Is Apple building two iPhone 5’s for release this fall? [rumor]

According to the iPhone Download Blog, Apple may be building two different iPhone 5 models for release this fall; a normal and pro model. The source of the information is an employee of an Apple parts supplier.

Due to the extensive amount of NDAs our source had to sign to work with Apple, he could not give us very many details. He does believe that Apple is going to build two iPhone models, which he referred to as a ‘normal’ and a ‘pro’ version. Our source says that Apple is ordering components of similar function, but some of them are the very best of what you can get right now.

Now before jumping to any conclusions, Apple may just be testing different components for reliability and quality before final production of one device. They may also be testing several prototypes, some more conservative than others, as they have done in the past The second lot of components may also be for a new iPod touch which is usually announced in the fall; the same time as we expect the new iPhone.

Do you think Apple would release two iPhones with different specifications? Let us know in the comments!

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