macOS CatalinaSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple recently debuted a new beta for macOS Catalina.
  • One exciting new feature is 'Head Pointer'.
  • It's an accessibility feature that allows users to control their cursor with head movements.

A new accessibility feature in the macOS Catalina beta will allow users to control their cursor with head movements.

The new feature is called 'Head Pointer' and was spotted by Guilherme Rambo:

The feature has a few settings you can change, such as how the cursor moves and pointer speed. You can also change which camera your Mac takes input from. By default this is the FaceTime HD Camera, however, you could switch to an external webcam as an alternative, or on a Mac that doesn't have a built-in webcam. You can also choose how to toggle the feature on and off, either as an always-on feature or with a switch to pause and resume.

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The new macOS developer beta was seeded yesterday, February 5. For more information on how to download it, and backup your data in the process, click here! The public beta for this iteration of Catalina will likely go live in a few days.

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