10,000 CG iPhone 5's used as dominoes to demonstrate NFC concept technology

Aatma Studio has created a pretty amazing video to demonstrate what NFC technology could do in the iPhone. We aren't talking your typical boring concept video, we're talking 10,000 computer-generated iPhone 5's with a hypothetical NFC chip installed that are knocked over like dominoes passing information from one screen to another.

It's a pretty cool concept, even if it doesn't happen anytime soon. Make sure you watch through until the very end as that's arguably the coolest part of the entire video. The folks at Aatma Studio have been playing around with CG iPhones for years now, including a morphing iPhone/iPad video that was just too cool. These 10,000 iPhone 5's are purely CG, but Aatma has certainly put a lot of thought and effort into the concept and the video. Maybe someday Apple will hope on the NFC bandwagon and they can try it again in real life...

Source: Aatma Studio

Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.