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Win Sonos speakers, Hue lights, and more in Connectedly's site launch contest!


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Liezel Lavador says:

i love i phone ,,,,please give me this 1

carniyancarlo says:

imore explains more about iphones which i love the most. imore let people knew what iphones can do. whoooooooo! :D let me win, i really wanna have an iphone. :(

Thereza Mula says:

i need a i phone 5S plaesssssssssss

Nadia Nedim says:

Imagine life without iPhone! Can't, won't. Now imagine life without imore telling you how to use your iPhone! Impossibe.
imore is my addiction to which I refuse counselling :)

arian bakija says:

i want a iphone5s because it's my dream and i love apple and i don't have money to buy it :( .

stephanyrodriguez1 says:

I would love to win a iPhone 5s because I never owned an iPhone I love iPhones I would be really happy if I won one I love IMore because it gives you information about Apple I would be thankful if I won an iPhone I'm really in need of a phone I've never won anything before I would be happy and thankful if I won.

KittyCat Corey says:

Hi , I'm Corey and i would love to win an iphone 5s ( i now i wont win ) but doesn't matter it is worth a try :) Good luck for all xx

Harry Brain says:

I need an iPhone so bad apple and I more is the best I need it please please
i've got a htc explorer
Apple is the best because they brought out on iphones
love you apple

Minnie Heaa says:

Hayy . Imore Can You Please Accept Me To Win Cause I Really Need A Iphone Your The Best .

raisa786 says:

i love apple soo much and i can't wait to have an iphone 5s and i knw its only on imore that i can get news and everythng :)

hunter rocka says:

i like apple products ..because they r too expensive for me and i cant afford them :(. since i have never used them ,thats why there is a curiosity of using

and i love i more because it gives u a platform to win apple products through contests :):). and also because imore gives us a lot of informations about apple products.:)

dalemonie says:

I love Apple and Imore , More than Alot if stuff i really like that imore is doing this contest , I Live apple things but i could never really afford them , i really hope to win

monkey akshaya says:

Iphone is a great phone used by a 9 years old student to a 70 years old grandparents.its a famous phone which last for more then 3 years but my old phone never even last a minimum of 8 have been lagging everytime,battery runs out very quickly,when we on 4G/3G it is not smooth and takes a long time to complete our work.But for Iphone we do not have to worry about these problems as this will be helpful with our daily life. When we drop our normal phone,it will get scratch or do not work at all and we have to waste our time by repairing it and waste our money.But iphone we do not have such problems and we donot have to waste much money and time .
Good Luck Apple to be more famous ans popular by your products.

Gerniah Scott says:

Ive always wanted a iphone so this would be
a dream come true if I win

Dazzle Umoh says:

I love iphone becos its a good product and I wish I could win. Need a change of phone

Oumayma_G says:

iPhones are like the best phones on earth! You can find anything you want in them like internet, best games, apps, best photos quality, best ways of communication.. and I'm also a big fan of iMore because it gave us the ability to win many things we can't afford to buy and I really want to win that iPhone 5S because i want it so badly and i can not afford it :(

Morgan Peel says:

Roses are red violets are blue
i love iphones and imore and you should too!

Morgan Peel says:

iphones and imore are the best in the land
i wish an iphone were in my hand
siri oh dear how can i explain
not having an iphone is so much pain

Hugo Krindle says:

I've never had an Apple device. That's why I've been trying to win one because I've ALWAYS wanted an Apple device, it would be a wish come true! And I'm new to Imore, I'm gonna try to get into it more often, for what I see, this website looks awesome! I hope I win this :)

Andi Xhahollari says:

This products are the best products on the market. Keep it up with good work. I really wish to get an gift from apple , i dont really care what kind of gift it is. Well who does not want an free iphone. All the best and thanks for this opportunity to get an new iphone.

Chelsea Thurston says:

i love apples products they are awsome!

Kartiks says:

apple I pH. is so amazing... and intrsting. feturs.I love its security point..........

MaddieD says:

I would LOVEEE to win this my fingers are crossed and if i dont win then congratz to whom may have won

shrikant zine says:

It's hard to think of a way I can like apple any more, but, if I win this 500, and if that's enough for an unsubsidized 5C, yeah, that's the way.

Maia Kerreghli says:

I've never had an iphone in my life .. so i wanna so badly to have an iphone 5s !

Asha Terrell says:

Pick me plaese!!!!

Tenisha Harris says:

All I want for my birthday is this!!!

black_beauty203 says:

it would be a dream for me to use an apple product, a privilege, and the moment of a life time for me to get my hands on one. and imore the dearest website provided me with that opportunity, that i am grateful i truly love imore i spent most of my time browsing and looking for thing my family and i could buy thank you so much for this. I LOVE IMORE keep up the good work!!!!!!

black_beauty203 says:

it would be a dream for me to use an apple product, a privilege, and the moment of a life time for me to get my hands on one. and imore the dearest website provided me with that opportunity, that i am grateful i truly love imore i spent most of my time browsing and looking for thing my family and i could buy thank you so much for this. I LOVE IMORE keep up the good work!!!!!!

maruti khamkar says:

first time i see a smartest iphone i want it ,for my sweat girl to her birthday

Monique Martin2 says:

I want an iphone because they are great for surfing the internet and have the best games available

chloe_2001 says:

Hi my name is Chloe Robertson. I like REALLY want an Iphone 5s. Why? because I can't afford one or any other phone..I wish I had the money. and Yes I'm young to have a phone. But I'm like #Thirsty for an Iphone. Well I know there's no chance of me winning an Iphone..Bye. (Thirsty means desperate).

Labeeb Yuri says:

iphone 5s is revolutionary regarding its graphics and efficiency. And imore is great to give people a chance to win great prices.

omar01_fawaz says:

i wich to get an iphone 5s but i know it's not real to win on this site

shetty_sairaj says:

I love iPhone b'coz of Steve Jobs determination of making it. No need of iPhone but respecthe this man #Steve jobs

Michael Stma says:

IPhone is the best phone that has been given to me because everything is updated on an iPhone Android are slow and they don't have alot of good things on their app store but iPhone keeps up with people that own a Apple device

Jim Jam Panda says:

I LOVE Apple so so much, same as iMore, they always have the products that I was searching for!

Namita Mahajan says:

hi .... i have never used i phone as such but ya i want to use it .... i just love the body of the phone ,... i jst love all the features what i see in my friends phone ..... i jst cant buy the phone but i want to use it once in my life :) .... i would be very lucky if i will get it thank u

i love my self says:

can i win one and i hope i will even if i wont win one i will try some other websites and even if i wont win i can just save up and buy one but i really want one plz i will be si great full i will tell my friends to come and visit this website and try to win so yeah plz let me win for just one iphone can u anwer me and tell me wht colours u have if u have white can i have white plz plz i am begging u plz from ur very specIAL friend trying to win MEGAN

Dinie Dayini says:

i really want an iphone! it makes me feel the most happiest girl alive if i get one!

Kartikey Saini says:

Iam from india ..And indian people just love idevices ..i love iproductsbecoz of the security in them.. but cannot purchase becoz of some money promblem ..just want to try my luck and hope its positive ...

gweny schatz says:

I come from a low income family. I remember as a 8th grader (just graduated Highschool) my mother told me I would never get an iPod because they were too expensive. One Christmas I opened up this tiny little box. It was a pink 8gig iPod nano 5th gen. I loved it so much. The following Christmas I got a iPod touch 4th gen. It was the neatest thing ever. I used it everyday for 3 years. I lost my pink nano so my mother bought me a used 6th gen with 16gigs. I was always terrified to get an iPhone. The interface on my iPod seemed dull compared to androids. For my birthday I bought a galaxy s4, and dropped my iPod on the cement getting out of the car(yes... On my birthday). I really wanted to replace it, but I couldn't (just bought a phone). So I sat it out. I saw the iPhone 5's and fell in love, and when ios7 was released I was sold, but I couldn't get one, my 2 year contract still had a year and a half to go. One day at school, I left my s4 on the table Accidently after school, someone stole it, so I took all of the money I was saving for Germany and bought myself a used iPhone 5. Ever since, I have been in love. It is so easy to use, I don't Accidently hang up or call people. I get to see when my friends are texting. I love it. The reason I want an iPhone 5s is because my mum hasn't formally upgraded since August 2011. She bought a 40 dollar phone off of eBay this year, and the phone isn't as reliable as mine. Most of the time it glitches and is useless for a few hours, it brings her to tears sometimes. So, if somehow I win, I would keep the iPhone 5s, and give my mother my iPhone 5. That way communicating with her while I am away at college will be so much easier. She drives for a living, and I want to know she is safe as much as possible. I love apple because it is RELIABLE and it can give me the relief of knowing my mum is okay because she has seen my text. Thank you. (: