Apple should have made the iPhone 11 Pro in this color

What you need to know

  • Designer Michael Steeber imagined what the iPhone 11 Pro would have looked like in Deep Sea Blue.
  • Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 11 Pro wears the blue really well.
  • It made us wonder why Apple didn't include this color option for its new iPhone line-up.

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 Pro, it also showed off a brand new color option: Midnight Green. While as nice as the new color is, we wish it could have gone with something more traditional, like blue for instance. Designer Michael Steeber had the same thought and mocked up what a Deep Blue Sea iPhone 11 Pro would have looked like and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

In Steeber's mock-up, the iPhone still retains its subtle color shift. Apple is not one to incorporate outlandish colors and that's none more evident than with the color options for the iPhone 11 Pro. The Deep Blue Sea option would fit quite nicely with the current color options.

The frame is still the shiny polished stainless steel and the back looks nice with the hint of matte blue.

Overall, we're big fans of the color option. We'd wish Apple would expand the color options of the iPhone 11 Pro to match the iPhone 11, but alas, it choose not to. Maybe it will next year.

Until it does, we'll cling to Steeber's mock-up of what a Deep Sea Blue iPhone 11 Pro could look like. What do you think of the mock-up? Is this a color that you would have purchased? Let us know in the comments.

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Danny Zepeda