Best Accessories for iPad Air (2019) iMore 2020

Apple's iPad Air has many of the bells and whistles of the pro lineup, but without the heafty price tag? Since you're spending less, maybe you should consider adding some much-needed accessories to your shopping cart. Here are the best Accessories for iPad Air (2019)!

The perfect partner: Apple Pencil

Staff favorite

The Apple Pencil makes all the difference when drawing, sketching, writing, and creating on your iPad Air. It's also easy to charge, too.

$95 at Amazon

Protective yet suave: ZUGU Protective iPad Case

This case lets your iPad Air auto sleep and wake up due to a dust and scratch-proof magnetic cover. It comes in black, midnight blue, dark purple and red.

$50 at Amazon

Stylish, soft, and functional: MOSISO Water Resistant iPad Sleeve

Protect your new iPad Air with this padded and practical sleeve that is water resistant. It's lightweight and it comes in nine different color options.

$12 at Amazon

Highly-rated and super simple: Lamicall Adjustable Stand

This unique accessory keeps your iPad Air adjusted at whatever angle is most comfortable. It comes in silver, rose gold, gray and black color options.

$16 at Amazon

Clear coated and affordable: ESR Yippee Hard Shell iPad Case

This highly rated case gives you access to all buttons and ports, while the hard, back cover protects your iPad Air from scratches and dust.

$11 at Amazon

Keep it consistent with more Apple awesome: Apple Smart Keyboard

The portability on the Apple Smart Keyboard is a lightweight, non-bulky cover that's easy to transport during travel. Auto sleep and wake feature included.

$159 at Amazon

That extra layer of sound protection: Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This protector provides top-tier durability with an ultra-high transparent and anti-scratch design saving your iPad's screen from scrapes and bumps.

$10 at Amazon

Keep it classic, keep it corded: Artix Foldable Headphones

These headphones are affordable, stylish and highly rated. They are both lightweight and comfortable, with the choice of turquoise and red color options.

$19 at Amazon

Like typing on your MacBook: Brydge Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

This high-grade aluminum keyboard bends at 180 degrees, allowing for stability when typing. It comes in space gray, silver, gold and rose gold finishes.

$130 at Amazon

The latest craze for a reason: Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods can automatically play and pause audio by simply removing one pod from your ear. Add the double-tap Siri command, and you're golden.

$159 at Amazon

A little extra more for a little extra charge: AmazonBasics Double Braided Nylon Lightning Cables

Amazon's cable is both affordable and functional. It offers 5 different colors in 4 different sizes, including 4-inch, 3-foot, 6-foot and 10-foot options.

$15 at Amazon

Charge n' GO GO GO!: Bonair Portable 30000mAh Battery Pack

This accessory serves as a backup battery charger designed to quickly charge your iPad Air. You can grab it in black, turquoise and white color options.

$40 at Amazon

Which one should I get?

We think the best accessory to get for your iPad Air is the Apple Pencil. This most definitely brings new life to your iPad Air due to its ability to draw, sketch and write. If drawing beautiful works of art isn't your jam, then you can just happily write notes. This pen will undoubtedly impress you with its pinpoint accuracy.

This may not be a sexy runner up pick, but we must give a nod to Bonair's Portable 30000mAh Battery Pack. We assume you're going to be productive on your iPad Air, especially with watching movies and TV shows. So, having the extra juice laying around in case you're in need of an emergency charge, is clutch. This brick does that and more with four ports capable of charging four devices at once.

Lastly, you should grab the ZUGU Protective iPad Case to go with your Apple Pencil and portable battery pack. This case offers optimal protection as it covers your entire iPad Air. In addition to that supreme safety, the ZUGU case can hold your Apple Pencil.

We hope that this accessory list will help you find the best of the best iPad partners around for you and your new iPad Air!

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