iPhone 5

Head into the iMore Forums and you'll find a few threads about the sleep/wake button not working properly on the iPhone 5. Don't worry, you're not alone. Apple has acknowledged that a small percentage of iPhone 5 users will experience a situation where the sleep/wake button mechanism will not work. Thankfully, Apple has a new replacement program in place to get you sorted. Details after the break.

Apple will replace your iPhone 5 sleep/wake button mechanism free of charge if you qualify. There's a new page on Apple Support that will determine whether or not you quality to receive a new mechanism. It appears that iPhone 5 models made up until March 2013 might be affected by the issue.

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Starting today, the replacement program is available to those in the United States and Canada. Other countries will follow starting May 2nd. You can either mail-in your iPhone 5 or take it to your local Apple Retail Store.

Have you experienced a faulty sleep/wake button on your iPhone 5? Let us know in the comments and then hit up the source below to see if you qualify to replace it.

Source: Apple Support{.nofollow} Via: The Loop