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I have always been a fan of massage therapy, but recently, I've become an enormous fan of massage guns. These tools deliver incredible trigger point therapy and deep tissue release, and the best part is that you can give yourself an incredible massage when you need it most.

I travel frequently and have found the Addsfit Mini Massage Gun to be my new favorite travel companion. It is by far the smallest massage gun I've used, but don't let its size fool you — it can still deliver a powerful punch. It's small, compact, and can fit into any piece of luggage you travel with. It can even fit into a large purse! I never leave home without it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a travel friendly massage gun.

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Small, but mighty

Addsfit Mini Reco

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Bottom Line: This small, lightweight massage gun is compact and incredibly travel friendly. It's super quiet and allows you to take your massage therapy with you wherever you go. It features a 6mm stroke depth, three speed levels, and up to 27 pounds of stroke force. The palm sized, ergonomic design makes this gun comfortable to hold and easy to use. It comes with two different massage heads, a charging cable, and a compact bonus case, making it the perfect travel companion.


  • Lightweight, compact, travel friendly
  • User friendly
  • Three speeds
  • Two massage heads
  • Powerful


  • Only two massage heads

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Features

Addsfit Mini Massage GunSource: Nicolette Roux / iMore

The Addsfit Mini Massage Gun is lightweight, compact, and travel friendly. It features a small, ergonomic design that's designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, making it comfortable to hold and user friendly. It can penetrate muscle tissue up to 6mm and uses up to 27 pounds of stroke force for those hard to reach muscles and knots.

It offers three levels of speed and is quite powerful. When fully charged it offers two to two and a half hours of work time. It comes with a bonus carrying case, charging cable, and two different massage heads - a triggered flat head and a thumb head.

The triggered flat head is designed for overall use and is perfect for large muscle groups and tender areas. The thumb head is ideal for trigger points and small muscle groups.

Perfect for travel What I loved

Addsfit Mini Massage GunSource: Nicolette Roux / iMore

My favorite thing about this massage gun is how small and compact it is.

The gun itself, the two massage heads, and the charging cable all come neatly organized in a sleek little carrying case. The whole package weighs less than a pound making this device my new favorite travel buddy.

I stuff it in my gym bag for post workout therapy, my luggage when I'm traveling, and I can even fit it into my larger purses. Another great attribute of this gem of a gun is how quiet it is. I've discreetly used this little guy on the airplane, in the car, and at the gym. That's the beauty of it, you can truly take it and use it anywhere and everywhere.

It features two to two and a half hours of work time when fully charged. I typically use it for 15-20 minutes at a time, so this baby can last for days on a single charge. The battery life is color coded when looking at the bottom of the gun. It flashes green when charged over 20% and red when under 20%, and you can recharge it at any time and at any battery level.

User friendly

Addsfit Mini Massage GunSource: Nicolette Roux / iMore

This mini gun is super easy to use. First of all, it's smaller than my hand, so it's comfortable to hold. The width of the handle fits just perfectly in my palm. It comes with two different massage heads that you switch out when the device is powered off.

To turn it on, you hold the power button down for about two seconds, then you press it again to get to your desired speed; press it once to get to level one, twice to get to level two, and three times to get to level three. This tool features three different speed settings. My favorite speed is level two, but I recommend starting at one and working your way up.

It's small and lightweight so you can angle it and reach all of those hard to reach muscle groups and deep knots that have been torturing you. I've had this deep knot in my left shoulder for the past five years. The thumb massage head and this little gun have enabled me to blast that knot into oblivion with some trigger point therapy, finally giving me sweet relief. I just love it.

Versatile and powerful

Addsfit Mini Massage GunSource: Nicolette Roux / iMore

Let's get one thing straight, though this gun be little, it be fierce.

It packs an incredibly powerful punch for such a small device and can deliver up to 27 pounds of stroke force. I can vouch, that's a fact. It's done wonders to alleviate my sore muscles and I try to incorporate a little massage therapy with this tool every day.

The two massage heads it comes with are great. One is a triggered flat head for larger muscle groups, overall use, and for areas that tend to be more sensitive. The thumb head is designed for deep trigger point therapy. I like to use it on deep knots, and it feels amazing on my neck, hips, booty, and feet. Warning: using the thumb head is not for the faint of heart. Start slowly and work your way up to tenderer areas.

Only two massage heads What could be better

I truly love this mini massage gun — there's not really anything I don't like about it. The only thing I would change is the number of massage heads. If it came with just one more, I'd be ecstatic. However, that would make the carrying case larger and heavier, so really when considering travel, it is perfect as it is.

Bottom line

Addsfit Mini Massage GunSource: Nicolette Roux / iMore

This massage gun is my new favorite travel buddy (don't tell my husband), and I take it with me everywhere I go. It's the perfect travel companion: quiet, powerful, user friendly, and therapeutic; I never leave home without it. I would recommend this device to anyone and everyone looking for some deep trigger point therapy neatly organized in a small, compact carrying case. Don't forget that Addsfit is offering iMore's readers a 15% discount if you use code NICOR2020 when purchasing through Amazon at checkout, treat yourself!

4.5 out of 5

Lightweight, compact, and powerful

Addsfit Mini Reco

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun

Your new favorite travel buddy

Small, compact, powerful mini massage gun that features three speeds and comes with two massage heads in a sleek carrying case.

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