Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!

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Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5s today and iMore is going to be the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iOS 7 preview? Our history of iPhone? Our complete iPhone 5s rumor rundown? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter,, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply, contest ends Monday September 16, 2013 at 11:59pm PDT. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Reader comments

Win a new iPhone 5S contest! Comment now to enter!



I love apple because i used iphone 4s with ios 7 for 4 months but then i had to sell it.Now i used samsung grand but it not give experience like apple.So i am badly in need of iphone.

nothing in the world is100% perfect but something may b no.1
every body is commenting because it's free oppertunity to get world's best phone.......
i'm commenting too because i just simply like and want to get it......

i love i phone........ and i have the right to get my love... i should...... u think i' m right.... wouldn't you think so???

hi i would like to win. i never had a iphone before, because my mom and dad didnt have enough money. please, i would like to call my friend and family. I been using imore for only 2 days and i love it. thank, imore!!

i not like iphone i loved it.......
that 's why i want it and was keen to see in my kinds doing chiggy wiggy with my female friends .... not just only and can heal their wounds of jealousy .... u know what i mean .....

i am the biggest fan of apple i cant tell you that how much i love iphone
so i request yo to please send an iphone please
i should be very thankful to you

I love apple devices mostly iPhone 5s because of the great camara and videos andmy friends say the camara is bad but I always say and believe is very good

imore explains more about iphones which i love the most. imore let people knew what iphones can do. whoooooooo! :D let me win, i really wanna have an iphone. :(

Imagine life without iPhone! Can't, won't. Now imagine life without imore telling you how to use your iPhone! Impossibe.
imore is my addiction to which I refuse counselling :)

I would love to win a iPhone 5s because I never owned an iPhone I love iPhones I would be really happy if I won one I love IMore because it gives you information about Apple I would be thankful if I won an iPhone I'm really in need of a phone I've never won anything before I would be happy and thankful if I won.

I need an iPhone so bad apple and I more is the best I need it please please
i've got a htc explorer
Apple is the best because they brought out on iphones
love you apple

i love apple soo much and i can't wait to have an iphone 5s and i knw its only on imore that i can get news and everythng :)

i like apple products ..because they r too expensive for me and i cant afford them :(. since i have never used them ,thats why there is a curiosity of using

and i love i more because it gives u a platform to win apple products through contests :):). and also because imore gives us a lot of informations about apple products.:)

I love Apple and Imore , More than Alot if stuff i really like that imore is doing this contest , I Live apple things but i could never really afford them , i really hope to win

Iphone is a great phone used by a 9 years old student to a 70 years old grandparents.its a famous phone which last for more then 3 years but my old phone never even last a minimum of 8 have been lagging everytime,battery runs out very quickly,when we on 4G/3G it is not smooth and takes a long time to complete our work.But for Iphone we do not have to worry about these problems as this will be helpful with our daily life. When we drop our normal phone,it will get scratch or do not work at all and we have to waste our time by repairing it and waste our money.But iphone we do not have such problems and we donot have to waste much money and time .
Good Luck Apple to be more famous ans popular by your products.

iPhones are like the best phones on earth! You can find anything you want in them like internet, best games, apps, best photos quality, best ways of communication.. and I'm also a big fan of iMore because it gave us the ability to win many things we can't afford to buy and I really want to win that iPhone 5S because i want it so badly and i can not afford it :(

iphones and imore are the best in the land
i wish an iphone were in my hand
siri oh dear how can i explain
not having an iphone is so much pain

I've never had an Apple device. That's why I've been trying to win one because I've ALWAYS wanted an Apple device, it would be a wish come true! And I'm new to Imore, I'm gonna try to get into it more often, for what I see, this website looks awesome! I hope I win this :)

This products are the best products on the market. Keep it up with good work. I really wish to get an gift from apple , i dont really care what kind of gift it is. Well who does not want an free iphone. All the best and thanks for this opportunity to get an new iphone.

It's hard to think of a way I can like apple any more, but, if I win this 500, and if that's enough for an unsubsidized 5C, yeah, that's the way.

it would be a dream for me to use an apple product, a privilege, and the moment of a life time for me to get my hands on one. and imore the dearest website provided me with that opportunity, that i am grateful i truly love imore i spent most of my time browsing and looking for thing my family and i could buy thank you so much for this. I LOVE IMORE keep up the good work!!!!!!

it would be a dream for me to use an apple product, a privilege, and the moment of a life time for me to get my hands on one. and imore the dearest website provided me with that opportunity, that i am grateful i truly love imore i spent most of my time browsing and looking for thing my family and i could buy thank you so much for this. I LOVE IMORE keep up the good work!!!!!!

Hi my name is Chloe Robertson. I like REALLY want an Iphone 5s. Why? because I can't afford one or any other phone..I wish I had the money. and Yes I'm young to have a phone. But I'm like #Thirsty for an Iphone. Well I know there's no chance of me winning an Iphone..Bye. (Thirsty means desperate).

iphone 5s is revolutionary regarding its graphics and efficiency. And imore is great to give people a chance to win great prices.

IPhone is the best phone that has been given to me because everything is updated on an iPhone Android are slow and they don't have alot of good things on their app store but iPhone keeps up with people that own a Apple device

hi .... i have never used i phone as such but ya i want to use it .... i just love the body of the phone ,... i jst love all the features what i see in my friends phone ..... i jst cant buy the phone but i want to use it once in my life :) .... i would be very lucky if i will get it thank u

can i win one and i hope i will even if i wont win one i will try some other websites and even if i wont win i can just save up and buy one but i really want one plz i will be si great full i will tell my friends to come and visit this website and try to win so yeah plz let me win for just one iphone can u anwer me and tell me wht colours u have if u have white can i have white plz plz i am begging u plz from ur very specIAL friend trying to win MEGAN

Iam from india ..And indian people just love idevices ..i love iproductsbecoz of the security in them.. but cannot purchase becoz of some money promblem ..just want to try my luck and hope its positive ...

I come from a low income family. I remember as a 8th grader (just graduated Highschool) my mother told me I would never get an iPod because they were too expensive. One Christmas I opened up this tiny little box. It was a pink 8gig iPod nano 5th gen. I loved it so much. The following Christmas I got a iPod touch 4th gen. It was the neatest thing ever. I used it everyday for 3 years. I lost my pink nano so my mother bought me a used 6th gen with 16gigs. I was always terrified to get an iPhone. The interface on my iPod seemed dull compared to androids. For my birthday I bought a galaxy s4, and dropped my iPod on the cement getting out of the car(yes... On my birthday). I really wanted to replace it, but I couldn't (just bought a phone). So I sat it out. I saw the iPhone 5's and fell in love, and when ios7 was released I was sold, but I couldn't get one, my 2 year contract still had a year and a half to go. One day at school, I left my s4 on the table Accidently after school, someone stole it, so I took all of the money I was saving for Germany and bought myself a used iPhone 5. Ever since, I have been in love. It is so easy to use, I don't Accidently hang up or call people. I get to see when my friends are texting. I love it. The reason I want an iPhone 5s is because my mum hasn't formally upgraded since August 2011. She bought a 40 dollar phone off of eBay this year, and the phone isn't as reliable as mine. Most of the time it glitches and is useless for a few hours, it brings her to tears sometimes. So, if somehow I win, I would keep the iPhone 5s, and give my mother my iPhone 5. That way communicating with her while I am away at college will be so much easier. She drives for a living, and I want to know she is safe as much as possible. I love apple because it is RELIABLE and it can give me the relief of knowing my mum is okay because she has seen my text. Thank you. (:

I would like to win an IPhone 5S because I want a new phone but my mom can't afford one. Before I had an IPhone 4 but my friend spilled water on it and it was ruined. I also love the IOS 7 features and how Apple products work. I really love Apple. IMore I am new to but I am sure I can find the things I need.

i have always wanted an iphone 5s but it isnt affordable in my country. Apple products are always the best and i cant wait to win one.Apple products especially the iphone RULES LOVE YOU

I love apple because it has all the features i need. Its handy and it is a good size. I really need a phone! as i dont have one. Please choose me.

Guys I really need iPhone 5 but I can't buy it :( I love that phone so much I saved pics of iut I really want it so bad I hope u can help me to win that s make me so happy :)

imore is a perfect and reliable source for apple news and reviews to keep us updated about the amazing apple products and its capabilities and future plans rumours and everything brought under one website. just the same principle under which an apple priducts work.

i love apple because they are amazing products with amazing capabilties and a work flow so perfect that no other deviced has perfected it to an apple device's extent. the best part about the upcoming OSes Yosemite ans IOS8 is that its its not two different products anymore. it works together individually connected to each other making the fanily of apple product sound like good music with perfect synchronization.

yeah i know im not going to win this cause there are like thousands of people that want these phones but im going to try ....i have looked through a lot of websites to get this kind of phone you see while the summer hoidays are on im at my dads house and my dad lives with his mom but he lives farrr away from were i live and thats why im here at my dads house to visit him while summer holidays are on and im going in to secondary school and thats a big start for me and everyone will have a phone but me :( :( :( and congrats to the person who did with the phone :)

I love iPhone and I've never had the chance to have one but i don't have a phone too and i don't have that ammount of money to buy it :/ .

I love apple so much i can't explain it. And imore I enjoy everything I read and it just makes me want more and more apple products. When I wanted an iphone so bad that I saved up for one for two years and I have the iPhone 4 so it would be nice to get some money towards a new iphone, thanks imore your amazing

I love apple so much! I wish my mom would get me an iPhone but I'm stuck with this one touch fiece alcatel, I'd do anything to win!

Actually this is my first time on imore but so far I am really loving it! Apple is my favorite brand and it's just so cool! They have such new technology and is just really really awesome. So because of the fingerprint scanner thing on the iPhone 5s I want one really really bad.

I luv apple and imore so much that i cant explain in words one can just feel that. I want iphone5 but not have enogh money to buy it so i come into this contest

apple provides good quality and reliability. that's why I'm loving apple products. i don't have apple products as my own, but i used them more times, and it was a different feeling and can not express that. we will feel its quality on our hands. awesome products from apple. And i am here as a one among the apple lovers.

thank you..

I really enjoy your website; it's very informative and so relevant for people like me who want to know "more" about their tech devices.
Of course I'd love to win the 5S; I like Apple products and would be thrilled to win.

I love Apple because of their rich ecosystem. I love how all of my Apple devices can connect. Their rich app library, on both iOS and OS X, is also a plus. There's an app for just about everything, something that's hard to find on other platforms.And if i did win an iphone whether its a 5c mor 5s i will give it to my sick mother for her birthday which is just around the corner because mothers deserve the best , right ??

For me having an iPhone is everything. But i have no iPhone. So i am crazy about iPhone. I am a small apps developer so for me Apple is like The Temple of Technology. I joined iMore few times ago but i am starting fall in love with iMore.

hi, i don't have any apple phone, better to say i don't have any smart phone unitle n ow but it's a best opportunity for me to test smart phone's world whit best world's phone,apple.

I love imore, and apple is just great I haven't had an apple phone in a while but I cant wait to see the great new features they have on the 5s

I Love Apple Gadgets Because it has great performance and it is so beautiful to use and i love the most is the Iphone 5s so i hope you can help me to win this Iphone 5s im begging you please :)

I really want iphone because everyone in the room on my school have an iphone and i was just kinda jealous because everytime they took pictures of them , i see their iphone's with them . So, i was kinda wondering that if i can have an iphone and its my birthday on septmber 18 so please, iMore, Give me a chance to win this contest . iMore is the best ! :)
So please Pick meeee ! :D

You don't even wanna get started me started with Apple products. My whole entire family owns iPhones iPods iPads and Mackbooks, oh geeesh what would we do without Apple. I want that iPhone

Hi, I started to love iphone and ipads when my son who has autism started to love playing with it. Is very handy and very esay and love the touch. Best ever touch screen,. want to win for my little boy as my phone broke and unable to buy new one .

Hey I remember when the iPhone 5s came I was so excited to see it I wanted so badly but I couldn't get it because I don't have the money and my parents would not get it for me I am entering this contest because I like imore and the contest they have to offer its a really good and wonderful website to join I like alot and I hope I get to win the amazing iPhone 5s I really like it just like I like the website imore

I Like Iphone coz the features and the speed. I have always been a fan of the operating system either be it for osx or be iOS - all these are upto the class - its like driving a rollsroyce (apple) compared to a toyota camry(android)

Well I m dying to get 5s I don't belive or trust any other companies.. Apple make sure that customers get best product at best price! :) I'l be lucky to get 5s soon! (Space grey )

i want the IPhone 5s because i have had the samsung galaxy 3 and i have never had the Iphone before so i hope that i win so i can try something new

why I like Apple ?? Come one are you Joking around here ??

here is why i love Apple .

"Apple is the BEST! simple ..its the best "

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

OMG !! i love imore and i also like apple like for example an iphone 5s i really want one because i dont wonna disturb my mom telling her can i use her oh, i really really really want a iphone 5s because they are so awesome and they are just cool because they are ^.^and i want one so can i get one

I want one so bad apple is the only thing I care about I have no iphone I need this I will do anything to win to finally have one by the way I'm 15 and still don't have one i love apple more than anything

i want iphone badly. maybe cause i'd never feel how to use a apple .. i mean i never had a apple gadgets and i can't even buy because we are poor. apple is so expensive here in philippines. i hope i win this even just a iphone 4s !! i am so desperate to win :(

Pz choose me I went on every app to get a free iPhone and hopefully this one work I not lieing this other ppl are like go apple just to get a free Iph but me I not playin i really want one plz

this justin hayes speckin you can contact me on facebook i have never had a ihpone in my ife if you wont to i will give you my mom contact but i always whating a iphone or sum because ever time i go to school everbody like he dont got know phone he brock its just 1 phone cause to much i wont to win so bad please pick me

I am a i-Phone lover. i-More is a fantastic thing. But I can't understand how they can gift me a phone worth Rs. 50000/-.
But still hopes are alive. Let it be done.
i-Phone to Chahiye hi Chahiye !!

Apple is the best technology company of this generation and I would absolutely love to be part of this growing company!!! and iMore is doing more than giving me the opportunity to be part and that's what makes iMore so great!!!

Apple iphone 6 amaging mobile phone in the hole universe .I foget my girl friend when i see iphone 6.this is INCREDIBLE.

Hi I would like an iPhone 5s because I think apple is the number one carrier worldwide and I love the new iPhone 5s. Due to the Touch ID and the new technological improvements , this device represents the future. I hope I can win one, thankyou !

this iphone is the best thing that could ever happen to me so if i win it im gonna do my best to help people in need i promiss thank you

good apps needs good users and you are looking at one right now if i get this i will do anything for apple since i was born i used apple like for ever and now my favourite fruit is APPLE APPLE APPLE

My uncle died because of cancer and his son wanted a iPhone 5 for his birthday unfortunately he couldn't buy it for him so I want to give it him 1

i love apple iphone i have never owned one before because i couldn't afford to buy it , but now i saw this amazing opportunity to win a brand new iphone 5s i would be most elated if i win one thank you ms goergia for this opportunity #iloveIphone5s

i love iphone cause its my favorite fruit from childhood. i love imore cause its the only one website which is not fake. my cousin has got a free iphone from this site. so i am damn sure i too will get it. i want iphone. i need iphone. i love iphone. i dream iphone. i live iphone. please i request u to give me an iphone cause life without iphone seems to be waste. i had an iphone but wsa stolen. now i cannot afford to buy it once again. please its a sincere request.

i m very much excited about iphone,i dont know whether i m going to win or not
but i m thankfull for giving us chance to praticipate in this.thanx again
finger crossed...

Hi I'm Malachi winning a iPhone well be every thing because where I'm from you always have to have the best shoes or the best clothes . My mom is a single mom of five. I been asking her for any kind of iPhone but she never got enough money then I stopped asking her because I was scared she was going to be depressed I'm currently in 8th grade but I hardly made it because lack of electronics. I cant study without a computer or phone . But I'm not going to talk bad about the wonderful contestants because some of them need it more then me. If you don't pick me I will be fine. I would like to wish everyone good luck and your contest good luck

I love apple my whole family has apple and I just want to Thank apple for it's good phones and I would really like to get a apple myself because all my family has apple except me right now so it would be my honer to win a apple phone

i am a middel class people we use only micromax.... etc but my wish that one day i will buy it but i can't and also my big brother are in styding in second collage my father expend whole money for study

I love iPhone because it's touch is utmost and its applications are very credible,although paid but very effective to run . It has to much value for the users through out the world.

I LOVE all apple products there all off the end. Imore is having wonderfull offers. I saw an add for this i started telling my friends bout this site then regretting it cause i want the iphone

Iphone is my dream phone i love iphpne 5s alottt ive always wished to get an iphone but bcuz of not being economically stable dis wish is yet not completed

i love APPLE PHONE because its is brand ambassador for quality,design and processing.its above from the earth.when it comes to best phone in the universe apple is the only brand which we remember.

The iphone got whole ALUMINIUM finished body and is some innovating which we find others than PLassTY PHONE..AS DUE TO ALUMINUM BODY..PHONE WEIGHT IS ALMOST NEGLIGABLE about 125 gms in weight. when we compare IPHONE APPLE clear admits that HIGH SPECIFICTIONS IS NOT ESSENCE FOR A POWERFUL SMARTPHONE. it is Apps that makes phone a SMARTPHONE.

The touch in apple iphone is very good .IPHONE 5S COMES WITH LATEST OS 7..updated to 7.1.1. IOS 7 had been new and innovative since any previous os .One best feature of IOS 7 had been seen.. IS INTER APP SETTING..which allow to USERS to CUSTOMIZE THE APPS .AS PER THEIR USAGE. NOTIFICATION & CONTROL is MORE USER FRIENDLY.

on the whole, OF IPHONE 5S APPLE HAD ALWAYS FOR SOME THING & very interesting .it is the best gift of our growing technology .

I love Apple! I've been waiting for the iPhone 5s like forever and it is my dream to have one! To me, Apple is so much better than Samsung! Please don't ruin my dream!

Hi love love love love love love apple if I got that iPhone i will be the happiest girl on earth u have no idea I would cry if I got one because I always wanted one

I just really want a decent phone.... Like really really bad... I dont have some long sob story about it, I would just love one honestly

Ever since I'm aiming to have that gadget (iPhone 5S) but suddenly :( I can't because I don't have money to buy... but for this opportunity hopefully I will have it...

I really like apple products because it got style and have that luxurious look . When it comes to software and hardware it's very advance comparing to other products , apple they invented something unique and other company tries to copy that but they cannot outrun because they are not innovative like apple , every phone thathe I'v bought I find apple to be more lasting than the others though I've accidentally drop a few time but the other it started having problem after falling one time , so I vote apple the best choice

i am a huge fan of apple i have had every single thing of apple since it came out but someone stole my phone and i can't afford to get another one but whatever about that apple is an amazing product and i hope that everybody can enjoy this product as much as i do also hope i win fingers crossed

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee me i am a huuuuuuuuggggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

First of all, Am just short of words I don't know what to say, am so grateful to prophet suleman for what he has done for me. At first I thought he was a scam like two others that I worked with, but I just decided to contact him then he told me that my lover will be back home within 72 hours. When the 72 hours completed my husband called me and said he was sorry for the frequent argument and fight, I was so happy that my husband who left me for over 2 years called me. Now we are together he can't do without me, he always wants me to be by his side and he just bough me a new car. If you want to contact him for help, his email is

for me apple is the best ,the design is simply and beatiful and everybody love apple your web site is ,for me ,as beatiful as the apple product .

Hello everybody on this page,i want to thank God for using Prophet Suleman as my source of savior after 9 years of my marriage and my lover left me alone for 6 months,Have just been heart broken until i go in contact with Prophet Suleman after i saw a ladies testimony on how she was helped by this same Propht Suleman,So i decided to get in contact with him and when i told him all my problems he laughed and said this is not a problem that everything will be ok in 2 days time.Exactly the 2nd day my husband called me i was shocked and what surprise me the most was that his behaviour was normal as the man i got married to.Am so grateful to dr Kasee for what he did for me, if you wish to contacting him Email:

I love apple because they give us good phones and the phones don't even cost that much and I love their products too

I've never had a Apple or an IPhone and I would like nothing more than one
This I've never used Imore before so I think this would be a great opportunity to use the app

i like i phone beacuse it is good medium to transform information. the users of iphone is increasing day by day because of it's feature

As I was growing up, I've always wanted a Samsung Galaxy. However, when i bought it, I quickly began to realize that I've made a mistake. The Samsung Galaxy is a phone that dies slot and I constantly had to buy new batteries. I've never had an Iphone so I just want to get one so I can have a new experience.

I love apple, if it were not for them I probably would not be alive! I have seizures bad and I use this old iPad to stay in touch with my doctors, so yes Apple is really my LIFE LINE! THANKS SO MUCH APPLE.

I don't have a cell because 3 yrs ago my dog chewed up my cell. I was cut out of the budget due to loss of house . Love to win thanks! I heard Apples rate!

IPhone 5s is the one of the stylish smartphone which less radiation compared to all other smartphones....

I would just like to say that when i wake up in the morning the first thing i do is pray to the Almighty iPhone and to this brilliant website - imore, and before every meal i pray to thee. Sadly, i have never actually owned an iPhone because of the cost but nevertheless i have always hoped that i would be able to own one.

I love iMore so much that words can't even explain how much I do! And, if I get this iPhone, I would give to my dear mother. She loves Apple so much, and so do I. And she's been asking her sister to get her an iPhone because my aunt/her sister is richer than us and can afford lots of iPhones. But my aunt can't right now. And I think my mom is gonna be really happy if I would give her an iPhone. Thanks iMore!!

Hi everyone I love Apple so much . The reason that is ,Is because One day I went to Microsoft and debated that Microsoft was better than Apple I was the only one who went for Apple. Because I love these phones I had two Apple devices but me devices got locked and it can't get unlocked. . I hope you appreciate my words because I work very hard writing this. so thank you and have a nice day .

huh..... i luv iphone as it keeps my secrete safely with more secure............ and other thing is it's os and camera quality makes me addicted to it...... well i believe that i might have a luck to win an iphone....

huh..... i luv iphone as it keeps my secrete safely with more secure............ and other thing is it's os and camera quality makes me addicted to it...... well i believe that i might have a luck to win an iphone....

Gimme what I deserve.... I don't beg like folks... Apple has to make its class to enhance his beauty in my hand ! Else it's a simple boo-hoo !!
I really respect Steve Jobs and admire his achievements ..... #U_rock_sir :)

Apple Apple Apple!!!! someone's dream someone's present but for me 5s is my life now it had taken 2 years waiting,waiting and waiting now i want to have awesome experience of 5s plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Apple is like thee best !!! I'm like a #1 fan, their products are so addicting but in a good way, of course. ;) Apple is leading us to a good future! And I think imore is awesome for all its giveaways and articles and stuff, I find it real helpful!!!

i love apple and ive never had a phone and I would love to have an apple iphone. I would love to have a phone so please consider it!!!

The iPhone is very populer in the world because iPhone is lunch very best models of mobile phones into iPhone the iPhone s5 is the awesome model it is very important in present and iPhone daily lunch compitisional piece is lonched and no any compititer for iPhone s5.thanks

My name is Raeshaan. You know how much i want to have a iphone..... I want it very much, my parents are cold hearted.. and i have been going through alot, been made fun off at school, girls calling me a freak because i can do weird things with my body, have been in hospital in and out. with family issues, pain having a iphone can make me happy, never had smiled in my whole entier life, after coming from germany, being blamed for everything, crying everyday thinking when i will smile again.. having a iphone can bring it back, but i bet i won't get picked... nobody listens to me.

First of all I would like to thank imore and apple for giving us such a nice opportunity to win iphones.....I really very badly need one of them coz my college is going to start and I want a iphone wid me I asked my parents for that but they didn't buy me one of it all my frnds have an iphone I am the left over one and I fell ambaris in front of them so plz give me this iphone

hello, I have a Vodafone since 2013 Jan. it started to die in me last year. can't really afford a new one n now I'm surfing the web to see if just maybe I could b blessed with a new phone. Apple is an amazing device.. so I hear n believe

The Apple products shown here are a range of class and elegant things which is a heart of all people worldwide. Thanks to 'imore'

I love apple so much because it helps keep the kids quite and I can do so much stuff on it ad i do need a new phone with lots of storage were I can download millions of apps and do all my research on It if u could help me out here and give me that I phone 5 I'd be grateful thanks

I seriously need Apple in my life . I can't go on any longer without Apple . Apple products are beautiful and straight forward .They are perfect for a person with without a lot of experience with electronics . I admire apple so much .