Apple releases first iPhone 5s commercial, Metal Mastered, and it's all about the gold

Apple has debuted their first iPhone 5s commercial, called Metal Mastered, and not surprisingly it focuses on gold. Based on the video originally shown off during the WWDC 2013, it uses Terminator 2-style liquid metal morphing FX to literally pour the gold iPhone out onto the screen. Here's the caption:

Introducing iPhone 5s. Meticulously considered and precision crafted, it's the most refined and forward thinking iPhone yet.

Typically Apple would show off new features like the improved iSight camera, Touch ID, or iOS 7, and indeed they've already made videos for all of those things, just not commercials. Like the iPhone 5c's first commercial, they seem to want to start with materials this time, specifically the new gold metallic finish.

It's far more brand-centric, and almost more fashion-centric. Is this a new direction, or simply an introduction with the rest to follow?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I guess gold wasn't a big a hit as Apple was hoping. Otherwise they wouldn't have to push it in advertising. Add that and the 5c to the flop list. Guaranteed a bigger screen would have been a runaway hit, but what do I know.
  • What do you know? Obviously nothing. Sent from the iMore App
  • So I guess I'm seeing all these Samsung Galaxy S4, Note and Gear TV ads because they're not big hits? Ok then.
  • The 5C isn't there to sell, it's there to sell more 5S's. If Apple kept the 5, regular consumers would pick that over the 5S because it cheaper and both phones have the same design. So now people would pick up the 5S over the C model. It's actually really smart of them. Sent from the iMore App
  • Do you really belive what you just said, Apple spend a lot of money to make the 5c just sell the 5s and you said that's really smart of them, lol
  • ha ha!
  • The guy wasn't talking about the iphone, he was talking about the gold iphone, the Ad just show someone turn on a gold iphone that's all, but Samsung ads shows what you can do with the new S4, new note 3, gear and even new tv
  • I disagree wholeheartedly. Gold sold out in most apple stores nation wide. If gold wasn't a hit, most stores would have gold in stock.
  • It is a BIG hit. It has been back ordered 2-4 weeks in every apple store and carrier stores.
  • 9 millions iPhones sold in one weekend...if only I could fail so spectacularly!
  • Talking about the gold model. They were trying too hard to appease the "bling" crowd. Most people want black or white. The other "S" models are selling very well.
  • Do you have any data to support your argument that the gold iPhone is not selling well? It was the first of the three colors to be backordered. Your comment seems more conjecture than fact.
  • Kinda surprised by this commercial, too closely resembles an old Motorola commercial from 2006.
  • You are right. THEY copied the music and some of the ideas. I wish they kept the music showed at the keynote. The first time I heard it it gave me chills. This songs not so much
  • Very interesting, and very similar. Well done fernandez....
  • Excellent tune by Goldfrapp. Spot on choice Apple.
  • Fitting since fan boys were probably "frapping" as they watch the commercial.
  • This was innovative...7 years ago...
  • I miss Alltel. Sent from the iMore App