Apple Retail Stores reportedly getting Touch ID demo app for iPhone 5s

Touch ID is one of the most prominent new features unique to the iPhone 5s, and reportedly will be a focus of Apple Retail Store demos. According to documentation obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple has developed a demo application to show off Touch ID to the millions who want an iPhone 5s:

To test Touch ID, a customer can launch the demo app. In this app, a customer can setup the device to recognize a single fingerprint. When the setup process is complete, the application will direct the user to place that fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor on the Home button. The application will then show that the Home button successfully read the fingerprint. Then, the app will tell the user to place a different finger on the Home button. The app will then show a red fingerprint outline to note that the authentication was not successful.

It isn't going to show off the full implementation of Touch ID within the store, but it will surely give customers a feel for the new security hardware Apple will be sending out to the world come September 20. In addition to Touch ID, Apple Retail colleagues will be pushing the new camera features, the iOS 7 design and features such as Control Center, Multitasking and the new look Safari according to the same leaked documentation.

While a number of iMore readers will no doubt want to be in-and-out as quickly as possible, Apple's continued push on the retail experience and introducing the new products to the customers is pleasing. Not everyone knows what Touch ID is going into the store, or may have ever seen iOS 7. It's comforting to know the service is there for those who need it.

Have you ever taken advantage of an in-store demo from Apple? What did you think of it?

Source: 9to5Mac

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