Apple's new Shot on iPhone video is its most ambitious project yet

Hermitage (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new Shot on iPhone video.
  • The new video is a 5hrs, 19min and 28sec continuous take of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.
  • It takes in 45 galleries, 588 works of art and live performance, all in one take and on a single battery charge.

Apple has just released its brand new Shot on iPhone video, a mammoth continuous take that lasts over five hours.

The video is shot inside one of the world's biggest museums, the Hermitage in St Petersburg. The full film is 5hrs, 19min and 28sec long, and is one continuous take of the museum featuring 45 different galleries, 588 masterpieces, and live performances.

The State Hermitage Museum is the second-largest art museum in the world and was founded by Catherine the Great in 1764. These days it occupies six buildings along Palace Embankment, including the famous Winter Palace. It boasts the largest collection of paintings in the world and has over three million items. However, most of these are not kept on permanent display.

The video was directed by Axinya Gog and its description states:

Experience a 5 hr 19 min 28 sec cinematic journey through one of the world's biggest museums in St. Petersburg, Russia. Take in 45 galleries, 588 masterpieces, and live performances, shot in 4K on iPhone 11 Pro in one continuous take.

Highlights of the marathon video include the Jordan Staircase, the 1812 Gallery, a look at some of Rembrandt's best paintings, a contemporary ballet duet and a performance by Russian pianist Kirill Richter.

As you can imagine, one continuous take also means that this was shot on one single battery charge, which is pretty impressive considering this is over five hours of 4K video. In fact, the iPhone finished with 19% of its battery remaining!

You can see the full video here and watch the trailer below!

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