Apple begins repair process for faulty iPhone 5 sleep buttons

Head into the iMore Forums and you'll find a few threads about the sleep/wake button not working properly on the iPhone 5. Don't worry, you're not alone. Apple has acknowledged that a small percentage of iPhone 5 users will experience a situation where the sleep/wake button mechanism will not work. Thankfully, Apple has a new replacement program in place to get you sorted. Details after the break.

Apple will replace your iPhone 5 sleep/wake button mechanism free of charge if you qualify. There's a new page on Apple Support that will determine whether or not you quality to receive a new mechanism. It appears that iPhone 5 models made up until March 2013 might be affected by the issue.

Starting today, the replacement program is available to those in the United States and Canada. Other countries will follow starting May 2nd. You can either mail-in your iPhone 5 or take it to your local Apple Retail Store.

Have you experienced a faulty sleep/wake button on your iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments and then hit up the source below to see if you qualify to replace it.

Source: Apple Support{.nofollow} Via: The Loop

Sam Sabri