"Tried the HTC One for 2 weeks and have decided to stick with iPhone 5"
fettym - From the [Android Central] forums

Of all the recently launched phones, the HTC One is perhaps the one that's most desirable to iPhone users, what with its Apple-like use of aluminum, and its beyond Retina display. It shares much that makes the iPhone so popular -- fantastic design, exceptional hardware, and incredible build quality. That might be why Android Central Forums member fettym took a leap of faith, put down the iPhone 5, and went off to try the HTC One. Two weeks later, however, and fettym is back on the iPhone 5. According to the post on Android Central Forums, here's why:

  • Couldn't get phone to work well with car which is important to me, petty, I know
  • I use an Otterbox and it made it near impossible with one hand
  • I find the iPhone Camera to be better quality as I like zooming further than HTC would allow
  • Too much clutter, IE Blink Feed and Gallery
  • I like the way Mac/iPhone/iTunes sync seamlessly
  • Battery was weak compared to what I'm used to in regards to lasting time and charge time

The strengths, and some of the 'marketed features' of the iPhone, such as one-handed use, are often mocked. But here, we see a real-world user frustrated at not being able to use the HTC One with one hand. Even with a case on, the iPhone remains manageable one-handed.

Battery life, seamless syncing between the Mac and the iPhone, and the less 'cluttered' experience of iOS also come out on top. These are all important parts of an enjoyable mobile experience. Once you've had something so good, it's almost impossible to live without. Personally, I've not used a HTC One on a day-to-day basis, but I know that the iPhone 5 battery lasts me way longer than the one on my Nexus 4 ever did.

It looks like fettym has started off a great discussion. There's also folks joining in who've made the switch and decided to stay, and that's fine too. But we want to hear from you guys. Have you switched to another platform only to come back? What made you take the risk and try something new in the first place? What is it about the iPhone that just drawing you in over the deluge of competing devices?

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