or not, I will always be an follower. I follow you on Facebook/Twitter and have saved you on my bookmarks on all my iDevices. :) Thanks for the great work. iMore<3Apple!

maxagin says:

i love apple. i don't like pear. I like me. i more love me!
me ghosto mi amor y mi amor es i more!

DiGG says:

I love Apple because their hardware is optimized for their software. They don't have the issues with forking that Microsoft or Google have.

I've been reading iMore since it was TiPB. I don't post in the comments often but if I need to find Apple-related news, my first stop is

qtmuscleboy says:

I love Apple because it is so user friendly, and iMore because it has great news on the latest technology. Please send me an iPhone!

Zachariakis Dimitris says:

I love Apple for a very long time! Proud owner of an iPhone 3Gs...
I also adore iMore! I follow you guys, especially Rene, since the early days of TiPB.....
Cheers guys!

Gina Nelson says:

I enjoy Apple because it helps open up my world and helps me stay connected. Additionally, keeping up on the Apple ecosystem has become a bit of a family hobby, bringing us together. As for imore, it presents tech within a personal human context, and not just for its own sake. Thanks !

itistherabbit says:

Apple won me over with their awesome combo of form and function. You kids got me with your awesomely in-depth coverage of everything iOS related. I might not have ever found the Marvel Jarvis app if you hadn't done a short story on it. ❤U!

donaldo604 says:

Imore is the best !!! I wanna win iphone 5s

John Rose1 says:

Apple has been a major part of my life since 2006. Since then I've owned numerous apple products and have been satisfied with every one of them. Though I've never commented or posted on imore's blogs or forums, i do check them daily and have so since TiPB and have even ordered products from the store. Imore is essential to my apple product purchases as this is the place i come to to get the information I trust on every new update or rumor. Without imore I probably wouldn't be as big of an apple fan as I am today! Thanks IMORE!

makomakola says:

I LOVE iphone! It's the definition of classy, cool.. I had a dream that I won an iphone over a contest like this. When I woke up I was feeling so happy and calm..I was wodering why and just then did I remember about the dream. iPhone can make me happy <3

Der Wanderer says:

I love iMore because it writes about Apple and Apple because it gives iMore things to write about.

Faizan Javaid says:

Words cannot describe my love towards Apple, innovative whist reinventing at the same time. iMore is the cherry on top, covers all the news/ rumors so we know what to expect and the high quality reviews are just too good.

Touchkeyz says:

Apple is my best product because its the key to ignition. Life without Apple (iphone) is like life without water. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle, but with iphone life is sweet. That's why i love Apple & imore...

Touchkeyz says:

1. The Safety and Convenience of Touch ID
2. Free iWork, iPhoto, and iMovie
3. The New A7 CPU With Fitness Features
4. “The Phone That Takes Better Pictures”
5. iOS 7 Launches — The Instant Upgrade OMG i lve Apple & imore

CoZmicShReddeR says:

The iMore website is my main stop for news about Apple stuff related to gossip, products and accessories!

Kane Wilson says:

I absolutely love apple and there way of design and basicly every thing they do I would LOVE to work there when I'm older I love I more there great I visit there site whenever I can and it would be grate if I won this THX GUYS I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IMOR AND APPLE!!!!!

owen_ayres says:

I'm a huge fan of Apple's marketing, design and approach to customers. But what I love more about Apple is Jonny Ive, alongside the late great Steve Jobs (RIP). Their keynotes are awesome and the company is my idea of perfection. I'd love to run a company with their approach.

ibilal says:

no need to say how much i love apple and imore...and if i win it will be X10000000 bcs its gonna be the first i win anything lol

Olaf0 says:

Can I get a LG G2 instead?

Barcelonajay says:

I love apple and the products. What I also love is being able to come to iMore and learn more about the products that are coming and products that have been released. I love iMore and apple. <3 <3 <3 #Apple #iMore

Fcs Bagjo says:

I dont have iphone since but it doesnt matter at all for my habit is following rene's imore and also the macrumors, not even a single day i miss out to read their blogs. as what Superman: The Movie quote "a good reporter make them great", more power and lastly "Imore make Apple the Best..

alisha_obrien says:

i love apple because of the new things they make and id love to experience the iphone 5s x

Lir Vuciterna says:

I love apple and ireally want an iphone 5 and iMore is the best place to go for Apple news, commentary, and discussion

Spshulem says:

If you're a fan of apple, you're a bigger fan of iMore. Love you guys! Thank you!

Vats2k says:

I love Apple because of it's simplicity and of course Steve Jobs's innovations.

Charlotte Poole says:

I love Apple! All my friends are recently getting IPhones and i cant get one because i don't have the money and it would mean so much if i could get towards getting one, i just love everything Apple makes and would mean so much to win one!

infodude989 says:

TBH.Im an apple geek.I practically open the apple website everyday just to what's going on.Plus,by visiting iMore,it tells me a whole lot of apple related stuff.
And I really think the new iPhone is out of this world.
It would be appreciated if the admin blogger could just give a second and look at my comment!

ckillam3 says:

iMore and the iOS devices are a perfect match. I enjoy all the writer's columns and the topics always help me learn something about The products I enjoy. Thanks iMore and keep up the great work.

Sent from the iMore App

Sidhant Katyal says:

No way I got a shot at this..

Lambert Turner says:

I love APPLE not only because its the leading coorperation in forward thinking smart device tech, but also because their devives are just down right SO COOL!!! and always mind blowing. Likewise iMore, the epicentral source of all things i-related.

Erin Lynn says:

I love how Apple is so user friendly!! And I LOVE how I can find everything I need to know about tech updates:) Keep up the good work my friends!

Daniel Omuya says:

I love Apple so much and to me apple products are the best ever since my dad got me an iPad I hardly use any other product but apple because its easier to understand,the apps are great and the visions are clearer and again iMore I love it because it just gives so much information about apple products,features of the products, the release dates and updates and if I were to win this competition I would be so happy because it would be my first contest ever won and I might even do a backflip :) and these are the reasons why I love Apple and IMORE

Dipika Nalawade says:

I love Apple Products like a man would love sleeping all day long. Apple has made my life so much easier, anything i dont understand...i have my apple with me....and the new techniques and tricks to operate it come to me from imore. the worlds best place to know all about apple. Its correctly said an apple with imore a day keeps all the bugs and androids far far far away.

kayla rowe says:

i don't even have a phone and i wanted my brother to buy me the iphone 5s but he said its not worth it i need to show my brother it is and i love appleworks anyway its looks good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

billtheunigoat says:

i just want an iphone im not kissing up

whoowhoo says:

iMore, iMore, I want More.
Yes, yes, yes. Good work and Great price guys. Keep it up.

janieace says:

I love Apple products & iMore so much!! On that note, I actually just purchased my first MacBook yesterday & I can't wait to get it! All I need now is the New please be so kind & choose me as the Winner!! iMore has sooo many great articles, info, etc and has been very informative - just cant get enough :) Taking all the great advice to heart & waiting on updating to iO7 like recommended (at least a day) - even though I was greatly looking forward to it when I wake up tomorrow. Give me some iMore on my new iPhone 5s!!!

TheKhidder says:

Luv iphone and imore soooo much!!!

mead120 says:

where to get started lets see apple and iMore are my best to thing in the world because apple have so many great iphones and more to sell which is so cool. now iMore why is it so awsome? oh oh i know because it gets you in touch with new thing and that's why iMore is so awsome . now i do not have a iphone or any of that good stuff. now i believe iMore can help me get a iphone. i would do any thing to get an iphone of any kind i would even write a 10 page letter why i want one or need one

JVinnett says:

I absolutely love apple because they stay ahead of the curve on every bit of technology without ever compromising functionality. iLove iMore because they keep me updated on what's happening with apple all throughout the year and have the best giveaways!

Kendall Rogers says:

I love technology. Apple takes technology and makes it into innovative and creative things like the iphone. Plus Apple makes these things aesthetically pleasing so what's not to love!?

Mimig143 says:

iMore is THE website to find out the coolest gadgets or products! My bestfriend is now a iMore believer!! I freaking loooooooove this site! And I entered the apple world oct 2012 for the first time and let's just say that I'm hooked! I was going in for an iPhone 5 and walked out with a iPhone 4S because the iPhone 5 was sold out.... Now, this is my opportunity to get what I've prayed for and desired! Thank you for allowing me to join!

chrl98 says:

I love Apple not because of their products, but because of the simplicity, the elegance and the greatness of the products. There is a lot of functionality to increase productivity, and I have some of their products and am very satisfied with my choices. Now onto iMore, iMore is simply the BEST.SITE.EVER. You guys do non-biased reporting on newly-released games, reviews on Apple products, and offer your views on many Apple-related topics. Thanks guys for considering my entry! From HK, Ryan

Malagic says:

I`ve just registered on this page, and to be honest, I really don`t know why am I commenting when there are 6.5k other comments. But hey, who knows. Why do I love apple? For the simple fact that it has all the things I want, from the build quallity to the best OS.

haseenarifky says:

iph!!!! matter where you go, you’ll always have a good Place and good name . Learn more about i phone. ... The world’s best phone is i phone!!!!.

Tricha Smith says:

I looooovve!!!! apple because it makes my life easier. It smarter than me and its the best. I especially love I more because it gives me chances like these, and it gives the best updates. What's not to love.

Casey Frals says:

I would very much appreciate winning anything, but just the ability of having a chance to win is cool :)

v_manisha says:

An Apple a Day keeps the doctor away....and An Apple product keeps the troubles away....this is how much I love apple. imore is like I need more and I want the heart says imore...I want more apple all the way...

suravi jogai says:

Well i live in Nepal a very small country in Asia. It is a developing country.. At times it becomes difficult for me to work as i'm a college student and deal with the problems while doing assignments because of lack of facilities in my country.... my neighbor has iPhone 5 which her brother gifted to her and she does her assignment in no time and it is all because of iPhone and iMore and the speed and quality this phone has... its really awesome.. it can give you details in no time and actually i would say its kind of magic.. my friend just uses her 1 finger to figure out any answer of any difficulties .. When ever i need help i hop into her house for help. Apple has actually made life easier. but going to my friends house every time is not possible and for me its I cannot afford. I was very much in need of this phone. It will make my life easier and help in making my future bring. I would be thankful to you we you choose me as the winner as i believe i will make a good use of it. may the best one wins :) " IT'S NOT JUST A PHONE ITS IPHONE5 AND IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME") iPhone and Imore rocks

Sathish Goud says:

AS ALL THE KNOW THAT eat an apple everyday that keeps away from the doctor and I WANT TO SAY THAT take an apple phone that keeps you very smart & effortless THAT IS WHY I LOVE THIS PHONES REALLY

suravi jogai says:

i have never owned a apple product as i cannot afford it .. i live in nepal where their is lack of fecilities bt apple iphone makes everything so much easy... your life becomes so much better with iphone and imore.. you fell great to be a part of apple . I love Apple because they create world-class products and value design, usability, and quality. And I love iMore because of all the great Apple coverage! may the best one win so i wish i m the lucky 1 because it will make my life easy and better

tvds says:

Love my iphone. have had many other mobile phones and no other mobile phone beats iphones smart overall design, convenience, and ease. And I only have the iphone 3g!! But It's still better than the newest Galaxy, etc!!
I'm addicted to this phone.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with iMore.....until now.

mgleye says:

I am an Apple junkie...iPhone 5s is my drug of choice.

Jondexter Toombs says:

I am commenting today because my daughter’s iPhone 5 was stolen at school this Monday, 16 September 2013, during gym. My wife and I sacrificed to purchase this phone for her birthday this year (March 2013) when in fact we did not really have the money. It breaks my heart to see my daughter sad and cry about a phone that we cannot afford to replace at this time. Maybe it was her fault for leaving the phone unsecured; however, I feel that everyone digesting this father’s cry leaves some precious item unsecured in the same manner. We all deserve additional chances to prove how far we have come in reference to responsibility. I would like for her to have this additional chance to prove herself. I love Apple, but I whether for her to enjoy the technology before I due to cost. As for as iMore is concerned, I love you more just for considering making someone happy with Apple’s iPhone 5s.

mayracuppiemonster says:

I never had an IPHONE but would love to have one to see how it works :)

Misty Mcpeak says:

Have just done a good search of apple contest and found that they don't give away anything I hope that this is legitimate but I really couldn't tell you all since I never win anything . Good luck to all.

Nicky Kelly says:

I am currently using my friends old iPhone 3GS, because well to flat out say, I have no money to afford a new phone. And seeing everyone with their new iPhones makes me hurt. If I could win this iPhone I will be forever thankful.

theSeanHiggins says:

If there isn't anything I could love more, it is this website. I have used it to purchase products that improve my life. By using their products, I have not only streamlined my business but also increased my efficiency and productivity overall. To win the new iPhone 5S would be an honor. Thank you iMore!

Fitore Salihu says:

I absolutely love Apple because of the design of the products but unfortunately I never had one of my own...I just found out about your website and I hope so much that you would complete my wish to actually own an iphone I would love you till death. I sound so desperate....:s

John Paul Roeske says:

I love Imore, Ios7 is the bom, and Apple rocks so much, if you pick me to win I will tat my arm with the apple logo!!!!! Yep I will wear apple tattoo until Ios88 or longer if my collagen holds up.

The best Eco-system ever

dreyy_uh says:

everyone is talking about how much they love the new iphones and how they are so much better. i want to see if what they say is true. i am currently an android user and i would like to switch over to apple and give my reviews on it

swastik dahiya says:

The best part is that [the
fingerprint reader] actually works
— every single time, in my tests.
It's nothing like the balky,
infuriating fingerprint-reader
efforts of earlier cellphones. It's
genuinely awesome; the haters can
go jump off a pier. i lve apple so much tht i cnt live without lyf based on apple ..

Dumitru Adrian says:

I love so much the iPhone that I've wanted to share my love on iMore , iNeed & iLove the new iPhone !!

pcamp7 says:

I love apple but I'm stuck with a 3GS and winning a 500 dollar gift certificate would mean a lot to me so please I more pick me I love the forums and blogs you have. They are really informative and helpful so please pick me

Luke David1 says:

Because I will love it and cuddle it and feed it forever :)

William Luky says:

If there is a word to describe Apple it is simply 'amazing'. I really love Apple. They create world class product from mac, iPod, iPhone , and iPad that enrich my live. In fact they enrich everyone lives.

To be honest I know almost nothing about imore. I just happened to find it in flipboard, but I love the updates and articles they write about Apple.

starpch says:

I love Apple and their Iphone a lot, they are the perfect device for a college student, parent, and elderly individual. The product is beyond user friendly and I would love to win the Iphone 5S. Apple products are the best of the best, their macbook pros are amazing as well as their ipod classics even to the minis. They produce flawless products that are top notches above the rest!

i_love_iphone5s says:

Omg I love imore it is my life I have been waiting for the iPhone 5s to come out since I ever heard about it! If I won this prize I would be so happy I love the iPhones they are so good so please let me win this prize and I will love you for like forever!


I Love Apple And Imuch Because They Are The Best.

beastmiller says:

I love the iPhones slic design and I more tells me about the new updates and everything that's why I love Imore and iPhone

DiMaggio Paris says:

When will you say the winner of the contest

rmanapat says:

I love the fact that there's iMore for me to go to and learn a lot of cool things about Apple. The site is very informative.

I started to love Apple after seeing my Wife enjoying her iPhone while I'm struggling with mine. I'd love to get an iPhone 5S because of TouchID. I think it's a great addition just for security.

Jlucia108 says:

I've been with Apple since the first pc an there first iPhone
Have to love there strive for excellence on the cutting edge of new technology! An will be with them till the last iPhone rolls off the shelf!
The same can be said of imore it is my number 1 stop everyday on everything Apple an I love it. I read an catch up at the beginning of everyday an while laying in bed before I fall asleep. Keep up the great work!

tharaka dilshan says:

Apple The Dream

I just cant turn my feelings to words!!! I can simply say thats superb.........

inkler1 says:

Never won anything except a pair of shoes, so I'm confident my chances are nil. That said, your article inspired me to launch a free iPhone 5S contest just for unemployed jobseekers! You can see our contest details at: Thanks for the idea!

Seth Maynard says:

Apple is a great company with a very interesting history. Waiting here on the east coast in the US for 12:00 PST to order get a 5S, but I would love to win a second because mom wants one and cannot afford it. Watch Rene Ritchie on MBW every week and follow everything on iMore.

alex nine says:

I love apple because they make incredibly good quality products! Love my iPhone 4 and pretty darn sure I will love this 5s.

Deven James says:

I don't know what imore is but I'm pretty sure it's the most amazing thing ever if saying that somehow helps me win money toward the iphone I love oh so much!

Jamie Malone says:

Total dream come true. Apple devices are the pinnacle of technology and are always striving to find new ways of impressing their customers, with great features, great build quality and immense beauty.

imore is definitely the greateat place to come for info on anything apple, because everything is so clearly written and easy to understand. I wouldn't look anywhere else. Fantastic site.

platypusmu says:

I'd love to win one of these!

H A-HakeemH says:

i love iphones want one so bad

Ulemj Dugar says:

I have been Team apple even before I had any apple. I just can't get enough of Apple. With iOS 6 I thought it was the best yet but look at iOS 7, ah loving it! I don't know why, but lots of people hate Apple but I just love it. It's perfect. I love constant updates and them trying to improve themselves. And I love iMore because I need to stay informed about my Apple and what they plan on doing. I love it and I love you. Thank you for this opportunity.