Apple to announce iPhone 5 at a separate event in June? [Crazy rumors]

Korean news site ETNews claims Apple will hold a second event in June, separate from WWDC, to announced iPhone 5, and then release it in the fourth week of June.

iPhone 5, the next model of iPhone 4, will be released on the coming 4th week of June. In the midst of the iPhone 5 postponement rumors, Apple has confirmed that iPhone 5 will be released as planned and it will be released simultaneously in Korea through SK Telecom and KT.

While the source for the information is supposedly Apple, Apple never gives information out on future products or release dates. Even leaks from carriers are often -- though not always -- highly inaccurate. We're tempted to file this one away under highly dubious for now, but given the recent rumors of iPhone 5 only launching in the fall, anything positive regarding a June announcement is worth thinking about!


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  • Then why not announce it at WWDC and then say the release date is the end of the month. Air travel is getting expensive you know...
  • Keeping in mind that this is just one of many rumors, Apple may feel that the marketing message for iOS and Mac OS X is more important than squeezing in an iPhone 5 announcement. They've only got about 1.5 hours for the keynote.
    iOS and Mac OS X will need all of that time. iPhone 5 will require about an hour. Something has to give.
    Who knows. These are all just rumors. Loopinsight's Jim Dalrymple has good Apple sources. So it is likely Apple won't announce hardware at the WWDC keynote. Whether Apple will have a special event in May, June, July or later to announce iPhone 5, no one knows.
  • This may sound ignorant, but why would the iPhone 5 show up outside of the US, before the US? That's what strikes me as odd...
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  • "iPhone 5, the next model of iPhone 4"
    That makes complete sense because the iPhone 4 is a complete model of it's own.
  • I picked up on this and it leads me to believe its not that likely and I am not going to listen to this. Rumours are going to continue for months now so I expect we will see more and more of these knocking about. Best to just wait to hear it from the Apple guys!
  • I thought iPhone 6 was the next model of iPhone 4.
  • I guess it could make senses. Is WWDC a software or hardware event? Why not dangle the carrot in front of people in WWDC and then give them the carrot later?
    Huge PR and great buzz.
  • Who even cares about carrots anymore? Most developers that I know have severe cholesterol problems.
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  • Not sure why they would announce the iPhone 5 at WWDC since it a software conference. Now iOS 5 that will happen most likely happen along with stuff about Lion. iPhone 5 we will get it when we get it I guess.
  • You announce a hardware iteration at a software conference to get your most dedicated developers fired up about the capabilities of the new version and thinking about how to exploit them, in collaboration with the Apple personnel running the conference.
    This year, perhaps does not see a need for that bump, perhaps they have other strategic concerns that outweigh that benefit, or perhaps their timing is just off this year.
  • This bad boy is coming out with the iPod Touch 5th Gen. Just let them worry about getting the tweaks and fixes on iOS 5, and let them worry about getting the supplies they need, it's coming with the iPod's.
  • Well this year they didn't really hold an iOS event. So we will probably see iOS 5 at WWDC and hopefully iPhone 5 but if they don't I won't be to shocked that they will hold a conference just showing off the iPhone 5.
  • My question to TIPB. Did Apple announce the IPhone 5 already?
  • Yes. Yes they did. TiPB got the exclusive call from Steve himself. I believe Dieter answered.
  • Well show us that post or proof that Steve himself did call TIPB about the iPhone 5. I really doubt that Steve called...
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  • You're correct - I was mistaken. Steve did not call Dieter.
    He called Georgia.
  • @Dood So where's the proof Steve made the call to Georgia. Stop making an ass out of yourself.
  • @Dood So where's the proof of Steve making the call to Georgia. Stop making an ass out of yourself.
  • Why must people make rumors? Why can't one just wait till they release it in the summer or whatever. Sheesh! So impatient? Lol.
  • I can't wait for the next version of iPhone 4!!! ...wait, what?
  • They(Apple) said 2011 is the year of the iPad. No phone at all till 2012, unless they make the iPad 3 a phone. Would look a little funny holding it to the ear, but most likely bluetooth only connect, that way you can hold it up to take pictures, and talk. That was my dumb statement for today. We will see an iPhone 5 this year, end of June.
  • Loopinsight just shot this down.
    At this point, I'm beginning to believe that Apple PR is feeding Dalrymple.