Apple releases first iPhone 5s commercial, Metal Mastered, and it's all about the gold

Apple has debuted their first iPhone 5s commercial, called Metal Mastered, and not surprisingly it focuses on gold. Based on the video originally shown off during the WWDC 2013, it uses Terminator 2-style liquid metal morphing FX to literally pour the gold iPhone out onto the screen. Here's the caption:

Introducing iPhone 5s. Meticulously considered and precision crafted, it's the most refined and forward thinking iPhone yet.

Typically Apple would show off new features like the improved iSight camera, Touch ID, or iOS 7, and indeed they've already made videos for all of those things, just not commercials. Like the iPhone 5c's first commercial, they seem to want to start with materials this time, specifically the new gold metallic finish.

It's far more brand-centric, and almost more fashion-centric. Is this a new direction, or simply an introduction with the rest to follow?

Rene Ritchie

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